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  1. http://2p.com/41084300_1/Black-Desert-NAEU-Interview-New-Class-and-Race-Are-in-Consideration-by-Blake-Lau.htm

    2p is the source of the interview with Daum and it turns out they are looking into new races and class for the EU and NA area the current most one is the tiny elf race we see in towns and villages known as the Shai I believe the current idea is that they will hold the same classs like the other races or a few of them like warrior, mage, sorc and ranger. (that imo not fact or rumor)

    Personally I really really want this to go thru. They seem to function well enough in the world as NPCs and even if "lore wise" they aren't directly involved with the black war they still are a race that has to have some viability to defend themselves and as we see in other towns they do get affected directly by the black energy.  

    "New race Shai is still in consideration, along with some others that "will be either from an existing in-game race, or something that we think might be fun for players". Which new race to develop first is to be decided, Daum says."

    Many mmos currently have a tiny "loli" race however I think in this case it fit with lore far more that how say Elins are in Tera. Where its more a direct excuse to have lolis in the game...cuz Korea.

    I vote yes cuz it fits and I don't see Pearl Abyss touting them as sex magnets.
  2. I just wanted to address this because it takes about 5 seconds to get off a mount sometimes. I just want to see if this could be put in to a new patch; this would save a lot of time for people trying to level up and rush after completing a lot of quests. Instead of running around the town or getting off the horse. If you can talk to npcs while on a horse and it's just my game being weird sorry about this. <3
  3. Post on NPC repeat in Suggestions

    By linck, posted
    i found the NPC to repeat the same thing over and over like the girl by the water will say "god admit" 3-10x in a min, it by nice if just increase the time be for they repeat
  4. Is it just me or like I am really visually bothered with the mechanic of the auto-travel for the roads? I really think all roads should have 2 lanes, depending on which direction they're going while on the road. So have left and right lanes (for auto-travel/path) so it makes visual sense not to (run through) players and NPC it just ruins the "role-play" aspect part of the game which I enjoy. There are of course some players who manually control their mounts which is another topic, but for now, if it's possible to have 2 lanes left and right for roads? Thank you.
  5. Hi there,
    just a quick suggestion. It looks a bit weird when you just wander around the wolves territory and they are ignoring you. Even when you start the fight with one of them I would expect the rest to attack too. 
  6. Hallo,
    wenn man beim Traden ist, wäre es schön, wenn mit dem Pferd und der Kutsche nicht sehr nah am Trading NPC stehen müsste um zu verkaufen. Das ganze ist sehr unübersichtlich, wenn man direkt auf seine Füße fahren muss.
  7. I was trying to route to an NPC to finish my quest but the NPC wasn't even at the spot that I was routed to. I found them walking towards the spot and couldn't press R to interact with them -- which was quite annoying. Instead, I slowly followed behind them until the finally stopped way ahead of the spot that I was routed to. I was then able to press R and interact with the NPC. I think players should be able to stop NPCs while they're moving. The routing system should be fixed too.
  8. Whenever I talk to an NPC or watch one walk by, do choirs it always strikes me how nice outfits they have, fits the setting really good, and then I look into the costume shop (or videos of whats to come) and it feels like two different games.
    DAUM, I suggest that you turn some of the NPC's outfits into costumes or "normal" gear that we can get. The artwork is already there, I suggest that you use it!
    (And we DO need more diversity in the game when it comes to outfits)
    (I dont have any screenshots, but a quick search gave this, it illustrates my point.

  9. This should be pretty simple If you dislike the English voice work I don't see why we couldn't "mod" in the KR or JP voice.
    TOS or not it cant be detected or stopped unless they purposely put a block in the files like Tera did for JP/KR voice last year.

    It was a simple find the voice folder and swap files out. If not that simple Im sure a fan base will craft a mod tool for it.
  10. Let me start by saying great game, I look forward to seeing what you bring to the game in the near future.
    OK, The CONTROL + U to disable the interface is a great feature, Fishing is supposed to be fun and a mini game of it's own and with massive amounts of clutter on the screen during fishing,it takes away from the experience over all. IS There a way you can allow us to disable the instructions window below where the YELLOW SPACE popups to reel in the fish, or to have a reduced UI like CNTRL+U but leaving chat and the fishing commands enabled during the mini-game?
    TO have the boat interface wheel enabled until you catch a fish and the constant reminder that you can tap space or Right Mouse Button during fishing seems overkill, Please add a feature to disable what you want during fishing(these windows aren't available as an option in EDIT UI, because you cannot edit UI while having a fishing pole equipped) I know you can edit UI and disable some but it would be nice to hit let's say CNTRL+F(fishing) for a reduced UI that allows us to enjoy chat and fishing without the rest of the clutter... Just a suggestion, the more clutter on screen makes for a non-relaxing experience.
    Please another suggestion, do something to make people put away their horses and boats or at least don't allow them to park them on top of NPCS, it's hard to find the NPC's to talk to when in town when you have 5 horses on top of the person you want to interact with.
    Also,can you put a NPC in town for us to locate particular vendors (a guide of sorts) or clearly label the npcs on the world and mini map so we can auto-path right to them and conduct business with them directly.
    Thanks Keep up the good work 
  11. Post on Game imersion in Suggestions

    By Orel, posted
    Hi everybody,
    I think it can be really good for the in-game imersion if we can talking with all npc and doing more interraction when we are on our mount.
    It can be nice no ?
    Thanks for your answers.
  12. Post on Game imersion in Suggestions

    By Orel, posted
    Hi everybody,
    I think it can be really good for the in-game imersion if we can talking with all npc and doing more interraction when we are on our mount.
    It can be nice no ?
    Thanks for your answers.
  13. I've noticed that the King's highways in the game are bumping like New York rush hour. It feels a little immersion breaking to see someone every ten feet - even when you're far, far, far away from major settlements. I feel like the NPC hustle and bustle should be a little bit more limited among the rural stretches. Just a thought!
  14. 1. All tattoos of all classes/race being available for everyone. Why: It does not feel like it would disturb the immersion but also add so much to the great customization and cause they can be different sizes/colors and such it does not feel it would take away from race individuality.
    2. Noticed Some NPC will walk away from you when talking, one for example named "Kid" and it closes the quest menu.
    3. (IMPORTANT) From what I saw there is no way to change the way to rotate the cam view by using the W,D keys instead of using the mouse. Since people are use to different controls and are coming from other MMO's.
    If you wish to comment and or agree (Add number or numbers of ones in which you support!) please be civil about it and put reasoning behind your opinions.
  15. Hei meine fellow Desert Players, 
    mir ist aufgefallen, dass die Charaktere, Mobs und NPC´s sehr stark über den Boden schlittern statt fest darauf zu laufen. Ich frage mich ob das auch im fertigen Spiel so sein wird oder ob es nur eine, noch nicht ausprogrammierte, Fehlfunktion ist. Es sieht sehr un-smooth aus um ehrlich zu sein. Vor allem wenn mir Charaktere und NPCs auf Straßen und Wegen entgegen kamen fühlte es sich an as würden sie eher fliegen als zu gehen.Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob man es auf dem Anhang erkennt aber In-Game bemerkt ihr das sicherlich auch.
    Danke fürs Lesen und viel Spaß noch !!!!  
  16. Post on NPC Clothing in Suggestions

    By IA91, posted
    Black Desert clearly hosts an amazing character creator, and seem to have quite a large focus on our appearance.
    This is great, and truly showcases a lot of people's creativity. However (apart from the over the top cash shop items) we don't have access to a lot of clothing. In role playing games - especially an MMO, you would expect that if you see an NPC wearing an item of clothing, that you could manage to obtain it as well. There is a lot of clothing items that I see NPC's wearing (personally the regal ones are my favourite) that I would like to use, and I'm sure I am not the only one who agrees. 
    This may not be important to some people - I respect that, but in a game where you spend a lot of time looking at your character, and for those who role play, are character focused or like a visual variety, it would be appreciated to have NPC clothing available. 
  17. Guten Tag Community,
    In diesem Guide geht es um das NPC-Feature, welches mit einigen einzigartigen Mechaniken besetzt ist und sich von normalem Questdesign in vielen Punkten unterscheidet. Auch hier ist wieder zu bedenken, dies ist keine finale Version und der Content kann sich zu Release oder danach noch ändern.
    In Black Desert Online dienen NPC's nicht nur zur Interaktion für Quests oder Handel. Jeder NPC hat persönliche Beziehungen und Eigenschaften in Bezug zu eurem Charakter. Zudem bestimmt der Grad der Beziehung welche Effekte der NPC auf euer Gameplay hat. 
    Wenn ein Spieler gute Beziehungen zu bestimmten Charakteren hat, kann es vorkommen, dass so neue Quest verfügbar werden mit besseren Belohnungen, Buffs oder sogar Items. Zudem erhält der Spieler mehr Informationen über bestimmte Bereiche und es kann vorkommen, dass der NPC dem Spieler bestimmte Gegenstände in seinem Shop anzeigt. 
    Beispiel: Gute Beziehungen zu einem Alchemisten kann dazu führen, dass man bessere Heiltränke kaufen kann oder eine Freundschaft zu einem Stallmeister kann es ermöglichen bessere Pferde zu kaufen u.s.w.. 
    Aus diesem Grund ist es immer von Vorteil gute Beziehungen zu NPC's zu haben, jedoch ist dies auch nicht immer möglich es allen Recht zu machen.
    Zu erkennen ist die Beziehung zu einem jeweiligen NPC in der unten rechten Ecke als Level gekennzeichnet. Die Intimitätsskala ist ein runder Bereich um den NPC herum, ebenfalls mit einer Nummer gekennzeichnet. Diese Nummer zeigt an wie viele Intimitätspunkte dein Charakter schon mit dem NPC gesammelt hat. Umso höher umso besser und umso mehr Möglichkeiten werden als spezielle Icons um den NPC herum angezeigt. 
    Note: Nicht alle NPC's werden dich dafür belohnen, wenn du versuchst die Beziehung zu steigern. Jedoch kann jeder Spieler über eine spezielle Liste mögliche Belohnung mit dem jeweiligen Charakter anzeigen lassen indem er auf die Icons neben der Intimitätsskala klickt. Sind dort keine Icons gibt es auch keine Belohnungen.
    Um die Beziehung zu verbessern reicht es manchmal schon den NPC zu grüßen oder Hallo zu sagen. Noch viel besser schließt ihr Freundschaften mit NPC's über das eingebaute Social-Mini Game.
    The Mini-Social Game 
    Das Mini-Spiel ist der beste und einfachste Weg um die Beziehung zu NPC's zu verbessern. Es gibt aber 2 Anforderung die der Spieler erfüllen muss um das Mini-Spiel durchzuführen.
    Der Spieler brauch genügend sogenannte "Koversationspunkte" (conversation points). Ein Mini-Spiel benötigt in den meisten Fällen 3 solcher Punkte. Die Koversationspunkte sind limitiert und können durch die Erkundung der Spielwelt gesammelt werden. Zudem werden diese Punkte auch nach einer gewissen Zeit wiederhergestellt (10 pro Stunde) bis zu einer gewissen Grenze.Verschiedene NPC's haben unterschiedliche Interessen. Der Spieler benötigt genug Wissen (Knowledge) über das Gebiet um dem NPC interessante Informationen zu bieten. Zu sehen sind die Interessen und das mögliche Wissen für den NPC in einem Infofenster neben dran. Das Wissen kann der Spieler selber erforschen durch Erkundung oder sich bei Händlern oder Spielern erkaufen mit Silber. Die Menge an Wissen die Benötigt wird, bestimmt auch den Schwierigkeitsgrad des Mini Games. Je mehr wissen du also hast, desto höher ist die Chance, dass du das Mini Spiel gewinnst.Wenn der Spieler diesen Anforderungen entspricht kann er anfangen sein Glück zu versuchen. Anschließend erscheint ein spezielles Spiel-Interface mit dem NPC und den Vorgaben für das Mini-Spiel. In der Mitte kann der Spieler die Mini Spiel Statistik sehen und rechts werden die Wissensanforderungen gezeigt. In diesem Beispiel stehen 2 erfolgreiche Kombos zur Verfügung und wie hoch die Chance ist für einen Sieg. Per Drag and Drop kann alles ausgetauscht werden.
    Wenn du das Mini-Spiel gemeistert hast bekommt der Spieler eine gewisse Menge an Intimitätspunkten (Vertrauenspunkten), welche dann fortlaufend angezeigt und ausgebaut werden können. 
    Im Grunde ist das System nicht wirklich anspruchsvoll. Der Spieler benötigt Wissen aus dem Gebiet und tauscht es ein gegen Vertrauenspunkte. Je mehr Wissen, desto einfacher das Mini-Game. Das einzige was passiert, wenn du verlierst sind Konversationspunkte, welche sich aber nach einer Zeit wieder regenerieren und man kann es erneut versuchen. Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass das Prinzip nach einiger Zeit etwas an Spannung verliert, da es immer das selbe ist und man keine wirklichen Verluste erhält, wenn was fehlschlägt. Die Bonis und Vorzüge sind dafür eine sehr schöne Motivation und geben jedem NPC seine eigenen Eigenschaften. Trotzdem finde ich diese Mechanik sehr einzigartig und bin gespannt in wie weit sich das Feature im Spiel bemerkbar macht. Ich freue mich auf jeden Fall drauf es auszuprobieren.
    Ich hoffe ich konnte euch ein wenig helfen und Neues präsentieren. Falls Fehler drin sind oder Unklarheiten tut mir dies sehr Leid. Freue mich über Verbesserungsvorschläge und Anmerkungen.
    Mehr Informationen auf https://theblacklegion.wordpress.com/
    Grüße - Die schwarze Legion 

  18. So how to make this game multiplayer? That is how:
    First, the trade. Now it is exclusively singleplayer, and that makes a large part of the game solo. To change this the developer could remove the auction house. Then could limit the amount of goods every NPC can buy per day. All the goods shall be player related – so to give some bonuses or buffs. Now there are many goods that are practically useless.
    The penalty for the unlinked nodes will stay, but it will affect the player’s shops. The change of prices from the players still will be in some limited range, but the middle price will be different from node to node depend on the demand and the supply of goods. The players will travel and talk to each other to get the information for the markets. The localization of the resources will stay.
    The bargain game will become automated deal. So if a buyer wants to bargain he plays against the NPC, or the offline player’s shop. But if the owner of the shop is online and he is in the town area, the game may become player to player if both agree, in 5 instead 3 rounds. The deal will be automated, so the buyer must have 50% more silver than the current price to start the game, and he can win up to 50% discount or to pay up to 50% more, it depends on the game’s result.
    It will be possible for every player to buy a shop with contribution points – one shop per node. The shops will start with two slots, and will have up to 9 slots. Every new slot will cost more contribution points.
    So when some player goes in the town area, he can check the houses. Every one of them will have shops menu, where the player can see what shops sell and the prices of the goods.
    But the trade is pointless if everyone can make everything. So the crafting system could be changed too. Every player shall choose only one profession. The specialization will make people to play with each other. If someone wants to change the profession, that will be possible with a certain certificate.
    The housing system could be changed too. It will not be possible players to use solo manufactures. The mass production will be possible only for guilds. And only the guilds will hire more than one NPC workers. So if a guild wants to produce some kind of goods – only one kind per guild – it shall buy a manufacture with contribution points. Half of the contribution points of the members will be managed by the guild. If someone leaves the guild he will get all of his contribution points back.
    Still the players will buy houses and storehouses in the towns. In addition more houses shall be used in open world as guild halls.
    Now back to the nodes. Control over a node will give additional bonuses. The guild will get silver by tax over the goods produced from the node or a road tax. Management of the taxes will make difference among the trading routes. The castle owner will get silver from the tax over every trade deal in the controlled town.
    Carrying of cargo outside of the roads will not be safe. It will be possible for everyone to loot it, of course with karma penalty but only if he PK the owner. The roads will not be safe too if the nodes are not linked.
    Even if the nodes are linked the roads will not be 100% safe. There will be random event, in which the cargo will become lootable, so the owner has to protect it to the next safe zone. That event will affect by chance of 10% the cargoes and the travelers.
    Now about the karma penalty. It could be reduced and changed to make possible the loot and fight for farming spot for mobs. The changes are simple. The karma for the first hit will be removed. The player will get only about 2-5 minutes karma after the PK, it will be random. But he will get about 30 minutes karma per PK on the next login. To clean the karma he shall kill mobs for a certain amount of experience, but will not get any experience and drop from them. Pickpocketing of players will be possible, with small karma penalty if it fails and for small sums of silver.
    To make the gameplay competitive it will not be possible to change the channel 12 hours after the login.
    In addition player to player exchange of goods or silver will be possible only between the members of a guild.
    All the mobs will be faster, with slightly bigger HP, and a little bit stronger than now. The drop of silver from the mobs will be reduced, as the trade will not print so much money, and the earnings from farming of mobs shall be comparable. The damage from all player’s skills will be reduced. And the cool down time for HP pots could be longer.
    Maybe it will be a good idea to put back the formation system, but without the annoying visual effects, and with additional bonuses related to the different classes, like shield wall, mages circle, line of archers, and etc.
    The amount of silver needed for the guild wars/sieges will be reduced, as also the guilds funds. The wars will have minimum duration, maybe a week.
    The red battleground could be removed, also the instanced arenas. Instead in every town could be made a local tournament for teams and solo players. At the end of every month all of the local winners /the first 3 in every discipline - 1vs1 for every different class, 3vs3, 5vs5/ will go in one of the towns and will distinguish the best players, which will take a title for a month, unique buff, and significant reward, as also a place on every leader board.
    The terms of the competition – every player over 50 will get 10 badges per month if he subscribes to the local tournament. Every battle will last 5 minutes, without potions and additional buffs. The opponent or the opponent team will be chosen randomly. The winner/winners will take 1 badge from the loser/losers. Players with most badges at the end of the month win the tournament. With the badges will be possible to buy a certain items from certain NPCs. There will be quests for winning of additional badges with wins in the tournament battles. For example if you win 1vs1, 3vs3 and 5vs5 battle. Or if you win 1vs1 battles vs 3 opponents from different classes, and etc.
    It will be great if the developer implements player to player quests. Some standardized quests for delivery of goods, PvP, killing of mobs, crafting of items, but instead of NPCs, players will give them.
    For example. You need to deliver a cargo from town A to town B. Now you can hire a player too, but there are no guaranties for the cargo and for his reward. So you give him a quest, by choosing the node, and the reward. At the moment he delivers the cargo, he gets the reward. And you automatically get the money. Player who takes the quest has time limit, after which you automatically get the cargo back, he cannot sell or transfer the cargo to the other character. But there shall be a risk, so the cargo can be looted, while smaller objects will be placed in inventory, and the chance of drop on dead for them will be random. Now if you say there may be a fraud, you choose the player, the cargo and the reward. Why you will need such a quest? There are reasons like GvG and insufficient time.
    Same with raid bosses. You know alive boss, so you can hire other players to kill it, and you automatically will get the loot. You choose the boss name and the reward. Once they take the quest, there will be a time penalty. If any of them kills the boss before the time penalty expires, you will get the loot, they will get the reward.
    To hire players for PvP, you choose the reward and the enemy /guild or player/. To fulfill the quest they shall kill the player, or certain number of guild members for limited time.
    In fact quests for crafting are good idea too, so you can hire other people to craft for you.
    You can put your quests announcement in the taverns or leader boards, to ask in the local chat, to hire certain players with PM.
    The idea is money to circulate into the game, instead to put them with drop from mobs/trade/funds and then to remove them with some sink, a process that always leads to hyperinflation.
    I think all these simple changes will make the game much better.