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  1. Hallöchen, liebe Com!
    Meine Frage steht bereits oben, und der Suchwortfilter bietet mir keine Lösungen
    Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe
  2. Carebear
    A hardcore casual guild. We take our casual play seriously.
    (Play song while reading for full affect.)
    Carebear is a hardcore casual guild. We don't mess around with our messing around, except when we do.
    We are a guild of all kinds, a guild of traders and a guild of farmers. A guild of fishers, and a guild of hunters. A guild of cooks, and a guild of alchemists. A guild of breeders and a guild of much, much more. However, that's not to say that Carebear is a guild that you'll never see PvPing. Our main focus is centered around fun, above all else. For some, the pursuit of fun pulls them to PvP, and that's fully supported in Carebear.
    If you're looking for a cool, fun, and relaxed group to join for your adventures in Black Desert, consider joining Carebear on the Orwen server.
    Contact Suzi Pratchett, Horace Altman, or Yoba FromStarWars for more information. Thanks 
    Fun for all, and all for Fun!
  3. So i've got 4 gold ingots so far, and I'm looking to put them in the investment banks, which are mentioned, but never explained. can someone please assist me in figuring out where I need to go, or what I need to do, to access them? Thanks in advance!
  4. Can you not send items directly to Epheria Port? It won't allow me to send my warehouse items from Heidel -> Epheria Port and vice versa....only Heidel -> Calpheon. All the nodes are connected as far as I know, here's a screenshot. What am I missing?
    I also don't get a distance bonus when taking trade goods from the trade manager in Epheria Port to Heidel or vice versa. I confused.
  5. Post on SoF is recruiting in US Guild

    By Melrose, posted
    Soldiers of Fortuna is a guild that will have a large amount of its members focusing on territory, nodes, housing and war. The other side will be made up of vigilant crafters and explorers. Please either PM me or message me here if you're interested or want more information.
    Also, I will be playing in 12h27m, and I can't wait!
  6. Post on Contribution points in General

    By ChiefRandom, posted
    question about contribution points,
    is there a maximum ammount u can get or does it keep increasing as long as u do the quests for them?
    since its needed for nodes and i want to trade fish from one town to a far one, i would imagine u'd need quite a few of them.
  7. Hi all.I was looking at the BDFoundry map and I noticed offices can be bought for gold.
    What are they used for?How do we get the gold?Thanks!
  8. Hi all.Used the search function and couldn't find this answer anywhere.
    I read we get 5 houses but is that 5 places to live plus crafting,storage and other buildings?
    Or just 5 buildings?
  9. FoE has put together several video guides for BDO and we want to share them with the community. If there are other topics you guys would like guides for, let us know. You can catch the recording of the live Q&A we did on twitch.tv/kipmonty
    Tips & Tricks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdZwoJyjuEQ
    More tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmH8OkewQf8
    Boss Summon Scrolls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6yeVm-SNmo
    Node system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0NVqfHQoao
    Mounts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE9IJ6kAYxw
    Crafting Beer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrncZYdPnKk
    Conversations and knowledge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlTwxploR-Q
    Gear upgrading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXrPApdCdu4
    Farming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN1NmqTvf1c
    And our guild recruitment video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OQb4GZ_6Uo

         The Vanguard is currently in recruitment and seeking like-minded individuals 18+ to join our community. A gaming community with a passion for all things gaming. With years of experience playing various MMO's, we are a spirited group of players that play as a family and work together to continue a strong progression. We have a number of veteran players who are both friendly and helpful to those who may be newer to the game. We are also family- and couple- friendly and have many members who are hard-working professionals in the real world. As a result, we have a strong focus on creating a strong, cohesive culture in which everyone can thrive while at the same time being respectful of the real-world obligations of our unique membership. 

    Mission: A new breed of guild, with a competitive mentality and a relaxed atmosphere.
          Our goal is to maintain a balance between PvP and PvE players in order to best enjoy all that Black Desert Online has to offer. As a result, both units work together with the understanding that each role is crucial to the success of the Guild as whole. 

    Experienced Leadership
    Family Oriented
    Siege Experience
    Active and Lively Community
    Primary Time Zones: EST & PST
    We have a unique structure made up of two divisions: The Commandos and the Commerce Regiments. Commandos are our primary PVP division and Commerce are our merchant support unit.  

                          We will be having something for everyone both in game and outside of game: 
    Bootcamp Trainings Commando & CommerceCommunity EventsBoss hunting Organized (and impromptu!) PvPNode WarsAnd more!Out of Game:
    Local Guild MeetingsTogether Tuesday Online Movie NightBeard ConsultationsCharity streamingAnything else our creative members come up with!
    Can you pay attention to detail? If so at the end of your 'About Me' in the application write "Hello Kitty Online"
    If interested please join us on our website, and make a quick application.

  11. Hey folks. Late last night I pushed out another video. A few of you asked me to explain a bit more about nodes, workers, and trading.
    Here's the end result.
  12. In my efforts of trying to understand the trading mechanics I have found another stumbling block. I have nodes connected between Olvia to Velia and yet when I try to sell Olvia jam to the trade manager in Velia I get this error: "The distance is too great".  I have made sure there was a solid sequence of gold lines that made a complete connection and yet I am unable to trade at this distance? What am I missing?
    Any idea? Anyone?
    EDIT: I figured it out. My mount didn't seem at all that far away but, indeed, that was the issue. Move your mount (if your mount is carrying your wares) closer to the trader.
  13. Post on Nodes Tutorial in Suggestions

    By Angelicus, posted
    The Game could REALLY use a tutorial about nodes. What they are for, how to activate and use them.
    We should not have to go to google and search for the information we need, which takes us out of the game and ruins immersion

    Thank you for your interest in Morbid!
    We are a small guild with node war aspirations. We have been growing steadily since release and participate in several guild wars and don’t shy away from fighting the big guilds. We have members who play all aspects of the game from life skills to pvp. We have daily activities and also several groups dedicated to PvP.
    We are currently recruiting semi-hardcore to hardcore players to increase our efforts in all aspects of the game. There is room for all kinds of play styles, you just need to be active.
    We have Discord and joining the voice channels is encouraged during guild events.

    We are recruiting all players, level 50+, and 20 years or older. If you are interested reply to this thread and I will contact you via the forums. You can also join our discord server and have a chat at; https://discord.gg/0oeiSjfLYFoCJJuN

  15. Greetings, just discovered this amazing game and my wife and I both bought founder's packs for CBT2 and release, we are psyched. Meanwhile, I'm playing on KR to get an idea of how the game world works. I realize there will be differences, but I hope some of these questions can still be answered.
    1) I'm confused about node connecting. I understand the concept and I've learned how to acquire node connections from NPC's who are in line, but what I don't understand is how to claim the resource nodes out in the field. I go to them and they appear to be connected, but there are no NPCs there. What am I supposed to do to claim those?
    2) Is there any way to eliminate all of the onscreen hotbutton "help"? I find it very intrusive and immersion breaking and it is so in your face. I couldn't find a switch to turn it off.
    3) I understand that I need to quest to get contribution points. But how do you find quests? I talk to every NPC I see, is that the only way to do this, just hit and miss, or is there a way to know where the quests are. I guess I could visit spoiler sites, but I'd rather know if there is a UI mechanic to help spot them.
    4) I was under the impression that I would get a mount quest at some point just following my Black Spirit. I'm at level 18 now and still no mount. How do I acquire a mount?
    Thanks! Great game, hope to see you all in NA on the 18th! My wife and I took days off for the 18th and 19th, so we are ready to dive in.
  16. Hi!
    Guild currently fooling around on the [KR] server is planning to launch on NA, so if you are a loner in Korea or you are just interested in launching with a professional guild that has a history of mass combat excellence in gw2/eso/archeage comment or shoot a message to: keggers (fn) in game!
    Relaxed, mass combat/pvp oriented guild, we use discord and have forums etc.
  17. Hi!
    Guild currently fooling around on the [KR] server is planning to launch on NA, so if you are a loner in Korea or you are just interested in launching with a professional guild that has a history of mass combat excellence in gw2/eso/archeage comment or shoot a message to: keggers (fn) in game!
    Relaxed, mass combat/pvp oriented guild, we use discord and have forums etc.
  18. I am trying to find accurate information on the contribution point cost per node but have not had any luck. I recently found a reddit post that indicated cites and towns are freebies, dangerous nodes cost 1-3 cp and Gateways cost 3 cp but I would like to know the cost of each specific node. Has anyone gathered this information yet for the NA version? An example would be Luivano Island = 1 cp, Epheria Guard Post = 3 cp and so on. I am filling my wait time with plotting and calculating so I don't have to devote that precious time when I can finally play. Any info is greatly appreciated. 
  19. Made a guide originally for guildies interested in the game but have never played it to discuss the intricacies of nodes and workers.
    This is not really intended for someone who already understands the system, but more for someone who didn't try it out and does not want to spend the time figuring it out themselves.
    *edit: sorry - wrong location
  20. NOTE: This comes from my own personal experience in Black Desert Online and it does not speak for all BDO CBT Players. This is how my experience went and I want to make sure that this game becomes as good as it'll possibly get.

    Black Desert Online has a lot of stuff crammed into it for an MMO. The combat system has the fluidity that'll bring in people who abhor tab-targeting, the visual integrity to lure graphic junkies, and a very vibrant world with a lot to learn in it (Almost too much if you ask me), but one of the things that honestly made me extremely infuriated was the Node/Worker system.

    In Black Desert Online, you come across people known as Node Managers. These people, when interacted with, will give you the lay of the land and access to something called a Node. These Nodes allow you to harvest materials, given that you have a worker or two. There's a very detailed system behind Nodes as well as Housing which feels completely ignored, but I truly enjoy it, as it adds something to do while you're out slaying bad-ass forest creatures. While these are honestly cool as Hell, the idea of Nodes and workers feel like it was skipped over, only for the player to figure it out.

    For me, this came from running into the first Work Manager in Veila. I thought for you a second, "Oh, cool. I can buy a worker already? What do they do? How can I use them?" etc. The diversity in workers is interesting, but you need to get a Lodging for them to live in. Easy enough, right? Uh, yeah it is, but the game doesn't tell you how. In simple terms, the way you get your Nodes set up is like so;

    Buy Residence (Blue Houses in the main towns(Click on the minimap, you'll know what I mean.))-> Buy until you get a Lodging -> Buy a Worker (10,000 Silver. Aint too tough) -> Discover Node (Make sure it's near the city where you bought your worker or that you have a bunch of Nodes connected from the city to the Node, indicated by little white lines)-> Go to Node Management -> Invest a Contribution Point -> Let your worker gather some stuff

    While it may look like a lot, it's relatively simple to do. The only other part that goes along with it is making Beer for your workers to keep them active. For this you need a whole new deal called a Cooking Utensil for your Residence, which will allow you to cook not only Beer, but make Clumps of Sugar to catch Wild Horses. I feel like Houses and Nodes are completely overlooked, and require much more attention than they get. I myself needed to watch roughly 4-5 YouTube videos (Special thanks to Pvt Wiggles for the most informative video I saw on the subject) in order to figure it out, and I feel like all players shouldn't feel the need to go through that
  21. When clicking on one of the nodes I've contributed to (Northern Heidel Quarry) it displays the message "Cannot collect on a Node that is currently connected to two other Nodes." in green text below the Node Manager's name. Upon inspecting my other nodes, they all have the same message.

    I have a worker working the mine, and it says I have received iron ore but my store in Heidel is empty. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to remove some connections, or add some?
    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  22. Post on Nodes in General

    By Omega Contagion, posted
    So i've watched many videos about nodes, I fully understand how they work. But I'm playing CBT1 right now and can't seem to get any going. I bought a house in a town, figuring that is how you start ur node path but...I cant connect any! Every node just says "Previous node needs to be connected" so I click that and go to the previous Node, and I just keep getting flip flopped around. It makes no sense!  Anyone help? How/where do I start a Node chain?
  23. Post on Nodes and Workers in Guides

    By FliP, posted
    1. Foreword
    2. Nodes
    2.1 Connecting Nodes
    2.2 Resource Nodes
    2.3 Removing connected nodes
    3. Workers
    3.1 How to hire workers
    3.2 Send workers to do tasks
    3.3 Send workers to upgrade equipment

    There are many types of Nodes, but I'll divide them into 3 types: 
    TownsConnecting NodesResource Nodes
    Since many new players have difficulties with figuring out how Nodes work, I'll try to explain it as simple as possible.