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  1. Hello everyone,
    I suppose this is kind of a small issue but I've noticed that NPCs will repeat and rotate through all of their dialogue way too often with little time in between. For an example, if you're at an NPC shopping for goods for more than about ~15 seconds, you'll hear a nearby NPC rotate through the same ~2-4 lines of dialogue constantly.
    It's kind of annoying; you'll generally hear a single NPC say the same few things over and over. There's maybe a few seconds of pause in between each line and then they just repeat.
    Any chance the rate could be lowered a bit? It doesn't have to be long, just enough that we don't hear the same lines 3 times while just trying to sell some junk/buy potions.
  2. Wouldn't an in game Notepad be the greatest Idea ever? 
    It took me some time to find that Beautiful beautiful NPC Button that allowed me to move to any of the NPC's i had known. Making movement from one NPC To another very easy. Especially when it came to running a Trade route. I Could simply Click on trade manager, click on warehouse and then search for the NPC I wanted to find. Then it hit me. "My god what if I could save the NPC Name or Map Location to my notepad." The game map is so vast and large that It is VERY easy to forget where something might be. Anything from a list of NPC, Monster spawn location and Node locations such as Fishing, Farming or Mining become very easy to forget in such a Large large world. 
    Of course, this is a positive. However, I am sure you can see how this can be quite overwhelming.
    Therefore I am suggesting the use of a in game notepad supplemented by an ability to "Ping" Locations on a map. This would allow a player to save a location say for example <(-2079x, 459y) [Wale] Olvia> and allow them to auto move to it as necessary. 
    Aside from being able to save locations. An in game notepad would also allow players to save recipe information or gear information to quickly reference without the use of alt tab and google search.
    Ever go on a LONG trade route and forget something important. Well you would be able to store that information in the in game notepad and wouldn't be able to forget it.
    If something like this were ever implemented it would definitely see an endless variety of uses and would indeed be more than useful in game without breaking anything at all. 
  3. Hello.  I am not able to talk with other NPCs.  Nothing happens when I hit the "R" button (though it was working earlier today.  I checked both my charactures and it's happening to both.  There is also some glitches with movement.. being slow response at times or moving very little.  Also when trying to feed a worker (<shift> RMB) nothing is happening.  This all happened about 20 minutes ago.. give or take.  Hoping someone knows what the issue is and or is also having the issue as well which would note more of a global issue and not specific to myself.  I have also changed channels too to see if that would help, and it did not.  Any help, suggestions is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
  4. Post on NPC Vendors? in General

    By Captain Pothead, posted
    I read somewheres that you can own NPC vendors who can sell to players when they come to your house to see your goods. Where is this feature? I cant seem to get my workers to sell anything. They just work. I don't want the use the market place, I want to use the "vendors" that I thought I can supposedly have.
    Any helpful thoughts?
    This is from Wikipedia:  Players will be able to furnish and equip their housing and may hire NPCs to set up as traders from the building. (now this could mean only workers but it does not sound like it because workers work, they don't trade. However they do run "trade routes")  
    -After doing some reading its sounding like its just trading between NPCs...
  5. Hi people!
    Just a thought to quite a few posts I've seen, not completely sure if it's already in game but I've seen a lot of players mentioning they find quest mobs especially small spiders/beetles hard to see amongst all the foliage and such (which looks amazing and needs to stay!) I think that maybe smaller quest beams like the big location ones could appear over the quest mobs with a toggle on/off option for players who wish a more authentic/immersive game experience. (Sorry if something like this is in!) Aslo I know it says "quest objective overhead but sometimes it doesn't show until really close.  
    Cheers for looking!
  6. Hi,
    bei welchen NPCs bekomme ich das Fleischermesser (Butchers Knife)? Die Materialienhändler haben Axt, Erntesichel, Spitzhacke, Gerbmesser & und irgendwas zum Flüssigkeiten aufsammeln, aber das Fleischermesser finde ich dort nicht. Köche /Hofläden habe ich auch schon abgegrast, aber die haben nur Zutatengedöns.
    Jemand eine Idee?
  7. Hallo Leute,
    Hier gibt es kein Whinetheard   nur ein paar einfache Fragen
    1) Ich suche gerade persönlich nach "lebyos"  er soll sich in Heidel aufhalten, aber nach einer Stunde suche hab ich aufgegeben und es über Google versucht. Leider auch nur einen Eintrag in der Datenbank gefunden jedoch keinen Standort. 
    Kann mir  jemand sagen wo sich lebyos aufhält und viel wichtiger - gibt es irgendeine Suchfunktion im Spiel?  Hat man schon eine Quest für einen Npc  findet man ihn ja relativ leicht. Wenn man aber eine bestimmte Quest von einem Npc haben möchte ist man in der neuen Welt etwas aufgeschmissen.
    2)  Noch am Rande eine Frage zu den Nodes.
    Wie die Knotenpunkte funktionieren habe ich verstanden  jedoch nicht den Sinn der sich dahinter verbirgt.  
    EIn Beispiel:
    Ich habe  eine Kette von Knotenpunkten von Velia nach Olvia Küste.  Nun angle ich an der Olviaküste und KÖNNTE  den kürzeren Weg  nach Olvia bzw  Olviaküste nehmen und dort einem Händler sagen " Hey ich habe frischen Fisch  den ich dir verkaufen kann" aber nein belont wird: "Ich laufe  jetzt  2 Tage über Stock und Stein damit der Fisch gammelig wird in die Stadt Velia um  dort einen Händler anzutreffen der das ganze wieder an die Olviaküste verkauft von der ich gerade komme?!. " Hey na klar nehme ich deinen gammeligen Fisch  und Reise damit nochmal zwei Tage zurück an den Ort an dem du eh schon mit dem Fisch warst, Hauptsache   ist das der Fisch viel gereißt ist. Und das Belohne ich indem ich dir mehr Geld Gebe. ( was für den Händler eigentlich ein Minus Geschäft sein müsste )
    Hat iwer die Logik dahinter verstanden? Bzw hab ich da doch etwas falsch verstanden?
    Vielen Dank für eure Antworten
    Beste Grüße
  8. Hallo Team,
    vorweg: Nimmt mal das "CBT2" bitte aus den Forennamen.
    Ich bin gerade in Heidel und wollte Quests machen nun sehe ich dort eine Quest auf der Karte und auch aus bestimmten Winkeln, aber der NPC "Wihol" (Wie hohl!) ist irgendwie in eine Instanz des Hauses gespawnt worden, so kommt man nicht an Ihn ran.
    ich habe den Platz 1 Spieler versucht und auch versucht ins Haus rein zugehen wenn es leer ist, keine Chance.
    Hier gibt es hübsche Bilder meiner "Wihol Befreiungsaktion":
    Lieben Gruß
  9. This little girl in Calpheon. Selling herbs to take care of her mother...
    Aw.......I wish I can buy all her herbs ;_;

  10. Wrong name in description (Izauro instead Izaro) did not help me to find it through the search...

  11. Simply said, we have tons of interesting detailed npc outfits, armors and what not.
    It would be interesting if these were made available in game, some as quest rewards, some craft able/buy-able and others available from the cash store as outfits?
    When we have so many interesting outfits, why can't we use it for our characters... would solve the current limited wardrobe we can choose from atm at least.
  12. I have enough conversation (or amnisty?) points for the npc, but it won't activate  the quest. I am wondering if there are "hidden" requirements for quests and where I can locate them?
  13. For instance, I have 300 conversation points and the quest for the npc Juilette, general goods vendor at Olvia, has a quest that apparently starts at 150 points (Juliette's Hobby)...However I have tried clicking the quest, exiting and entering a conversation with Juilette again, and using the interact button while in the conversation menu. I am lost and have no idea what to do lol. This game is overwhelming for a new player like myself and any help is appreciated, thanks!
  14. I've been going around BDO searching for all the NPC's to max out my energy. A few have caused some trouble, however I'm unable to locate 'Crant' in the Serendia Region.
    In the Knowledge section he is listed under Character > People of Serendia > Foreigner of Serendia > 3rd NPC Down = ????? 'Soldier Visiting Monestary'.
    Would very much appreciate if someone could help me find him!
  15. Hey there,
    I get the vibe that the NPCs are talking a bit much on this game, like they repeat the same sentence every second. If you stay on the spot and listen for a bit it starts getting really annoying (like there are those musicians in Velia named Clown and Clown which play some REALLY awesome music i love listening to, but i constantly hear one of them repeat the same damn thing everytime). I know i can fix this with just shutting off the Dialog Volume, but I'd like to hear the dialog if i am accepting/receiving a quest and generally don't want the world to be without any voices at all. 
    I know this Problem isn't really a top priority problem and there are other things to worry about but well I just wanted to make a topic about it since i didn't really see one yet (link me if i am wrong). A solution i'd like to see is reducing the frequency of the Npcs talking by a lot. It's really enough to make them say something every 15-20 seconds that might be too short as well. Adding some variety wouldn't hurt either but that's just really fine tuning and nothing mandatory. Yes the voice acting isn't the best but i think it is alright, used to it by other mmorpgs tbh, would be nice to have korean voices as option but i dunno if that will happen.
    Other than that, AWESOME game!! Keep it up. Tell me what you guys think.
  16. I used to play that game Age of Wushu... good, fun game... terrible, terrible, company running it. However, one thing I thought was kind of neat was how your character would perform tasks while you were offline. They'd kind of become an NPC doing some sort of task in the area while you weren't playing.
    Now, I'm not saying that you would gain any sort of benefit for this being implemented, but do you think it'd be cool at some point to have a system kind of like this in the game? Imagine having one of your alts logged out in a town or city, and you switch to another character of your family. You enter that same town/city, and you find your character that you just switched from doing something in that town. Whether they are drinking at a tavern, sweeping out your home that you own there, or SOMETHING like that... along with possibly other player characters who aren't being used.
    Do you all think that could be a little fun for immersion?  Maybe not all your characters, but at least some... or something.
  17. Currently, I have several instances of broken knowledge from NPCs around the world. Basically, you need knowledge of certain NPCs to be able to interact with other NPCs. In some cases I have all the knowledge I need but am still unable to interact with said NPCs. The most pressing example right now is the high priest in Calpheon. I have the knowledge he is asking for from both Bipache and Michael, but I still can't interact with him to get his knowledge. Because I can't interact with him I can't interact with the node manager at abandoned monastery, and because I can't interact with him I can't link the Treant Forest Node that I was hoping to start investing my energy in.
    I'm also unable to delete the knowledge I have on the NPCs I've mentioned to potentially work around this bug. I'm only able to delete monster knowledge.
    Please fix this ASAP. It's an easy fix and I'd really like to get a handle on this before I lose track of all the bugged NPCs I have to go back to.
  18. Hallo Leute,
    wie führe ich mit einem NPC ein gespräch? Es wurde schonmal hier kurz angesprochen:
    aber nur kurz, z.B. was hat es mit Gunst/Interesse auf sich und wie spreche ich "ungewzungen"?

  19. Post on NPC buffs? in General

    By Yamko, posted
    This is probably going to buried amidst the uproar, but does anyone know what the npc buffs do once you reach enough amity? 
    I've finally unlocked the skill instructor at Hidel's buff but sadly couldn't activate it to see because I ran out of energy. (Will have to try tomorrow when I get back).
    Does anyone know if the buffs stay with you permanently or just a temporary thing? (It costs 25 energy for that particular buff so if it's temporary it would be sad). 
    Thanks in advance!
  20. In the Western Guard Camp, the NPC, located next to the Oger, that you can normally gain knowledge of and get a quest from, does not work. No knowledge is gained and there is no quest button in his menu. This is really taking a tole on my OCD. Would be really nice to see this fixed, as I like to collect all knowledge and question marks I see.

  21. Post on Can't get Amity in In-Game Bugs

    By Yros, posted
    We earn 0 amity after any discussion with a NPC (actually tried over 10 times with different setups respecting the interests of the NPC).
  22. I'm looking for specific items to rent from npc's. Is there a list somewhere of who rents out what? 
    Right now I'm looking for the large crop plots, but later on will be looking for other stuff as well.
  23. Post on NPC Gesture Speed in Suggestions

    By Shalvah, posted
    While running around in the world of BDO I noticed that the NPC's seem twitchy - their mannerisms seem rushed in conversation/cut scenes and instead of their mouths ceasing to move when they are done talking, NPC's continue to silently talk. This gives a sense of puppetry that I find difficult to take seriously... I enjoy a certain amount of immersion and there is none when interacting with NPC's. 
    My suggestion is to slow NPC movement/gesture speed down while in conversation and halt speaking movements when NPC's are no longer speaking. Not all are terribly fast; the gesture speed does seem to vary slightly from person to person. Slowing gesture speed would make conversation feel more natural! 
  24. Hey!
    So whenever you talk to someone, beside the actual text you need to read/skip to progress, the NPC keeps telling his lines whenever you press 'Next'. I found it annoying and made it harder to actually immerse myself into the reads, because NPCs keep interrupting the way of thoughts.
    I suggest that they should either tell the very same thing you can read in the text, or just turn their voice off altogether at times like this.
    Another option would be to have a toggle button in settings for this.