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  1. I can't hide some quests, even though I unchecked them in the Quest Menu.
    Not sure if it's just me or a generel bug. I played almost a year ago with the same issue, so I hope someone's finally taking note of this.
    Fixing this shouldn't be that hard I guess..

  2. Hi there,
    Not sure if this has been asked about, it's just a small question, but will I be able to recollect my boat at Lema Island (if its all the way at port ratt) and do the same vice versa?  I decided to move over a lot of money from Port Ratt to Heidel and I ended up hopping on the ferry without storing the boat in the Wharf.
    If anyone can help me out with this thanks!
  3. I'm still very new to this game, so please forgive my shortcomings. Feel free to correct me if my terminology and lingo aren't accurate. This testing was done on a Maehwa at level 18 for reference.
    After thorough hours of testing I have found that the gamepad opinion is an extremely nice and useful feature, and I'm very thankful for it's implementation. Though with everything, no matter the greatness, some faults can always be found through trial, but with diligence addressed accordingly soon after if it's brought into the light. There were only a few things I noticed that if improved upon, would make for a much more engaging, thus enjoyable experience, with the already excellent performance of the gamepad. Perfection is always evolving and why it is so fun to strive for. No one is perfect, and practice makes better. With that being said let's move onto the topic at hand.
    The very first thing I noticed when using the gamepad was how often I would unintentionally double tap a direction, executing a roll or dash, that caused the accidental use of the stamina and/or WP bar. I do understand how some people would prefer to use this feature, however I have come to the conclusion that any fast tilt to the left analog stick could generate this problem causing issues in the future. Seeing as customization is one of the key points, possibly most important, in setting keybindings, I don't think the complete removal of this is the right course of action. I do however suggest that in Settings, on the Game tab, under the Gamepad Settings, present the option to disable this feature by checking a box. Option reading: Disable Double Tap Movement. I'm unsure how possible this request is, but I think it would be very helpful and a much more forgiving addition then what is currently available. This is a game were a fast pace movement system is required to achieve optimize combat capabilities, so giving the option for a second guess moment would be very helpful, as I usually tap slightly unconventionally initializing this action. Second guessing ones own movement will cause this to happen more often then not, and this is why I believe this option would be a much welcomed improvement.
    Lastly, while I was setting all of my keybindings to the gamepad, I noticed a rather bazaar thing. While holding down the bumpers, which I gather act as the function keys, I realized you are unable to make any type of movement with the left analog stick. This also creates a problem with the right analog stick when holding down both of them. It removes the ability to look around while granting you the zoom in and out function with up and down. I'm unsure why this effects the analog sticks this way, as that one step or over the shoulder look, lost in the process, would mean the difference between hit or miss. I suppose it was thought of to give the option to be able to key bind things to the function + left/right analog sticks. However, I personally wouldn't want to lose any type of moment, while holding down the function keys and using the right and left analog stick. It's possible I'm the only person that wouldn't want to bind anything other than character movement and camera movement to the left and right analog sticks, but from spending the hours testing this and keybinding, I've found there are more then enough buttons to keybind things without the use of the analog sticks in the process, other then them functioning solely as camera moment and character movement that is. I do however think that the lose of the vertical camera movement on up and down with both function buttons held down is minuscule and should remain as is, because it is a very nice feature to zoom the camera in and out and a good idea. I do however recommend still giving the ability for horizontal camera movement in the process. So, in Settings, on Game tab, under Gamepad Settings I recommend adding the option to enable analog movement while function keys are held. Option reading: Enable Function Analog Moment. The keyboard is needed to chat anyway , so leaving the least used hotkey functions on there to open up menus, or using the start button to manually access them, would make it entirely possible to get away with this implementation and create a much more immersive game.
    Though I am still rather new to the game, and I haven't experienced everything this game has to offer, these are my thoughts on possible improvements to the gamepad. There might be more that present themselves in the future, but the base structure of how it functions at present is rather solid and complements go out to the developers for gamepad support. I do however, think there are some improvements that could work out for the better. It is my opinion that the gamepad isn't really used as much as the mouse and keyboard, thus these little things fly under the radar, so I'm submitting this post. Please feel free to comment, suggest, critique, and just in general join in on the conversation. Do keep in mind however when brainstorming it is best to remain calm and collected, as it's not necessarily they are insulting your opinion, but rather not understanding it. So, be the respectable community I know you can be and calmly discuss your debate. It hurts the creative process to ferociously argue. There is a fine line between argument and debate, and emotion tips the scale. Thank you for you time on this topic and sticking all the way to the end. Be productive and have a great day.
  4. Many, including myself, had issues running the launcher since last Feb 8th patch. I see many people found a way to fix it, this is what I did to fix the issue. Maybe it will help you.
    You should check your update history on your computer beforehand. If it says failed to install
    NVIDIA - Display - 12/29/2016 12:00:00 AM - 
    Failed to install on 2/8/2017
    Failed to install on 2/9/2017
    You should consider reinstalling NVDIA.
    download the latest DDU uninstaller that will uninstall and clean your NVDIA Drivers. Reinstall NVDIA. Done.
    I tried many things but this one worked. I run a GTX 1080, and if you run something similar you should give this one a go.
    Also, I did uninstall BDO and reinstalled it on a separate directory than the previous one. This one did not work but It might of helped combined with the driver issues.
    I hope yall can get back to the game! ><
  5. OK so i logged in and after i pressed play the first screen where you press start looks OK but after that I get a multi colored mess that smudges all over the screen i have recorded it so you can see what i mean. This happened after the update around 01/02/2017. It may have something to do with the fact that i changed my characters name which was supposed to take affect after the update. As far as I can see the name change was successful,if there is any information you need or preferably you can help me it would be much appreciated.
    I'll upload it to you-tube then -
  6. Post on Weekly - 2.5 mins in General

    By Nubah007, posted
    I attempted to do my weekly combination with 3x "pieces" my gear can support the fight..it's not that I died yet.. it doesn't specify it having 20x the HP of a normal weekly.. I used 135 potions, ran out, then reset the boss and went to town to buy more potions & when I got back the boss was gone. Even with 2.5 mins & 270 potions it would have been extremely difficult to complete this quest. I understand that it is designed to be done in a group. It sucks that the reprocution is a waist of 120+ hunter seal & 5 attempts @ loot and/or anything else I may have recieved for completing this quest. if you are a new player I would recommened avoiding it all together, if you are an experinced player.. thinking to solo. DONT!!! also.. I would recommend @ least 3 people in order to maintain this OBSCENE timeframe.. thanks again for delegating time to make sure content you released 2 weeks-4weeks ago "works"
    @KAKAO/DAUM - Keep up the good work.. I do not expect compensation, I expect nothing.
  7. Hi All,
    Ok so in a nutshell I am having problems launching the game at all.
    The game has been updated and patched.
    When I click on the play button on the game launcher, the game attempts to load by loading the icon in the bottom right with the loading bar.
    As soon as this is completed there is something loaded into the system tray for a split second and then nothing.
    I have tried running with Admin priv's and updated everything I can think of to no avail.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. I logged in today expecting to get some sweet stuff while AFK fishing and I noticed I am missing the button for Black Spirit Adventures. I've searched google, the bdo twitter page, here in the forum and nothing. Am I the only one experiencing this or did I miss an announcement of some sort?
  9. 1. World boss, you have to deal with HUGE lag and 5234523462346 bodies to get through, if you aren't in the front you probably can't even reach him with your attacks, while you wait there till the front row dies, so it'll be your turn.
    2. Oh speaking of world boss. MELEE HAVE THE LOWEST AP. Due to vangertz shield, unless you got axion, but even then, you won't out DPS a wizard/witch, ranger, sorc.
    3. Oh, is sorc considered a melee? Sure, she can be a hybrid of both melee and range, but guess what, she gets an AP Boost + 3463346546 iframes.
    4. Oh, you want to grab someone without them rubber banding? And a sorc able to teleport your grab/knockdown? Have fun
    5.  1vs1, sure, you'll do ok, but compare to ranger/sorc/witch/wizard, 1vs10. Those 3 class have a fighting chance, but a melee doesn't even stand a chance with all the CC, while the other classes have a small or great chance of at least killing MORE than a melee.
    6. DP Scales?! Sike ~ Some forums in korea suggest that the ratio of AP and DP is 1AP to 2.4 DP. This is not including accuracy and crit. But the thing is, good luck killing anyone as a full DP melee, because SOME REASON, archer/wiz/witch/sorc will have the same DP as you, awesome!
    There is a lot more, if you guys want to add, melee doesn't even have iframes, other than sorc,
    OH VALK AND WARRIOR HAS A SHIELD, well so do wiz/witch and sorc, 
    Guess what archer scales up in damage by? HP!
    WHICH SHOULD BE MELEE scale, yet the archer gets a HP Scaling skills, Awesome!
    So, if you are a tamer,warrior, or valk, have fun regretting it ~
    (Oh how about beserker, they can go range on awakening so lucky them)
    Please don't put your opinions of ANY class unless you have played them up to AT LEAST level 50+ and have been in red battle field or in a GVG.
  10. My in game journal has not recorded events for at least a few days, i think it stopped at the end of March. Others in-game have the same problem.
  11. Talking in guild chats is a great feature to have, especially without the use of energy . But time-to-time, there will be a guild member or more that would change to their alternate characters for other purposes. So what I'm proposing is that the game should include the family name next to the character's name when chatting in guild/party/whisper chat, that way we can confirm who we are talking to.
  12. Post on Chat Not Appearing in In-Game Bugs

    By Kunsai, posted
    I have tried looking through all the settings, restarting the client, restarting my computer, and even using /reloadui; however, I still cannot see what I type in chat or the kill feed for guild versus guild. I can see everyone else's chat though.
    Okay, so I figured it out. I was searching through my block list and noticed MY NAME. I unblocked myself and it fixed everything. I went to see how I went about blocking myself so I tried right clicking on my name but couldn't. So, I honestly have no idea how I went about blocking myself when you cant even get the option to do so.
  13. Post on Housing UI errors in In-Game Bugs

    By Deseru, posted
    I found 2 houses that look nothing like their picture. One of them could easily have the picture of the other swapped and one just needs a new picture in general. I didn't see a thread like this so I thought I would start one for people to post anything they have found like this to. The ones I found are in Calpheon 2nd Floor, No. 2-2, Chapel looks like the picture for 2nd Floot, No. 2-1, Chapel, and 2-1 looks nothing like either of their pictures. (sorry for the bad incoming pictures, I wanted to get the names of the floor in all of them for proof.

  14. Hi,
    I got this weird bug that happened randomly today. It happened >3x. When I talked, "r", with the npc, the chat window doesn't open up. I can't press esc key to disconnect to restart the game, escape and such. The only thing I can press is tab, v, and q. It pretty much stuck in the middle when interacting to chat. I was close to the npc when I talked. When I move, my character stops every .75 sec. Not sure if it was a server lag or something, but it lasted for quite some time until I suddenly got kicked out of the game. It doesn't seem like I was lagging as I can still see people moving fine in the game. I posted SS below, not sure if it would help compare to a media file.
    The NPC I tried to talk to is Giant Drill Sergeant. But, I think all the NPC in that location are giving the same problem as I tested it out on a few.
    You can see in the SS below, the cursor, white blot, is just flashing white when I try to move.

  15. Sooo am I at the right spot too fish lol?

    Also sorry for the bad graphic but AFK fishing goes best with Tom Clancys the Division

    I really hope this isn't another one of those game companies that go "Yay for the ones that work, and f.uck the ones that don't."
  17. I've been asking around in game, and it seems like a lot of people got their crossfire/sli setup working.
    The problem I'm having is that the game only uses gpu1 @ 100% and 0% for gpu2.
    For those who have an AMD cfx setup, how did you get it to work? Which cfx mode are you using?
    My specs:
    CPU - intel i5 4690k
    GPU - AMD r9 290 (2 way cfx)
    RAM - 14gb (mixed)
    Thank you for your time.
  18. Hi, My friend and I don't have the same quest at all since velia but strangely we did all the same quest at the start in olvia and we talked to everybody but now we are in calpheon and we still dont have the same quest. I play as a sorceress and my friend as a wizard, I am aware that there is a few class quest given by the spirit but other than that I don't really understand I am failiar with the game I played on KR I have a few 50's and a 52. whats weird is my friend (wizard) seems to miss all the important quest I followed him instead of doing all the extra quest I had that he didnt and now we are at the troll forteress in calpheon which is lvl 40 but we are only 31.

    Anyone know what could possibly cause this ? maybe some knowledge given by a npc somewhere ?
  19. My map hasn't been working since the official release. Can't open the pearl shop or F4. I need to find a node manager everytime I need my map.

  20. Post on Character Helm in In-Game Bugs

    By Emposa, posted
    Hello and sorry if there is another topic about this, I didn't see it.
    As the title says this is about the Wizard class starting helm/hat. The problem is that the helm/hat isn't visible, and the buttons on the inventory screen do not help with this either.
    I had this issue in CBT2 but somehow I managed to resolve it, but do not remember how, so if anyone had problems with this, I would appreciate it if you took the time to explain how to fix this.
  21. So yesterday on March 2nd, I attempted to redeem my pre-order items onto the Orwen server around 1:00pm. It gave me the normal spill of "wait 24 hours". So I waited until now to check (which is 24 hours by the way). Now that I check my in-game mail, it's still empty. Also on a side note, my in-game title went back from "Used" to "Activate".
    Long story short, I redeemed items, still have not gotten them 24 hours later.

  22. Sorry if something similar has been posted a million times before, or there's an obvious "pls dont post x here it'll be fixed" somewhere on the forums but yeah, friends of mine who redeemed around about the same time have recieved their items (not furniture though.), so thanks in advanced. 
  23. Post on The Big Topic: Itemshop in General

    By Rae, posted
    Good evening / day to everyone and especially to the publishers of the game.
    The new announcement for the CBT2 already featured a list of the itemshop items and I can already see that cash-costumes have stats bonuses. So basically the big question to you, publishers, is, if this will stay at the current amount or is this going to escalate. Like usually seen in free 2 play games. Because +gathering, +droprate, +whateverthehellyouwant will not only mess with the gameplay but with the economy in the long run as well. This usually ends in the game going down like the titanic. First it will split the player-base and then everyone jumps overboard.
    So here the questions it will come down to:
    If you can't answer "yes" to the two questions above, this will become abandonware 2016 and I don't want to see a beautiful game go down the drain.
    With best regards