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  1. Just for the record, right now I'm playing a Musa. The class that got nerfed before it even entered into NA, because they didn't want any "OP" classes. Our Dash is an iframe still on KR, (because...necessary) can't tell you how many wizard ultimates I've dashed into because its too damn fast, but in NA... it's not? Why? No idea. Then there's the accuracy problem with musas. I won't get started on how the class is extremely challenged..... Then we have DKs. The dashes on there? Still an iframe. The accuracy? Just fine. The DMG? OP. Mobility? Extreme. No wonder over 70% of the people that I know rerolled DK. And what's left for those of us who don't wanna reroll to the most Overpowered class known to BDO? I'll leave that answer up to you. Right now there isn't a class that holds a candle to DKs, and that's KNOWN knowledge! And yet the devs allowed this to be apart of the game? It's shocking how unbalanced these classes are and to be honest, after spending years of time and THOUSANDS of dollars spent on this game, I mean THOUSANDS... I'm starting to think whether I even want to play it anymore.
  2. Post on Maehwa in Sieges in Maehwa

    By Lennii, posted
    Just wanted to show the data from the last Valencia Siege in EU tonight. Addicted had to defend the castle vs 6 other guilds. Unfortunally we were only able to take out 1 opponent in the 4 hours.
    Addicted managed to kill over 9000 enemies while dying a thousend times. Here is the scoreboard https://gyazo.com/e4244efb1e53c02993d63a931fde6cd0
    And here is my new title and effect in action! First and only Ultimate Weapon so far and it is on Maehwa!! (Im not overgeared): https://gyazo.com/58e098a3db240ae223c9db9efeec804b
    Just shows that Maehwa is really strong when played right and when you are abusing the strengths of the class.
  3. This bug is insanely OP in sieges and mass PVP, since due to this bug almost every relevant skill that wizards have works like a black hole and moves enemy players to the center, even if they are behind the wizard.
    Please fix this, since wizard and witch are already godmode enough.
  4. The last couple of months I have noticed that the black hole ultimate feels like it bugs a lot more in both nodewars and RBF, where it sometimes deals way more damage from a much larger distance than it should.
    The last couple of weeks it has gotten a lot worse, and what I've noticed is it seems when multiple black holes are used nearby each other, they seem to bug each other out and cause the overall aoe damage to desync more and the CC hits a much higher aoe range then it is supposed to, even used together. 
    Then I heard about known sorcerors on twitch knowing about this bug, and using it together to win encounters in pvp.
    I'm not sure if it's black hole just being completely OP or broken, or if it's the bug making it work like this.
    Hopefully it can be looked into or we can get an answer if it's intentional or not.
    This player in the video is NOT intentionally using any bug afaik, but even back in mid november you can see how OP two black holes is when used together, only that it has gotten a lot more bugged and OP today and hits a much larger bugged area when this is done today compared to this video.
  5. This KR Wiz, Comes in and Wrects a whole pile of ppl in node war, thanks to this new item!
    This is the reason horses need to cost more. The amount of work to get a t8 to get a chance to get a t9 is worth so much more than 100mil that the game puts t8s at. 
  6. Start getting  realy annoing those op classes keep rolling everyone in game.
    Removing grap from that class would give bit balance.
  7. All the latest buffs for tamer has now put it in the absolute top of all classes. Anyone that says otherwise is wrong and does not know how to play tamer (I can teach you )
    Permanent superarmor , Insane damage , many different cc's , IMMORTAL Heilang , high mobility. The class has everything and is only stopped by needing semi high SP and actual player skill ( which many seem to lack).
    The 6s cd has now put the class in such a ridiculous overpowered state because of the immortality the Heilang has and it NEEDS to go.
  8. Greetings and salutations forum users,
    Let me begin my post with an introduction, I've played this game since korean beta, and have always played as a ranger.
    I've been with the class for it's lowest points, it's highest points, but neither of these has felt as unenjoyable as how the class currently feels.
    While I believe that the class titled ranger should have a ranged awakening, that is for an entirely different thread, i solely wish to list what bothers me so much about the classes current balance here, and hopefully have my constructive criticism heard.
    I'll begin with the most important, and end with the least important;
    1. Useless 100% rage ultimate: Why does this even exist? The long cast point and cast time leave the user defenseless as they are not under block or super armour (which the majority of ults are) and with CC immunity, the ultimates crowd control does not last for the entire duration of the cast, meaning that if you catch someone with the first ticks, they can just gap close on you as you are rooted and kill you, while you can't react.
    Not only that, but the CC and damage are both lackluster and are actually worse than wailing wind without Black Spirit consumption, the flow which knocks enemies down is much better than a stun, it deals more damage and it's way safer to cast.
    2. Too much Crowd Control: Rangers have spent more than half a year being the class that has only got 1 knock down, 1 stun and one root, the class with the least crowd control in the game, and yet the class was still in a good place, now we have more stuns and kds than any other awakening, and the skills have other benefits which i will list below on top of that, some of it needs to be removed!
    3: Too much super armour and blocks: We don't need a block or super armour, or invincibility frames on every skill, instead give them to the skills which actually NEED it to be viable in combat ( I'm looking at you 100%), please take away some of the blocks or super armours, I'm tired of being able to win face to face brawls just because my enemies can't do anything to me while I 2 shot them, it's unfair and quite frankly, insulting.
    4. Durability consumption: The durability consumption of the offhand has been increased drastically since the implementation of brand stones, it was noticeable with bow, and dagger degrades at an insane rate with sword, this needs to be reworked.
    5. Mana consumption: (Yes I'm aware this was addressed 2 weeks ago in korea) Mana consumption has always been a trait of ranger's, but it's insane that we can't use any other potion apart from XL with us now due to how much mana we chew through, let us deal less damage but make the skills cost less mana in return, please.
    A skilled player pre- awakening was able to farm effectively using medium sized potions, but unless you want to walk from mob to mob, there's no option like that anymore.
    6. It's too easy: I can beat players with my accessories removed with a single combo, it shouldn't be possible for a ranger with 150 awakening AP to insta-gib their opponent who has 260DP, the scaling is just way too insane here.
    And this isn't limited to PVP alone, I can farm at kuit without accessories and still clear my rotation at the same speed as a warrior with 50 more AP, absolutely ludicrous. 
    Please Pearl abyss, heed this criticism, not every player wants to be able to be the best without any effort, make the class hard to play again, requiring skill is a good thing, not a bad thing.
    Don't throw the class into the trash like you did during media 1 & 2, instead, balance it  properly and make it challenging, yet rewarding. I'm tired of players being racist to elves, hating us for being overpowered! 
  9. Post on Rangers Broke the Game in General

    By MobyX, posted
    If you disliked rangers before, now you hate them. They broke the game again, they need to be stopped! Nerf them completely, this is unacceptable. Not only does every ranger have good gear, and tet Kzarkas, but now they found a way to break the game, they have destroyed the game I love! They have to be stopped! They have caused this so called "Emergency Maintenance" to insure all their brethrens get tet Awakening weapons without anyone noticing from in game pop ups. I mean warriors, sorceresses, and then berserkers got their awakening without a fuss, and now look what rangers have done! They were planning this for weeks! They want to rule BDO!!!!!
    P.S. this is a joke, calm down
  10. Nuff said.
    Nouvelle vidéo de l'awakening avec les esprits qu'on ne voyait pas forcément bien sur la vidéo made in kakao.
     Encore une  aller
  12. Post on #NerfBlader in Off-Topic

    By Hazardly, posted
    Why are Blader allowed to literally 1 shot ppl? Sorc got nerfed so she doesnt hit as hard anymore and now theres this issue with Blader. I was just Grinding and a Blader wanted my spot guess what happened? I was 5 times 1 shot then i got mad and went on the Forums and no i dont have pleb gear i got 393 Gearscore and im !NO Sorc! 
    And now without Rage: Why are Bladers allowed to instagib any class whilst no other class has that possibility or got nerfed sho she fits the others?
    Pls nerf so Blader can git gud pls Kakao
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo 
  13. Hey, I have been playing since CBT1 and generally a huge fan of the game. Right now I feel breserkers are a bit too strong. They are so tanky with insane damage and their cc can't even be blocked. Usually if someone is low geared then you. I have a very easy time with them except breserkers. They just run up grab and start bashing away. I just have to pray that either I don't die from there damage or some how their grab combo fails (which is highly unlikely). I think breserkers should get a damage nurf or reduce the amount they cc.
    Let me know what do you guys think.
    Hey I have been playing the game since CBT1 and from my experience right now I feel Berserker are getting a bit too over powered. Before you spam in the comments that i just need to get good or my gear is shit. I currently have 229 dp and I also tried the same thing against almost every different class All of witch had tri armor. From what I saw any non tamer class will just imiditly die from a berserker just because he can grab, damage and grab. With this you will be dead before you even get out of the grab. On top of that they have so much dp that you can't do much against them. I also tried getting max grab resistance (60%). For some reason my grab resistance has no effect on breserker's grabs (Not using 10% ignore resistance). It works fine for every other class though.
    If I am fighting a ninja. Sure they can kill me with 1 cc combo but I can do the same to them. It seems silly that a class can make so many mistakes and still get away with killing the opponent with one combo. Also not sure why no one else has mentioned this maybe the fact that their are so few breskers.
    I think there are 2 quick solutions.
    1: Lower their DP. So they get punished more for making mistakes.
    2: Lower their AP. So They can't kill someone with 1 combo to counter the fact they are so tanky and if they make mistakes they are fine.
    If the AP is lowered I feel like berserkers have a hard time killing people with the damage they can dish out since people will should use pots to out heal it. And if you lower bresekers DP then they might not be amazing at GvG.
    For my person opinion i think breserkers AP should be lowered. Maybe not killing people with 1 grab combo but a few grabs combos. Let me know if you guys disagree with me or think its fine the way it is.
  15. Since launch every class has gotten some nice buffs and such like zerker, sorc, ranger, witch/wizard, musa/maehwa but what about warriors? We get NOTHING (beside some little changes here and there (very useless things)).. We dont do much damage. Our shield is shit. Our dp means nothing. We are shit at big group fights. Whats gonna happen to us? Shall we wait for awakenings so we can be equal to the other classes (that will take like atleast 4-5 months when awakenings release). 

  16. I just want to put this up here for everyone to get their quick word in before the flood comes.
    How many weeks until Daum takes it away again I wonder?
    Will they actually balance the other abilities of the class... or just fixate on Dark Flame.
    The answer to all this and MORE... Never as there's zero communication before a patch.
    Here's a quote from @CM_Josuka
    Sorceress Class Changes
    We have fixed the issue where Dark Flame causes more damage during cooldown.  After testing the sustained damage of sorceress skills, we have found the following issues.  

    1. Dark Flame causes far more damage than initially intended.  
    2. Dark Flame deals 100% critical hit damage during cooldown which is contrary to what its Skill Description claims.  

    We can confirm that issues with accuracy rate and cooldown damage of Dark Flame have been properly adjusted and tested.
    My understanding of the English language must not be as good as I thought it was. Can some one please explain what "After testing" and "Properly adjusted and tested."  mean?
    Edit: I'd like to add that I am in no way advocating nerfing Sorcs back into the zero damage dodge machines that they had been turned into. I would however like to see PA/Daum actually attempt to BALANCE the class. When a single ability determines if a class is broken overpowered or completely garbage that's called POOR CLASS DESIGN.  Please work on their other abilities and allow them to do well, while not relying on the power of one ability, until their awakenings come out.
  17. Hi everyone,
    I would like to play Plum or Blader, but... when i read the forum,
    Some people say " Plum and Blader are very low in PvP and almost useless in GvG, good for PvE but that's all...
    Those classes looks really awesome so... if some blader/musa 50+ can give me some feedback on those classes ?
    TY so much and Good Game all !
  18. At this point, any medium geared as in 120ish Sorc at 55 can kill just about anyone in battle field.   They need not fear anything but a lucky stun.
    A highly geared sorc can iframe/teleport right through all the ranks, and kill every last person in the back with no fear of stun.  If someone does do damage, they then teleport away safely with no problem.  For those sorcs out there about to tell me this isn't true, I have many battle field wins and losses, please take your save my OP class for another forum.
    It will take 3 or 4 people to kill a Sorc, where the sorc will almost always 100%, have the high score in the game.  Always top 2 either way.  They escape all damage, teleport from prone, clip animations to just teleport around at will killing everyone. 
    What is the point of this game if there is 0 balance, there is no rock for those scissors, and everyone is just paper before them. 
    They have OP teleport ability.
    They have OP Ranged knockdown.
    They have OP single shots that from range that one shots lower levels most the time.
    They can clip animations and move around the field full of enemies killing at will.
    They can always poof behind or to your side to get back damage on you, even if the knockdown fails.
    Simply nerfing AP by 10 is hilarious, into imbecilic really.  It does 0 for the actual problem. 
    If I can teleport all over and always be behind people and always having a non stop AE knockdown?
    +1 second to teleport spell they use.Do not let SORC teleport if the are being damaged, period.Nerf the world bosses where the highest damage, almost always a sorc, sometimes a ranger, gets the only good drops.Right now the sorc is a one man spawn room camp or win for any team if they have 150+ gear, and good crystals.
    Any class that takes 4-6 people of same level, to actually kill, is not a balanced class, I do not care how you try to explain it, this has to be fixed.   This class is a huge balance issue.
    Is the vision to only see is Sorcs and Rangers play?   You don't believe me?  Get your +15 upgraded gear and go into Battle field for a few nights, fighting them.  If you can't then don't speak.
  19. <Volun> / PvP / NA / Recruiting for Black Desert.

    If you are the type of person who doesn't really like to be told what to do, but still wants to be part of a competent guild, you have come to the right place.
    If you are a bit of a troll, you are in the right place.
    If you want your hand held, you are in the wrong place.
    Officers are only chosen if they want extra responsibilities, not extra power. We are equals.
    We intend to experience everything this game has to offer, but our focus is all things PvP. (Node wars, Seiges, Open world etc)
    We don't have a lot of rules, the first one was don't be a -----, but we couldn't remove our Guild Leader so it was removed instead.
    Don't be thin skinned.
    Know the difference between a joke, and an insult. This is not a guild for flat out douchebags or the easily butthurt. You wont make it here.
    Don't suck.
    Don't steal shit.
    Don't lie about shit.
    Don't whine about shit.
    Listen to instructions during fights and events.
    Participation in anything is strictly voluntary. Hence the name Volun. You will never be forced to do anything. However we do expect some level of participation, even if it’s just bullshitting with us in TeamSpeak.
    Once you agree to do something we expect it to get done.

    We use TeamSpeak. Its required. No we don't care if you like ventspeakcordype better.
    Reply here with your in-game name and we can see if you are a good fit.
    And yes Wizard I stole this from your Beta recruiting post, sorry not sorry. And I stole hoodlum's title Idea, suck it.

  20. Post on Ranger is broken as ----- in Ranger

    By Faca, posted
    I love ranger, this class is very good and i love it so much!  
  21. I'm here to dispel both the illusions and delusions that members on this forum seem to possess about this class.
    Statement and Delusion 1: Sorc is a high skill cap class and should be powerful!
    Sorc is not a difficult or high skill cap class in comparison to the others. Many, many of the other classes possess more difficult combos, timing, desync issues (Grabs in general), and melee possess much more difficult times closing with their targets and getting damage to stick. None of these issues affect the sorceress, her combos are relatively simple, and main damage bursts come from utilizing Q buff, Knocking down your target (After teleporting behind them), and following with Waves into Claws. And that's it, it is not a difficult or high skill requirement combo.
    Statement and Delusion 2: Our spammable Iframe is fair and I run out of stamina fast!
    Only terrible players, not even sorc players, but terrible players spam their dodge mechanics around someone they're fighting for no reason. Only terrible players use this excuse to justify their lack of resource management.
    It's not even noteworthy calling players "good" because they don't spam their dodges/teleports/evades, because that is common sense. Additionally, high level sorcs, who have leveled up their breath and are using the proper gems have a large stamina pool, more than enough to teleport in land their combos, kill their target, or if failing, teleport to a safe distance and kite their targets until their stamina recovers. In short, its not difficult, its basic, so stop lying to the rest of the community that is already doing the same thing on their classes, or struggling to keep in melee.
    Statement and Delusion 3: Our damage is fine and justified for being a squishy class!
    Except you're not a squishy class as you're invulnerable most of the time, have abilities to escape grapples or holds, and are incredibly hard to lock down as long as you manage positioning and resources with a novice's skill (which again, every other class manages resources that are just as difficult if not more, you're nothing special here).
    Compared to other classes, your damage is through the roof, absolutely and totally, lopsided. So much so, that only one other class posses any real threat to sorc in small pvp situations (Valk), but at least valk has some glaring weak points that can be taken advantage of (Low mobility, a blockable and very telegraphed stun, short range, and is susceptible to grapples).
    Statement and Delusion 4: We're bad at large scale PvP!
    Again, absolute nonsense. Any class, and I mean, any class that is out of position or runs stupidly into a wizard's aoe is going to get obliterated. You think you have it rough? Be any of the melee classes in that situation, and honestly, they don't have it that rough either, they just have different roles to fill. Your job should be setting up flanks, exposing flanks, protecting charges from warriors/zerkers/valks, and cutting off supply lines. All which not only vastly help large scale battles (especially so in the future of sieges), but corner opponents into small skirmishes which sorcs dominate in.
    It is absolutely stunning how developers let a spammable Iframe in the game with no internal cooldown, and the fact that ascended weapons have them in the game, makes the issue more prevalent for players to abuse.
    So lets be real here, you can keep spouting these lies off that sorcs are difficult, balanced, or possess high skill cap to see any of their potential, but literally no one outside the class believes that, and even members within the class don't even believe this kind of North Korean tier of Propaganda.
    #inb4umadusaltyanyvariationofuncreative9gagorredditmems #inb4illogicalretortsandgeneralflamesbysaidopclassmembers
  22. I don't want to summon the whinetrain. But aren't People way, waaay, waaaay too whiney about the classes being OP?
    It was noticeably  strong with the Ranger nerf wich came with Mediah update. (I'm a lv51 Ranger myself)
    Its like everyone is complaining about everyone else being OP or complaining about their class being broken.
    I would like People to discuss this phenomenon, (i.E is something really OP [please with evidence, stating ap/dp and usable statistics/stats] or is everyone just wrong and falsly mistakening OP Gear for OP Classes?)
    Also, what do you think about the Berserker buff? is there any data already, telling us how strong the buff was?
  23. 1. Melee grabs are shit right now, good luck catching anyone.
    2. 10% ignore grapple + 60% grapple resistance. Kay.
    3. Rangers and Wizards/Witch are going to be OP as fudge, because they will scale on AP
    4. AP > DP
    5. There is no such thing as tank in this game, you will notice this when Valencia hits.
    6. Have fun being kited by a tier 6 running ranger and a constant teleporting wizard
    7. Have i mentioned the knockdown/iframe teleports of sorceress as well?
    After 200-250 DP, you will get diminishing returns against AP.
    FOR EXAMPLE, this archer has 200 AP, and this guy has 360 DP and see how hard he gets rekt
    8. Beserkers got a buff, how about warriors, valks, tamers? are there future buffs or nah?
  24. Life Eggs NEED a cooldown, or the next week is going to be a shit show in Mediah of everyone spamming eggs, PK'ing everyone and giant 1(55)v10(51-53) shitshows for hunting spots. Please add a cooldown equal or greater to the current health pots.
  25. also mich wundert es das sich hier noch niemand beschwert hat über die Sorc. Ich wüsste mal gerne was ihr so von der Klasse haltet...
    wie kann es sein das eine "assassinen-Klasse" die permanent springen, kiten, dps ohne Ende fahren kann nicht zu töten ist ?
    All die Punkte wären in Ordnung aber die Sorc springt permanent rumm und ist erst mal in der Zeit gegen Schaden immun + blockt sie 90 % meines Schadens, selbst wenn sie am boden liegt!!!
    Wie kann So eine Kombination funktionieren? Das ist wie wenn ich als Krieger (52 - 96 ap - 160 dp) permanent mit block laufen würde und dabei full dmg machen könnte. Ich erwarte auch garnicht das ich eine Sorc solo killen kann dan ich weiss das Krieger bis 56 nutzlos sind... aber selbst zu zweit mit einem Wizard der über 100+ AP hat und die sorc am boden liegt.. bekommt man kaum schaden auf sie drauf weil sie entweder 90 % ausweicht oder blockt...
    Bitte erklärt mir jemand wie diese klasse funktioniert ^^ oder müssen jetzt alle auf Sorc rerollen? (Ps ich weiss auch das die Klasse schwierig zu spielen ist) Es passen auch alle Punkte zu ihr gut dmg, sprung etc. Nur das Sie mehr aushält mit 120 dp wie ein Krieger mit 160 dp aber trotzdem schaden austeilt um eine ganze Gruppe von Spielern zu töten Lvl 50-52 ist schon etwas lächerlich.
    Was denkt ihr?