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  1. So, I've been playing since the Beta, and I've noticed one simple thing that hasn't really been fixed. The NPC dialogue and class recognition. Depending on the Class you choose, you're either a Male or Female, so, it would make logical sense for the NPC's to detect your class, and determine to say "Sir" or "Ma'am", "Him, or "Her", and so on. I've also noticed NPC's speech, knowledge about other NPC's, or in quest-logs referencing another NPC in-game with the wrong gender, or name completely. One example of this can be found in Serendian Territory within Glish, when Caeser is called Chaeser by the Chief, and the quest is actually labelled something along the lines of "Meeting Chaeser". Now, I know it's a lot to complain about, but come on. At least have the NPC's  speak about other NPC's with the correct name and gender, lest they speak to a Ranger by saying "Is he alright?" while seeing the Black Spirit speak to you in the Ancient Stone Chamber. Has anyone else really noticed this, or, in part, bothered by it slightly?
  2. Currently, I am having issues on only one character the other seems fine. 
    The ( NPC ) botton to the left of the mini map will vanish! 
    If I push m and the close the map it will come back.
    Now, it's back but listing no nearby npcs. (Even Though I am in a town).

    I have reset ui, changed characters, reloged, restarted the program. All with no luck.

    Thank you for any and all help.  
  3. Hi! It seems that two NPCs outside Calpheon have switched profession tags. The NPCs are Ashrogue (Fishing Merchant) and Wolfgang (Trade Manager) by the south entrance to the city. Tags are jumbled, so I was a bit confused when I wanted to trade in my fish..
    Thanks for your consideration

  4. While I was doing the quest "Long-Distance Kuku Birds" I had to catch one of these Roadrunners. After I found the bird about halfway between the marked spots, I pressed 'R' to catch it.
    "The distance is too great."
    So I tried again, moving my character even closer to the bird before pressing 'R'.
    "The distance is too great."
    This time I literally moved my character into the bird. With our characters overlapping and 0 distance between us this should surely work.
    "The distance is too great."
    Are you kidding me?

  5. The quests you get to find and bring some NPC back to town - are very paced sooo slowly. My example quest is given by Stable Keeper Publio. You go out into the wilderness, over a bridge, into a cave, up some steps into a tower, past some orcs, down a river and find the lost NPC along a wall. It then takes about 30-40 minutes to get him to follow you back. I basically had to walk backwards the entire way.  If you get more than 15 meters away, he just stops following and stares at you. You have to get right back up on him to get them moving again. 
    How should this work? How about more like reality. If you find someone lost in the wilderness and say "stay close, follow me" they should probably not act like idiots with vision impairment and sore ankles =D
  6. Hi guys and Mods,
    I logged in today with my Tamer and wanted to grind at Abandoned Monastery/ Kzarka Shrine but was confronted with some serious mob glitches and laggs. 
    First of all my Pet is at least 5 seconds behind my actions and doesnt even reply to my combination Attacks at all. ( its most of the time not even attacking)
    Secondly, the mobs im trying to fight are not responding to me being an enemy which leads to them staying still while i kill them. ( even the Boss are not trying to defend themselves) 
    This also affects mob gathering since you cant gather a full group of mobs because they wont move in the first Place.
    Note: I tried different channels and talking to the people on different channels as well, they all had the same exact problems since around yesterday afternoon/night.
    Please fix this as soon as possible. Tamer is unplayable atm and grinding is pretty trashy as well.
    Ty and Peace out.
  7. Post on Who's Your Favorite NPC? in General

    By Aokami, posted
    I have an odd adoration to the Node Manager for Calpheon Castle Western Front, Kaku. Probably because of his dialogues...
    "Look down on me because I'm small and you'll be sorry! Shyaaaa~"

  8. Okay.
    I have finalized for most part the new website and can now make public for others.
    Normally i take a look at Black Desert Tome and Foundry worldmap websites, but they have problems:
    - wrong names (most translated from Korea?)
    - wrong nodes
    - wrong farm nodes info (wrong item names too)
    - pretty static and limited (most are fixed javascript data)
    - you cannot add much for others and that is it...
    Because Tome is also "official" map for BDO ingame, it's very shameful to see many errors.
    Because many wrong data and pretty much missing data i want for my gameplay, i decided to make a new website and fill it up with better updated data.
    The new website has more flexible database and better controlled on correct data. Users can help to fill up the database with more resources information and drops.
    What can you do with my website?
    - find NPCs (also items from NPC Traders / Node Management)
    - find nodes
    - find items from farm nodes
    - find resources and items from "loot tables"
    - mark fish spots and add own loot tables
    - mark worldboss places and own loot tables
    - special spawns and more...
    - more resources ... you can add almost everything and mark them on map.
    There will more features planned but important part is now working.
    You will see i have not added all nodes. That is because nodes on Tome and Foundry are still wrong. I need confirmed nodes with correct names, not wrong ones.
    While i am playing, i will keep adding data on the website. The nodes you see now are all verified. (without ? behind names)
    If you like my website very much, you may register and contact me for editing permission.
    Please help to fill up the database.
    De icons will used from bddatabase.net, just to make clear. Not all data is needed from bddatabase because it's only for gathering and finding NPCs.
    Curious? Visit the website: http://bdomap.mmoguild.org Due hosting problems, new domain is now: https://bdo.mmomap.nl/
    Here are some screenshots and what you can do with the bdomap:

    Every resource will have some screenshots so you can recognize it better ingame how it looks. Traders have locations with list of items.
    That makes Guild Trade missions easier and you can do quicker. Soon will more NPCs added to the database on every place.

    For gathering, the website will have more database for it to find good places to farm. You can add every resource and place many spots on the map. This is very useful for new players where they should farm. Useful for Guild Gathering missions.

    The farm nodes have better clear overview which items they have for workers. You can easy search for it!

    And the unique feature, is add own farm spots. Here you can for example place many own fishing spots and each spot has own loot table and chances. You can now find easier needed item and where you can get it! The screenshots will also help you where it is.
  9. In the real world most merchants would get upset if a vehicle was driven right to their feet or on top of them. Unfortunately in BDO we see piles of mounts parked on top of certain NPCs (traders and warehouse managers). This part is due to the short interaction range to the mount inventory and the difficulty of navigating some mounts, so often folks will aim their mount for the NPC and park it on top of them to ensure they are within range and do not have to readjust their mount. I would prefer to park my mounts on the road in front of the NPC's shop and then do business with the NPC, just like in the real world. So could you please increase the range for accessing mount inventory when interacting with NPCs.
  10. I think the over abundance of people on or parking mounts of all kinds, especially wagons, near npc's needs to be addressed.
    My simple solution would be to have a small radius around all or at least major npc's, like trade managers, that prevents you from getting to close when mounted. And yes, as a byproduct of this fix the radius of being able to sell items straight from the mounts would have to be increased accordingly.
    Thanks !
  11. It won't locate anything with multiple NPC locations. This is one of many examples. I have no way to locate the NPC to hand these into. 
    Thus far, I've had to write down a list as I talk to NPCs one by one.
    Left and right clicking on "NPC location" and "collected amount" both do not do anything. Even standing in North Wheat Plantation (where one of the NPCs is supposed to be) does nothing. 

  12. I'm just confused and a bit horrified by a series of quests I cannot accept because either I am not fulfilling some pre-requisites or this is a bug/possessed NPC, or whatever else. I'm ever so curious about the weird black shadow face reward as well.
    I was just wondering, does anyone had an explanation?

  13. Missing the ability to see sell information, for connected nodes, at the following locations:
    Calpheon (all 3), Balenos Forest
    Please add any other locations you guys find that are missing.
  14. There's a NPC named Komuta, inside the Anti Troll Fortification, which is inside the walls, and it's impossible to get the quest. It's been there for days since i checked.
    See the screenshot

  15. I'm sure everyone has noticed numerous NPC bugs throughout the world but has anyone noticed the worker bug? So I send out the correct amount of goods to Illya to build my fishing boat then notice they stopped working...ahh they need beer, nope they ran out of materials required even though I've sent out the correct amount.
    Now im all for gold sinks in game but NPC's not being able to count is a serious issue. I've competely given up with trying to gain contribution points with poorly prepared ingrediants at Alejandro farm because again I noticed the NPC's can't count and will occasionally take contribution points away from you.
    Did anyone else notice that NPC's didn't graduate Kindergarten?
    opps sorry @CM_Jouska posted in wrong forum
  16. There is the guy in the Velia church Ottavio Ferre, tried reloading UI but seems to persist, same result with relogging and changing to a alt. Might want to take a look @CM_Jouska Yup I'm bugging you again good sir even if it's super small haha

  17. You can currently buy all the master-level cooking dishes from the NPC "Maryan Pero" in Calpheon.
    Here's why this is a bad idea, and why this NPC should be removed:
    NPCs have an endless supply, which affects the rarity of an item, which here is all the master-level dishes.The fixed NPC price heavily affects the market price. You can already see people undercutting each other on the master-level dish market, even now when there are zero (or very few) player-made master-level dishes on the market.The master-level cooks have no purpose in the game's economy when anyone can just buy all the dishes off an NPC.
  18. The NPC Eleanor Broshu who needs help to get to Glish (corrosponding quest) keeps saying that she needs help in a very, very short time apart from each other. WAY to short, it gets annoying very fast. Apart from that it's annoying, it works agains the immersion because it's not realistic at al.
  19. Post on NPC Knowledge Bugged in In-Game Bugs

    By Irie, posted
    For some reason, even though I have already talked to Kina, the traveling merchant, her knowledge seems to be bugged. I can continue to talk to her, but her knowledge will not update with her picture and the knowledge circle for People of Eastern Balenos is no saying complete. I will submit more photos after this post due to file limit.

  20. Hi,
    I got this weird bug that happened randomly today. It happened >3x. When I talked, "r", with the npc, the chat window doesn't open up. I can't press esc key to disconnect to restart the game, escape and such. The only thing I can press is tab, v, and q. It pretty much stuck in the middle when interacting to chat. I was close to the npc when I talked. When I move, my character stops every .75 sec. Not sure if it was a server lag or something, but it lasted for quite some time until I suddenly got kicked out of the game. It doesn't seem like I was lagging as I can still see people moving fine in the game. I posted SS below, not sure if it would help compare to a media file.
    The NPC I tried to talk to is Giant Drill Sergeant. But, I think all the NPC in that location are giving the same problem as I tested it out on a few.
    You can see in the SS below, the cursor, white blot, is just flashing white when I try to move.

  21. The left docks at Epheria, there is a quest giving Goblin NPC named Muis stuck in the water, under the docks.   

  22. Um anderen die Zeit und Nerven zu sparen, die mich dieser NPC gekostet hat, hier die Laufroute (südliche Straßen von Hof Lynch, westlich von Heidel):

  23. Post on Interface Reset Bug in In-Game Bugs

    By Thalos, posted
    Every time I log onto a specific character and talk to ANY NPC my interface resets to default, showing the Combo window that nobody cares about and the helpful tips scrollbar that's equally uninteresting.
    This is super annoying because how the interface is saved across all characters. Once I log off from that character, the reset affects all my other characters as well. It is really only happening on a single character. I had this issue before, on one of my other characters and I ended up deleting that one since it screwed me over all the time. Now the issue resurfaced on a new character (one I already had and not the new one I created in its place)
    /reloadUI and the sorts don't help
    All other characters are fine, it is always just one single character that screws things over like this.
    FML... it's spreading. Two more characters are affected by this now...
    Something in the processing window seems to break it since it always seems to happen after i finish a longer processing session...
  24. All the names above NPCs disappear, I can't see which NPCs offer quests, etc.  I have to type /reloadui each time I decline a quest.
    Please look into this Daum.
  25. I'm getting sick of constantly doing quest just to get to the end and find the Turn NPC is gone and there is not explanashion in the quest decription or any thing. So I'm going ot make a List of all the Quest that is hapens in so people don't have to WAST there time doing them... Post here is you know some I'll ad them to the List.
    Quest That are missing NPC:
    "Imps at the Farm" (Lv. 18)
    "Profound Flag" (Lv. 27)