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    Hello there everyone!
      First off, thank you for your interest in The Thirsty Maiden.
    We are not a guild, but an exclusive membership only role playing tavern in the world of BDO.

    I am Mistress Aviana, the proprietor of The Thirsty Maiden. I am a 38 year old female to those of you it matters to. It is my goal to create a mature and exciting atmosphere for the would be merchants, fighters, tradesmen/women, explorers and whoever else should be in need of rest, relaxation and entertainment.
    This "tavern" will be a live action sort of thing, meaning...you will actually have to be there with your character in order to participate in the several themed chat rooms/text channels. It is exclusive and invite only. If you are not a member of THE THIRSTY MAIDEN Enjin web site,  http://www.thethirstymaiden.enjin.com/,  you will not have access to the "tavern". It is our goal to cater to the needs of the realm. We will have a live Stage room where people will be able to perform their talents, singing, playing guitar(lute) reciting poetry or story telling. Any and all performances must be based on lore as much as possible. However songs from a medieval era can be sang or played live. There will be two Game rooms/channels, one for 5 card draw and one for Hold`em. These rooms are reservation only and will require a download (pokerstars) to use. There will also be two ERP private rooms which will also need reservation. These rooms are "rentable".... Boudoir A and Boudoir B. Game and Boudoir rooms will cost bottled Energy (small amount) so you have the feeling of purchased right. As I said it is my goal to cater to ALL aspects of the realm!  Each voice "room/space/channel" will have a corresponding text channel for those who perfer to text or who do not have the ability to use voice chat, and also for those who just prefer to listen.
    A door charge will be implemented in the form of  health/mana/stamina? pots.  It will be the form of currency along with energy pots (once/if energy bottling is implemented) as we are not able to exchange silver.

    Heavy ERP will be allowed only in the reserved channel/room/ (Boudoir Rooms a/b text and voice). flirting and the like will be allowed everywhere, however once someone expresses any form of uncomfortability with said flirting it must cease at once with that person. General rule of thumb....if you think it would be insulting or offensive to general public, DON`T DO IT.

    The Thirsty Maiden will be an adult/mature 18+ oriented atmosphere that you would expect to see in any medieval tavern. The main channel/space, "Under The Roof" will have background atmosphere sound of men and women laughing and talking with medieval music playing. The amount or level of "atmosphere" will change depending upon the amount of actual people in the tavern.  This will be at a proper volume controlled by me so as to create the atmosphere but not hinder it. An example of this is played on the Enjin site linked above. For those who perfer a voice only space the "Lounge" is a your room!

    I am looking for mature, fun loving role players who can help make this idea into an reality!
    If your only interest is to be a member, that is awesome and appreciated. If you are skilled in any talent such as; musician, singer, reciter, etc...and are looking for somewhere to show off your talents,(within the lore of the game ) than please let me know in the application. I plan to incorporate a wage type system for any who are under the employ of the house. This will be in the form of health pots and/or energy (if available).

    I am also looking for role players who are interested in more mature themes. If this is you, please email me so we can talk about how we could implement you.
    The goal for me, once again, is to cater to the many tastes and desires of the realm. A stop over for the nobility and common alike.

    Obviously, the tavern is not open, but as soon as BDO launches we will be hunting for the perfect building with the space I require to bring this idea to life!
    If you would like to talk more about these ideas and goals or would like to be part of the staff please let me know in the application at the website linked above. 

    May the wind be always at your back.

    Mistress Aviana
  2. Anyone else a solo player? I am but might eventually be forced to join one for some content and all.