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  1. I been meaning to start something like the Jordine post for a while now but wanted to wait until the Valencia region was open for warring. It's still a work in progress as I'm trying figure out what would be interesting to convey. Also, I'd be very happy to accept any information on node participants. Here's the link to the data.
    -Valencia Region goes uncontested
    25 Nodes
    36% Contested
    36% Victory by Default
    28% Nodes uncontested
    33 Guilds took part in today's node war
    24 Guilds were involved in a fight
    Largest Fights took place at Trina Fort,Tungrad Forest (4 Guilds each)
  2. We are a Portuguese Guild with focus on PVX
    * Node War
    * Guild Bosses
    * Quests Guild
    * Internal Guild event with Daum Cash
    * Party with weekly bosses
    and many other things, if you have some interest, Whysper in the game:
    MaryS, Kaiowa, JuninhoO or Mawin.
    We accept only members who speak portuguese.

  3. The Orwen National Convention Address
    My fellow gamers:
             I am writing before you today because of digging: I wanted something to do while digging, I found many things while digging, I kept digging, and ultimately I dug into a power line and set off sparks.  Unfortunately, my attempts to explain to the power company what occurred and the necessity for more digging were unavailing, and I must respect their decision.
             I am thankful for the opportunity to speak with many of you, whose stories I will further share here.  I spoke with Thork of Fists of the Empire, the "neighborhood bad guys."  I learned about a guild founded by members of the military, truly a part of the few and proud, those who responded that they were "just doing their jobs" on the frontlines.  Thork spoke about the balance between competitiveness and liveliness, and the true meaning of no bulls---: "We are all low drama.  Drama gets away from the stuff we kind of want to do.  We all have jobs, families, videos games are just a hobby."
             Scottyz of Rage spoke of the challenges that smaller guilds face, and the difference between indiscriminate recruiting and maintaining a group of lasting friends.  "We don't just recruit anyone who is anyone.  We want people who fit in.  Group is really important to us; if someone has 500 gear score and level 59, but doesn't act normally, doesn't fit in, no reason to add him to our guild."  Scottyz also had a message to the small guilds, the vast majority of the player base, reminding players that "if you enjoy the people you are playing with, keep playing the game.  We play a game for the community, not necessarily for the content.  Enjoy the game because of the people."  
             While we focus on the names, the silent majority remains.  A neutral GM urged everyone, amidst the drama, allegations, toxicity, and frustration, that "video games are really a form of entertainment not meant to be taken seriously.  Video games are not meant for people to spend an inordinate amount of their life devoted to it.  Diversify as much as possible.  The game can't be your number 1 priority."  Amidst the challenges of a transition in leadership and accusations, Agentile, a newly minted guild master thrust into the helm of Luciform, still had the levity to say, "What's wrong with [sexual acts]!?  Nothing!"
             I am grateful for the attention all of you have given to my posts, and the opportunity to present different viewpoints.  Now, each of you might be saddened at the prospect of facing an one-sided affair, and may be disencouraged from speaking out.  Fear not, I say.  Each and every one of you has your own opinions and beliefs, and the right to express them yourselves.  Be decisive.  Pick your gaming experience with your conscience.  
    I note that penguins technically don't "quack," I believe it's more of a honking/squawking sound. 

  4. Fishing, Hunting, Trading, Node Wars.. There is so much content to explore and game. Why not join a Guild that games it all?  If you are an adult gamer looking for a great social experience and a guild that participates in all aspects of the game check us out.

    We focus on your activity in the guild and in game. The rest (gear and level) will come with game-time. Adult gamers only. No asshats.
    Message me here or in game (MrM [Meaghs / Meagh]) for more info.

  5. I will address all of you, the readers and the gamers, sometime this week.  As early as tomorrow evening, or sometime later in the week.

    To mods: I assure you that the message will be positive, and may even contain humor.  Yes, the message will be on point and discussing in-game guilds.  To quote Aaron Rodgers, "R-E-L-A-X."
  6. Post on dem Chokepoints doe in US Guild

    By Nebz, posted

    I wanna be the very best
    Like no one ever was
    To catch them is my real test
    To train them is my cause
    I will travel across the land
    Searching far and wide
    Each Pokemon to understand
    The power that's inside
    At least Black wont need to be fed daily final wars anymore :^) gratz Black
    In 2005 a vision formed in answer to the question, "Wouldn't it be nice to game with like-minded mature gamers who just want to have some fun?" The result of that vision is...

    The Old Timers Guild
    Laid back, not too serious, no drama...all about the fun.
    We are a global gaming community with members from all walks of life aged 25 to 80ish. Everything we are is built on the premise that gaming is fun and we prefer to do it without any drama. We have active chapters in every AAA MMO plus many FPS and niche games.
    If you are 25+ years old and in search of a mature yet fun guild then visit our Membership page and join the fun!
            About our BDO Chapter        
    Old Timers guild is an active NA based PvX guild on the Orwen server. Our only requirements to join are that you be 25+ years of age, be respectful of your fellow guildies and be ready to have some fun! We utilize Mumble for comms. We have four different ingame guilds OTG_BLUE, OTG_GREEN, OTG_RED, and OTG_BLACK, and currently have over 300 members. We run events frequently including: guild missions, node wars, boss scrolls, 5 x 5 relic scroll groups, grind groups and more.
    To join us in BDO, visit our website to apply for Membership. For more information or assistance contact Sidoniealaise (family name: Alaise).
    Our chapter is currently accepting guild mergers. If your guild is interested in joining us, contact me!
  8. A Multi-Part Series on the Movers and Shakers of Orwen
    From Inside Veritas: An Interview With "Deep Six"
            A single anonymous source. 
    Q.      "I know Veritas and Team Legacy holds out to be hardcore, we've seen that before.  Is Veritas any different?"
    A.      "You can't fathom.  You have no idea.  Do you really want to know?  Why would anyone want to be in a guild like this?  Why would any officer run this guild?  Why would anyone stay?"
    Q.      "What do you mean 'you can't fathom?'"
    A.      The requirements: you need to attend [] number of node wars out of [] number, high rate, or else automatically kicked.  If you don't have a specific gear score by a specific date, you are going to get kicked.  If you fall within the inner class rankings, you will get kicked to Legatum or kicked out entirely.  If you get pk'd [] number of times, and GM thinks it reflects poorly on the guild, kicked."
    (Deep Six requested that I not put too much specifics)
    Q.      "When I asked someone on Veritas 'suppressing guilds,' they called it the Art of War.  Seriously?"
    A.      "Sure some might say too serious.  But other guilds do it too."
    Q.      "What do you mean?"
    A.      "We take the best people from other guilds, yea we kick out the small guilds.  And it's not like we 'suppress' people, the goal is to make them join so we can fight Edan guilds."
    Q.      "Make them join?"
    A.      "Make them quit [the game] or make them join.  We've asked anyone who is a factor to join the alliance or become 'friends,' or they are enemies and we grief them.  Of course it's not fair to these smaller guilds, we know they can't take the pressure.  They'll give in or they'll quit BDO."
    Q.      "Christ, that makes Freelancer sound like some two-bit dictator.  Come on, you guys can't be that malicious?"
    A.      "I'll put it this way.  It's not really the guild, it's just some people within the guild.  I've run into people who are like that."
    Q.      "There are stories.  Do you think Veritas and Team Legacy, do you think they are malicious?  Do you think they actually get satisfaction from trying to make people quit the game?  Why not go play EVE, I've heard you can even make real life money off being that serious?"
    A.      "You don't understand.  Archeage failed because the environment there didn't let us be a dominant guild.  Free only wants us to be in games that we can be dominant.  There's too much competition in EVE."
    Q.      "Why not roll Edan?"
    A.      "We were, we rolled on that Serendia channel before the glitch.  But we were told to not change servers, too much competition and fighting for resources."
    Q.      "Do you think the opposition, Flex and company, can win?"
    A.      "Impossible.  We're not letting Flex build up numbers by approaching nearly every guild, recruiting every guild, and we go after those that don't join.  Those small guilds, we will take their top people and put them in one of the main alliance guilds."
    Q.      "Gutting guilds?"
    A.      "Yes.  There's no way any big alliance opposition.  Veritas is going to keep taking and taking."
    Q.      "Where are you going to put the new people?"
    A.      "Well allied guilds, maybe Legatum."
    I was handed this:
    "As witnessed, we are making some dramatic changes to the rosters. I had 15+ legatum kicked last night and this weekend, Legatum and Veritas not showing to the sieges for the second week in a row will all be kicked. People not coming to sieges are useless to us, regardless of their gear. Anyone with multiple absence forms in a row will be removed as well. Once Legatum is 20-30 lighter and Veritas is 5+ lighter, payouts will go out so the members still in the rosters get higher payouts. We will then disband maximus as siege/casual guild, moving all members to Legatum and Veritas as gear dictates.
    Anyone listed as casual will be removed completely. Statistically anyone saying they are going "casual" are 9/10 likely to just quit the game, so we will no longer be accommodating them. Legatum will move forward with only 3/4 monthly saturday attendance requirements,
    Veritas remains our elite hardcore guild, soon with a minimum req of lvl 57/410gs. We start training regimes soon, to be listed on calendar numerous days in 30 min blocks. You will choose which days works best for you or your squad. Current Maximus members are to immediately contact Bobz if you can attend most (not all) saturday sieges and if you are less than 400 gs. All others contact me or quit guild. Taking Legacy into pre-merges requires sacrifice and getting our asses in shape. I hope all of you respect i do not accept #2. Thanks all."
    Q.      "Obviously everyone knows Veritas is the major league team.  Why would anyone want to be a minor leaguer, in Legatum?"
    A.      "I will say it like this.  If you are put in Legatum, you are f[ed].  No chance of promotion."
    Q.      "I've heard rumors on Team Legacy planning out years in advance to play BDO, buying Korean social security numbers off the black market, forcing members to play one year beforehand, is it really that serious?"
    A.      "You have no idea."
    Fin Part 2,
    I don't know where we go from here. 
    Scottyz, GM of Rage:  "That Veritas alliance, Veritas, it's about convenience.  Do you want to fight the best people for the best PvP or do you just want to be their friends and farm gold uncontested?  Yea convenience is important, if they want to write about how they want to dominate BDO.  They don't need to put in the fine print they went to not Edan and allied with everyone. We want to fight the best, not just beat up on the JV teams.
    The only reason this "anti-Veritas alliance" is a thing is to frustrate them.  To break it up.  All the guilds function independently on the [Flex] side.  If Veritas gets broken up, that'll make for more node fights, more explosive.  Instead of no one wants to go for a tier 3 node because some leader of a big guild drops in to pay off one of the smaller guilds.  
    What's the point of being in a lapdog or feeder guild like Focus, Getout, or Black?  Just join Veritas or Luciform and reap the benefits.  My fear is Focus is losing members, they don't have an identity other than being a part of the Veritas group.
    But yea Rage, we're just regular chill people.  The one time I talked to Freelancer, it was memes.  Quotes from Teemo."
     Neutral Guild GM:  "Tez is literally Chris Christie."

    Member of Legatum:  "Expecting mass purge.  Leaving anyways."
    Thork, Leader of FoE: "We compete.  But BDO is just a hobby, it's not our life."
    Neutral Guild GM:  "It's just a game, the thing that makes them lasting is when it's healthy.  Multi-server environment.  Lots of fun fair competition.  Good civil exchange, not griefing, not try to punish people below your competition level."
    Tez, GM of Focus: "Focus doesn't go after neutrals.  I don't know what another guild's policy is.  Luciform and Black have final wars, that's their business.  We don't get paid.  I don't believe in that."

    True Legends Are Forged In The Shadows!
    Welcome and thank you for considering joining our family. The Shadow Legends guild is a non-elitist, casual-mid core community that is based on the pillars of Teamwork, Unity and Organization. We welcome players from all walks of life regardless of playstyle, background or personal beliefs. In Shadow Legends we believe that amazing players are nice to have, but amazing people is what we recruit. Because while having the best gear and most current knowledge is a nice thing, being a person who is not only reliable but friendly and always willing to help out is the most important thing to us. We'd rather have a small population of players that actually care about each other, socialize and enjoy helping each other achieve goals then a large group of anti-social people only concerned with themselves. We are a family that will take the time out to teach and guide new, low level players while also maximizing the end game experience of the seasoned players.
    Our community is focused on content progression, grinding through story, developing our classes and skills as well as helping each other upgrade their gear and learn as much content as possible. Not only that but we also want to have several members who are working on master crafting and gathering. You may run into some of us having fun in the out and about.
    GameVox Voicechat - Highly Recommended (not required for membership).Positive, mature attitudeWillingness to learn content and guide those less experiencedMaintain a high level of respect and honor for your fellow members and staffPlayer Development
    Part of our mission is to make sure that everyone has what they need to succeed as player. We set out to mentor those who seek guidance. You can count on us to teach you and provide you with the knowledge you desire. If there is something we don't know, we work together to find out the information as a community. If you need help with your crafting, gathering, quests or upgrading your gear, then we're here to help you with that. No one is perfect and everyone needs help at some point. The best part of joining Shadow Legends is that you'll never get the feeling of being alone. You'll have a family of friends to support you every step of the way.
    Our Organization
    Shadow Legends is a community for Casual and Less than Hardcore players who are seeking a home away from home to just kick back, hangout, come online when they can, get things done and accomplish goals without the overbearing stress. We truly believe that real life comes first and we will never punish or judge you for it. There are so many hardcore guilds and we realize that there are players who just want to have fun and that's where we come in. This is more than just a guild. This is a family.
    Casual but still have goals? The great thing about us is that even though we're for the casual people, you can always count on us to work together when we are online to be self-sufficient, help each other complete missions, quests, develop our crafts, take on high-level creatures, run some organized PvP and be of value to each other.
    Oragnized PvP
    Are you into PvP? Well so are we. Shadow Legends knows that even casual players like to run PvP. Anyone that is open to it, we'll be running organized PvP activities and helping those who need it become stronger and better today then they were yesterday. 
    Promotions and Staff Positions:
    Moving up in rank and obtaining a staff position (i.e. Officer, Class Leader, Recruiter, Raid Leader, etc) is reserved for members that have shown their loyalty and dedication to the guild. Nothing is just given away here. We are not a highly hardcore community but we have standards when it comes to this. To obtain a staff role, you MUST be willing to actually do your job and not just hold a title. If you're a recruiter, you need to recruit and/or help with onboarding. Officers need to be willing to help everyone, have high integrity and be a beacon of information. Staff Members are required to be highly active on voicechat and our Facebook page because we have to set the example.
    Our Primary Focus:
    LevelingProviding wisdom and guidance to inexperienced new and low level playersAssisting with obtaining max level crafts and gathering classesCompleting all raids & dungeonsProvide atmosphere of acceptance and friendly facesMaximizing the end game experience for high level players 
    Interested in becoming our newest member? Contact us by the following methods: 
    Message us in-game - Grezlore Alexandrose (Leader)Join our Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShadowLegendsGuild/or Reply Below
  10. Introduction:
    <Rage> is now seeking dedicated, active, and competitive players willing to participate in the top level of PvP Orwen has to offer. We ask that our members are motivated to gear/level and are available during node wars. We are looking to recruit members willing to fight the uphill battle against the best guilds on the server.
    About Us:
    We have played multiple games throughout the years which has created a tight-knit group of like minded gamers. We like to have fun and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere but have a common understanding that PvP is taken much more seriously.
    We currently use Teamspeak 3, have all the guild combat buffs, and frequently participate in node/territory wars. If you would like to participate among high-level PvPers against the top competition on the server then maybe Rage is for you!
    If you are interested in joining:
    Whisper Greebes or Harpard in game or message this forum account.
    Each applicant will be considered on a case by case basis so please don’t hesitate to contact one of us!


  11. A Multi-Part Series on the Movers and Shakers of Orwen
    Luciform: The Decision
             Many guild masters and players are uncomfortable talking with me, viewing me akin to the Zika or just a great unknown.  But then the most fascinating event occurred: someone talked!  And not just anyone, but someone at the top: Agentile, GM of Luciform.  Agentile explained why:
    "IDK I look at it differently cause I liked the people who used to report on [] in EvE on EvE news 24 and The Mittani." 
    Of course first impressions lead to a lot of bias.  But I could get a sense that I was dealing with someone who was comfortable in being the public face of a guild; the face of the franchise.
    I.     "I Don't Want to See the Name Disappear"
             It is well known that Agentile is not the original GM of Luciform at the time of launch: Agentile replaced Mizugami.  "Replaced" might not be the right way of putting it though, as Agentile explains:
    "Mizu handed me GM [after he became ill].  He'd still be GM if it were up to me.  He's always been a better politiker and leader than me."
    I asked Agentile whether the allegations of a "Veritas coup" held water:
    "No basis in reality.  I was just the shot caller for PvP back then."
    I am reminded of the Decision by Lebron, the much derided decision to "bandwagon" on a stacked team, i.e. the Heat or Veritas, and how Lebron initially was the "shot caller" to Dwayne Wade, who ran the show.
              Recently, Kevin Durant also made a much derided decision to join the Golden State Warriors, creating arguably the greatest team in NBA history.  When Charles Barkley, an all-time great, came back and called Durant a coward, many commentators jumped at that comment noting Barkley's lack of championship rings and his own attempts to "get that ring."  Lebron likely felt the same way the day he decided to leave Cleveland to join Miami, that he did not want to become another all-time great without that championship.  Much of that sentiment was echoed by Agentile regarding "legacy" and the decision to align with Veritas:
    "Luciform has been around for five years and I don't wanna see the name disappear.  Our core used to be between 15-25 people.  So that is and will remain my goal.  That is what I mean about legacy."
    II.    The Decision Revisited

             Many were baffled, and the cynics not surprised, that Luciform, once an argent adversary of Veritas and Team Legacy, instead chose to align with it:
    "Mizu was the one who pushed for the Veritas alliance."
    Agentile had a rather lighthearted response to further questions regarding the alleged servile relationship between Luciform and Veritas lodged by members of the Flex Alliance:
    "[Beef] with Flex feels like years.  I think [they] called me a [expletives] or something and I [engage in sexual acts with] Freelancer.
    That's usually what I hear from that side, that I [engage in sexual acts] with Freelancer.
    [But] [w]hat's wrong with [sexual acts]!? Nothing!"
     Needless to say it is remarkable that Agentile put that on the record, but Luciform has had good reason to be glib:
    "We've won so far.  Not really much I can say beyond that."
    Lebron got his rings, and Luciform has held on to its castle.  If the goal was to win "championships," it appears Luciform is well on its way; championships don't have an asterisk for "strength of team."
    III.   On Haters: WUT?

    I asked Agentile about his take on certain repeat forum players (trolls?):
    "Katah is weird, can't really get a read on him.  He types horrible and his parsing is atrocious.  I can't tell if he's typing shitty just to bait the grammar nazis or he just doesn't type well."
    On the "comic sans guy," all Agentile had to say was "I have no idea who he is [and neither do I!]" 
    The accusations are hurled at any guild that works with Veritas that they are a bunch of super-hardcore college kids:
    "Can't video game as much as when some of us were in Vodka, Drama or Piechart. We have a guy who works 9 to 5 and is 210ish ap or some shit."
    I have not been able to independently verify that said 210 apish character, purportedly a wizard.
    Needless to say, for better or worse, Agentile acknowledges that he reads the stuff throw out here, just like the pros read the hater tweets.
    Epilogue - Vs. Kobe
             Not surprisingly, I've had great difficulty in convincing Freelancer, or any major player within Veritas, to have a dialogue.  Agentile largely deflected my questions and inquiries, only commenting:
     "Free has been pretty genuine with me.  I don't have any complaints.  Nothing but love on my side."
    When pressed on the value and need for a interview, rather than relying on surrogates, Agentile did not comment on the perceived great suspicion Freelancer has of the media.  Instead, Agentile offered encouragement:
    "It's good for the health of a game to encourage people to write for non-players.  Post on Reddit, and have someone photoshop for you."
    Unfortunately, this is a low-tech operation (and I might face a similar death re: newspapers).  The contrast between these two GMs could not be more clear, however.
              One is comfortable with being the vocal face of the franchise, engaging with the media, using social media, and putting himself out there.  The other is intensely focused on the game, with an overwhelming commitment to excellence at expense to relationships, viewed as impersonable, and inherently possesses a great suspicion of those from the outside looking in.  Only one wants to be liked.
    Fin Part 1,
  12. Post on Vahlok's Call to Action in US Guild

    By Savii, posted
    My name is Saviik, and I am the GM of Vahlok.
    Where to begin, we won Balenos. The next question that I’m sure comes to everyone’s mind is how. We are not affiliated with any of the mega alliances, and their plans for this conquest were completely unknown to us.
    We won because we built a tower, where no one else cared to.
    We had every intention of fighting.
    Of course there was a wave of initial excitement, I have recorded screams to prove it. But as the reality of the situation began to sink in, so did the seriousness of the problem that we face here in the Orwen server.
    “Us having Balenos is not a sign of our strength, but more so a symptom of the diseased PVP landscape we've come to live in.”

    Because of this Vahlok is going to be encouraging every guild who is eligible to compete in conquest wars to do so this Saturday. Vahlok is excited to see you all on the battlefield this coming conquest, we do not fear loss and neither should you. Together let’s have the largest free-for-all Orwen has ever seen that isn’t predetermined by politics and the 1%. Let us fight because we can, and not because we are told!
  13. Hey guys,
    Kinda new to the game, hope to find a Aus/Nz time zone guild or an international guild that has a fair bit of players in this time zone..
    Mainly after comradeship and laughs

    My characters are :
    chef Sorc lvl 46. Artsian9
    Main Witch lvl 38. 90 AP 190 DP

    Picture of my cat.. for attention!
    Family name Momonga

  14. Stay Tuned for the Orwen Telegraph Series, A Multi-Part Production on the Movers and Shakers of Orwen
    Part 1 - Luciform: The Decision
    Part 2 - From Inside Veritas: An Interview With "Deep Six"
    Part 3 - Focus: The Press Secretary
    Part 4 - FoE: The Empire Strikes Back

    [I wish I knew how to delete videos]
    Cartoon of the Week: My Take on Use of Bizarre Fonts

    07/24: Veritas Unilaterally Declares End of Hostilities, Cold War?

    Chancellor Freelancer of Veritas unilaterally declared an end to hostilities today, and issued the following statement:
    "Any further Veritas actions will be dictated by our enemies who choose to be enemies.  Our aggressive stance and alliance principles succeeded, and now everyone gets to calm down and get back to 1v1s."
    Flex Prime Minister JohnCena responded, calling Chancellor Freelancer's statements "spin:"
    "His stance is the same, he's just trying to spin it differently.  Infernal + Aetherea didn't fight Veritas or Legatum.  They fought against some guilds that are allied with Veritas and got the mega alliance war dec treatment.  Is he to say anyone that fights anyone in their alliance at a castle siege is now an enemy of Veritas?  That choice is to tell people to not show up to castle fights, otherwise they get the Veritas mega-alliance war dec."
    Freelancer indicates that the Veritas Alliance would be content with Calpheon and Mediah castles.  Neutral sources expressed skepticism, stating that Heidel appeared to be a prime target due to the need to pay off alliance members.  Chancellor Freelancer also extended an olive branch to FoE, indicating that they have "nothing personal" with FoE. 
    Flex on Rumors of FoE's Rapprochement with Veritas: "Their Business"

    In response to rumors of a reapprochement or detente between Veritas and FoE, Prime Minister JohnCena stated:
    "Flex is a stand alone guild.  What FoE does is their business."
    Parallels have been drawn to the frosty relationship between Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle.   A representative from FoE was not available to comment.
    SUNDAY EDITORIAL: A Call to Arms Next Saturday, July 30 @ 9 p.m.

    "Time to face the masses.  Ugh, the masses."
    A remarkable opportunity has presented itself with a castle under the control of a guild that is not part of one of the 2 mega-alliances that have otherwise largely dictated PvP flow and control on Orwen.  As we stand, many predict Vahlok is "very unlikely" to be able to hold on to Balenos.
    However, another remarkable opportunity is now among us: The chance to begin to take back the server.   Just looking at some of the comments in this thread, it's clear that both the Veritas Axis and Flex Allies are dismissive of Vahlok, and any neutral really, and they probably view Balenos as a blip or a "peasant revolt."  To them, we're just the "masses," as described by Underwood and Conway in House of Cards.  But we, the silent majority, do not have to stand for having control of the server left to the machinations of a handful of guilds.  I encourage any non-aligned or otherwise neutral guild to sign up for Balenos next week, and assist Vahlok in its defense of Balenos.  Securing Balenos from the hands of the mega-alliances will afford at least one place where there truly can be open castle siege PvP without being subject to all the control, conditions, and leash-pulling involved with the mega-alliances.
    It will not be easy though, both Veritas and Flex have a lot of mouths to feed within their respect alliances and will want Balenos as food; one need not look further than the Veritas Cuckoo on page 4 of this thread to see how many mouths the Axis have to feed.  Consequently, Balenos is going to need all hands on deck to fend off the circling sharks.  Contact Saviik (I hope I have that right) or any member of Vahlok for more information. 
    HEADLINES: Vahlok Swoops In on Balenos Amidst Mega-Conflict Machinations

    For anyone who has played Command and Conquer, Vahlok's ninja-take of Balenos castle reminded me of the Scrin coming in after the GDI ion cannon shot Temple Prime; while GDI (Veritas Axis) and Nod (Flex Allies) duke it out, a third party randomly swoops in!  There appears to be a little bit of similarity between the Scrin and Vahlok logo now that I think about it. 
    A spokesperson from Vahlok had the following comment:
    "We built our tower, prepped our members, no one else came or could finish their tower in time.  Not sure what happened but, we had all intention of fighting whoever today.  Who it was or why we don't really care lol."
    All this reporter has to say is:

    FLEX'S OPERATION ANVIL FAILS: "I Thought We Were Hurling a Wildcat, But Instead Got a Beached Whale"

    In an effort to break the stalemate in the Calpheon theater, the Flex Allies launched an ambitious landing operation.  The Veritas Axis was prepared though, and sent in numerous members including Black and Paintrains to respond and block.  Prime Minister JohnCena lamented the operation's failure, noting that he was hoping for more but instead got a "beached whale."  Field Marshal Agentile of Luciform gave the following comments:
    "[T]hanks to all our allies.  Thanks to their help and sacrifice we were able to win.  Lupinotuumes held out amazingly against their pushes.  PTX beared the brunt of FoE and RAge's attack and held their [dam] ground allowing us to kill FoE.  Black held flex and rage at bay for an hour while we killed foe.  Get_out was instrumental in tipping the scales[.]"
    Back to the drawing board for the Flex Allies because that Verthic Line is beginning to look impenetrable. 
    KARPED! Flex Allies Find Practically Nothing in Serendia

    A spokesperson for LoTD commented on their surprisingly easy victory in Serendia:
    "[W]e were really disappointed that Black or anyone else from the Axis didn't fight us for Serendia.  They set up the entire [Axis] to secure a region with as little PvP as possible."
    I don't know about securing a region, but the Veritas Axis certainly delivered on the "little PvP" with absolutely zero PvP in Serendia.  Like finding a Magikarp for an easy win on a Pokemon Go Gym I suppose.
    EDITORIALS: The Big and the Rest of Us

    This editorial is inspired by a comment in this thread that it's "sad on both sides" that a castle went uncontested (Balenos).  For better or worse, the two mega-alliances at the top are dictating end-game PvP content (ex: sieges) and the rest of us are just spectators.  There are significant barriers to entry for an outsider to join in the fray, such as the gear-intensive and level-intensive recruiting done by all mega-alliance guilds that makes it suicidal for the "rest of us" to try to compete against them.  And it's a self-feeding cycle too: those with gear and levels are more likely to join one of the mega-alliance guilds instead of trying to build something on their own, creating the classic "1%" effect.  In addition, there are other significant costs like having to be able to manage disruptive retaliatory war declarations; as I am typing this, the Flex Allies are mass war-decing Lupinotuumes.  Former Allies member Void dropped out in part due to the stress from facing constant retaliation for their small part in last week's siege.
    In Lineage 2, I joined both the mega-alliance fighting the "establishment" and the establishment itself.  BDO, like L2, has created a top-heavy structure where a small handful of guilds can dictate the PvP flow of the entire server.  Arguably, from a neutral point of view, the "sad" big picture is that if you're not part of the "big," you don't matter; the "1%" and the rest of us.   
    CLASSIFIEDS: A Message to Edan Sponsored by OU (the Orwen Union)

    Edan, why can't you DOGE?
    I wouldn't mind putting guild ads or other content, preferably satirical, in the classified section.  But I need input from you!  Send it to my forum account.  Also, I can envision a Chelsea Clinton v. Ivanka Trump battle for U.S. Senate in New York in the not-too-distant future. 
  15. So there's 10 forts currently built on Calpheon in Orwen. This shit is gonna be a bloodbath. 
    Whos gonna win it all? Which alliance will prevail ? Will it be stalemate? Or will time run out for our heroes.
    Find out on the next episode of
    ORWEN P...V...P
    noob server
  16. Oh wait, we don't have dance emotes in this game.
    @PM_Jouska, when can we have dance emotes?

    And just to be perfectly clear, what we want to do is go to node wars and have dance offs to determine the winner. We need group choreography like this:
    Make this happen! 
  17. Guilde RISE

    [ Rise ] ouvre ses portes de nouveau!
    Guilde 100% Québécoise debout depuis la sortie du jeu en mars dernier.

    Objectifs :
    Être une guilde conviviale et relativement laid back tout en ayant des objectifs en tête
    Être une guilde majoritairement composée de gens qui s'investissent dans BDO
    Acquérir une notoriété respectable auprès des autres guildes du serveur
    Gagner 2 nodes wars par semaine
    Payer ses membres selon la participation de ceux-ci

    Participation recherchée/suggérée : 
    Participer aux nodes wars 
    Participer aux guild quests (pour augmenter vos payes)
    Participer en général (guild chat, discord, facebook, grinding)
    Etre la en backup pour les gens qui se font pk (quand ça vous adonne)
    Démontré un intérêt pour l'avancement

    Personnalité recherchées :
    Aspirer à devenir plus fort pour un monde meilleur (PVP/Lifeskill)
    Être capable de rester respectueux tout en tuant quelqu'un violament
    Être avides d'aider les autres (PVP, Questions..)
    Ne pas être dérangés par les déclarations de guerres
    Avoir une belle attitude (respect!) 
    Avoir un bon sens de l'humour (les gens susceptibles s'abstenir!)

    Aucun karma grief toléré ; Si je vous met une protect et que vous karma griefez pour un spot, la madame sera pas contente.
    Aucun trashtalk ; évitez de fouttre du gaz dans le feu quand c'est pas nécessaire.
    Garder le guild chat le plus propre possible ; éviter les commentaires mysogynes, racistes et homophobes

    Spécifications :
    Serveur discord disponible
    Utilisation d'un groupe facebook pour les annonces
    Utilisation de TeamSpeak pour les node wars

    Pour plus d'infos :
    Contactez Izara in-game ! Ou commentez ce topic!

  18. Hello, my friend and I are looking to join a friendly, small-ish guild on the Orwen server that's PvE and life skill oriented. We are pretty active but relatively quiet. We would prefer a small guild, but larger ones are also fine, so long as we do not find ourselves constantly caught up in pointless guild wars or guild drama.
    Thank you to all of the guild representatives who contacted me. I really appreciate it. Even if we are not in the same guild, I hope we can all still be a part of a great community.
    Best regards,
  19. Focus Guild Leader: Focus Joined the Veritas Axis Because FoE is "Dishonorable" and "Toxic"

    Focus GM Tez, a/k/a Egress, commented on why Focus decided to join the Veritas Axis earlier this week, citing unsavory conduct from FoE raised in independent allegations:
    "But I will tell you its mainly because of the "new" FoE and how dishonorable they have become with toxic players who harass and stalk females all while doxing players and there leader now slaps them on the wrist and allows cause he doesnt want FoE to die like it was before. Lost all respect for that dude."
    A representative from FoE was not made available for comment.  These allegations come amidst swirling allegations that the Flex Allies are harboring numerous "doxxers" and other unsavory players.  Additional sources state that the Veritas Axis is the beneficiary of perceived "rude" behavior by FoE and Flex. 
    Former Officer of Getout, now an affiliate of Luciform, Explains Decision to Leave Veritas Axis: "Alliance with them an escape route"

    Former Getout officer Trevas commented on why he chose to leave Getout after they were "acquired" by Veritas Axis member Luciform:
    "Luciform, along with: Black, Veritas and Legatum, always spoiled our game, then created an empathy with them. One day Luciform sent this 'invitation,' but I knew at the same time, it was just one of Luciform strategy to keep your city. But 90% of my members wanted to ally, because that would make the most quiet game for the guild. I opened voting, I lost, and I decided to leave because I considered an alliance with them as escape route, I never needed to ally myself with anyone, because of wars. Was because of this."
    Parallels have been drawn to Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors, the team that knocked his former team out of the NBA playoffs. 
    Chancellor Freelancer: Media is Unfair; Response from Prime Minister JohnCena: Veritas Axis is "Playing the Victim Card"

    In brief comments, Veritas Chancellor Freelancer commented that the media is "far from neutral" and unfair.  Flex Prime Minister JohnCena responded, stating that the Veritas Axis, in particular Veritas, "likes to play the victim card when they have continuously throughout the game bullied smaller guilds," and that "[t]hey are far from being victims, and everyone on Orwen knows it."  Chancellor Freelancer was not available for further comment.  Prime Minister JohnCena also commented that Chancellor Freelancer only approves of "propaganda" and disapproved of rumors that various Veritas Axis members are "reporting in" to High Command on media outreach. 
    Various neutrals generally decried the perceived escalating tension, contending that everyone should "just play the game," and raised questions whether the "top guilds" were colluding with each other.  In other news, LaughingCoffin is expected to declare bankruptcy.  Several notable members had already joined the Flex Allies. 
    Response to Freelancer's Public Disavowment: "We're Not Into Your Super-Alliance Either"

    In response to Chancellor Freelancer's denial of any alliance, guild leaders stated, "We're not into you either" and vocalized disapproval of Veritas' allegedly anticompetitive conduct.  As a result, several former members voted "Leave."  Projected field numbers has dropped for the Veritas Axis as a result, with several members refusing to commit any troops to the Axis. 

    Multiple sources confirm the Veritas Axis has approached numerous guilds with promises of 100 million silver through final wars and a tier 3 node in exchange for joining the Axis.  In addition, sources indicate that the Veritas itself is approaching numerous unaligned guilds with "Godfather" offers of "alliance."  That's going to be a lot of mouths to feed and checks to cash!
    ANALYSIS: Breaking Down the Combatants
    Criteria: Name of guild (alt guilds); [Expected Numbers / Total Officially Registered]
    Commanders: Freelancer, Agentile, Winters, Cookie, Egress

    Veritas (Legatum, Maximus, Romanum): 220/297
    Luciform (Getout): 120/182
    Black: 55/98
    Focus: 30/60
    Paintrains (Paintrain): 70/149 (aware of one other alt guild, can't put my finger on it)
    SodiumRising: 30/70
    Crackhouse: 25/62
    Reservists (various PvErs, neutrals solicited by lesser Axis members): 25/47
    Expected vs Registered Total: 575/965 (59.59% yield)
    Commanders: JohnCena, Thork, Scottyz, Mange, Nizzarr

    Flex: 55/94
    FoE: 60/99
    LoTD: 50/96
    Rage: 40/68
    XenofOnslaught: 30/74
    AVYSSOS (aware of one alt): 50(?)/90 (I don't have reliable data/firsthand knowledge, haven't seen them in the field)
    Dysfunctional (?): 10/37
    Blackdragon: 30/89
    Honeybadgers: 15/35
    Fire: 15/28
    Expected v. Registered Total: 380/710 (53.52% yield)

    Count on the Axis bringing in more than the expected amount.  Authoritarian guild structures and enforcement of discipline will likely increase the conservative yield figure.
    Operation Heidel Lion?,
    Calling these columns the Orwen "Telegraph" because who the heck reads the drivel from the Guardian.

  20. Maelstrom
    Is currently recruiting mature (18+) players who don’t want to be just another number in a zerg guild. If you like to have fun, enjoy being part of a tight-knit community that is focused on pvp and progressing through the guild ranks and are looking for a home to call your own then look no further. 
    Contacts: Kade, Caddy, Trollracs, Serafinya, Malikor, Svidlicious, Devahna
    Website: http://maelstrompvpcommunity.enjin.com/
    Applications: http://maelstrompvpcommunity.enjin.com/recruitment
    Current Requirements
          -  We are accepting all classes and are also willing to merge with and absorb smaller guilds
          - Level: 50+ (If below 55, willing to reach 55 within a reasonable period of time. We do often do grind groups so will help you level and gear, but you must take personal responsibility as well.)
           - Active within the game (though we do understand people have lives outside of it as well)
           - Discord (mostly for communication during node wars. You do not need a mic, but you must be able to log in and listen.)
    What we do
          -  Node Wars
          - GvGs
          - Experience Grinding Parties
          - Weekly Daily Scroll Groups
          - Weekly Boss Subjugation Scrolls
          - Daily Guild Quests
  21. HEADLINES: Focus Officially Aligns with Team Veritas, Veritas Promises Castle

    *I would have included Luciform's logo except they aren't really an independent guild anymore; Agentile is just Freelancer's figurehead.
    In a move suspected for weeks but not made official, it's now official: Focus has chosen to join Team Veritas.  Veritas has promised a castle and financial support through final wars.  Focus in turn is reaching out to numerous still-unaligned guilds in an attempt to get support, promising funding through final wars (a trickle-down from the top presumably).
    Team Flex Concerned About Team Veritas' Numbers, "Never Was So Much Owed by So Many to So Few"

    Liquidation of Black Imminent?  Veritas Prepared to Strip Black of Assets, Merge into Main Body

    Speculation abound whether Veritas intends to strip and liquidate Black, or send its own members to buttress a guild clearly in distress.  Black claims to "own" sausans in channel Serendia 1, a claim likely made after getting pushed out the primary grinding area in pirates.
    EDITORIAL: For Those Not Yet Aligned, You Have a Vote: Are you In with Veritas, or Leave?

    The guild I am in had a vote: Join Focus and Team Veritas, or Leave?  Now that Veritas appears to be aggressively reaching out to neutrals, presumably for more bodies for upcoming sieges, each relevant neutral guild will be faced with a referendum:

    Veritas is the definition of the establishment: remain in power, change is bad, and keep the masses in check.  If you're happy with the status quo, and firmly believe you stand to benefit from Team Veritas, then you will vote IN.  

    One has to understand that Team Flex is an alliance of those who have a common enemy, rather than one entity (Veritas) that seeks total domination.  There is no such thing as an "alliance" with Veritas; Veritas only cares about itself, and will only use you for their own ends.  Meanwhile, Team Flex, if they defeat Team Veritas, will likely open up the server; Team Flex's allies will resume fighting each other, and there will be more opportunities for everyone to obtain castles, etc.  In other words, the goal to break up the establishment to create chaos.  If you want change, vote LEAVE. 
    Special: As the Edan Turns

    "No way, Sylta SAID WHAT?
    #Verexit 2016,
    If you got news of a neutral guild joining the fray, a major guild breaking up, or any other piece of news or rumors, please feel free to send me a message to "Auteur" via forums.  No messages in-game please, yet. 
  22. <Dibs> A PvE Guild for people over the age of 30. A Dibster enjoys a less stressful game. Honorable in the field, and willing to share, a Dibster is powerful, but cares nothing for gear score. Dibster's have a stable home, good reputation, a voice chat filled with knowledgeable, well spoken, calm, and admirable men and women. If this sounds good to you check out our guild website or message Hadu in game.
  23. Veritas Has Got an "Italian" Problem: Team Flex Hits the Soft Underbelly

    Taking a cue from Winston Churchill and the Allies in WW2, Team Flex opted to avoid invading Veritas directly and instead hit the rest of its allies with great success.  At the time this thread is being written, Team Flex has successfully defeated 2 other members of Team Veritas (Legatum and Black) for castles.  The third castle, previously held by Luciform, is still contested at the time this thread was written.
    *UPDATE*  Luciform held on, but only with substantial help from Veritas' minor league affiliate Legatum.  Will Veritas tighten the reins on its allies or cut bait with the stragglers (Black may pay a heavy price)?  Is Luciform able to exercise any independent decisionmaking (they instantly timed war decs at Veritas' direction post-siege)? 
    Even if Team Flex only wins 2/3, it's readily apparent Veritas has an Italian army problem: Veritas' allies are significantly weaker than the alliance leader.  Will Veritas loan out its own players to allied guilds to buttress them, i.e. The Desert Fox being sent to the African front?  That strategy carries its own risks, because there obviously would be an expectation that Veritas would exercise more micromanagement and power over its allies, something that its allies might not be willing to give (wonder if Sheol and Type are willing to effectively hand control of Black and Luciform to Freelancer?)  Also, too much disbursement could lead the main body to be wide open, resulting in a full change in server control to Team Flex.
    American Democracy, Meet Black Desert Online

    Needless to say, Orwen is for all intents and purposes a two-party server at the top: Team Flex (Flex, FoE, Void, LoTD, Rage, et al.) versus Team Veritas (Black, Luciform, Veritas, et al.)  This is generally consistent with other PvP MMOs with territory warfare (I'm thinking of Lineage II).  Orwen does not seem to have the capacity to support a third party, but at least those that wish to enter the fray have a choice (pick a side!)
    Way-Too-Early Prediction 1: High Chance Edan Guilds Run Over the Others

    While Orwen might have a formidable two alliance structure at the top, it's apparent Orwen does not have the quality of depth in PvP guilds that Edan has.  There's a good chance if the Edan guilds decided to not cut deals with outside server guilds, they could obliterate everyone else.  Notice that I'm not even talking about Uno, because you can't factor in a nothing.
    Calling it now, Russell Westbrook to the Lakers for Deangelo Russell and picks.  Also, the Thunder probably want to move Stephen Adams to go into full blown tank mode but what contender needs a center now?
  24. Lf a dedicated medium/small guild that is into pvp on orwen that use discord pm me on the forum or post here

  25. Welcome to Dragonaires, a social PvX guild focused on maintaining a tight-knit family
    guild. We are more on the casual side of gaming, encouraging enjoyment of the game and
    respect towards others above all else. To us, MMOs are only fun with the right crowd to
    play them with. To ensure quality members, we take time to learn about our applicants
    and make sure they are a great fit forour community. We are also a LGBT-friendly guild
    that has a zero-tolerance policy on any form of sexism, racism and bigotry. In Dragonaires,
    we want to ensure all members feel protected and at home. If you’re thinking this sounds
    like the right community to you, please read on and apply!

    * Members are posted in the format: Family, main character.
    Guild Leader: Birch, ArdeenOfficers: HotHead, Emo  FOO, Foobar Withershins, Girlee_Magick Oppenbeam, Olivetta Ellodia, Ellique
    Scroll Party SaturdaysPart of the 45+ content. Achieve more rewards by teaming up with guild
    members and sharing your scrolls!Unable to make the guild-established time? Impromptu scroll parties can be
    organized by an officer to accommodate your schedule!Guild MissionsHeld multiple times dailyDiverse selection of gathering, fishing, and monster-hunting missionsImpromptu guild bondingHouse partiesPvP trainingguild farmingsilly chat sessions
    NO LEVEL REQUIREMENTS!We are a newbie friendly guild. Ask questions, play at your own pace. Feel at home.18+ years of age Swearing happens a lot, and some NSFW content can be disclosed in guild chat.Play by Daum’s rulesNo loose cannon cops here. We expect you to follow the rules of the game,
    such as no botting, etc. Daum's rules can be found here.Self-defense PvP PolicyPvP is fine as long as it is consensual, or in self-defense.If KSing occurs, give multiple verbal warnings before proceeding to any actions.Often, though, it is better to leave and let jerks be jerks. They can go drink their hatorade on
    that channel if they want. “I’m too old for this S***”Be respectfulDisagreements happen, but the way in which we handle them is important.Do not make derogatory slurs towards someone else’s: race, gender or
    gender identity, sexual orientation, religion/spiritual beliefs, marital status, etc.We understand that miscommunication can sometimes occur. The most important
    part is one’s attitude and their subsequent actions in these situations
    Create an Enjin account, if you have not alreadyNext, apply on our website, hereCheck back on your application, we might ask questionsToo excited to wait long? Whisper/message the leader
    or any officer to check on it
    As you can see from above, we take time and energy to create a guild atmosphere
    that makes members feel at ease. Games are for having fun, and we believe we can
    achieve more together, working towards that goal.We are friendly and welcoming
    to all walks of life, play-styles, and player experience. Do you believe the
    community you join should embrace these ideals? Please apply to join our family!
    Thank you for sticking with us through this long post, and we hope to be reading
    your applications soon!