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  1. Post on Closed in US Guild

    By Talshar, posted
    Closed topic
  2. Hey Everybody!

        I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Gortos and I've landed on Orwen! I've been playing since CBT2 and I'd like to share my adventures with you guys! Normally I'm a RPG/MMO streamer but I've been so sucked into BDO that I've just been streaming that constantly. 
    Streaming: Monday - Wednesday: 7pm EST Onward
        If you're looking to maybe learn something about the Beserker class, participate in some Pearl Shop Item Giveaways, or Just tagging along for the grind. I'm not going to sugar coat it, this is not a PG-13 stream. So, if your mom lets you watch I'll need a signed permission form here: http://www.twitch.tv/thegortos/profile

  3. We are a small and friendly community of guys who play games of all sorts and want to focus on economy and GvG gameplay. You can always find us hanging out and chatting on our TS server and in game. So if any of this sounds good you can find me on Steam or in game at CollateralDJ.
  4. Guild Name:        TheLastProphecy

    Server: Orwen
    Guild Master: Blackwater
    Co-GM: Aphrael_Danae
    Recruiting Admin(s): Chuibo
    Guild Ambitions: PvX, Raids, Commerce, Guild Events, Guild Expansion, Exploration
    The Last Prophecy is a multi-brand MMORPG gaming guild that originated in the first MMO brought to the internet, Ultima Online in October of 1997. Some of us have been gaming together for nearly 17 years, and as such we’ve traveled through various games together.
    Currently active chapters include Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Blade and Soul, and Albion Online.

    We are currently sponsored by ASUS, YouTube, and Amazon, with several incredible new sponsorship deals coming down the pipeline in the near future. Currently in the works are Razer, nVidia, Steam, and possibly SteelSeries.

    Streamers are welcome, too! We have a blossoming stream team who'd love to take you on board.
    Tell Me About Your Hopes and Dreams...

    Our goals in Black Desert Online  are much the same as they are in every other game: engaging in every aspect of the game while sharing and enjoying each other’s company.
    In this chapter, we strive to create an environment where the game is accessible and fun for guildies without requiring a high weekly activity input.
    If you work, take care of kids, or simply don't have time to be here 5 or 6 hours a day, we're okay with that. We get it! We just ask that people take part and help out as they can. Because hey, life happens!
    From PvE to PvP, or even just working together to explore the lands, we want to fully immerse in the experience while forging and maintaining real-life friendships between our guild mates.

    After all, it's all about fun, isn't it?

    Tell Me More About This "Fun"...
    PvP raids
    PvP Squad Development
    Guild expansion
    Large-scale raids
    Expansion into multiple guilds under TLP
    A competitive, higher-commitment PvP chapter is currently in the works also; this will be separate but connected to TheLastProphecy in-game)

    I'm Cool and I Like Fun! How Do I Apply?
    You're cool and like fun?! WE'RE cool and like fun! It's a match made in heaven.

    ...Or Orwen, whatever. Same difference?

    We're glad you're interested, and we're all pretty sure you'll enjoy your time with us. Give one of the leading officers or GMs a shout on Orwen--we're usually on Balenos 1--or pop a message to Aphrael here on the forums.
    Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

    I know, I know, you're asking yourself...what's the catch?
    The good news is that there really isn't a catch. That said, we do have a few simple guidelines.

    The rules are simple: Don't be a total jerk. Avoid being a jerk to our allies. Self-defense is fine, but please get screenshots and/or names. No double g words in Teamspeak, and no heavy racism, etc.
    Other than that, we are an 18+ mature guild...so we expect there to be some sailor-esque jokes and banter.
    Teamspeak is a requirement for application, at least for group events. We ask that everyone try to hop into TS and get to know people, as it makes for a friendlier environment...but if you're super shy, just listening during events is fine.
    TS:  teamspeak.tlp-guild.com:4005
    See you out there!

    Sinister Savant is a group of laid back mmorpg veterans who play games at their own pace. We do our best to experience every single aspect of the game and will do so in BDO as well.  We need Crafters, Gatherers, PvPers, PvEers - everyone can find a place in our guild.  We have lore nuts, PvPers and everything in between in our guild, as long as you can manage to be respectful to others you are sure to find a great home here.
    We are pretty laid back as a group.  Nobody here will try to fore anything on you, you can play what and how you want to.  All guild events are optional just as is participation on our guild voice server.  We are here to savor this truly great new mmorpg as if it was a bottle of truly exceptional wine of rare vintage.  Devs crafted an incredibly detailed and beautiful world for us, and we are looking for people who really enjoy mmorpgs.
    We are looking for positive people, no whiners or drama queens.  We have a zero drama tolerance policy.  If there is anything that playing mmorpgs for the last decade has taught us is that that drama and whining are toxic and need to be eradicated asap.  We've been through 100's of games and have run out of patience for both drama and whining.
    Time Zone:  Most of us are from Central or West Coast but we accept everyone.  We would very much like to one day have a sizable representation in all time zones.
    Requirements:  Just don't be an a$$, life is too short to waste on drama.  We really don't care about anything else.
    Website:  Our guild website is located at http://www.sinistersavant.com please visit it for more information & register before we move ahead with your membership.
    Voice Chat:  We do have a guild voice chat server, participation is optional but highly recommended.  We use Gamevox for our guild chat https://www.gamevox.com/en/
    How to join: Step 1 = Register on our guild website as per above.  Step #2  Contact guild leader as per below.
    Region: NA
    Server: Orwen
    Server Instance: MEDIAH 01 (this really does not matter but if you are going to make a character might as well make it in the one we all are in)
    Guild Leader: You can contact me here or on our guild website (preferred) http://www.sinistersavant.com/index.php?action=profile;u=1
    Guild leader Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/cryptortv
  6. under construction check back in a while
  7. Bonjour,
    <QuebecNation> cherche des joueurs semi casual. Nous vison tout les aspects du jeu mais spécialement le PvE, PvP et le GvG. La guilde a été crée le 3 mars 2016 par la famille Handel. Cyan en est le patriarche. Il décida de réunir des compagnons de combats dans le but de mieux servir les gens en besoin d'aide...
    Ok revenons a nos moutons... ce que nous cherchons? Nous cherchons des joueurs semi casual, mature de caractère et engagé pour accomplir des quêtes, grinder et surtout surtout aider les autres guildies. On a un teamspeak et il est optionnel donc aucune obligation d'y être en tout temps. 18 ans et plus est un prérequis cependant pour les nouveaux arrivants dès maintenant. Nous acceptons également tous francophone s'exprimant adéquatement pour être compris. 
    En ce moment nous somme 5 membres au total sur un maximum de 15. Mais Cyan a un plan pour faire croître nos rangs et activités. Qui est Cyan ou le GM? Il accumule de nombreuses années en tant que joueur de MMO. Il a jouer a WoW, Rift, SWTOR, ESo, un peu LOTRo. Il a été guild master dans la plus part de ses jeux la. Quel est la raison pour migrer sur BDo? C'Est simple il juga que la communauté de ESo ou il étais étais mauvaise donc il a migrer a BDo dès la sortie anticipée.
    Est-ce que j'ai dit qu'un forum pourrais voir le jour? La vous le savez! Les règles de la guilde seront afficher sur ce forum. 
    Comment fonctionnez vous? Nous donnons une période de 7 jours aux nouvels arrivants. Après 7 jours le GM et les officiers décideront si vous êtes suffisamment actif sois sur le guilde chat, le Teamspeak, aider les membres ect.... Si vous êtes intéréssé a nous joindre, veuillez contacter Cyan .
    Je pense avoir tout dit... au plaisir de jouer avec vous!
    J-P1988 alias Cyan

  8. Korra Chen | Signas Estelar
    Excavation Incorporated has a legacy of performance on heavy, civil projects in many sectors. With our office in Velia Town, we are strategically located to respond to projects throughout our region. Since our inception in 282, Excavation Inc. has grown its fleet of equipment and team of experienced individuals into a well-respected business. During our year in both the private and public sectors, we have completed a wide range of complex projects. Our resume reflects a diversity of projects that includes commercial & industrial site preparation, blackstone digs, research and transportation of goods. Our clients include numerous private funders, general populace and municipalities. The most difficult projects with the most demanding schedules are where we set ourselves apart from the competition. 
    Some things we focus on as a company are Excavation operation, Treasure Hunting, and Trading Convoys which are inherently hazardous, with possible cave-ins, heavy equipment mishaps, suspended loads, raiders, thieves, pirates, and wild creatures of greater size, creating potentially unsafe circumstances for employees. While the Safety and Regulation Administration of Calpheon, or S.R.A.C., has developed specific safety rules and standards to help protect employees, mere compliance with a standard does not guarantee safety. Other factors are at work that can have an impact on job-site safety. Further information on major safety factors in trenching and excavation operations, Treasure Hunting, and Trading Convoys and how best to maximize their impact on the company can be obtained by contacting your nearest E.I. customer service office, or send mail to Velia Town's administrative office.  A recently established company headed by Korra Chen as Overseer and Signus Estelar as Logistics Lead. The company’s primary focus was discovering, investigating and excavating Black Stone digs. This was soon expanded further to include treasure hunting, acquiring historical artifacts and trading the uncovered, valuable goods.

    The company is looking to expand even larger and is reaching out to more established groups and organizations to create larger ties and more opportunities. This in turn will make a better advantage and environment for our employees. Or what most employees like to hear, increased wages and quarterly bonuses.
    “Get big quietly, so you don’t tip off potential competitors.”   At this time, Excavation Incorporated is headed by the Overseer and the Logistics Lead. As the company grows and more employees, of the the non-goblin variety, join more positions of authority will become available. Every new recruit joins in an entry position, after a period of time their performance and skills will be evaluated and they will subsequently be promoted to a full-fledged assignment at Excavation Incorporated.

    The available positions are as varied and diverse as our potential employees. To successfully complete every project from start to finish the company needs people from all walks of life.

    - Scholars
    - Guards
    - Linguists
    - Traders
    - Laborers
    Make sure to join early for this grand opportunity, employees showing interest and eagerness for their work are noticed and will be rewarded.
    “Delegating work works, provided the one delegating works, too.”

    Excavation Incorporated is a Medium-Heavy Roleplaying Guild. This means that, as a guild, Roleplay is our main focus. Despite this, we do welcome PvX of any kind as we want to enjoy the full extent of this game like anyone else.

    Our roleplay is story-driven with an emphasis on character development. We have goals to work collaboratively with other guilds to create roleplay for the community as a whole and hope for a truly immersive experience.

    We are looking for mature roleplayers, preferably over the age of 18. Younger applicants will be decided on a case by case basis.

    We are hoping to have a fun and exciting active guild and enjoy this game to its fullest! If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Korra or Signus, or visit our website.

    “If we knew what was there, we wouldn’t have to dig.”
  9. Whistle Community - Orwen Server -Velia 01 Channel
    Whistle is a community expanding into Black Desert from other MMO's  such as FFXIV, looking to expand our numbers and bring in new friends to our humble group. If you are looking for a laid back, casual style group to level with, learn the game and experience as much or as little it has to offer, give us a shot.
    Website: Link Here  (registration here is not required)
    VoIP: Discord
    What is Whistle:
    - PvE Focused, with minor touches of PvP
    - Mature  (18+), chatty and always open to helping
    - Laid back and casual player base
    - Focused on the here and now, not the end
    - Fun and enjoyment with friends or in-game is our prime goals
    - Primarily EST/East Coast crew  (Evening to Late night)
    What Whistle is NOT:
    - Avid PvPers, we don't look to pick a fight without cause  or reason
    - Not hardcore players
    - Not focused on endgame only
    - Not looking to be the biggest/best guild
    If you wish to know more or wish to join us, contact: Junifer Rivenvale in-game on Orwen on the Velia 01 channel
  10. Hello everyone!
    NagasWitAttitude <NWA>is recruiting! If you want a fun, free, and friendly environment to enjoy Black Desert Online. We cater to a variety of players; PvE, PvP, casual, and hardcore alike. While we are currently small, we are looking for a community within the Black Desert community and create something special and creates a unique opportunity for any one willing to join to lead a group of dedicated gamers. Most of the guild founders are previous players during the Korean release and the Russian release, so if you are new to the game, we will try to help you as much as we can. As of right now, our guild is currently on the server Orwen and all classes and professions are especially welcomed. Do not be afraid to apply and see if we fit your perception of a guild. We also have a dedicated TeamSpeak.
    You can begin the application process by visiting the website www.clanlost.com and click on the join button. Our application is very straightforward as we only need your basic information, such as times you are playing and any other gaming interests you may have. Once the application is submitted, we will begin the interview process and welcome you to the fold. Also, to ensure speedy processing time, put my name (MrStygian) in your references. 
    Want to know more? Contact me through these methods;
    Steam --> MrStygian
    BDO (Orwen) --> MrStygian21
    Forum PMs
    Replying to this thread
    I hope you all enjoy Black Desert as much as I do and I cannot wait to see what the community comes up with and most importantly, have fun.

    Hello there, and welcome to the clan topic of Silent Warriors Gaming (SWG). We're a community of gamers that has stood the test of time and created bonds of friendship over many years, originating in 2002. Our presence is in many games, with many different branches. We plan on getting a decent foothold into the game's guild system and PvP- as well as PvE. Do you like playing with others? How about friendly competition in PvP, or beating a mob's head in? Consider joining our community and coming into our teamspeak to talk with us. You're welcome at any time. 
    We'd like to also note that we are proud supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project  which helps thousands of wounded soldiers returning home from current conflicts, and provides assistance to their families.
    If you like what you're reading so far, continue on! We'll keep it short.
    Server: Orwen (Valencia 01)
    Focus: PvX
    Timezone: NA
    Contacts: Darkwaters, Deathbrew
    VoIP: Discord (mandatory) RequirementsAge 18+ only. We only ask this because most speech in our voip is rated mature.Discord - no mic? No problem! Just be on to listen. =) Be open-minded. Politics and religion aren't up for debate with us, what you believe is what you believe.Play and have fun. Provide us a valid UPS address, and you shall have a free kitten coming on next day delivery.*What SWG offers you in return
    A community of gamers, not just another boring clan.Interesting chats in Discord or in-game.Drama-free** gaming environmentRelaxation and recreation, it's a game not a job.Somewhat okay friendship.Attentive members who don't mind helpingRelatively cool clan events.Monthly updates on clan status.Drunk karaoke.***Guild Rules
    No cheating, exploiting, or otherwise engaging in dishonest play (RMTing, for example).No scamming your own clan members.   Asshattery is not allowed because it reduces everyone's intelligence.No sexismNo unwelcome flirting. If you're told to step off, do so.Be good to one another. Treat each other like distant cousins you don't see much but you'd like to be friends with- even though you think that since they live in Kentucky, they're most likely inbred; but hey, they have hearts of gold and full heads of goldenrod hair despite obvious leg and arm genetic mutations that are at first super-jarring but later on settle into acceptance and love.More Info
    Guild policy in depth details about contracts
    Black Desert Trade Managers, Products and Requirements
    Join us by clicking the shield below and filling out an app!

    Also, feel free to post here if you have any questions, or send me a PM. 
    SWG YouTube | SWG Twitter | SWG Facebook | SWG Steam Group

    * You're sadistic if you're thinking we're going to put a kitten in a box with packing peanuts, secured with duct tape, and mail it via UPS ground. We will Fed-Ex it instead!
    ** Be wary of this message anywhere. There's always drama with groups of people. We have less than most, probably. 
    *** B.Y.O.B.
  12. Post on Massive lag Issues in General

    By Ninjutsu, posted
    There has been massive lag issues when PvP is happening. To the point it DC's people non-stop and 5 second lag spikes that make it impossible to do anything.
  13. My friend selected the server Orwen. When she logged into the game, she found herself in Uno. 
    Why is this happening?
    Is there a fix for it?
    Her character deletion is 24 hours.
    I thought this was temporarily reduced due to issues like this?
  14. Carebear
    A hardcore casual guild. We take our casual play seriously.
    (Play song while reading for full affect.)
    Carebear is a hardcore casual guild. We don't mess around with our messing around, except when we do.
    We are a guild of all kinds, a guild of traders and a guild of farmers. A guild of fishers, and a guild of hunters. A guild of cooks, and a guild of alchemists. A guild of breeders and a guild of much, much more. However, that's not to say that Carebear is a guild that you'll never see PvPing. Our main focus is centered around fun, above all else. For some, the pursuit of fun pulls them to PvP, and that's fully supported in Carebear.
    If you're looking for a cool, fun, and relaxed group to join for your adventures in Black Desert, consider joining Carebear on the Orwen server.
    Contact Suzi Pratchett, Horace Altman, or Yoba FromStarWars for more information. Thanks 
    Fun for all, and all for Fun!
  15. Gibt's Deutschsprachige, die auch auf Orwen spielen? 
    Ihr könnt mich dort gerne anschreiben, um zusammen zu Questen oder einfach mal zum Abhängen 
    Wird nämlich langweilig, ohne dort jemanden zu kennen
  16. Hey everyone looking for a casual NA Guild on Orwen with a bunch of solid guys and gals to play Black Desert with. Im 23 and playing a level 13 warrior right now. Family name WindyCityFlyer, Character name Hashirama
  17. Post on LF Pinoy Guild in US Guild

    By Hotbox, posted
    Naghahanap ng malaking grupo ng mga pinoy sa NA server, kaya ko makarecuit maybe up to 3-4 kasama ko. maybe more.
  18. on Orwen (Balenos channels) and still getting disconnected. It is annoying to have to constantly restart and relog into the launcher every time. 
    Most of my games include a remember pw on them which would speed this up. Always being completely closed out of the game is just stupid.

    still can't get into those channels that don't say anything on them...
    Looks like it might have been an IP block on Alternative Productions in my block list.
  19. Post on Failed to Connect? tip in General

    By ITPalg, posted
    Don't click OK or the game closes.
    Just select Start again and retry a couple times. It will time out out though and you will get an auth message so you will have to log in again.
  20. Pandorum will be associated with Pandorum Gaming Community.
    All resources from guild Website/Forums, as well as TeamSpeak will be provided/sponsored by Pandorum Gaming.

    WEBSITE: Pandorum Gaming
    This community was founded under the premise of equality for all gamers. We feel very strongly about this, as equality goes from promotions within the community all the way to treating people equally when it comes to punishment. We feel that treating someone fairly goes a long way.
    We are a PC multi-genre gaming community. From Battlefield style games, all the way to Plants VS Zombies! You don’t have to be a multiplayer gamer to join! We welcome all gamers. Even if you just want to come in and chat with people about games and make friends. However, if you do play multiplayer games, then you will have a bunch of people to play with!
    We are a Semi-Hardcore PvXvP guild looking for like minded individuals/couples/families who wish to partake in future guild content such as Node Wars, Castle Sieges, and the new upcoming Naval battles! As a guild we are the underdogs in comparison to larger more community based guilds but numbers only get you so far without organization, communication, and common goals between members and leaders. If you're interested in building an empire from dust, then take Pandorum into consideration.
    Our guild currently holds up to 80 members, and rapidly expanding. Guild Point focus is in Combat Skills and few Life Skill Trees, then the rest will be invested in the currently locked skills that will be made available during Siege/Node Wars/Guild Housing update.
    Server: OrwenAges 18+ (exceptions may apply)Level 50+ (preferred, not required)Read/Type/Speak EnglishMandatory Discord usage (working mic preferred)Community Site/Forum use (Events, Guides, & Misc)RECRUITMENT STATUS: OPEN
    Leader: BassProBilly
    Apply Now on Pandorum Gaming

    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/8U9HKX5
    Once applied through Pandorum Gaming, go to the Divisions and Select "Black Desert" when there apply to the guild.
    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the current GM through PM or on the PG website/discord.
  21. Orwen Community Discord!!!
    If you're still looking for people to play with or perhaps a guild to join, consider joining our discord!!
    We're 100+ and have multiple guilds running through our server. 
    You can have your own private channel within the server if you so wish, simply ask one of the Admins!
    So come check us out.  Even if you're not in any of the head-start's!  We have dozens of people who will be organizing their own groups if you wish to party level!

  22. Ranger Corps now recruiting. [PvX, Trading, Anti-PK, TS3]. Fight with honor and dignity and join a group minded guild.
    We are 18+, family friendly and realize real life needs to come first. No DKP, no required events, no drama.
    Info you can pm me or check our website - rangercorps.guildlaunch.com/
  23. Assume I reserved the Family name "Builder" and Character name Bob
    Will I have access to both names on both NA servers: Edan and Orwen?
    (Apologies if this is covered somewhere and I missed it.)
  24. Post on <Ironsong> Orwen PvX in US Guild

    By Sibo, posted
    <Deleted outdated content>