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  1.  Some of the NPC's mostly the interactable ones are all facing due South, the only way to fix it is to close and reopen BDO. over time they get stuck in the same position, it appears to affect the whole map.

  2. Hello!
    Here are a few quick bugs I spotted after 6/22's patch:
    - Basquean Ljurik in the Calpheon bank is turned around and facing the wall.
    - The ladder out of Abandoned Monastery is rotated and unusable.
    - When opening the marketplace, a blank grey bar fills up the right quarter of the screen. EDIT: a couple hours of playing and it does not seem to happen anymore. 
    I'll edit this to post more as I find them. Thanks for addressing these!
  3. Please add a quest to the game where we can kill this npc hourly, thank you.

  4. Hallo zusammen,
    es ist mir und ein paar Freunden aus der Gilde nicht möglich wissen über die nördlichsten Postenwarte zu erlangen.
    Inseln: sasha, rosevan, lerao, tinberra sind betroffen. Hier haben wir zwar die Energie bekommen, aber weiterhin ??? auf der Karte und unter "H" wie Wissen.
    Ebenfalls ist es einigen (nicht allen) nich möglich Wissen über den beauftragten der kaiserlichen Lieferung aus Calpheon in Epheriaport zu erlangen.
    Wir erbitten einen FIX oder erklärung was wir machen müssen um das Wissen zu erlangen.
  5. Ich suche 3 Wissenseinträge:
    Die Goldwüste
    Die Einfachheit der Kriegskunst
    Das Ödland
    Sind diese schon im Spiel eingebaut?
  6. Everytime the interaction menu (cicle above player and npcs) opens, my gameworld has this blue weird looking shimmer. i really dont know why and all options i tried could not remove this. 
    The only way to get rid of my problem is to play in optimization mode. but thats not it right? so which function in the game causes my problem? 
    this is the Game looking normally:
    and this is the Game looking with an opened interaction menu:

    i cant imagine the game should look like this, cause this looks terrible.
  7. I must say, i am surprised the tokens are pretty useless in BDO.

    Some quests give you the tokens, but if you ride to the NPC, he has nothing for you. Not even a quest or exchange option below visible.
    Fishing tokens -> no one has some idea where. No one fishing NPC has it.
    Calpheon Defense Tokens -> NPC has no idea what it is... no quest visible.
    Other city Defense Tokens -> nothing useful to give to other NPC.
    Waste of space, because we got them, but BDO has nothing for us?
    Daum, please explain us, why are some parts not enabled or working, even with simple items?
    How many items are useless for now?
  8. Have you ever stood around town, sorting your items at the Storage Manager, doing simple crafting or just hanging around, and heard the same dialogue over, and over, and over, from nearby NPCs within a couple of minutes? The Storage Manager in Velia is a great example of this. Next to him there's a Giant worker and a Shai nagging at him for doing his job poorly, and they have just about driven me insane with their repeated dialogue already. In the two minutes you spend depositing and withdrawing items from storage, you have to listen to their conversation eight times over. NPC dialogue seems to have some 3-8 seconds delay between each line, and this could so easily be doubled, tripled or more. I have played the game for one week, I'm level 27, and I know just about every line of idle dialogue of every NPC I've encountered so far by heart already. After a few months, I expect I'll be writing these lines all over the walls of my very own padded cell! Please, consider increasing the interval between lines of idle NPC dialogue.
    The Nagging Shai's lines:
    Do it better!
    I said: better!
    Not there!
    I said not there!
    Do that one instead!
    I swear I could do it better.
    I could do it better with my eyes closed!
    You suck!
    The Giant Worker's lines:
    Go away, don't interrupt me!
    If a nail springs up and hits you, it won't be my fault.
    You're going to get hurt if you keep doing that.
  9. It's very simple.  I haven't seen any guides online that have this mentioned, so I figured I would share my discovery with you <3
    Round 1
    Accumulated Favor Level 1: 138
    Amity Gain: (~10% of 138) = 14
    Amity Total: (14) = 14
    Round 2
    Accumulated Favor Level 2: 149
    Amity Gain: (~10% of 138) + (~10% of 149) = 14 + 15 = 29
    Amity Total: (14 + 29) = 43
    Round 3
    Accumulated Favor Level 3: 184
    Amity Gain: (~10% of 138) + (~10% of 149) + (~10% of 184) = 14 + 15 + 19 = 48
    Amity Total: (14 + 29 + 48) = 91
    All accumulated favor level, and amity total numbers are based on real in game values.
    Edit: The amity gain is always rounded up, based on the accumulated favor.  
    1-10 accumulated favor = 1 amity
    11-20 accumulated favor = 2 amity
    21-30 accumulated favor = 3 amity, etc.
  10. There's a "glitch" I hope to see fixed in coming patches.

    When selling to a trade manager, one must have at least one slot in their inventory free.
    If they do not, and they spend all the energy to bargain and finally get the bonus, they can't sell because it says "No empty slot." Then you have to close out, drop an inventory item, then bargain all over again.

    I have mistakenly forgot to have one space open many times, and it is very frustrating. I'm not sure why it happens at all, but I hope Daum fixes it someday.
  11. A grande richiesta la GUIDA #4 sul nostro amato BLACK DESERT!
    Oggi parleremo degli NPC e del parametro AMITY, cos'è, come incrementarlo e quali vantaggi possiamo ottenere! Non perderlo!
    Vuoi una guida SU RICHIESTA? Lascia su YT un COMMENTO!
    Prossimo episodio "Mercoledì 11 Maggio"
  12. Hi, I read recently about horses system, but i cant find information about selling horses to an NPC, not players. Such a thing is possible?
    I found a mention somewhere that the horse must have 26 level, but apart from that nothing else especially.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Suggestion: Save the pet skills. So if they are on when you log off, next time you log on you do not need to activate all 3 of them again. This is anoying because even if you switch characters they still get turned off.
    Died so many times when an elite popped up out of nowhere and killed me  I crie evrietiem ;'(
    Also when you fished a full inventory and would like to sell it, you have to have 1 slot free or you cannot sell this to an NPC/trademanager.
    Can you guys please change this and allow us to sell even if we have full inventory?
  14. Pretty much all the NPCs in this game sound like broken records so far, constantly repeating the same sentence in a never-ending loop.  It's ok if you don't need to be near any of them for extended amounts of time (like no more than 30 seconds) else it does get rather annoying. One example is Eleanor Broshu (thing that is how you spell her name..??), the NPC that gives you a daily quest to take her back to Glish.  Once you start the quest and start to lead her back to Glish, all she says is "H-h-h-h-help me..!!" with no pause to even breathe..!! Until you get her back to Glish and hand the quest in.
    Perhaps the NPC speech might need a rework sometime soon..?? or at least insert a pause in between with a randomised length of time.?? 
  15. PLEASE DEAR GOD LET RONATZ JOIN THE XIAN MERCHANT GUILD ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I think we all fear about going nuts because of the constant noice npc-characters make (especially in town near the warehouses). They repeat their sentences non-stop and driving us crazy. 
    It seriously destroys the atmosphere and i don*t want to disable all voice just because npcs can*t shut up.
    Because i already commented on the issue and gave an easy suggestion for big improvement here is the link to it.
    I am pretty sure its damn easy to adjust things like this so we are not going crazy. Simply let the game play an Npc sample ONE TIME when we reach its radius. Should let us keep our sanity and reduce a hellof bandwith too 
    please at least give us an option for it.
  17. Hope this helps answer your questions on the minigame for conversations, made it after seeing all these comment on folks being lost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRqD9MWPf0I Hope it helps.
  18. Yesterday I summon the Defender of the Ancient Holy G and he is stuck in the stone on the "alter" on Jordine, Serendia J1.
    (I can just go to another channel and continue the quest, I know, but I can't group on, that channel and my guild is on it)
  19. Bitte führt eine Parkgebühr für Falschparker ein. Es nerft wenn man die NPC nicht sehen kann.
    Wer sein Pferd oder Gefährt bei bestimmten NPC´s abstellt sollte eine Gebühr zahlen.
    Die könnte so aussehn, 1 Energie pro Minute oder langsamer Rückgang der Handelsstufe.
    Natürlich könnte man es auch Gebietsweise ganz sperren. Bitte läst euch was einfallen.

  20. I find it rather difficult to understand the lore and quests in this game.
    I would suggest to:
    Instead of having the dialogue bar say "next", write new dialogue that shows what our character is saying back to the NPC so we can easily understand and grasp the quest and situation
    Make the NPC quest bubbles opaque and let them last longer
  21. Heya,
    Over the last few days I've been working on amity games and stashing energy in order to accrue knowledge faster. A couple of things have come to my attention:
    1) Some of the NPC which looks, to me, like knowledge I don't have yet, are actually offering a buff. Oops there goes 25 energy for a buff that I would love while fighting but I'm about to log off.
    2) Some of the NPCs, even once you've paid the purchase and read the knowledge will then still offer it to you for that same energy fee. Mercianne Moretti I can confirm.
    3) Put all the effort into raising the amity and you either a) already have the knowledge b) can't access it because there's other content you haven't accessed yet.
    4) Larc has a weird symbol that no one seems to know what it's for. Do we bring her fresh fish? Is  that what the smiley face with a double ^ is supposed indicate?
    I'm not looking for easy mode but I would like a visual signal for at least, "this is a buff," and "you already bought this, don't click it again." 
    I don't know what to do about the verifying knowledge before you spend to accrue it - an option to view that area of the knowledge book could work but then maybe we're approaching easy mode...
    Thanks for your time!
    Caoin Frost
  22. Hi all,
    Love the world and atmosphere of this game. Decided to make a video. Let me know what you think!
  23. Geez.... i asked many times around but no one in game knows the answer.
    I hope there is no bug in the game... because it's just too strange.
    The problem is: i have collected some trash items and in tooltip there is text i should give it to NPC named "Otter Fisher".
    But also Fisher's Token. You can exchange it at "Otter Fisher".
    Now the biggest question is.... who is Otter Fisher?
    I looked around:
    - Fisher at docks in Velia: no reactions, no exchange buttons seen
    - Fisher by river Heidel: no reactions, no exchange buttons seen
    This is really strange. Who is Otter Fisher actually? Mysterious NPC?
    Rightclick on item should give NPC button (like by cooking items) and leads me easy to NPC. But .... no button.
    Who can help me to solve this mysterious problem?

  24. So these are just a few armors that i have found on the forums and in game that have not been used for players and only npc's have them.

    Adding these items would greatly help with the players need for new looks in the game.
  25. Is Dino Laha's amity shop disabled? I'm unable to purchase any amity items from him despite having the proper amounts of Amity, silver, and weight requirements.
    I get an error says "Item cannot be purchased."