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  1. The double-ping camera/character direction bug still exists. 
    I believe it was supposed to be resolved by this patch:
    For those who aren't clear: If while using an ability while a guildy double pings anywhere on the map, you can't change character direction with your camera unless you W A S D first. I believe it's bugging an autopath while using an ability, that sets you in a straight line, that you have to W A S D to get off the "autopath".  
    This is absolute AIDS for many classes that rely on chaining dashes into mobile damage abilities into frontal blocks that have to be turned or you get dunked.  This is a huge issue in nodewars and gvg large scale where location pinging is very necessary for group coordination. Will edit in some videos to further illustrate. 
  2. Post on J O I N B A K A in US Guild

    By LoganTHM, posted
    Join BAKA | Banned Leadership | Rules against Bullying | Strong Christian Morals | ELITE PvE | Bullied by all the major meanie guilds | Girl Stream Subbing | Dank memes | #1 All Girl Anime Fishing Guild | PvMeanies  | Dedicated Core Membership | Samurai Showdown Node Wars | #1 Elite Anime Banter Guild | Survived 5 Dramapocalypses | Undefeated World GvG Champions| Cyber Terrorism | GIRLS GET IN FREE REPEAT ALL GIRLS GET IN FREE | TRUMP 2016 | Autism | A LITTLE Drama | lv 58+ 400 combined/Anyone stupid enough to join | PLS
    <Baka> is recruiting new and veteran players interested in GvG and nodewars.
    You have probably already heard about the legendary exploits of the mighty BAKA so now here is your chance to create your own content in the game without some normie GM telling you to show up to group movement practice 3 nights a week. 
    We have all guild perks, CommandtoGather for crates, Guild Ships for boat pvp and weekly guild events. If you want to be part of a timeless tradition of anime and friendship JOIN TODAY!

  3. So after searching teh interwebz I've found that most guides for Zerkers are simply out of date and the ones that aren't don't honestly have many people contributing them.
    After dabbing in some minor nodewars and small scale pvp (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v1 etc etc..) I've personally found that being a hybrid doesn't seem to be viable seeing as warriors and valks will straight up out tank you and musa's, sorcs, witches and wizards straight up out damage you. So it seems to me that surely it would be more viable to go straight DP with an AP of around 150+
    If going for a more DP gear setup what gear would you guys suggest? Grunil/Taritas seem to be the most popular suggestion so far and I agree that this benefits you giving you the higher DP in exchange for losing the +2 AP from the full grunil set. But would going full taritas be viable or a complete was of time?
    Furthermore there seems to be no real advice on what accessories to get for a DP setup, I'd have though shrine guardian tokens to be a solid choice along with token of friendship earrings to match but what are these the best choices? Also what belt and necklace would be viable with these? Or is the Mark of shadow/witch earring still the only choice?
    If/when this reaches a somewhat agreeable state on what gear would be best for a DP build or if a DP build is simply not viable at this point/ever I'll update this post to include all relevant info/gear.
    Looking forward from hearing from fellow zerkers more experience than I.
  4. The Silver Kestrels


    Founded: May 13, 2016
    GM: Oria_Lynn
    Officers: Tennin, Sofia_Drakon, Frugi, Xuong, Genesis, and Halbjorn
    The Silver Kestrels is a Rp/Pvp guild that provides a very open and diverse experience. Do you wish to meme and become one with the memelords? We have personal memelords that spout memes 24/7.
    Do you enjoy a more open environment where we have individuals who are easy going and laid back but focus on objectives and missions when needed with a mindset that is semi-competitive?
    Do you want to have a bird theme that is associated with memelords? Our guild is open to both roleplayers who wishes to rp and pvp as well as players that enjoy pvp who are rp friendly. We do Node wars, Mercenary work, Monster hunting, GvG and more! Why get tired of doing just one thing? DO ALL THE THINGS! We don't really discriminate, we just focus on having fun.
    350+ GS: The GS reqs for JOINING are subject to change as we grow and develop. It is important for members to continue to put forth some amount of effort into further progression even after they join.
    Active participation, everyone contributes. No Lone Wolves.
    No Niches. We want to keep a unified guild.
    Discord and enjin are REQUIRED, but using a microphone is not. These tools are how we send out notifications for upcoming events, node wars, and other announcements as well.
    Be kind, laid back, respectful, thick skinned, easy going. Ability to not rage.
    Be age 18+. Our guild is comprised from young adults to people in their 40’s.
    Don’t be rude to other players. No trash talking. No bad mouthing.
    No trolling role players/role play.
    No Karma Bombing.
    No Drama. Keep it at the door.
    It all boils down to using common sense.
    As far as Mergers go. We are open to mergers of smaller groups of similar minded individuals into us. We have no plans to merge into anyone else.
    To all those interested, please message us via discord: Sofia_Drakon#7067 or The Magical Space Papa#3017. You will receive a prompt response. If you are unable to reach us via discord, leave a message here on this thread. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. We are more than happy to answer all as best as we can.
    Once messaged we will ask a few questions as well as give you a link to a brief application through our enjin. Afterwards, we will give you a link to our discord and interview you as well as fill you in on all that you need to know.

  5. Welcome to Lucidia!
    NA | Casual/Semi-Hardcore | PvX
    Lucidia is a new guild founded by two mmo veterans who have traveled across many mmos. We are a judgement free zone and we are here to welcome everyone!
    Lucidia is a PvX guild that will lean towards PvP.
    Communication is key so here is a link to our discord!
    Try to be as active as you can. Activity is what will keep this guild alive!Please be mature and respectful to othersABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA!If you are going to be away for a period of time, please let a Leader or Officer know. If you are inactive for 35 days without prior warning (or warning while gone) then you will be kicked.Relax and Have Fun! Lets build this guild together!
  6. Desert Pirates
    International PvP focused guild
    Who are ''Desert Pirates''?
    We are an international, PvP focused guild with a past of 2 years in another MMORPG.  We are building up in BDO and are looking into another long term development.
    Our guild is very interested in the PvP aspect of the game (for example: Nodewars, Sieges, GvG or the new Naval GvG's). We engage in various guild activities such as guild bosses, guild missions and of course EXP grinding with a party. Currently, we are still within the stage of growing into a [medium guild], thus we would like to see some new members that would help us grow and improve.
    What are the main goals of our guild?
    As already mentioned above, we are planning to be involved within all aspects of the PvP content, however we are not planning on becoming a massive guild that doesn't have any order. We are more interested in knowing each other individually, having fun together and trying to improve without zerging our enemies by pure numbers.
    Another important goal for us, is that our members should strive to play together with the guild (grindgroups, scrollgroups for an example) instead of doing everything with random people or alone. For us a great guild is the main goal which is respecting every part of it, drama queens aren't welcome!
    Why should I join the guild?
    1: If you are interested in a friendly guild which is active and motivated to play together as often as possible, it might fit you.
    2: The guild is not a hardcore guild,  which would ask you to play all-day-every-day. We want active players, but aren't forcing you to play every day for an extremely long time or asking you to get better gear in an unrealistic amount of time.
    3: We have our own Discord channel for communication between it's members in-game and outside of their play time (of course you don't need to contact us when you're not online, it is only for the people that are interested to chat with us outside the game!).
    4: As mentioned above, we are still at the stage of growing into a [medium guild] which means relatively new players can join as long they agree with our guild rules and have a minimum level of 55 (if you're below we can negotiate further).
    How to join the guild?
    1: First things first, you need to be friendly, motivated and be active.
    2: Have a quick read at our rules on the forum and afterwards register on it with the family name: http://desertpirates.shivtr.com/ As soon you made an account our leaders will try to contact you as soon as possible, please make sure you can be contacted trough the name you registered as!
    3: Or contact SkygirlGaming (Family name) / Skygirl (Main Name)  in-game or respond on this post till you get a reply! 
    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Greetings Sky 
    There are currently 19 players in the guild and we will soon adjust the criteria needed to join us. We already actively play together at grindspots and guild missions.
    On a side not, here is a video of our guild killing a small guild boss 

  7. hey guys meteorlogikus here,
    my main is a lvl 57 wizard and u can see my equipment in the picture below.
    I have started to think about nodewars and I asked myself if it's better to switch my steel-dagger against a rosar-dagger?
    Also i thought about the evasion-crystals, is it really worth it to switch crit rate and casting speed against these evasion crystals ?
    Would be nice if someone could answer me who tried this evasion "build".

  8. Einen schönen guten Abend an alle interessierten Gilden da draußen! 
    Wir sind:

    - Gruppenstärke von 14 aktiven Leuten m/w
    - Bunt gemischte Klassen (Krieger, Witch/Wizard, Bersi.....)
    - Altersdurchschnitt ca. 28J.
    - Equipstand um 400 AP/DP kombiniert -  (vereinzelt deutlich über 400 AP/DP)
    - Ausreichend Erfahrung in Nodewars bei allen vorhanden
    - Voice Chat aktiv
    - Stubenrein
    - Lernbereitschaft vorhanden und für Tipps und Tricks immer offen
    Wir suchen:
    - vorzugsweise deutschsprachige aktive Gilden, ohne Kindergärten und Dramen.
    - Voice Chat aktiv (Discord/TS3 etc.)
    - gefestigte Gildensturktur
    - Teilnahme an Nodewars/Siegewars
    - keine hardcore Progress Gilden
    - keine 24/7 online Pflichten, oder dauerhaftes Abarbeiten von Gildemissionen
    So lasset die Spiele beginnen, wir hören oder lesen uns.

  9. Was mir immer wieder in großen Nodewars und Gebietskriegen auffällt, ist das Chaos, dass durch die Anwesenheit vieler Charaktere auf einem Haufen entsteht. Viele tragen einen Tarnanzug und sind dadurch noch schwerer zu erkennen und die Namen kann man dann sowieso nicht mehr lesen.
    Es ist dann ziemlich schwierig in der Nähe seiner Gruppe zu bleiben, was für large-scale PvP wichtig ist. 

    Mein Vorschlag wäre dass man bestimmten Leuten so bunte Symbole über die Köpfe machen kann, die nur für die eigene Gilde sichtbar sind und auch so auf der Minimap angezeigt werden. So könnte man sich wenigstens an seinem Gruppenleiter orientieren und taktische Manöver besser benutzen. 
  10. --- Ascalon ---
    Recruiting mature players (18+) that are dedicated to the game and its PvP aspects. We require you to be on discord, and if not chatting at least sit in the AFK channels. Level 58+ and 420+ GS is required. The main attribute we seek in you as a player is that you are actively wanting to pvp and will be attending to node wars.
    What we offer as a guild:
    Strong community
    Fun banter (thick skin may be required)
    2 node wars every week
    active pvp guild fights or guild hunts
    High end farm spots (aakmans, gatekeepers)
    Please contact Itheril or Tara for more information or jump on to our discord -> https://discord.gg/d3zkZWF
  11. Here is a full history of NA's Node Wars, from the beginning. The numbers before each winner of the nodes/territories, are how many castles were built on the node/territory. I will keep it open for the public, and keep it updated daily. The castle numbers will be up BEFORE each node/territory war, however the winners will be entered after all wars are complete.
    If you are interested in helping keep the record, please contact me here or in game (Skuldisir).
    I apologize for any misspellings of guilds... there is no ill-intent or disrespect meant by it.
    Feel free to reference for your own amusement... and ENJOY!!
    New-World NA Node Wars
    Also, I have the Edan Node Wars record in the same spreadsheet, just on a different tab.
  12. I would suggest that if youre waiting to respawn after dying in nodewars, you should be able to use the guild menu to check stats, or use the map to check locations and pings.
    As of now, you can do nothing but watch the timer go down, or the action around you in observermode.

    I know these changes are new, but in order for such a punishing respawn timer to be in effect, it would be very nice to be able to do something while youre dead.

    I would like to check the nodewar stats, check the map, check my inventory for durability on gear, check my supplies of whatever food or buffs I dont have room for on my hotbar and so on and so on.

    Please take this into consideration, as I see no reason for any of this to be deactivated while youre dead
  13. This thread is made to work with the old one. This will not be a discussion thread. The thread is only for siege guilds posting their point of view on how a siege war were. All discussions should be brought up on http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/105322-croxus-top-guilds-node-and-siegewars/ instead.

    Thanks for understanding, lets keep this thread clean and non toxic. I hope that @CM_Aethon and @CM_Praballo can help with holding those rules.

  14. Wir "TheCreed" sind der alte PvP-Stamm der Gilde Foxhound. Wir haben uns zum Ziel gesetzt, wieder anständig  gutes altes PvP zu machen. 
    Du bist ein PvP-begeisterter Spieler und suchst Gleichgesinnte? Deine AP/DP sind im Bereich von 420 +/- 10? Du möchtest Siegen und bei Gildenkriegen eher eine positive K/D haben?
    Dann melde dich bei uns und werde ein Teil der Gemeinschaft! (nach einem PvP-Duell)  
  15. Post on << Harvest >> in European Guild

    By Twinki, posted
    <Harvest> is an international BDO Guild, founded in May 2016.
    The guild's been reformed several times since then, but our goals and motivation are the same - to become stronger and have fun in the process.
    -----[ Atleast 2x Node Wars per week | High Teamspeak activity | Almost no GQ's ]-----
    If you have any questions / if you would like to join our Guild please
    contact one of the following Officers.
    Phorica - Niyu - Twinki
  16. So, I decided to not be lazy today and did something useful with my data for once instead of having Lokien do it. This post contains unclaimed nodes by name,level and the number of weeks without an owner. Raw Data can be found here. Disclaimer: Although I have # of weeks unclaimed in my spreadsheet it can't be used for historic analysis since my data starts at week3 but for the purpose of this thread its enough since every node has been claimed at least once between week 10 and week 3. Hopefully this can give some direction where to attack for best silver. Any node with .5 indicates that the node ownership was dropped due to winning a conquest war.
    Level 3
    Level 2
    Level 1
  17. Pantsu Raiders Guild!

    About the Pantsu guild
    We are a active-semi hardcore guild with over 95-100+ members in the top rankings We are looking for Pve/PvP players lvl 55+ with above 360 ap/dp total tho if you are an active player / discord user we might be able to overlook it.
    I won't force people to play this guild is about socialising, fun and doing endgame content. We have a strong alliance with 100's of players and have taken over serendia and love our node wars. we are well organised and where it is at endgame.
    We are a community (no drama) 
    The guild has become a thriving community of player not just in BDO  but in other games and has become a really nice group of core players you can hang an chat to on discord in an outside BDO so if you're also looking for a nice community of players to make friends an chat to this is the place!
    Biggest Anime Guild Culture 
    The guild members that joined us really like their Anime an have whole sections dedicated for that culture aspect if that is your thing. We are by far the biggest guild on the server that has embraced the culture so there is no better place to look than our guild for this. 
    Having said that its not for everyone and we welcome all sorts of players that are not into that and will never let members feel left out

    What we are looking for
    activity an or social on discord > gear (though it does help)
    Guild Server Info
    server Alustin EU
    Pm me ingame at : Shallteir (familyname: Bloodfallien)
    Or contact some of the officers at: Spatfixerpro, DJepea, Luft, McGray, Harlen
    reply below or follow this link to our website
  18. Post on <Necromancy> -EDAN- in US Guild

    By Moxxy, posted
    <Necromancy> is a newly formed guild looking for fun and interesting people to join our community. We focus on PvP, GvG, Node Wars, Territory Wars, Guild Quests, and a relaxed atmosphere. Any players Lvl 54+ are welcome. Add "Moxxy"  (family name) in game, msg me on forums, or comment to get started. 
  19. Post on PVP is bad in PVP

    By Paga, posted
    As the title states PVP IS BAD ,  the developers made a good decision by introducing the new punishments ,is not enough tho that when you are flagged the whole server can attack youand when you die you go to jail and get a debuff even if you have positive  Karma and that when you are flagged even if you deffend yourself your karma gets lowered, 
    in my opinion they should be more severe like players who go negative karma should drop their gear of when the have maximum karma like in Lineage 2, 
    Also why whould you engage in any PVP activity against me with out my permission, NO means NO , this type of cyber bullying must be STOPPED!! 
    This game is all about completing quests, crafting, doing alchemy, training horses and doing all that wonderful stuff that this world has to offer including it's scenery,
    PVP should only be used to defend yourself not to traumatize and bully other players, they are real people too with feelings, imagine how they feel when they see their character 
    bully-ed by some antisocial character. Why don't i have the right to go into a grinding spot and finish my quests and eradicate the forces of evil, we can do it together , WHY !!!!
    have you ever hear of sharing, BDO is a big world there is enough for everyone to enjoy, why would you resort to violence, you have node wars , you have RBF, isn't that enough for you people . I wrote this post in the hope that the violence against us, so called "carebears, casual scrubs..." (and all other names we've been called), MUST BE STOPPED!!!!
  20. Weekly Results for Orwen Week 8/14 - 8/20. Credits goes to Lokien for the analysis. Raw data was compiled by me and can be found in this thread. This data was collected in order to get an accurate measurement of node war activity since Kakao does not release war data and many people were using largest fights which is a terrible metric. Largest fights only depict the largest number of guilds at a node and does not reflect the actual number of participants. The data does not show the actual number of guilds taking part since guilds can fight multiple days and it's impossible for me to collect this data by myself. This might be the only week with a complete analysis unless someone is willing to volunteer to collect data on Tuesdays.
    Orwen Node Wars
    WEEK 5 by the Numbers
    ·         Forts constructed:                                170·         Forts that found PvP:                            92 (54%)Nodes:
    ·         Empty Nodes (0 forts built):                   43 (28%)·         Uncontested Nodes (1 fort built):            78 (51%)·         Contested Nodes:  32 (2+ forts built):      32 (21%)Largest Fights of the Week: 
    ·         Sunday’s Elder’s Bridge Node War (6 guild stalemate)·         Wednesday’s Cron Castle Site Node War (6 guild stalemate)·         Saturday’s Serendia Siege (5 guild stalemate)Territory Winners:
    Flex, Good_Fight, Relevant.
    T3 Winners:
    Aethereal, Fire, Flex, Good_Fight, HoneyBadgers, ImmortalVanguard, Iron_Circle, Relevant, SoulOfTheDragon, Trucidation, Vahlok
    T2 Winners:
    BlackLys, BUSHI, Capital, Flux, Infernal, Maelstrom, Midas_Inc, Nigh-----ch, OTG_Blue, OXION, Spetsnaz, Templar, TGB, Thanatos, UDL, Void, White_Lotus, XenOfOnslaught.
    T1 Winners:
    ABandOfColours, Aetherius, Aimless, AOD, BUSHI, Chivalry, Ctrl, DisposableHeroes, Espers, GoldenLegion, Grim_Angels, Guardian, Guild, Haven, Hyakki, KiithSaHunter, Nerd, Notorious, Null, OTG_Green, Pandorum, PaxCruentus, PeaceMakeRs, Relic, Rise, Sentinals, SevenDeadlySins, ShadowCasters, Source, StormBlessed, StormCloaks, Templar, Testudo, TheBlackTides, TheOlderGamers, Valhalla_Chosen, Vanguard.

    Abyss is a competitive PvP guild that is a part of the Jesters community, We are a long standing gaming community that have been playing a multitude of games together for the last 4 years. We made our name in Planetside 2 where we were among the top outfits for our server and had a lot of success in the games community competitive circuit finishing second overall.  On top of that during our time in ArcheAge we quickly became one of the most successful guilds on our server.
    Our focus is mainly towards the PvP side of the game but we do a lot of PvE as well (we have to get our gear from somewhere right?) and we will be active mainly in node wars and have recently begun our dive into the realm of conquests
    We are looking for players lvl 57+, who are active, PvP minded, and have an interest in both node wars and conquests. 
    Discord and TS are required to join the guild.
    Some of the activities that take place in Abyss are:
    Daily PvP practice, be it in the form of fights with other guilds, arranged final wars, node wars, or arena PvP practice to help improve your skill level.Daily guild missions, at the moment, we have +5 accuracy, +5 Dmg Reduction, +5 AP and +100 HP for combat skills.Daily and weekly scroll runs, we do these within the guild and they are done throughout the week.Weekly guild bosses.Red battlefield nightsWeekly PvP tournaments (some having prizes for overall winner)Some of the perks of being a member of Abyss:
    Activity contracts, the more you contribute to the guild, the more your pay will be, we also hand out incentives once a week to reward our players for a successful week of node warfare.As mentioned before, we run guild bosses as frequently as possible,PvP training with some extremely talented group leaders within the guild.Dedicated guildies who are always willing to help be that with PvP, grinding, or general queries about BDO(a lot of our 90+ members have been playing since day one and have experienced all the highs and lows of this glorious game, as a result they tend to be quite knowledgeable).Abyss is a community guild, we focus on being welcoming and having a laugh overall, but when push comes to shove, we get shit done and will continue to do so for a very long time. This guild has continued to grow and expand since day one and we have high hopes of being one of the top PvP guilds on Croxus.
    If any of the above sounds at all interesting to you,                                                                                                                                                                                                                       feel free to contact Fatina or Saronic in game, or apply online at http://abyss-bdo.enjin.com/home
    P.S. having a good sense of humour is a MUST. 
  22. Post on Node workers past 7 pm in General

    By wedgehoe, posted
    if the world gets cleared at 7.pm and the node starts at 8. shouldn't the workers still complete the base between 7 and 8? did they change something because the fort didnt continue even though there were enough workers building. I have seen bases built right before 8 in previous node wars