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  1. Hey bdo team,
    So i was play pretty well since before the new event came, and after the new Cherry Blossom event came my game for some reason started to have random freezes.
    I start the game all good and play a little and then it freezes the sound still plays but the image just stops :V and the only thing i can do is force close the game.
    My log files from the game are attached here, don't know if it will be of any use  put i would really like to be able to play without have to close and reopen the game every little time
  2. Hello there, I hope anyone had similar experiences and maybe someone can help me out here.
    I played the game in beta and at launch until late March. Back then everything went perfectly fine and I had no issues with the game (even at launch when everyone was at the same area near Olvia trying to kill the damn trolls). A few days ago I decided to jump back in but the game simply runs like shit. My computer hasn't changed much, so I really don't know what the problem here is. Even with the lowest graphic settings the game simply freezes every few minutes for quite a while and the game window says it's "not responding". It's not just simple lagging but a complete freeze for at least 30 second to 2 minutes. I tried to search for fixes online, but couldn't find much. I disabled my Firewall and tried this and that, but it just won't stop the game from freezing every few minutes. 
    I am not a very computer savvy person, so I can't say if the problem lies on my end, but seeing that I don't have these problems on other games (for example I play Overwatch), I run out of ideas what the probleme here might be. The game world got much bigger since March, but could this be the sole reason? This btw also happens when basically zero players are around, not in big cities etc.

    Did anyone experience similar issues and find a solution? I would be happy for any help or guidance. 
  3. i can't go in bdo cuz the page not responding. this happen in loading blackspirti page just before starting game! i clea the cash ecc.. but still doesnt work! any suggestion? after manteinance i got this problem!
    Fixed. Some problem with antivirus and firewall!
  4. Since we got the Christmas patch I can't hang in a city more than 10-15 mins before my game freezes and windows tells me that BDO isn't responding.
    I've read somewhere that it might be the snow, but it isnt. I can be in places like Fogans, Crescents, Mediah, etc while it's snowing and everything works just fine. The problem comes when I'm in a City (Velia, Calpheon, Heidel, Altinova, Valencia), so I'm sure that the freeze/crash problem is generated because of the -----ing Santa flying over those cities...
    Just hearing his bells is a grim reminder that my game is about to crash, and I'll have to sit there like 5 mins going through the absurdly long "Pearl Abyss" logo.
    Some people states firmly that this is a Hardware issue, and yes, perhaps it is. But I also think that if this event is something for us players to enjoy, they did it completely wrong. I haven't problems with the game as it normally is, but with this crap event I'm freezing and crashing every 5-10 mins, I can't even play in the Arena with my guildies. This is awful and I'd like to have some kind of menu to remove the event from my client, because this isnt fun in any way...
  5. Hello, I have a friend who recently purchased black desert, and when he goes to launch the game, (after launcher login  & hitting play) it launches into a white screen and goes to not responding. he said it is  not error code 0xE19101A. He has reinstalled the game 4 times, and he has also tried temporarily siabling the driver signature enforcement on windows 10. all help is appreciated, thank you
  6. So I got my wizard to 53 and decided to make a warrior. I crashed on the wizard every once in a while but it wasn't too much of a problem. Every time I do any fairly complicated skill combos or move around a lot while fighting on my warrior my game will stop responding, this happens a lot when I'm in a cave especially. When I attempt to hit the "see details" button or whatever it is the window just closes. Anyone have a similar problem or have any ideas/solutions?
  7. I log into the launcher, sign in, and press Play - Game then freezes and stops responding at the Daum Logo screen. The only way to stop it is to end the process. Screenshot below.
    Any Ideas?
    What I've tried:
    - Reinstalled the game multiple times
    - Two different accounts
    - NA & EU servers
    - Firewall checked
    - Disabled LAN settings in cp
    - Graphics card checked
    - Run as admin
    - Renamed & Redownloaded Usercache
    - Every other program checked.
    - Memory is sufficient
    Running out of ideas - help pls.

  8. Post on Game freezing. in Technical Issues

    By Batraz, posted
    After today's update the game keeps freezing and says not responding. I've had no problems with the game until now, anyone else having the same problem or know of a way to fix this?
  9. So on Friday I brought the conqueror's pack thinking "Yea this game is awesome!" due to over hype way back when it was back in Korean beta. I had played it on Friday and all that literally went through my head was "Wow this is a really crap game..." So I went to the support page and sent in a request to get a refund. And lo and behold the mass failure of this game

    My suggestion is after 4 days of NOT getting a single reply for you to get people to answer these tickets as it's becoming a disgusting excuse of a joke. What's the point in giving people a chance for a refund if the support desk don't even get off their asses to even read let alone respond to these tickets.
    So I question has anyone else had any luck getting in touch with this failed support team?
  10. I downloaded the INstaller and when Ever I try to Install the Game it keeps saying that the Installer is not responding, I am confused as I never had this kind of crash before because the only think that Pops up is the Black Desert Logo and ik keeps restarting the program but no installer shows up.