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  1. Since the Valk has no more need of a shild, dataminers have recently discorvered the new offhand of the Valk (or at least the first concept Art)
    So it will be no longer Nouver or Kutum shild!
    To this offhand we can attatch ALL lifeskill tools at ONCE! By pressing "Q" we will be able to gather ALL stuff around us (within a range of 8m) at ONCE!
    (if we drag sheeps together just press Q -> EZ FRAM)
    and the best is: it only costs 1 ENEGERY to collect all stuff at ONCE.
    yeeeeeey <3

    sorry I double leaked this posting, here is the 2nd leak: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/140304-new-valküre-offhand-discovered/
    (you may can close this posting)
    sorry I double leaked this posting, here is the 2nd leak: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/140304-new-valküre-offhand-discovered/
    (you may can close this posting)
  2. So i was curious because I've been looking on this forum regarding the 2 but they're mostly related to PvP.
    Which of the two would be better purely for PvE?
  3. nach langen test auf der pirateninsel find ich Saiyer für die beste wahl vllt habt ihr ja andere erfahrungen gemacht
  4. Hey guys, i come here to seek some help , i still have no idea if i should use my tet kutum or go for Tri rosar.
    My gear : 183AP 319DP
    Giath TRI
    Tree Armor TRI
    Bheg's TRI
    Muskan TET
    Zarka TRI
    Dande TRI
    Kutum Tet 
    1x TRI witch
    1x Duo Manos Ruby Earings
    1x MoS TRI
    1x Duo Outlaw
    Centaur's belt Duo
    Ogre Ring Duo
  5. I just rolled Zerker a few days ago (i"m returning since ive tried basically every class and i liked it the most, and the world could always use more tanks) 
    I guess i picked the worst time to roll though, seeing how everyone is losing their minds over DK (which is fine) and now finding a knot on that you need is a tough as buying a Kzarka (this is a joke if you couldnt tell). But hopefully by the end of the month (meaning march) the market will settle down a bit, because by then the dk's will have their gear up and the others will have gone back to their old classes. 
    Pray for me 
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  6. Welp, this again.
    I'm rerolling from Ninja atm so I have a TRI Nouver Shuriken rn. I need to get a Kunai, so I'm here wondering how would be my life using Kutum.
    From what I've seen, Kutum gives ACC like a DUO-TRI Red Coral Earring (better than 0) and gives 20 DP (better than 0) at the cost of 14 AP. Also, Kutum have Ignore Resis while Nouver has Increase Resist.

    So here's what I think: Nouver is designed for pure AP classes like Ranger/Wizard/Witch, which have high base accuracy for their skills. Plus they need to avoid being CC'ed, that's why Nouver has 10% more resist. We Ninjas/Kunos are a CC-reliant class, we need to CC our opponent in order to take it down, se we need that Acc boost and that 10% extra ignore (30% total if we're using two Precision in Kzarka). We're melee fighters who tend to take hits out of nowhere, so we need that extra DP. And we can get back those extra 14 AP from jewelry/set.

    What do you think? This is aiming to an PvP scenario like pirates, or 3v3. I'd use Tadd in Nodes.
  7. I was wondering which berserker offhand is better in terms of evasion, and if the difference is worth it. The two that I am wondering about are Saiyer and Rosar Ornamental Knots.
    Both items state that enhancing them increases evasion (not damage reduction).
    Comparing both offhands at TRI:
    Pros of Saiyer: Lots of accuracy, 2 extra evasion and damage reduction from item description.
    Pros of Rosar: Extra crystal slot, 0.5 extra average AP and 1 extra average DP (both negligible).
    Does anyone have an answer as to whether or not rosar gives more hidden evasion (seeing as Saiyer has the 2 extra)?
  8. Post on Nouver AP Broken in General

    By Mujen, posted
    Has anyone else had an issue with the Nouver damage? I switch between a Rosar offhand, and a Nouver offhand. I have not noticed a single difference in damage in PvP. Has anyone else had this issue?
  9. Greets!  Here is a screenshot of the Nouver Kunai in the Black Market, but for over 25% increased cost rather than half the cost and what the market value is.
    I wanted to buy this but couldn't because of the overlooked pricing I believe.

  10. Post on Kutum or Nouver? (PvP) in Berserker

    By dAtruE, posted
    opinions on kutum vs nouver for pvp?
  11. Was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this since the patch?
    I'll be in the middle of combat and  get hit or knocked down then when I get back up my character is just running around around like my weapon was never out on the first place. It's nearly got me killed a few times and was most noticable at Crescent Shrine.
    Highly doubt it was intended that people get removed out of combat stance when they are being hit.
  12. Khutum vs Nouver for a zerk!
    http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10740/  Khutum 
    http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10738/  Nouver
    a +18 Kutum (24~26ap/20dp 10% ignore all resistances)
    a +18 Nouver (38~40ap/0dp 10% all resistances)
    I think Khutum would be better because of 10% ignore all resistance (MORE GRABS). If a zerker were to spec 2x precision crystals into their weapon(only possible with zarka and still have 5ATS with no food buffs) AND a Kutum offhand with 2x 10% ignore grapple resist in the gem slots that would give the zerker 50% ignore grapple resistance! 
  13. Post on offhand to TRI? in Musa

    By Karrus, posted
    Have both black warrior and white horn bows at PRI.  Planning on going to DUO...should I go to TRI or save those FS for other enchantments?
  14. Just like the title says, I have no clue what the difference is, can anyone help?
    (Not sure if I post this on the right forums)
    Does the accuracy increases a lot more with Ultimate as I see no AP difference with the Ultimate and the green/blue ones.
  15. Please make Quitar Shuriken and any other ninja or kunoichi offhands so they can be dyed!! It really doesn't match and ruins the look of my character, not even one part of it is customisable!
    I just bought trade pack and I am quite disappointed by this!

    Hope to see a fix, all the best!

  16. Hi all,
    I've heard from someone that they were doing fine with the AP offhand and didn't really need accuracy, but I've read somewhere else that you need accuracy offhand unless you have Bheg gloves, which I thought was the case for every class?
    I'll be giving my Kunoichi 2x taritas 2x grunil with Ult. Yuria shortsword
    I won't have any accuracy accessories as far as I remember, I'll be having: pri blue coral earring (eventually 2x pri), duo blue coral earring, 7ap ring from valencia questline, duo bares belt, pri scarla necklace
    Thoughts / experience?
  17. Post on Which Off-Hand in Ninja

    By Ayced, posted
    Is ninjas passive accuracy enough for us to forget about the Accuracy offhand and just go full AP? If not, is the passive enough to where we could compensate with minor accuracy from our accessories in stead of the offhand I.E. Red Coral Earings, Treespirit Belt, etc.
    Respose from KR, RU, or JP players is much appreciated
  18. From what I heard from KR players, Kunoichis and Ninjas aren't able to choose between the "Nouver Star" and "Nouver Kunai" while opening the bundle.
    Considering how rare and important these offhands are, I believe they should be able to choose in our version - not to be stuck with an offhand they do not give a damn about.
    Am I the only one?
  19. Hey guys the dura on my bow never goes down. I asked some  bladers/plums they said the same. Does this happen to you? Can some one pls answer. Maybe that is the reason for our low dmg
  20. Weiß jemand ob es sich lohnt die Offhand +5 Genauigkeit auf +15 zu uppen? Hab mal 1 Stein reingehauen, aber verändert sich nichts an den Werten. Bug/Falsche Info oder Hidden Stat?
  21. What gem should be included into the offhand Saiyer knot? It doesn't look like there are many good choices... I am guessing down attack +1 or Critical hit +1?
  22. So I am currently running with a +8 Jubre (Might switch to Helrick for some bonus acc in pvp but that is beside the point) and it is the one piece of gear that I dont have a crystal for. I am a bit confused as to what to put in there as there are some crystals that give +1 back,down, etc damage. Do these actually make a noticeable difference or should I opt for a different crystal? I am just a bit confused as I haven't seen any discussion on this to guide me.