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  1. Which is better based on tests/data?
  2. So i was curious because I've been looking on this forum regarding the 2 but they're mostly related to PvP.
    Which of the two would be better purely for PvE?
  3. Welp, this again.
    I'm rerolling from Ninja atm so I have a TRI Nouver Shuriken rn. I need to get a Kunai, so I'm here wondering how would be my life using Kutum.
    From what I've seen, Kutum gives ACC like a DUO-TRI Red Coral Earring (better than 0) and gives 20 DP (better than 0) at the cost of 14 AP. Also, Kutum have Ignore Resis while Nouver has Increase Resist.

    So here's what I think: Nouver is designed for pure AP classes like Ranger/Wizard/Witch, which have high base accuracy for their skills. Plus they need to avoid being CC'ed, that's why Nouver has 10% more resist. We Ninjas/Kunos are a CC-reliant class, we need to CC our opponent in order to take it down, se we need that Acc boost and that 10% extra ignore (30% total if we're using two Precision in Kzarka). We're melee fighters who tend to take hits out of nowhere, so we need that extra DP. And we can get back those extra 14 AP from jewelry/set.

    What do you think? This is aiming to an PvP scenario like pirates, or 3v3. I'd use Tadd in Nodes.
  4. Bonjour,
    Bon, tout le monde sait comment faire mais au cas ou y'a des nouveaux qui cherchent a le savoir.

    Screen pris depuis le Bazar, faut aller là ou y'a les deux flèches rouge, les joueurs se réunissent sur la colline de droite
    Quand vous êtes en face des deux collines, normalement, vous êtes censé croiser un tas d'os par terre comme c'est indiqué sur le screen en bas a gauche.
    Voila!: c'est ma petite contribution ^^
  5. ok im unsure on how to explain this really... being a returning player ive got acess to the returning player items within this on day 18 you get an item that gives you aura's the descriptions of the auras say go to this npc get a quest do the quest get a weapon box. apon going to the npc they dont have the quest. in fact everyone in my guild who has gotten the item cant do the quest either. the item names are Novber's Latent Aura, Karanda's Latent Aura, Kutum's Latent Aura and Kzarka's Latent Aura. ive looked up Kzarka's and according to it i have to do a quest called small potions to medium potions. of which im very sure ive completed. 
  6. Post on Nouver Viability? in Berserker

    By Fwizza, posted
    Hey guys, I got a nouver the other day and I really want to use it. Is it viable to use it in node wars? Or is it strictly for 1v1s/ farming
  7. Post on Nouver AP Broken in General

    By Mujen, posted
    Has anyone else had an issue with the Nouver damage? I switch between a Rosar offhand, and a Nouver offhand. I have not noticed a single difference in damage in PvP. Has anyone else had this issue?
  8. Greets!  Here is a screenshot of the Nouver Kunai in the Black Market, but for over 25% increased cost rather than half the cost and what the market value is.
    I wanted to buy this but couldn't because of the overlooked pricing I believe.

  9. I can't seem to find a topic about this so i'll go ahead with it!

    Hey, my general concern is, i've been at Nouver from his 100% to 0%(death) with 176/170/207, been kicking and screaming like anyone else but can't even loot the dragon. As if i just stood by watch everyone kill i and then expect a treasure.
    i mean, am i the only one? how does this work? is there a deeps limit? how does this work? i'm there beating the crap out of it from 100%-0% and i don't get a reward.....?
    please someone explain it to me!
  10. Post on Kutum or Nouver? (PvP) in Berserker

    By dAtruE, posted
    opinions on kutum vs nouver for pvp?
  11. Post on Poor Nouver... in General

    By KuroMao, posted



    He became a Lizard Jerky in 3min...
    Poor than Karanda or Kzarka...
  12. Ich habe mir schon mehrere Maps angeschaut wo er spawnen könnte und bin nun ziemlich unsicher. Auf Dulfy link ist die Rede von einem Ort südöstlich vom Sandkornbasar.
    Da war ich, aber kein Drache, bis ich im Chat gelesen habe dass jemand die Waffenkiste erhalten hat ... also mir ist auch bekannt dass dieser 30min nach der Ankündigung kommt.
    Laut diesem Valencia-Guide link und dieser Map link hat Nouver 3 Spawnlocations aber woher weiß man an welcher dieser erscheint?
  13. 25 people are still waiting at Nouver Spawn Area @ Velia 1.
    We were expecting to see him around  this time line : Wed, 15:00 EST - Thu, 03:30 EST.
    I guess he is still sleeping...
  14. Pretty much the title^^
  15. Post on Nouver tomorrow in General

    By Kirasuna, posted
    The Dragon World Boss Nouver has been added to the game.https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/295
    happy maintenance tomorrow  new years/ christmas present from Kakao
  16. Good job Kakao.
    Yet once more you've managed to let players down without giving us any information as to why . Or maybe you simply didn't know it but today is Christmas in most of europe. So you didn't implement something that was CONFIRMED to be released before christmas 2016. Good -----ing job. Really.
    You're starting to remind of all those good companies like Gameforge, trion, Tripwire. You know them I hope  They're also known for being money grabbing and lying through their teeth while ignoring player feedback (and in gameforge's case also known for implementing more and more "rng" p2w). Congratu------ing-lations (yes I am salty today. For some dumb reason I thought that MAYBE, just MAYBE Kakao could keep their own words for once).
    I hope you all at Kakao get a shitty day and nothing but salt and ice in christmas presents :c 
    Everyone else, merry christmas :3 
  17. Hey, just wanted to see if anyone else is excited about Nouver this Wednesday (or if they throw in an "extra" maintain before christmas and add it) ^^ 
    And to make sure I'm not lying and to make sure Kakao can't say "it was only planned" or "we didn't say it WILL be" etc etc. You know the drill. Anything that isn't "it WILL happen" has been redirected to how they worded it, here's the proof  http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/114199-nouver/&do=findComment&comment=1575910
    Now, see how that says Nouver WILL be released before christmas 2016? (this was said 20 days before Tytyes quit so it's not like he said it after quitting). 
    Anyway, any of your excited about nouver? :3 Got any tips for him perhaps? Maybe some previous knowledge from KR/JP/RU?  
    Remember, no flaming or derailing pls  
    Have a great day everyone and take care, 
    Greetings: Traveler.
    (PS: If you don't keep your word (once again), you do realise the shit storm you might get, right @PM_Jouska @CM_Praballo and @CM_Aethon . Not trying to flame, just saying that you might feel a flame rather than the cold of winter if this happens).
  18. As of right now the item "Emergency Medical Kit" which can be bought from any General Goods Vendor is broken. I am not saying that the whole item is broken because the idea of the item is great and it works really good in sieges or node wars. However, the fact that people not participating in the siege or node war are able to revive people that do participate is just broken and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I am not here to cause conflict so I will just be talking about guild A, B and C but this happend last night at a siege in EU. So.. Guild A is at war with Guild B in the siege and they are fighting eachother in a 1v1 for the victory. Members of Guild C who are not participating in the siege are watching the siege from a short distance. Guild A wipes Guild B outside their fort and rushes to their fort to destroy it and claim the victory. Guild members of Guild C, let me state it again they are not participating in this siege, they strike and bring out their kits to revive members of Guild A because they don't want guild B to win. For whatever reason that may be, anyway.. This means that a guild that doesn't participate at a siege can have a huge influence on the progress and the outcome of a siege. This is so broken that it really needs to be fixed, it's only 10 people reviving others now but next time it's a mercenary guild of 60 that are hired to do this kind of stuff. 
  19. Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/XrSRRQm
     If you do decide to join us, please look over the #read-first-rules-faq channel, it has a lot of information on how our Discord runs and some great information on bosses.
     Hello BDO players,
     We are the moderation team of Edan World Bosses (EWB). With the coming server merge, that name may change, as we intend to continue operating post-merge for the entirety of the NA region and we want to welcome all players from Uno and Orwen who would like to use the Discord as well.
     Edan has always operated its own independent Discord server for world bosses, hunting, LFG, and chat. It currently has over 5500 members and climbing, currently with around 3100 connected users during prime time. We want everyone to have a place in and benefit from this Discord, so be assured that while we do try to encourage it, participation has always been and will always be completely optional, with boss information always remaining visible to everyone.
     We have a robust bot that has been built to fit our vision and needs which helps with tracking boss information. The bot is actively developed and we are prepared to handle any changes that may come, and are also open to suggested changes by the community.
     Utility Channels:
     #boss-timer - Souffle Bot automatically updates this once per minute with current boss windows. You can also type !w in #general to see that same information.
     #boss-notifications  - Where everyone will be notified when a boss spawns. Permissions to "ping" everyone that a boss has spawned in this channel is based upon participation and reputation.
     #boss-status - Active bosses are fought here. Share boss alive, death, HP information, and channel/train coordination.
     #hunting - Where people interested in whale and Khalk hunting can work together. The bot also helps out in here with some additional hunting target tracking. We may have some more information on this in the comments below from Fam soon.
     #lfg-scrolls - Looking for a group for scrolls or otherwise? This can be handy and save you some loyalty on finding a group or looking for members.
     Chat Channels:
     #general - More or less like the server's global chat where people can discuss whatever they like, but being civil and respectful is the name of the game in there.
     #cancer - This is more of a free speech chat, so it may not be for the faint of heart. It helps keep the discussion in #general civil, and when drama and such is happening, we want there to be a place for it, as a lot of people find that entertaining. It is not, however, "anything-goes", as certain activity does cross the line and Discord has their own Terms of Service that should be reasonably observed: https://discordapp.com/tos
      Being a community focused Discord, we also promote members who are streaming. If you are a streamer, and you'd like your stream to appear at the top of our user list when you go live, hit up a mod to get everything sorted.
     We hope you’ll join us, and some of our moderation team will be in the comments answering questions and hanging out while the merge is underway.
     Once again our invite link is: https://discord.gg/XrSRRQm
  20. Post on Nouver or Kutum in Maehwa

    By Lyazzou, posted
    Aloha, what is the best for you and why ? 
    Difference for a TRI :
    Nouver : +14 PA // 10 % all resistance
    Kutum : +20 PD // Ignore all resistance 10 %  // + ?? Accuracy 
    Personally I prefer Kutum for the 10% Ignore all resistance (CC > AP > PD for me) and the accuracy but 14 AP it's so strong too .. 
    What will be your choice for your Maehwa ?
    Verbe is not in game as of yet. Thank you for @Lick_MyCrit for the info.

    I am aware he has a 30 minute spawn time notification. Do we have any estimated spawn timers? WIll it be similar to Zaka and Kandara?
  22. So if anyone doesn't already know they added a new boss offhand to KR called the Khutum offhand, I'll list the stats down below. So now we have 2 options, we can either go for the pure AP Nouver shield, or the hybrid Khutum shield. My question to you guys is which one do you think would be better for your character and why?
    Nouver Shield @TRI -38-40 AP
    All Resistances +10%
    2 Crystal Slots
    Enhancement AP increase
    Khutum's Shield @TRI -  (More Beefy Vangertz Shield.)24-26 AP
    20 DP
    Resistance Penetration - 10%
    2 Crystal Slots
    Enhancement Effect - AP/DP/Accuracy
  23. Dear all,
    @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytyes
    I have read on Twitter that Nouver won't be released in next patch as it is "not implemented in our version". 

    Does that mean it will never ever be released? If yes, may I ask... why? Why would you remove content from the game?... I mean... this boss is kind of fun to hunt  and it gives something else to do in the Desert than afk-shoveling...
    My 2cents,

  24. Hey men, 
    Here is my question : which crystal should I use for my offhand ?
    I have soon 2 crystals : 100hp and 5AP / 150hp and 5AP
    Should I keep the better one for Nouver offhand (because it's not for tomorrow at all...) or use it now ?
  25. From what I heard from KR players, Kunoichis and Ninjas aren't able to choose between the "Nouver Star" and "Nouver Kunai" while opening the bundle.
    Considering how rare and important these offhands are, I believe they should be able to choose in our version - not to be stuck with an offhand they do not give a damn about.
    Am I the only one?