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  1. I am trying to create a character creation for my sorc and wicht but it takes weeks and I do not get the result that I want erasing the previous creations starting from zero and nothing
    If someone can help me or has the creation and can pass me it would be helping me a lot I prefer it for the sorc but if you have it for the wicht or other kind I do not care so I make screenshots of each trait of the face and then recreation in the 2 classes I want to sorc and wicht but I will have exactly the details to create them in the 2 classes I love (prefer sorc)

    You are my last hope
  2. As you can see here https://gyazo.com/ce97ca14589a353c2f5f66151467ca6f

    I cant arrange my character order from the selection screen.
    How can i fix this or find an alternative to get my main to the first spot?
  3. When people are listing multiples of items that are consistantly sold out, like Sharp Black Crystal Shards, it doesn't let you buy them if someone buys one at the same time.
    So, if someone posts 10 Shards.  You try to buy 1 and I try to buy 1, even though there are 10 up, it will fail for 1 of us.  It needs changed so that you can buy them until the 10 are sold.
  4. Really simple issue, no it's not the end of the world, no it's not hugely important, but a lot of us would like this implemented.

    Can we please get a feature enabling us to change the order of our characters in the character selection screen, both in the game world and prior to entering?

    There's been posts asking for this before, and it *surely* can't be hard to implement. Let's actually get this done please.
  5. After reading about marketplace scripts, I firmly believe that the only way for a normal person to get rare items is to allow us to make buy Orders.
    Buy orders are in most other MMO's, infact, I believe BDO is the only one where I haven't seen it.
    So please, give us the ability to make a buy order, placing us in que for an item, and then send us a notice that our item has been reserved for a limited time. If we don't pick it up using the captcha (in let's say an our) it's released to the next person.
    Because right now, it's impossible to get rare materials getting sniped by scripters.
  6. Am I able to redeem the pre order weapon skin for every class, or just one of my characters? Just want to know before I redeem it.
  7. I don't know if they follow an order with the support tickets, but this post is for discover it. This is a post like the one about "Lets try to know how many people pre-ordered the game", remember it?
    Well, if you have requested a ticket and you have been already attended by a GM, post your ticket number and the date that GM wrote you back to help  you.
    This way, we can know if GMs are supporting the people following the order of ticket number, and in that case, try to suposse their speed supporting people, and try to guess when we will be attended by them. 
    Thanks for participate !
  8. If we ask for specific floor from pre-order, 1 = 1 square, or 1 = all floor we want?
    Samething goes for the wallpaper 1 paper = 1 piece of wall or all the walls?
    Anyone knows please? 
  9. Am i the only one finding it "weird" that as someone who pre-ordered with the 100$ pack, tho i'm sure this also applies with the 50$ pack, that we get can get an exclusive costume & weapon skin for our characters that can not be obtained from the cash shop or otherwise, but only one set of armor and weapon skin.
    These are supposed "Exclusive" skins as such they have no reason to hold them back from people who pre-ordered the game as they can't be exchanged for money as far as i'm concerned. As the costumes are at least class-bound and not a "Unisex" or all purpose (it would still be a pain switching the items between characters in such case). In the off case where they try to monetize these skins in the future it can be interpreted as a betrayal to said player-base. 
    I would see the problem if it should be like the general items, housing, or pets but these can fall under the by-server basis.
    Edit: Well now i see that these costumes are tradeable which i find weird and is probably the reason why we aren't allowed to get a set of armor for each of the classes. really wish they would remove it from being tradeable as i thought i could have them on my characters.
  10. At launch, I redeemed all of my conqueror package items. Obviously, they didn't make it the first try. Two days later, i received the email stating they failed to reach me and that I had to reclaim the items and such a second time, so I went to my account. There, everything could be reclaimed EXCEPT the title AND armor. Cursory look at this forum showed people having similar issues with the title. 

    I got up today and logged in. Everything was there, except for the armor. I'm aware (unless misinformed) that I won't get the title until the game's full launch. But as far as I know, I should have the armor by now. Unfortunately, I don't... I'm not ragingly angry or anything, but I am a little exasperated by this. I hope someone from Daum and I can work this out and make sure I get the armor. If I get stuck waiting until launch, then that's fine, but I want to KNOW that's what I'll have to do. A little assurance goes a long way.
  11. Hey just wondering if someone knows more than I do about this. So pre-order items took 36 hours to come, when I do get mail I get "Failed to Deliver" so I go back to the account page and it says my coupons have been "used" so I made a support ticket, Waited 12 hours. Now I'm here with no response as of yet. Not hugely pissed. Just wondering if anyone has an update that's in the same boat.
  12. So after about 26 hours, I FINALLY got the message in my mail saying the delivery failed, and that my item coupons were refunded. I went and checked my account, and they were all refunded, except the title. Everything said "Available" except for the title which still says "Used". I went ahead and tried to send my items again, but I would like to be able to get the title if at all possible. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. So I'd like to propose the idea that since those who purchased the conquers pack they deserve to have the ability to repurchase their pre-order cosmetic armor for other characters. Make it an NPC in the first town where if you equip your conquer title (which should be available to your alts too) but make it cost a substantial amount of silver so that pre-order individuals have to work it off first 
    Don't limit this to conquer though, I know the Explorer gets a weapon skin. They to deserve the ability to repurchase that.
    If not silver perhaps for a few extra dollars, but please don't go crazy.
  14. I was just wondering if the costume and weapon we get for the pre order will be like with most games and be claimable on all characters every time we make a character?
    Can anyone get me a real confirmation or maybe from an employee? I just want to be sure about it so i know which character i can get it on. 
  15. Post on Character Order in General

    By Zinboldo, posted
    So I really suck at making character looks like what I want because I have no eye for detail so I figured I'd give this a shot. If anyone enjoys making characters could you make me one that looks like Varian Wrynn from the new World of Warcraft Cinematic? I want him to be a warrior but I don't care much about what armors and such you choose. I'll link a few pictures for reference. Its slightly hard to tell but the character has blue eyes.

    Also I don't care if you make it public or not... actually I'd rather it be made public. I'm sure I'm not the only fan of this character. 
  16. I know it's trivial to most people, but some of us might be curious.
    I would like it if the horse you get through pre-order had a random color. I really hope they are not all the same black stallion.
    Most people don't care but I like spotted things! (I would go for the T2 Horse but I'm not so vain I will sacrifice stats on top of all the other goodies)
    And just food for thought for the horse breeders, what kind of horse will you be trying to breed in-game? Will it be strictly for travel? Battle? All-round? What character will you give your first horse to? What will you name it? NaggyMcFuggles? Invincible? HORSEBEAST THE INFALLIBLE?
    I dunno...