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    Hello, Versus is Opening recruitment
    Current Requirements:
    - Level 56+
    - Ap 150+
    - Dp 200+
    - Have Discord and the ability to speak when needed
    -Be active (looking for node war attendance)
    The main focus of the guild is to do tier1-3 Node Wars with a Medium sized team. Tight knit, Organized and well versed in our characters to combat the larger unorganized zerg type guilds.
    Guild has full Combat skills as well as +1 gathering/+1 fishing
    Currently doing 1Mil Daily Payout for Guild Missions
    New player guides for those that are newer to the game as well knowledgeable Kr vets
    We are also accepting Mergers. 
    Message Emulate in game 

  2. <Uprising> PvP Guild with full Combat guild skills! We are currently looking for members interested in PvP either New or Returning, who will actively progress themselves in levels/gear, be in discord and attend node wars weekly. Currently the guild is saving funds to obtain a guild house for either an Elephant or a Galley. The main goal for the guild is to stay at a medium size and progress our team to be well versed in their characters, so that we may out maneuver larger unorganized zerg type guilds. Our first bench mark is to get members to level 58 with 165 AP without an offhand however we do not discourage those of lower levels/gear from being accepted into the guild. Currently in the guild we do have experienced players as well as some vets from KR so if you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you are interested in the guild please either leave a post on here or you can contact me on discord Chuwi#1878 or in game whisper Ukass. You may also contact Cull#9862 on discord
  3. Folgendes Problem und das seit mehreren Wochen:
    Zum Start des Nodewars werden alle Belagerungsmaschinen besetzt - soweit so gut. Steigt aber der Spieler einmal aus dem Flammenturm (beispielsweise um Nachschub zu holen), kommt er nicht mehr rein, was für die Verteidigung dann natürlich sehr zu wünschen übrig lässt. 
    Bekanntes Problem?
    Vielen Dank - Sinella
  4.         Facade now recruiting
    Focus of guild:
    Looking for competitive node wars, to earn our victories. Keeping tight knit guild to max payouts and focus on progression.
    Simply want mature and relaxed players just wanting to be competitive in PvP with no alliance, currently paying 1mil/daily, increasing pay depending on gear score.
    About us:
    We are a small group of GS450-497 Lvl57-60 simply wanting to enjoy the pvp aspect of the game with no spams of memes or causing drama that's simply nonsense.
    Requirements:56+ GS400+
    GM Ivillis
    Officers: Deez_Nootz, Yuu_Shinoda, Sarinas
    We may not all be on in discord 24/7 as we got things to do in IRL as well, but we will respond asap
    If interested in this hop in discord.

  5. Herzlich willkommen bei "FateAwaits" !
    Hier bist du genau richtig, wenn du auf der Suche nach einer aufstrebenden PvP-Gilde bist. 
    Wir wollen hiermit jeden ansprechen, der sich selbst als engagierten, PvP-ambitionierten Spieler bezeichnet.
    Der ein oder andere dürfte unseren Namen bereits kennen, denn seit geraumer Zeit können wir uns, trotz überschaubarer Mannschaft, auf Tier1-Nodes behaupten und sie auch regelmäßig gewinnen!
    Erst kürzlich konnten wir uns durch einen Gildenzusammenschluss mit der ehemaligen Gilde "Lacrimosa" erheblich verstärken, sodass wir nun mit ca. 45 Leuten kämpfen. Wir blicken sehr zuversichtlich Richtung Zukunft.
    Aber reicht uns das? NEIN! Noch immer haben wir freie Kapazitäten und wenn du Level 56 und einen Gearscore von 400+ aufweisen kannst, dann wollen wir dich unbedingt in unseren Reihen. Wir versuchen jederzeit den Ansprüchen unserer Member gerecht zu werden und organisieren deshalb regelmäßig gildeninterne PvP-Trainings in der Arena, im RedBattlefield oder auch GvG.
    Wenn ihr das Abenteuer mit uns bestreiten wollt, dann schaut vorbei!
    Wir sind zu jeder Schandtat bereit!

    eine aktive, freundliche und hilfsbereite Gemeinschaftfokussiert auf PvP (Nodewars, GvG etc.)seit Release dabeiüber 18 Jahreehemals vom Alustin-Server
    regelmäßige Nodewars und PvP-TrainingGildenquests und -bosseorganisierte Grind- und ScrollgruppenTs³ / Forum / WhatsApp / Facebook als Kommunikationskanälegut ausgebaute GildentalenteGildenzusammenhalt und Loyalitätstarke Ts-AktivitätMember mit viel Erfahrung in allen Bereichen des SpielsSpaß!
    aktive PvP-Spieler mit respektvollem Umgangston gegenüber anderen Spielernwöchentliche Teilnahme an Nodewarsregelmäßige Beteiligung an Gildenquestsmin. Level 56, GS 400+ (Ausnahmen sind hier aber nach Absprache möglich!)Teamfähigkeit und Sinn für Humor 
    Haben wir dein Interesse geweckt? Dann melde dich doch und besuche uns im TeamSpeak!
    Kontakt via Forum oder ingame:
    Alia, Routasielu, JessicaLana, Nehwadai, Sinella
    Wir freuen uns auf euch! 
  6. Exodius Recrute

    Recrutement = ON
    Serveur = EU
    I - La guilde, ses membres
    Exodius est un regroupement d'aventuriers et de joyeux drilles. Rares sont les soirées où les éclats de rire ne raisonnent pas dans notre forteresse. Cette ambiance détendue ne nous empêche pas, quand la situation le nécessite, de faire preuve de sérieux. Nous utilisons Discord pour délirer en vocal, s'organiser, etc..
    II - Nos objectifs
    Nos ambitions portent actuellement sur les nodes T1, nous partons en guerre une fois par semaine ! 
    Nous débutons dans ce domaine, mais on s'améliore vite  L'objectif principal reste de bien se marrer x)III - Events
    Nous organisons différents events pour nos membres, participe qui le souhaite:
    - Tournois, entre nous, ou inter-guilde, 1v1 ou 3v3- Entrainement en Arène- GvG organisées- Nodes wars , une fois par semaine- Quêtes de guilde- Grind, l'aprem grind pirate qui fini en event GvG : classique- Sortie en mer : Baleines, monstres marins, piratesIV - Recrutement
    Nous recrutons en premier lieu des personnes motivées et emplies de bonne humeur !
    Nous vous demandons :
    - D'avoir 20 ans minimum
    - D'être motivé à progresser, en PvP et en Node War
    - D'utiliser notre Discord pour vous tenir informés des event
    - D'être respectueux
    - D'avoir atteint le Lvl 56
    Intéressés par de bonnes parts de rigolade ?
    Rejoignez nous sur notre Discord : https://discord.gg/66MBQdQ
  7. <<<<<<<<<<RisingTide>>>>>>>>>>
    Recruiting ACTIVE players, gearscore and lvls are irrelevant as long as you have the right mindset and that you are active!

    * Consistent NodeWars
    * Active US AND AU timezones
    * Experienced leaders and officers
    * Active discord
    * Lots of fun banter
    * Memes
    * Grills
    We are a part Australian and part American guild, meaning we have an active discord almost around the clock. Our main focus as a guild and community is to focus on what Black Desert does best, full blown PvP. We run constant wardecks, get involved in GvGs and will not miss out on an opportunity to fight in a nodewar. We fight by ourselves without set alliances and always try to go for the fight rather than the easy victory.
    If you are up for dank memes, fights and lots and lots of banter then hit me or Tara up in game or join our discord
    https://discord.gg/d3zkZWFSee you in game!
  8. <Enemy>
    About us:
    We are a highly organized hardcore Sieging & PvP guild with a competitive mindset who focus on striving to be the best in all areas of PvP and are constantly looking to improve ourselves. Most of our core members have been playing since launch and have immense knowledge and experience with the game.
    PvP, in any form, is and always be the main focus of this guild. We do Nodewars/Sieges, Duels, Red Battlefield, Open-world PvP, GvG’s, tournaments, and in future content also ranked arenas. We have an extremely active and drama-free community, both in-game and on our Discord.
    We don’t do alliances, we believe success should be worked towards together by improving ourselves and not by relying on the help of others guilds.
    Guild Rules:
    - High attendance in Node/Siege wars is required
    - Have fun and respect each other
    - Under no circumstances do we allow karma griefing
    - Being experienced and skilled at playing your class
    - Being an active player who can have high nodewar- and siege attendance
    - Having competitive gear for high-end PvP
    - Willingness to improve both skill- and gear-wise
    - Being able to listen and follow orders on Teamspeak and/or Discord during organized PvP
    How to apply:
    Contact any of the below in-game or preferably on Discord:
    IGN: Zorlak, Discord: Zorlak#4426
    IGN: Reespo, Discord: Reespo#8465
    Expect to have to provide a screenshot of your gear and to have a trial fight in an arena.

    21-01-2017 Serendia siege winner
    11-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Oldskool)
    18-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Millennium + Sfora, Encore)
    25-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Sovereign, Ember)
    04-03-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Sovereign)
  9. It's nearly 2 Months now after the merge and yet its lesser competitive then before. Every Day so much guild recruit spam: small scale, semi-hardcore, semi-progress, and even progress and yet so much nodes are free or claimed with no competition. This is so much money and actual PvP-Experience that is lost its sad. We even have a Weekly Podcast after Sieges hosted by our beloved @Swiper Swipers Twitch .
    But why is the attendance so low? I see tons of players running around even lvl 60+ People Guildless / in unknown Guilds. And how can we encourage more People to do actual PvP?
    Let's get Wasted!

    La guilde Kuraidesu se présente enfin sur le forum officiel de notre bon jeu 100% RNG que nous adorons tous !
    Nous lançons une campagne de recrutement, afin d'inviter toute personne sans guilde ( ou ayant envie d'aller voir ailleurs ) à venir postuler chez nous et ainsi gonfler nos rangs. Nous nous caractérisons par notre bonne ambiance au sein de la guilde et les membres venant de différents univers qui en font partie.
    Notre objectif principal est de devenir réellement compétitif en pvp, afin de s'imposer en nodewar.
    Nous ne demanderons aucun temps de jeu obligatoire à nos membres, seulement de participer aux événements de guildes quand ils le pourront, ces événements de guildes sont pour nous :
    -Les sorties en guilde ( Découverte des nouveaux contenus, des zones peu explorées (Aakman, hystria etc...)
    -Les quêtes de guilde ( Et donc boss de guilde )
    -Les nodewar
    -Râler sur la RNG
    Nous apprécions égalements les sorties en guide telles que le pex l'arène, pêche et chasse.
    Nous possèdons un discord qui est obligatoire pendant les évents en guilde !
    Aucun critères de recrutement spécifique, à partir du moment ou vous êtes actifs et que vous souhaitez vous intégrer à la guilde, celui-ci se fera au cas par cas suite à un entretien avec un de nos officiers qui sera là pour répondre à vos questions, mieux vous expliquer le fonctionnement de la guilde et ce que vous pourrez lui apporter.
    Vous pouvez joindre : SeishinIzanagi   -  Kilinn  -   Kami_Lei
    Ou sur notre discord dans la section recrutement : Https://discord.gg/7tsVdcN
    Nous sommes tous majeurs ! Nous n'accepterons pas de personnes immatures et / ou qui peuvent être sources de problèmes. La bonne ambiance règne. Toute personne qui y portera atteinte sera sympathiquement dirigé vers la porte de sortie.
    Bon jeu, bon farm chance


  11. MyLittlePwny est une guilde qui à été reprise récemment par la belle Alsedia(Clarquen)
    Nous nous définissions comme une guilde sociale, fun, sans prise de tête, mais quand même sérieuse qui vise le long terme, nous recherchons de nouveaux Pwny pour se joindre a notre grande famille ^^
    Discord est obligatoire ( au moins à l'écrit ) pour suivre le déroulement journalier de la guilde ( organisation d'events de guilde )Nous participons aux War Node Les Boss de guilde sont décimés les Samedis vers 17h-18hLe chef de guilde organise une réunion de guilde sur Discord au moins une fois par moisDes events supplémentaires sont proposés ( Pex en groupe, Arènes, GVG, Pk Sauvage, Rp etc)Nos Pwny sont tous majeurs et vaccinésNos critères de recrutement :
    Être au moins niveau 56Minimum 380 AP/PDÊtre actif in-gameVenir sur Discord régulièrement (même sans micro)Vouloir s'intégrer à la guilde ( n'ayez pas peur de parler in game et sur discord de tout et n'importe quoi)Être funLe respect entre membres est primordialSi vos amis veulent vous rejoindre une fois dans la guilde, nous les accepterons avec plaisir =) 
    Notre channel principal est Mediah 4 et Calpheon 1 pour les war Nodes.
    Nous avons aussi une page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Mylittlepwnybdo
    Ainsi qu'un site web : http://mlpwnybdo.webnode.be/
    Si tu es intéressé et que tu souhaites te joindre à nous, tu peux contacter Aseldia(Clarquen), Overdoze(Keelah),Traitre (AlphaKiss), Shiia(Yom) in game, nous contacter sur la page Facebook ou répondre à ce post.
    A bientôt ~*


  12. <Alloy>
    What are we about?
    Strong at PvPLaid back and drama freeLook for fun PvP at Node WarsWe will always fight for ourselves in nodeLetting players relax, have fun, and play as they like without micromanagementExpect each member to be independent and capable at PvP
     What are we not?
    Trash Talkers (Outside of guild)Cancer (Plenty of those guilds already)Mercs (We will always fight for ourselves to win)
    You can hold your own in pvp via combo of gear + skill (Level 59 and ~208/210/263)You can accept not trash talking or griefing those outside the guildYou can make most node wars and siegesYou can join Discord (mic not required) 
    If interested you can message an Alloy officer or Midir in game/forum/discord or reply here.
  13. Bonjour,
    Aujourd'hui seul le guilde master peut acheter les promesses de sang permettant de poser l'étendard de détermination (disponible dans les bonus de guilde, il permet en nodewar de créer un point de respawn pour les joueurs tant que cet étendard est debout).
    Il s'agit d'un point stratégique aussi cela ne peut pas reposer sur une seule personne. Est il possible d'améliorer le jeu en permettant aux officiers de pouvoir le faire?
  14. Hi, im creating a new guild for casual players. Our aim is to have fun, and where members can enjoy the game at their own speed. We welcome players of all levels. If you help inn Guild missions to help advance the Guild, then we will increase your salary.
  15. https://youtu.be/_gou_1d6YAA
  16. Moin zusammen...
    Gestern was Witziges passiert, das muss ich euch erzählen. War im Meer unterwegs und aktiv am Wale jagen; da ich mittlerweile das Schwimm-Kostüm habe, schwimm ich eigentlich nur rum, spamme den Chat voll ob irgendwo einer gesichtet wurde und dann entere ich irgend n Boot und schieß von da auf den Wal... Oder schwimm auch schonmal ne Weile alleine hinterher, bis jemand auf Gruppen-Aufrufe reagiert und mit einem Boot ankommt.
    So auch gestern, war gerade mit einer 5er Gruppe dabei einen Wal zu looten, als eine zweite Wal-Meldung kommt. Wir waren grad Sausan Islands und der Wal wurde über Epheria Port gesichtet - ein ganzes Stück entfernt also. Jedenfalls entschloss sich meine Gruppe auf einen anderen Channel zu wechseln, anstatt sich dem neuen Wal auf dem aktiven Kanal zu widmen, bis da wusste ich noch nicht warum, also blieb ich alleine mitten im Meer zurück und schwamm langsam in Richtung Westen.
    Ein Gilden-Kollege meldete sich, er war mit dem Ruderboot unterwegs, also gleich ne Gruppe aufgemacht.
    Auf dem Weg zum Wal, ich war kurz vor den richtigen Gewässern, kommt plötzlich die grüne Systemnachricht mit der ich schnell verstand, warum die 4 anderen aus meiner Gruppe lieber wechselten:
    "Achtung, in diesem Kanal wird in Kürze ein Nodewar stattfinden, als Vorbereitung darauf werden alle Monster entfernt. Bitte wechsle blah blah blah..."
    Ich wusste von genau derselben Situation letzte Woche, dass der Wal dabei auch despawnt, dabei aber immer die "Wal gefangen" Nachricht eingeblendet wird (halt ohne Siegernamen dabei), insofern wollte ich jetzt nicht aufgeben, bin doch auch schon soo weit geschwommen.
    ...und da sah ich ihn am Horizont wie er ahnungslos im Wasser plantschte, zum Atmen auftauchte und seine Runde zog. Ich also Vollgas hin zum Wal, plötzlich noch eine Meldung, eine Wiederholung von vorhin, alle Monster würden entfernt und wer nicht am War teilnehmen möchte, sollte den Kanal wechseln.
    Ich drücke Shift bis runter zur Tischplatte, erreiche den Wal endlich. Mein Kollege ist noch 3min weg, jetzt oder nie, rauf auf den Wal. Als er wieder zum Atmen auftaucht, klettere ich auf seinen Rücken, leg an und "BAMM" ein Schuss genau ins Blas-Loch.
    Plötzlich windet er sich, er brüllt und "Tadaaa" die Sieges-Nachricht im Chat von wegen "Ein Blauwal wurde erfolgreich gejagt, folgende 5 Gruppen können Looten: Sarkana"
    Nur mein Name, ich war der Einzige weit und breit und hab genau EINEN Schuss auf den Wal abgegeben (Das Gewehr bestätigt das, 99/100 Haltbarkeit) und konnte Platz 1 Loot abstauben. Das Beste daran, mein Kollege im Ruderboot erreichte die Stelle ein paar Minuten danach und konnte ebenfalls looten ^^
    Sorry, dass ich keine Screenshots davon hab, aber Ihr wisst wie schnell der Screen vorbei geht und ich war in dem Moment echt mit Gröhlen und Realisieren beschäftigt und dann wars auch schon wieder vorbei
  17. Post on Cannon Questions in PVP

    By Mimiro, posted
    Ok I have a few questions about how cannons work during node wars. I know you need the cannon observatory to make cannons but who can make/order a cannon? Only guild officers? Is the person who created it the only one that can use it? Can anybody reload the cannon? Can the canons from the cannon observatory be put on boats like in the KR version cannons players can craft themselves?
  18. Post on Castle Siege schedule in General

    By Aeryal, posted
    Test week has passed, it was fun, but.... Am I the only one concerned about saturday night being the chosen day for the greatest and most endgame pvp content BDO has to offer?

    I know I know, if you are hardcore you shouldnt mind.. blah blah

    Please Daum consider moving sieges on sunday nights (20-23 CET should be fine), most guilds are having trouble gathering the required attendance on saturday


    Fort de son expérience sur différents jeux en ligne depuis 2004, Origine-online est depuis la release active sur le serveur [EU] Jordine de Black desert online.
    La guilde est orientée sur l'affrontement, tant les escarmouches en nombre restreint que les batailles massives impliquant des centaines de combattants. La confrontation avec les autres guildes est bien évidemment de mise. Toute guerre nécessite préparation, c'est pourquoi nous sommes aussi actifs sur les autres domaines et possibilités offerts par le jeu.

    Origine-online est avant tout une communauté de joueurs. C'est donc des joueurs et non un avatar que nous recrutons. Si ce n'est la présence d'un roux tyrannique, l'ensemble des joueurs évoluent dans une bonne ambiance, en gardant en tête qu'il y a un temps pour tout: Détente, rigolade et, lorsque nécessaire, sérieux et concentration. C'est aussi une communauté ouverte sur l'extérieur, comme nous l'avons déjà pratiqué par le passé (Guild Wars 2, Aion, etc.).

    Nous recherchons toujours l'amélioration, l'optimisation, mais au rythme de chacun, que ce soit sur le niveau de jeu, ou l'évolution de votre personnage dans tous les aspects du jeu.  Nous comptons simplement sur votre présence pour la guilde dans les moments importants.
    Ainsi, joueurs vétérans et fortement investis, comme joueurs au temps de jeu plus disparate, chacun a sa place et peut y trouver son compte.
    Si une bonne autonomie est préférable sur Black Desert Online, l'entre-aide et la bonne humeur sont primordiales.
    Pré-requis  : level 58, AP/DP 420

    Esprit Origine
    Fort d'un effectif ayant traversé les années sous la bannière Origine-online, cherchant sans cesse à se perfectionner tous ensemble, franchissant les divers obstacles pour arriver au sommet de la gloire, voilà ce qui fait notre force. Fidéliser nos joueur à l'emblème et à l'esprit Origine, c'est ce qui nous pousse à avancer ensemble efficacement et dans une ambiance saine.
    Avancez avec nous sur le champ de bataille, ou trépassez sous nos pas. A vous de choisir!
  20. @CM_Jouska @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes
    After the practice node wars, it is clear that Season 4 has a lot of issues.
    One of the regions (probably JP or KR) had a feature where nonparticipants had 1 hp (like horses do). The issues with this system are obvious, but let's break the people who were victimized into two groups.
    Group A: People who are not participating in any node/siege war on the channel.Group B: People who are participating in a node/siege war on the channel.Group A should not be on the channel/in the region that node wars are happening in, I have no sympathy for these people, but nevertheless, dying in 1 shot can be extremely frustrating, especially if they are new to the game or do not know about node wars, they might even start pulling out the "that guy was scripting!" card.
    Group B is most likely the reason the 1 HP feature was not in our region and probably removed from the region that it was in at one point. 
    The ISSUE: Player participating in a War at Node A runs out of potions or has to repair. To do this, he respawns at the nearest town where he assumedly has funds stashed to repair/buy potions during the war. Between the town he respawned at and Node A, Node B exists.
    If the war at Node B is going on, there is a chance he runs into the cross fire and dies, because he died outside of the Node A war area, his only options are to respawn back at town or at the closest node, which is probably still in the Node B war area and possibly die again on his way back, stalling him from rejoining his guild.If war has concluded in Node B, the guild who won Node B can decide they want to grief anyone traveling through their region, let no one outside of the town and spawn camp anyone else at node. If this is the case, the only option the player from Node A has is to switch channels, run to his node war area, then switch back, this will take 15 minutes, or 1/12th of the total node war time for a process that should not take nearly that much time.This is clearly a huge issue and a very viable reason to remove this feature, but without this feature, other issues have appeared.
    Elixir of Thorns Deathballs by non-participantsBody Blocking by non-participantsThere are probably more issues, but those are the main ones. what is the solution to this? Either prevent non-participants from entering the Node War Area, which is clearly NOT an option OR make it so that non-participants are much easier to kill.
    This leads us back to square one, I honestly believe the 1 HP feature is the best solution, there might be others, such as instancing out non-participants but that would probably be a headache to code, it is possible that it would be very similar to how the forts of other guilds are instanced out before node wars though and might not be too hard to code because of the similarities to another feature already in the game.
    Now let's look back at the issues of the 1HP function and think about how to resolve them.
    1. Guild from Node B will not allow me to return to Node A
    Possible Solutions:
    Remove the need to leave Node A or make it possible to return to Node A more easily.
    To my current understanding, the Supply Depot structure allows players to: Revive horse for free, buy potions and repair using guild funds, and access the guild shop (officer use only), HOWEVER (and I haven't been able to confirm this, as I am an officer and we haven't built a supply depot after our first war where we didn't need it) it seems that only officers can repair/buy potions using guild funds (and it's pretty obvious why you wouldn't want regular members to buy potions with guild funds). SUGGESTIONS: Make it so that the Supply Depot links to the storage of the capital city of the region (Heidel for Serendia, Velia for Baelnos, Calpheon City for Calpheon, Altinova for Mediah) so that players can use the funds which they should have prepared prior to the war for repairs/potions. Make it so that reviving your horse is not free, as there needs to be some penalty for letting your horse die repeatedly. This one might be pushing it, but, either reduce the cost of supply depots, and allow the guild shop to be used through the fort OR remove the supply depot and merge it's functions into the fort. Since time incarnate supply lines have always been essential to a prolonged war, if you lose your supply depot you lose your supply lines, either rebuild them or face trial by running through Node B.Make it so regardless of where you die on the channel (such as in Node B), you may respawn at your Fort. (Respawn at Node should NEVER be an option during Node Wars on Node War channels). The only options for respawns should be to "respawn at CAPITAL CITY OF REGION" and "respawn at fort/outpost"This is how I would fix the 1 HP feature, I acknowledge that there may be another issue with the feature that I have not realized that makes it more viable to pursue other options, but I am going to move on to other issues I personally experienced throughout the week.
    Our Guild "Laughing Coffin" ran into an issue where we built our fort too close to Western Guard Camp which is considered to be a town as a spawn point. This pretty much put us in a situation where we had to leave the majority of our players on defense and could not finish off a heavily crippled (2% hp left which they were working on repairing) fort in a 2v1 situation. Western Guard Camp may as well have been a Flag of Determination for Vahlok and Maelstorm who we were fighting, both of their bases were in opposite corners of the region from ours so any offense would take 3-4 minutes to reach their bases which was too long with the constant pressure on our base. Another issue that also happened, was that Maelstorm's base was on the border of the the node war area so if we left the area by mistake before dying we could not respawn back at fort, we could, however, respawn ~100m away from their fort (with minimal HP, of course). Also, while outside the node area, we could still attack their players, but we could not attack their structures. This pretty much created a situation where if we chose to, we could abuse the nearby node as an indestructible flag of determination if we move ~20m away from their base before dying, it also created a situation where we could not place cannons outside the majority of their base because it was "outside of node war area" we also could not attack their base from many angles as we would not be able to damage their structures from locations that were outside the node war area. Also whenever you die the toggle to see node war boundaries gets turned off so it can be very hard to keep track of the border while constantly respawning.
    Respawning at town/node can work as an indestructible flag of determination.Bases that are at the border of the node war area heavily limit the use of cannons and ranged attacks on the structures."Show Node Installation Area" toggle gets turned off on death.Solutions:
    Although I suggested earlier to only have Fort/Capital City Spawns, even the capital city can be exploited as a flag of determination, honestly, I would limit the spawning to Fort only but I would imagine this could be a pain to code as non-participants would still need to option to respawn at town. All towns have locations to repair/stables/potions so the town respawn is arguably stronger than a flag of determination to begin with because you can ultimately run out of potions, break your armor and end up with a dead horse on an extended siege using a flag of determination.Do not allow forts/annexes to be placed a certain distance away from the Node Installation Area borders."Show Node Installation Area" toggle should stay on through death. 
    Give us the 1 HP to non-participants feature.Link Supply Depot to capital city of node war region (warehouse and use of warehouse funds)Reviving Horse should not be free.(OPTIONAL) Merge Supply Depot functions into the Fort/Command Post(OPTIONAL) Reduce cost of Supply Depot and allow use of Guild Shop through the Fort/Command Post.Remove the option to "Respawn at Node" during Node Wars on Node War ChannelsOnly respawn options should be "Respawn at Capital City of Region" and "Respawn at Fortress/Outpost"ONLY respawn point should be Fortress/Outpost to prevent town abuse.Forts/Annexes should not be allowed to be placed within a set distance of the "Node Installation Area" border."Show Node Installation Area" Toggle should stay on through death.(Not Detailed Above) Allow Players to be patriotic about their guild without receiving  12 hour "Final Warning" Chat Bans(Not Detailed Above) I'm sure a fix is already being worked on, but only officers/guild leaders should be able to disassemble annexes/forts.
  21. Little Feedback on the first Nodewar:
    The nodewars on Alustin seemed to have started pretty well and bugfree. Taking the T3-Node "Western Guard Camp" we encountered Kampfkekse and Eternity. Thanks to both Guilds for the fights and a first pretty cool Nodewar! Greetings from VII.
    Overall, we did not encounter any difficulties and I am really impressed by the complexity of the system. It feels like a really awesome big-scale pvp. In comparison to other games the 3-hour-games are pretty nice, since there is no "afk-capping" castles, simple karmatrains or anything like that. It has the big scale feeling, but also sets a pretty good timelimit. 3 hours are pretty intense to fight, but they don't feel like too long or too short.
    The castlebuilding, the separation of the map for the different pvp-parts and everything is really cool and works nicely it seems. Even though it is a bit early to really give solid feedback due to the limited amount of matches, there are two things I personally think should be adjusted:
    1. The spawn-timer after death is too short I think, a guild that is not much weaker than the attacking guild might outlast 2 or 3 hours due to the defensive siegeweapons and a spawn that is almost instant. Maybe give it a little bit more time like 10 seconds? Otherwise people can keep throwing bodies at you for 3 hours.
    2. The kill-counter with all the seperate statistics for each player in the guild menu is really nice! But it should not disappear 2 hours after the nodewar? Those statistics are nice to have and maybe there should be an "Overall" statistic that keeps on counting and one like "Actual Nodewar". Would be nice!
    Overall: Was much fun and the first war in the testphase went extremely fine for us, hopefully all the other problems with early starts or dcs will get fixed within the two testweeks! This feature has a great future in my opinion : )