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  1. Hi! So i started playing a game some days ago, i got maehwa to lvl 50, and i'd like to know what gear i should get? Mostly for pvp. I guess i still need to get to 56 to get awakening and all that, and i think ill buy gear at market, but which one? Thanks
  2.  Is there anything I defiantly need to know? Any help appreciated
  3. JusticarKnights is recruiting anyone looking for a new place to call home. We are a PvX guild looking for laidback people to join our family.
    | Weekly Scrolls | PvE grind groups | PvP sparring | LifeSkill advise |
    We are noob friendly and welcoming to returning players. If you're looking for a guild that doesn't require you to treat BDO as a second job look no further!
    We have discord available for those that want to use it.
    PM Zakashinx, Zalon, Zakashin, or add Ryuzani to friends for an invite or any questions.

    If you are a new player in Black Desert here you will find all important and useful information to get a fun and good start in this game, my intention is put together all of this information in one post and then dont need search in reddit, forums... across one thousand post talking about this things one by one one hundred times each one and some times with wrong information.
    Wellcome to Black Desert and player's community
    (Your best friend in Black Desert to find/search any quest, object or whatever: http://bddatabase.net)
    If you are a new player in Black Desert and you wanna rush to max level fast or you want to enjoy with the game slowly you need to know somethings: 
    -KNOWLEDGE: you get knowledge exp. talking with npcs in cities that show a "?" in the map, spending energy in NPCs to get knowledge, completing quest that give you knowledge reward, discovering for first time places, crafting recipes and materials and killing enough mobbs of one kind to can see the damage in the hp bar over them to get A-B-C rank knowledge about this mobbs (depends of the rank you deal more damage to this kind of mobbs). With Knowledge you get exp. in your energy xp. bar the total points of energy grow up and learn or enjoy about the game lore:
    -ENERGY POINTS / EP: you can use energy points to spend in life skills: fish, cooking, gathering... to get an offer from special black market NPC (50energy cost), to upgrade a node, get knowledge from NPCs, get amity with NPCs, hire workers and many things. Your character recovery base is +1 energy every 3mins. online / +1 per hour offline,  1 more if you are resting in a bed in your home and you can get more recovery per time from special consumable buffs, also you can recover +3 instanly from bars in towns if you buy a wine glass 50k silver and doing quest with energy recover reward.
    -CONTRIBUTION POINTS / CP: contribution points are used to exchange for equipment / tools  from NPCs (rent option), activate nodes to send worker there to gather materials, buy residences, warehouses and different kinds of buildings in cities. Dont worry about spend CP because you can get all back in any moment giving back the objects to NPCs, selling instanly any building or recovering from nodes deactivaiting it.

    -SKILL POINTS / SP: you get skill point killing mobbs or in quests rewards, you use this SP to unlock new skills or improve the skills that you already have, dont worry about your first skill builds because you can reset all skills up to level 55 (right click in the skill) and you can reset it after 55 with one object to test and make a perfect skill build for your play style when you know more about the game.  
    -NPC search tool: in the right upper side of your screen you can click in "NPC" icon and search any npc you will see a path that you can auto follow to find it.

    -You share your warehouse across al characters.
    -You can share the armor and accesories with all characters in any level (weapons and outfits are exclusive stuff).
    -You share the same mounts, wagons and ships with al characters.
    -You keep node levels, workers and workers jobs queue between al characters.
    -You share the same CP and EP with al characters (SP are exclusive for each character).
    -Life skills levels are exclusive for each character.
    -The fail regrade stack is exclusive to each character.
    -All stats are exlusive to each character included strenght, breath and health.
    -You share all buildings between all characters.
    Just doing main quest line (Black spirit quests) you can reach fast and easy to lvl 50-55 you can go back to finish this quests later if you want to get some interesting rewards that you dont need now or you can evolve your character doing all quest arround or at least good ones. Mainly check the reward from quest or you will lose lot of time for nothing because in Black Desert most of the quests doesnt give you exp. to level up or something interesting:
    -Level exp. quests: good. 
    -Contribution points/CP exp quests: bad, you get enough CP exp. from main line quests to start and you can do this quests along all game plus at the end are daily quests that you can complete faster, try to do only 200-500 CP exp. quests.
    - Skill point/SP quets: good, you need lot of skill points to get skills in your character and upgrade it, you can get grinding mobbs as well.Link with a list of all SP quests : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/20960-guide-a-list-of-all-town-based-quests-that-grant-a-full-skill-point/
    -Life skill exp: bad, gives you xp to one of your proffesions (gathering,cooking,alchemy...) normaly need sometime to do it and you can complete all of this quest at end game in some hours when you choose your 1st proffesions to level up.
    -Gold quest: good, depends of the amount of gold but normaly is a chain of quests and you get more gold in the next quests and only worth if you need kill mobbs because you get xp and more gold from the drops also this quests are in most of cases daily quests. 
    -Energy recovery quests: bad, only give you some energy points normaly 5-10 only if you need to do something important at end game and your are empty of points.
    -Knowledge quests: good if they are related about new locations to discover, NPC characters/mobbs to know because is fast but others about matterials and life skills for example are slow to complete.
    -Materials / tools and consumables quests: bad, you can get easier and faster big amount of tools, consumables and materials in the game by other ways (buy from merchants, craft or gathering by yourself).
    -Special materials / objects quest: good, special and expensive material rewards as blackstones, special fruits, black crystal shards.

    (the most of the quest has mix rewards with this information is your choice which ones to complete and not)
    I advice start only with 1-2 blue workers gathering potatoes all time from nodes close to first city (Velia) craft and save a big amount of beer in your warehouse to dont care about in a future when you need focus and spend time in more important things, level up easy your cooking skill and enjoyning the game at start without complicating you much learning this part too early because you dont need this up to a log time playing / end-game or you can simply grind mobbs, skip this and buy all from marketplace. 
    You can hire and fire workers in the "Work supervisor" NPC in the cities, you need to spend some energy but i advice you dont buy any white/green worker and wait to getat least a blue grade worker offer, doesnt matter get humans, goblins or giants at start they are good in diferent jobs and you will use all kinds later, for example humans are good to craft expensive things or get special matts from nodes, goblins work fast are good to farm things fast, normal crafting, craft crates and giants are good to farm basic things as potatoes or send them to care your farms. To recover worker´s stamina you need give them some kind of  special consumables, the main one: beer, you can buy it from marketplace or craft it easy by yourself without any life skill request in a cooking bech inside your house, you send your workers to work in nodes then they send the materials to your warehouse, workers can care your farms but they dont collect the plants and you can use them to craft in your buildings at cities.
    To hire workers you need build "lodgings" buildings at cities nearest to nodes that you want to gather, you can recover workers stamina from anywhere if you have beer in your inventory just opening the worker list, clicking in the beer icon for worker and clicking again in the beer icon in the new window that appears, 1 beer = 1 stamina point.
    Beer: 5x potatoes (farm with your character in farms arround Velia or gather with workers in this farms nodes) - 6x mineral water - 1x raw sugar - 2x leavening agent (buy it from Inn/tabern in cities at chef or Inn keeper NPC).
    You can craft by two ways, basic craft (L) key, doesnt spend energy if fails doesnt spend materials used, or crafting stations (you can buy in NPCs) that you need to place in your house,  spend energy per craft and if fails spend materials used, you can produce diferent things depending in which way you are choosing and you need level up your professions crafting things of your actual level to produce new harder ones. To craft special materials, tools, weapons, armors, wagons, ships, grade/blackstones and other things:
    1.You need to buy the proper building in cities to craft the object of your choice. 
    2.Use your workers to collect the materials in nodes plus some materials that you only can farm by yourself or procesing basic materials (L).
    3.Click in the building and "manage crafting" option, select the object to craft and in the right side the amount to craft that you want, woorkers will use the requested materials stored in your warehouse of this city to craft the object. 
    Best alchemy & cooking guide also where and how to farm materials:
    Alchemy: http://dulfy.net/2016/05/08/black-desert-alchemy-life-skill-guide/
    Cooking: http://dulfy.net/2016/06/06/black-desert-cooking-life-skill-guide/
    In Black Desert you can find a lot of nodes arround the map somes are easy to find and others you need to search them to find the materials that you want / need or to conect  other nodes. I post here a interactive map with all nodes is your choice use it or try to find them by yourself  : http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/map/#7/-5.616/-55.432
    1.You spend contribution points to activate nodes to be able to send workers to work and get materials, your workers send the collected materials to your warehouse of the nearest city.
     2.You can spend energy to upgrade your node (lvl 1-10) and get more materials and more chance to get rare materials listed below main material (1st one).
    3.You can select how many times you want to gather from node with the choosen worker in the right side of node screen, one stamina point spent per gathering order, and you can see the time to complete one gathering order to get the materials in your warehouse.
    4.You can manage your workers jobs in nodes from anywhere of the map but you need to go to "Node Manager" NPC to activate the nodes if you dont have "Value Pack" activated if you have it you need spend 10 energy points to activate nodes from anywhere without "Node Manager" NPC.
    5.To can gather from nodes you need conect this nodes with the nearest city with a warehouse activating all nodes between both, thas`s why you can see nodes without any resource to gather only are conexion nodes.
    ////////////////////////////////Spend energy to improve the nodes doesnt give you more drop chance in objects, gold or more exp. when you grind mobbs (tested by my self and check the test results of people in google if you want).////////////////////////////////
    To construct a building you need click in the city icon in the map and click again in the houses icons in white color then check which kind of building can you construct, the contribution points that you need and the max level that you can upgrade this buildings, to upgrade it you dont spend more CP only silver but is a ridiculous amount to buy/upgrade buildings and you can demolish and get back your CP in any moment then dont care about test this part of the game. The best thing is maximize your CP buying buildings, this means: you can buy a warehouse with 2 points that can reach lvl2 but maybe in this city you can find other house with a warehouse that can reach lvl2 as well but only need 1 CP to buy it also to get the bests buildings or somes like a stable, shipyard, crafting buildings or a warehouse lvl5 you need buy other buildings before to conect them just click in a building that you want and then in the new window click "check purchase conditions" you will see marked with arrows the buildings that you need to be able to purchase this one.
    Residence - personal house to place workbenchs, bed, decoration mainly and other things.
    Stables - is good get at least 1 lvl 3-5 to can have 1-2 horses and some wagons arround all map ( you share all spaces in all regions of the map).
    Lodging-  let you hire more workers in one region of the map.
    Warehouses -  gives you more spaces in your storage in the city where you have the building.
    Crafting buildings - let you craft weapons, armors, metal ingots, ship parts, wagon parts...
    Breeding is a hard RNG and a waste of time at start just buy your horses at start up to lvl 57-58.
    Mount skills:

    You can play the RNG of the game or if you save the money and buy the gear in the market place, depends on you, some people tell its better buy the gear others tell not, is your choice do it, personaly i like a lot RNG, test my luck and the adrenaline of the moment  all this options are calling the "Black Spirit" and talking with him:
    To enhance (+1 +2 +3 etc) your gear you need "blackstone" (armor or weapon) items, you have 100% chance up to +5 arround between +8 +10 can fail a bit more  at +12 +14 sometimes you can get 8-12 fails and to get +15 you can fail 10-14 times all in green grade 1 gear, if you reform the item to grade 2 blue or grade 3 yellow the chances are lower and depends of the item the chances change as well, bosses weapons has less base chances and in more grade (green-blue-yellow) has less chance as well.
    When you fail you decreasse the max durability of the item 5pts and you cant regrade more if the max durability decreasse to 20pts then you need repair the item in any armorsmith NPC at cities, to repair a item max durability choose repair option in the armorsmith NPC and the in the lower part of the screen choose repair max. durability, select the item to repair and the material must be the same item in the same grade (green, blue, yellow) or lower and you recover 10pts max durability. Some end-game items are not worth to repair with  other items cause they are expensive then you can buy an object from market-place "memory fragment" for arround 750k silvers to repair it but you recover only 1-2pts of the max durability then the best way is stack fails with your alters with cheap items droped from mobbs in blue-yellow grade to get more fails up to stack 14 or 25 fails because the fails give you more chances to regrade per fail in the next try to then try in the expensive items that you want to upgrade to +12 +13 +14 or +15 and dont decreasse the max durability because is expensive repair it, also you can force the enhancement using a lot of blackstones and decressing a big amount of the max. durability of the item (depends of the item and the grade +5 +6 +7 8+...) to get a 100% succes rate (you can check the amount of blackstones you need and durability lost before force the enhance).
    When you reach +15 you need special stones to regrade it to PRI (+16) DUO (+17) TRI (+18) TETRA (+19) PENTA(+20) you lose more durability per try in this levels.
    To reform an item (green,blue,yellow) you need "grade reform stones" that you can craft in refinery buildings or buy in market-place really cheap depending of the stone grade1 green, grade 2 blue or grade 3 yellow, you have more chances to upgrade the item to the next grade when you are using a best stone but you can craft or buy a special stone "ultimate weapon / armor reform stone" that give you 100% chance to get yellow grade 3 ultimate item from green grade 1 or blue grade 2 items. 
    Bes way to me upgrade to +15 - PRI -DUO -TRI - TETRA and then use ultimate stone to get ultimate grade 3 100% because as well upgrade is easier in less reform grade of the item.
    Know to transport your items between cities its important in BDO, you only need acess to the city where you have the items that you want to transport clicking the icon of the city in the map screen you will see the warehouse window and one option "transport" in this window, click it and drag the desired items into the new empty window - select a transport vehicle (ship, wagon) and the city where you want to transport this items, the NPCs will start to prepare the transport (need some time) and automatically the transport will move to the desired city, a message will appear to you in the screen when the transport begins and ends and you only need take inside your warehouse the items in the city where the transport reached using the same window you used before in the map to transport the items. Nobody can steal your items or attack your transport.
    This is really useful to move your gold and items between different cities without move your character and doing bored long trips crossing all map, you can go to do other things in your computer/real life or stay focus in market-place to buy something some minutes while your transport system is working.
    1.Level up to reach Heidel city (your main base in the game, next one after Velia) only with main quest line and talk with all NPCs arround that you see a "?" in the map, dont stop to grind/farm low lvl mobbs up to lvl 53-55 because the money you will get really much more and in low levels you dont need much money is enough with the gold you get in the quest rewards and from the drop of the mobbs you are killing for the quests.
    2. Buy at Heidel with CP one "residence" to place your crafting stations and one bed, some "warehouses" as you need to store your things, one "stable" to get more space to save your mounts/wagons, one "refinery" to make "Black-stone powder" and 1-2 "lodgings" in the city where you are gathering to hire workers.
    3. Start with 1-2 blue workers gathering potatoes all time from nodes close to first city (Velia) send transports with materials to Heidel and craft / save a big amount of beer in your warehouse, you can set some worker to gather iron in any node arround Velia if u want, you will need later a lot.
    4.Sell all normal materials, tools, accesories, weapons and armors (arent better than yours) instantly in market place and save only special materials: "Blackstones", "black crystal shards".
    5.if you can/want gather while you level up get a pick and mine rocks arround all map to get "raw stone"  (you only can get it by this way mainly and its important) to transform in "blackstone powder" with workers in refinery buildings at cities, material that you need to craft 80% things in Black Desert, you can buy it in market place but you need big amounts in the future (market place is empty of this material and if someone list it in market-place instantly dessapear).
    6.At start buy a tier 2-3 horse (is cheap 50-150k silver) in "Stable-keeper" NPC, arround lvl 40-45  buy a tier 5-6 horse and try to get one with somes of this skills: sprint / drift / start acceleration / instant aceleration / caution, buy a cheap armor set to your horse at market place and as well buy a "noble wagon" as soon as you can (or maybe 2 ) to use as storage and transport in a future. 
    7.Dont buy any weapon/accesory/armor, expensive or special consumables, magic crystals or regrade items from market place up to level 50 at least you dont need nothing of this to level up to lvl 50-52 you can save your gold to try get a pet / outfit / Value Pack in any moment when you see the notices in marketplace and to upgrade the choosen gear set that you think its good to wear for your class when you reach high levels (55-56) and when you know more about the game, if you want a improvement to lvl up faster:
    -Buy "Yuria" weapon when you want arround level 35-45 upgrade to +15 and keep it up to lvl 56-57 then buy a "liverto" weapon and when you reach +13 or +14 in the "liverto" weapon sell the "Yuria" and equip the "liverto".
    -Dont upgrade your gear (+6,+7,+8...) up to level 35-40 at this level upgrade it only to +5 and only gear that you can sell in market place later, at level 50 start to get better gear set and weapon to your class and you can upgrade it to +10 or +12, at level 55-56 you must run with +15 all gear.
    8.Save all your loyalty tokens up to end game to buy later "Blessing of Kamasylve","Mount skill deletion", "Armstrong skill guide", +weight consumables or important things.
    9.Create up more than one character, at least two, to can stack fails to upgrade cheaper and easier good / end-game weapons, armor and accesories.
    10.If you are a new comer get full "Jarette accesoriy set" from daily reward / black spirit aventure or any event and dont care more about accesory set up to lvl 58, if you cant get only accesories with AP-DP stats and dont spend to much up to level 57-58.
    11.Buy and get active a "Value pack" from marketplace all time that you can play, you get more gold from your sales in marketplace, +100lt weight all character, can acces beauty salon ever you want to change your characters look, +5exp to all, +16 slots inventory all character and all cities warehouses.
    Best set in my opinion at start before get boss set:
    Strength Shoes of Heve - Magic Crystal of Perfection (luck+1) & Black Magic Crystal - Adamantine (Knockback/floating resistance 10% and Knockdown/Bound resistance 10%)
    Strength Armor of Heve - Magic Crystal of Abundance - Armor (damage reduction +5) & Black Magic Crystal - Vigor (Max hp+50 and Stun/Stiffness/freezing resistance 10%)
    +250hp bonus
    Grunil Helmet  - Magic Crystal of Infinity - Memory x2 (casting speed +2) or Black Magic Crystal - Harphia   x1 ( hp+50 and hp recovery +5) & Black Magic Crystal - Intimidation x1 (Knockdown/Bound resistance +10% and Stun/stiffness/freezing resistance +5%)
    Grunil Gloves - Black Magic Crystal - Viper x1 (casting and attack speed +1) & Black Magic Crystal - Sturdiness x1 (Grapple resistance +10% and knockback/Floating resistance +5%) or change 1st one only for attack speed or casting speed depends on your class.
    +5 AP bonus
    Liverto weapon - x2 Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power (+5 AP)
    Rhik secondary weapon - Black Spirit Crystal (+100hp +5 AP)
    Jarette accesory set (from events) Jarette's Ring, Jarette's Earring, Jarette's Belt, Jarette's Necklace
    if you cant get jarette set or at more advance game (lvl 57-58)
    Witch's Earring and PRI Witch's Earring x2
    Ancient Weapon Core belt & Ancient Guardian's Seal neckleace set or Ogre Ring neckleace
    Sahazad's Ring of Monarch x2 or any ring from Valencia main quests
  5. Accepting players who are new to BDO, don't know the ropes and need some advice. Would appreciate it if you decided to stay.
    Hello everyone,

    I'm from VonDuke but due to a mistake my family name is Etereo (In game), well i started played BDO when it came out but i had some troubles with University so i had to stop playing.

    Since i returned to BDO everything seems a bit different there’s new classes, new places to discover everything seems amazing and i can’t wait to discover every inch of the world and have a nice time, anyway the main reason I’m here is to resolve my questions;

    Which class would you recommend to have as a second character? 
    Considering that i like to have a good survivability and decent damage, i tend to play solo most of the time. I’m interested in almost every class except for ninja, tamer and ranger. (it just doesn’t appeal to me i don’t even know why, may be the aesthetics). **Currently i have a sorc and I’m enjoying it a lot but i would like to try something different.

    Is hunting a profitable profession?
    I love the idea of hunting beast and stuff, but i don’t know is this profession is viable. Is there some specific reward of it?

    Is there any way to purchase pearl items with silver?
    Since i made a terrible mistake when choosing family name (i thought i was going to be the name of just one of my chars), i would like to change it with the name coupon thing, also i wouldn’t mind to change the appearance of my sorc and get some costumes and pets.

    Will i ever get a different appearance from normal items(not pearl shop related)?
    I've seen that all armors that I’ve gotten through the game look almost the same, and while this could be realistic and immersive, it doesn’t really appeals to me to look the same as everyone else.

    Should i get the 1000 pearls or the polar bear from the Gift pass?
    I bought the game for a friend and it says that at lvl 30 i will get either a pet or 1000 pearls, in your personal opinion what should i get?

    Will i still be relevant to the game (economically speaking) if i just grind to get money?
    I really like the profession profit and stuff but i don’t think i might invest as much time on it in order to make profit. I usually prefer to spend an hour or two killing mobs and selling the loot than doing profession stuff (besides of hunting that’s why I’m interested on it).

    I know English and Spanish so feel free to answer in both languages. 

    Thanks in advance for all your help!

    Hola a todos,

    Soy de VonDuke pero debido a un error mi nombre de familia es Etereo (dentro del juego). Yo empecé a jugar BDO cuando recien salió pero tuve algunos problemas con la Universidad por lo que tuve que dejar de jugar.

    Desde que regresé a BDO todo parece un poco diferente hay nuevas clases, nuevos lugares para descubrir todo parece increíble y no puedo esperar a descubrir cada rincón del mundo y pasar un buen rato, pero bueno, la razón principal estoy aquí es Resolver mis preguntas

    ¿Qué clase me recomiendan tener como segundo personaje?

    Teniendo en cuenta que me gusta poder sobrevivir curarme y eso, también tener un daño decente, otra cosa es que juego solo la mayoría del tiempo, me encanta grindear. Estoy interesado en casi todas las clases excepto por ninja, domador y guardabosques. (Simplemente no me atraen ni siquiera sé por qué, puede ser la estética de la clase). ** Actualmente tengo un sorc y lo estoy disfrutando mucho, pero me gustaría probar algo diferente.

    ¿Es la caza una profesión rentable?

    Me encanta la idea de cazar bestias y esas cosas, pero no sé si esta profesión es viable. ¿Hay alguna recompensa específica de ella?

    ¿Hay alguna manera de comprar artículos de perlas con el dinero del juego?

    Puesto que hice un error terrible al elegir el apellido (pensé que iba a ser el nombre de solo uno de mis personajes no el apellido familiar), me gustaría cambiarlo con el cupón de cambiar nombres, también no me molestaría poder cambiar la apariencia De mi sorc y conseguir algunos trajes y mascotas.

    ¿Conseguiré alguna vez un aspecto diferente de los artículos normales (Sin tener que comprar los trajes del Pearl shop)?

    He visto que todas las armaduras que he conseguido a través del juego se ven casi iguales, y mientras que esto podría ser realista, realmente no me atrae mirarme igual que todos.

    ¿Qué será mejor elegir las 1000 perlas o el pet oso?

    Compré el juego para un amigo y dice que cuando mi amigo suba a lvl 30 voy a obtener una mascota o 1000 perlas, en su opinión personal, ¿qué debo elegir?

    ¿Voy a seguir siendo relevante para el juego (económicamente hablando) si sólo hago grind para obtener dinero?

    Realmente me gusta el beneficio económico de tener una profesión y todo eso, pero no creo que podría invertir tanto tiempo en una profesión como para obtener ingresos. Por lo general prefiero pasar una hora o dos matando mobs y vendiendo el botín, a estar cocinando o recolectando (excepto por la profesión de cazar es por eso que estoy interesado en ella).

    Sé inglés y español así que siéntase libre de responder en ambos idiomas.

    Muchas gracias por adelantado!


  7. Hello friends,
    I logged back into bdo after a while and on a new computer, and my screen is clogged up with stuff I don't care about. Can some kind person please tell me how I hide these things?
    Thank you <3

  8. Post on Questions about GEAR in General

    By Vic Silver, posted
    Hey so Im currently maining witch, im about a month in (just got kicked out of olvia). i spent my time in Olvia trying all the classes, and this is what I seemed to enjoy the most, as it has decent damage, range, mobility (more like a really good escape), and good defence in the form of heals and frontal block/super armor in almost every ability once awakened. That being said, I have seen the Dark knight, and since it seems to be jack-of-all-tradesish (something i really respect) i may be switching over when it comes out, depending on it's ability effects (so far looks good, fingers crossed)
    ANYWAYS, I am now going down the rabbit hole that is gear progression, and i've seem to hit a wall where every new upgrade is getting super expensive just for an incremental gain (at least thats what it seems like at this point, with how much money im making) I currently am sitting on 135m, and am trying to figure out where to go from here. My best guess would be going for bhegs gloves, then switching out the belt and necklace, but honestly its all pretty crazy so i was hoping for some experienced opinions! 
    Assuming i didn't mess up royally, there should be a screenshot of my gear attatched, maybe you guys can give me some pointers? (im not looking to upgrade my weapons just yet untill i confirm which class will be my main tho)

  9. I am John, a Lv.20 warrior atm. am looking for people to show me the ropes of the game, it seems a bit daunting. i don't know what to start with or whats good and whats bad and see'ing as i have a son and a full time job, i don't have as much time as before i ain't looking for a babysitter but just a group of people showing me a bit around. tyvm in advance
    in game names:
    Family: Beaulne
  10. Accepting players who are new to BDO, don't know the ropes and need some advice. Would appreciate it if you decided to stay.
  11. Hello Gamers world wide, I have a member of my group who recently suffered a stroke, he is trying to play mouse and keyboard 1 handed and still is a gamer
    I have seen these but is it mouse and keyboard? and would it work

    I have also seen this sadly not out yet

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    looking for mouse and keyboard combined solutions left handed
    I reached out to these guys and i hope to have a decent answer 
  12. So, I recently got a PC upgrade, and wanted to finally give this game a try. Looked really fun and interesting.
    But, I've never honestly played a real MMO before. I'm sitting back, playing Runescape, only for the sake of friends.
    and I've never really played anything else.
    My question is this game honestly recommendable to someone who has little MMO experience. 
    I guess RuneScape is one, but I know people generally get toxic when talking about it.
    If you know anything about it, I have 1860 total level and 127 combat on RS3
    1400 total on oldschool with 94 combat.
    Anyways, I'd love to get into a fresh new game and the gameplay just looked incredible.
    Is it worth playing and abandoning RuneScape for sake of Fun, Reward, and overall, entertainment after 
    all the grind?
  13. Hi, ich wollte mal fragen wie ich meinen alten account wieder aktivieren kann. Ich habe damals nur einen guest account gehabt, würde aber gerne meinen alten charakter Spielen.
    Gibt es eine möglichkeit meinen gäste account wieder zu aktivieren?
  14. Post on Looking for some support in Ninja

    By Zotah, posted
    So, lots of discouraging posts all over the place about ninja and his awakening... Well I'm here to find reasons TO KEEP PLAYING ninja because I do not want to throw away all of the progress I have made with him. Yeah I know my gear isn't the best of the best, but there is enough there that makes me very tentative to just throw him away.  Also if there is any sort of guide that can help with maximizing the use of both mainhand and awakening together, that would really help a lot. All the videos i have seen so far were either just pvp videos that you can hardly see what they are doing or videos that show just how to use awakening OR your mainhand...
  15. Post on Gear Help! in Musa

    By Gae Dearg, posted
    Hello! I'm a rather casual player and I've been having a tough time gearing up my Musa, I just hit level 56 and I'm using Grunil/Taritas +10 in each slot, 2x Blue Coral Ring, 1x Blue Coral Earring, 1x Jarette's Earing, Scarla Necklace, and a +13 Liverto Blade, +13 Iron Crescent Blade (The green one) and a +12 Black Horn Warrior bow. I've been having a terrible terrible time getting my Liverto past 13, I'm now at 31 Fail Stacks and spent just about all of my silver trying to repair and upgrade the damned thing. At this point, what should I even do to advance? My stats are so low I have a hard time grinding things much harder than Helms yet I'm such a high level I get near no EXP from the things I can still kill. 
    Would it be better to just stop working on my Liverto and buy a PRI Yuria? Or should I try to enhance a specific piece? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hey hows it going :D!! well i am considering buying this game! is it still a sub? and also how is this game for pvp? seeing thats what i play a game for?!!! 
    Also i would like to ask what is a friendly starting class and stuff!! how are the professions in this game they look interesting!! thanks guys for all the info if anyone has any
    inside info itd love to see it im open to choice and stuff!! also if i do join um..... if anyone has a extra key itd love u forever to try out the game then buy it!!! maybe a recruit friend thing or something i don know haha but i do have a mic!!!! ts3 discord and skype so yea any guild willing to teach a nubbers im open to it thansk :DD
  17. Post on Seeking a Guild! in US Guild

    By Xfire, posted
    Hi Black Desert community!
    I am a new player interested in finding a guild for myself. The social element of MMORPGs is very important to me and i'dd love to make friends! I'm just buying the game and I have no idea how anything works. I don't know what class I want to be. I also haven't chosen a server yet I am just about to start downloading the game. If you want to be friends or be my buddy/recruit me give me a shout. I am okay with using any kind of voice chat, I have a lot of MMORPG/gaming experience and I look forward to enjoying the game.  I enjoy PVE and PVP both competitive and casual although I have less time to be competitive these days I suppose. All those darn real life responsibilities and what not. 
    Look forward to hearing from you all!
  18. Because i am a pvp scrub and want to become "gud", i start this collection of pvp combos.
    My source is Zizzi awesome pvp guide
    1. A.) (<59)
    1. B.) (59+)
    2. A.) (<60)  
    2. B.) (60+)  
    If you have more, feel free to post them. I am updating the list.
  19. Hello everyone,

    I am the leader of TheRedArmy. Over the years of my gaming career i have risen and failed communities. Lessons learnt, Triumphs earned, Blood spilling and personal loss and gain.

    The big hitters were the creation of two organisations.

    The Iron Triangle : EVE Online Corporation

    The IRON Triangle : Guild wars 2

    These organisations are still to this day being successful, However due to myself and close nit friends growing up over the a decade Real life demanded more from us.
    This is why The Red Army sits closely with my own personal Career as my mission is to speak as many people from across the continent for ideas to help me push the real world forward meanwhile spilling the blood and slaying the enemy!

    Of course you do not need to be a socialist for even Left wing to join as i would like to receive ideas, Thoughts and opinions from all walks of life.
    We farm our daily and weekly scrolls together every Sunday and due to the nature of us still being noobs we are still learning, Lets face it this game has so much to do and learn thats before you break past the little hidden mechanics the game also offers.

    We operate a TS3 Server which is free for anyone to utilize and we are not just tied to BDO, We also play Dota 2,Rocket League and a few other titles from time to time.
    We are a close nit community and we would love for some members of the BDO community to become a part of that family.

    If you made it this far, Well thank you for reading and regardless of if you dismiss this or not, We wish you good luck enchanting.  

    Best Wishes BDO Community
  20. So, I got like 5 guest passes at a gaming convention and I used one and as far as I know I can only use one so my time is over... since I don't have money at the time I still need to wait till I can play again but I really don't know what to do with the ones I still have. I don't have other friends that want to play the game since the ones who do, already have passes from the same convention. Throwing them away would be a waste... Do I just give it to people on this forum? and how?(yeah, I'm not really smart with these things sorry)
  21. Post on About to try BD in New Adventurers

    By dorexx, posted
    HI, I am downloading the game, I am using the guest pass at the moment starting today. First of all i would like to know a bit about the servers on NA or if there is a thread link to it, please tell me, i am new to this forums too >.>
    *Btw i am not into pvp that much, i am more interested on the life and taking my time on the game.
    Any advice for starting the game is welcome.
  22. Hello everyone!
    I recently just purchased BDO again after I forgot my main login. I originally bought the game the first day it came out, but eventually fell out of it after about a month. While playing I was always looking into "maximizing" my account's efficiency and I was wondering if anyone has some beginner advice to help me out?
    Some of the advice I received:
    Energy Alts - Make a server full of alts before playing to ensure you take advantage of shared Energy.Resetting Knowledge - Place an alt in the Calpheon Library so that you can reset Knowledge as often as you'd like to farm for S's.? NPCs - Talk to them all to maximize Energy.Black Dragon Constellation - Helps with getting Yuria weapons from Ronatz quicker due to the increased Amity.Strength, Stamina, and Health - Max these ASAP.I have already invested $10 on top of my base purchase as well to buy a pet for the auto looting.
    Is there anything else that I should know going into the game to basically "min/max" my account?
    Thanks so much for the help!
  23. Hew I'm a new player from NA and was hoping to find some people to play with . I play a witch and just got to lv 24 and am getting a bit bored of questing all by myself😅. I want to make new friends and learn the ropes to how the game works and stuff Any suggestions on where I should look for people to party with? Also, what is a good server to play on or dose it not matter?
    My character name is Radrien btw
  24. Can someone please breakdown the difference between weapons? I understand Liverto are boss drops, but I am lost when it comes to DUO, and TRI weapons. Ive searched and was unable to find anything.
  25. I'm currently downloading the game. Looking for a guild to help start me off and show me the ropes on a decent NA server. Very interested in working towards PVP. Thanks!