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  1. So you're making beer and making a good little earner, you're also making Boiled eggs for imperial delivery and it's bringing in some decent passive income right?
    You'd like to earn more through cooking but aren't entirely sure where to start.
    Well here's a few hinters to help you out.
    Invest in the following as well as the areas you're using for beer crafting.
    G-----s, setting up a couple of gardens and setting up g-----s/apples/strawberries AND Sunflowers/Tulips/Roses and most importantly, Cooking Honey.
    Milk you don't need to mess around with, with the amount of crafting you're doing you'll get plenty from the turn in byproduct, but if you need more, just put a few preorders in on the AH. Don't waste your time milking cows unless you really want to.
    Now you want to look at crafting the following:
    Tea with Fine Scent
    Sute Tea or Milk Tea
    Honey Wine
    You can start making these pretty early on in crafting, although I wouldn't advise it until you're at least Professional 1 or higher so you get a good return for materials.
    Whatever you do, DO NOT use Tea with Fine Scent to craft your sute tea or tea with milk, you'll get plenty of Tea with Strong Scent (the blue version of twfs) and 1x tea with strong counts as 2x tea with fine scent for crafting Sute Tea or Tea with Milk.
    Tea with Fine scent requires 30 per box, Sute tea 60 per box (uses more matts but 50k more payoff) and milk tea 50 per box, honey wine also requires 50 per box and you'll find yourself able to make plenty with leftovers if you're crafting Sute tea as opposed to milk tea. A lot opt for milk tea as it's cheaper to craft and requires less per box, however Sute tea doesn't require flour which you'll use to make essence of liquor with your leftover fruit to make Honey Wine. No path is incorrect, it's down to what you prefer, just note the Sute Tea/Honey Wine route gives you more lifeskill exp as you'll be crafting cream >butter, flour > essence of liquor > Honey wine, whereas Milk Tea you'll only be crafting flour as the extra for it.
    Now you want to hoard them, stash them in your bank, chances are you'll hit your daily limit in hand ins every single day from turning in Boiled Bird Eggs, Tea with Fine Scent, Sute Tea/Tea with Milk and Honey Wine, make sure to box up what you can to make it easier to just grab them out and turn them in on resets with no hassle, if you can't box them up yet (Sute Tea and Milk Tea require Master 1, Honey Wine requires Artisan 1) don't worry too much, you're building up a large payoff for when you do hit those ranks, consider it incentive to keep grinding them out.
    You can also make a good passive income from selling off your blue crops that you harvest, top quality crops are used for alchemy stones so you can either use them for your own alchemy stone or sell them on, you can also pop out stones for 16+ upgrades doing this, up to you if you want to keep them to use them yourself or sell them on, but they are a pretty solid pay out per stone, especially sharps as they go for 3.6mil.
    Basically use everything, let nothing go to waste and you'll quickly be churning out Millions in turn ins every single day and all it requires is about an hour or two of dedication to your farms and crafting.
    Hope that helps those lifeskillers out there looking to move to the next stage of crafting and into the payoff stages.
    Edit: Welp looks like g----- is a dirty word, thanks KaKao.