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  1. Hello All,
    Leader of DarkMoon here, We are a guild that is run by experienced leaders (Hubby and Wife) We have run many guilds of all sizes small and extremely large. We are mostly a Casual / Social based guild so that we are very laid back out to help each other and have fun, Even if we are playing the game for a social experience thats fine to!. We may have PvP in the future in the guild when its larger, but currently we have our eyes set on a social / casual experience. We do enjoy doing guild missions together or even quest, grind, fish or what ever we can together. Newbies are always welcome.
    Invites: I am usually on channel Velia 1. You can whisper me at Thedarknights if I am online. You can also chill out at our Discord server as well (http://www.discord.me/darkmoon )
    Have any questions? Just feel free to shout out to me in game.
  2. We are <Chivalry>
    We are a community of 18+ players that want to experience everything BDO has to offer! We are seeking individuals or groups that wish to enjoy the game and make new friends. We do node wars, guild bosses, arena events, grind groups and more! Participation in Node Wars and use of Discord are required.
    To build a friendly, mature community within BDO and potentially across other games as we grow.
    To participate in Node Warfare
    Our Expectations of you
    -Help with Guild Quests
    -Gear for Node Wars
    -Level 57
    -At least 140 AP when offhand is unequipped.
    What to Expect from us
    -Guild Events: PvP Events, Community events, Grind Groups, Arenas, Node Wars
    -Mature Officers
    -Friendly Community

    If you'd like to join or learn more reach out to Synith, Azarlith, Kalrie, Brunyn, Kalius, Tiahra or Reannaa in-game.

  3. edited
    Not relevant anymore.

  4. <Longshot> is a small but networked group of friends that enjoys playing games together. We are laid-back, accepting of others, and always up for an adventure.
    We support all levels of skill and involvement; any age or nationality: Klingons, Christians, and Dwarves welcome!
    Obligatory Note: Maturity partnered with a good sense of humor is always appreciated.
    Our agency is in an open recruitment phase and looking for a few good members to fill out the ranks. We primarily play Black Desert Online on the Orwen server, Balenos 02 Channel. Longshot also throws down in other games like Overwatch quite a bit - we welcome new players to join us for a session there as well.
    Longshot was created for gamers to have a positive community in the sometimes-toxic social space of online gaming. We have an open door policy on membership, however we do not tolerate disparaging or derogatory interactions within the group.
    As a core we have been around for over 3 years and dabbled in just about every MMO that has hit the market since. Video games are indeed great, but what makes the hobby special is all the interesting and unique people from around the world you get to know along the way.
    Many of us come with plenty of experience in online gaming, actively participating in various amounts of PvE, PvP, RP, theory-crafting, etc... and are willing to share in any of the excitement, glory, or riches that our exploits may entail.
    Endgame content will be pursued as wanted.
    Currently we have Fishing and Gathering bonuses and run Guild Missions every night. You can find the core hanging out in both Discord and GuildChat throughout the day; putting Boss Scroll Groups together or answering questions. We are leveling, gearing, and building up to participate in Node wars as well.
    If these ideals are of any interest to you, go ahead and submit an application... its a longshot, but you may just get in.  ;-)
    or contact Skycastle Fanguir in-game for an invite / more info.
  5. I am interested in it, can someone tell me some details about them?
    no body knows it?



     GM's Name: Falkred
     Server: Orwen
     Main Channel: No Official one but we're usually on Serendia 01
     Guild Site: http://volturnus.shivtr.com/
     Requirements: Must be active
                                                                                                         Must participate in guild missions every once in a while(there are exceptions to this)
    Age: So long as you're mature and don't cause drama/trouble within the guild, it doesn't matter to me.
     Voice chat: We have a discord server(Link is on the site)
     What we do:Whaling,PvP and PvE,GvG,Trading and Crafting,to have fun, Did I forget to mention Naval-Combat Fun?, Oh and boss fights, definitely boss fight.
     History: As far as history of this guild goes, there isn't much at all. This is a newly formed guild and I plan to have this become a community                                                                                          that is represented in many other games as well. So if the idea of being apart of community since the beginning catches you're                                                                                                  interest, then we'd love to have you.
    As for applying to join all you have to do is say who you are(ign) why you chose us(Yes this, lol i'm just curious. It can be any reason), what                                                                               time you'll be on so that I can invite you ,and maybe add a little fun fact about yourself. 
    Thank you for taking the time to see what we're all about and thank you even more if you decide to be apart of this new community. I hope to see you all inside this amazing game
    Edit: There's been a change in the site, so please do the application in the comment section down below
  7. Small guild looking for a few fun loving active players to help us grow.
    Have a TS3 server, but its not required to join us in voice chat.  Give a whisper or send mail to Jinxxi Marasini, if interested in joining.
    We are on the Orwen Server and mainly run in the Calpheon01 Channel
    Other Officers:
    Kailex Terrisin
    About Us
    DreadPack is a brand spanking new guild created by 4 IRL friends. We've all had the lone-wolf mindset for most of our mmo careers because most guilds we've attempted to be a part of didn't feel like home. Thus the creation of DreadPack was established. Our core members have spent a huge amount of time playing mmos and are extremely knowledgeable. Giving the fact this is a new game and not everyone goes out of there way to play a Korean version of the game to get a head start, we do not expect you to be all knowing and are more then willing to teach you what we know! We are a very laid back group of close friends that want to help others and create a place that feels like home for more than just ourselves. But that doesn't mean we are not going to try to be one of the best! 
    Age 18+.
    Be a highly active player.
    Participate in helping expand and grow the guild. Being a new guild its crucial to reaching soft cap and getting us some key members.
    Be willing to practice your class in arena frequently.
    Get your Main to 50+ asap! (Dont go alt to alt because youre bored of grinding) If you are planning on having one of the classes that hasnt been released yet as your main character, let us know.
    If you are interested in playing this game with a great group of highly active and motivated players, participating in all forms of the game, and constantly striving for mastery of your class, <DreadPack> is the guild for you. We’re interested in PvPers, PvEers and Lifers.
    Application Process
    Current classes we are recruiting: EVERYONE Age 18+ (Level shouldn't be an issue cause grinding to 50 is a cake walk) 
    To get an invite post here or send me a message with the following information, please note that an application that has no time put into it will probably be rejected:
    Expected Main Class:
    Start Class: [if different from main]
    Past MMO Experience:
    Past PvP Experience:
    How Active you expect to be:
    Current Level:
    How you plan on helping us grow!(important to a new guild):
    Any other information you think we should know. If you dont put much effort into your attempt to join the guild, that gives us a pretty good example of how youll treat helping us grow. so be thorough!
    If you're interested in joining a small group and helping us form into a great family then this is the place for you! Joining big guilds can be tough when it comes to trying to feel at home. Watching a guild expand and helping it expand is the true way to feel like you're a part of a family. So come join us!
    Discord or another Voip Service will be added once we get more members!
    (For now add us on Skype)
  9. Are you a member of a small guild?  Enjoying the game, but worried about your guild's success in the long run?  Want to participate in node/guild wars but you can't because you are too few in numbers?  This is the post for you!
    Gondor is looking for like-minded guilds who would like to merge with us in order to combine forces to take on the bigger guilds.  You can still maintain your groups daily autonomy within our guild and on the chat, all we ask is that you help participate in guild-wide functions such as guild quests, node wars, etc.  We are not one of those guilds who declares war willy-nilly on whoever so happens to be the nearest warm body.  We instead want to be able strategically conquer and defend nodes that will benefit our guild members.

    I would love to talk further with any guilds who are open to this idea.  Feel free to reach out either on this post, via private message, or in game.
    Here is a link to our guild recruitment page if you would like to learn more about us:

    All the best,
  10. My fellow guildmates have been playing together for over 16 years.  We have always done very well in PvP and we are drawn to arenas mostly, but enjoy large scale pvp and open world as well.
    Only a small number of our guild actually decided to play Black Desert, and others inevitable just had real life stuff and can't play regularly.
    So we have about 15 - 20 active players all level 50+.  Half play regular and about 7 play really hardcore.  We coordinate via mumble and we are all "older" gamers.
    We are interested in a merger to take advantage of the large guild content and node wars.  
    Please message me here if you are interested.
  11. I would appeal to the devs, before you launch the Mediah expansion please make sure you've fixed the massive server lag issues currently plaguing us (at least on Orwen).  No matter what channel I shift to, I am frequently subjected to stretches of lag which can, for instance, mean a 5-10 second delay between actions.  To compound this with a further expansion before the lag issues are addressed will only make it worse.
  12. Hey there. I'm the leader of a recently formed, smaller guild and I have read different things about the guild contract payouts. So I was wondering if I say give someone a 7 day, 7000 silver contract does that mean they get 7000 silver per day or when their contract is up they will have accumulated 7000 silver?


    Welcome to Crack House!
    We’re a casual PvX guild looking for more active members. We've been a close, tight-knit guild for almost 5 years now and we're always ready to help any of our members to the best of our ability. In Crack House, the admins/officers and members find it very important that community stays top priority. Therefore, our new recruits should know that to be a part of Crack House, they need to openly contribute and help other members in any way that they can and be open to everyone. Our goal is quite simply to enjoy the game, so if that sounds like your kind of guild, please apply! We are excited to welcome new members into our family (Yes, we’re the same Crack House from Vindictus)
    Have any questions/issues regarding the guild? Feel free to whisper any of the guild officers. 
    Be respectful, helpful, and contribute to the community. We expect all of our members to treat each other with the respect they deserve. Crack House aims to become a family of players rather than a group of strangers with a common interest, so being friendly and getting to know the rest of the guildies is strongly encouraged!No hacking / botting / scamming whatsoever. There is zero tolerance for hacking / botting / scamming if you are in Crack House. If sufficient evidence is found against the accused, they will be removed immediately from the guild. No excuses.Must be lvl 45 on at least 1 characterMust be 18+ years of age. If you think you're mature enough to join, we may still consider you.No guild-hoppers, for obvious reasons.No extensive conversations in megaphones. This is both annoying and inconsiderate to everyone on the server. There's a whisper function for a reason.Do not spend a lot of time on the forums picking fights, or starting arguments. This rule also applies to megaphones.Need to be actively online, and participating in guild missions when possible.We don’t want random drama with other guilds. Unless you have a legitimate reason to, don’t start any.
    How to apply:
    Reply to this forum with;Your character name (family name if you want)Character classOptional – Whisper one of the officers, there's pretty much an officer online at every time of the dayThe rest will be discussed through an interview process 
    What to expect:
    There will be an interview to determine whether or not you are a good fit for the guildStarting pay is 30k/day, raises will be determined by activityWe do most of our talking on voice-chat (Discord) – So if you don’t use voice chat of it’s still a good idea to be on Mumble even if you don’t talk
    Guild officers(Character Names):
    Vyliona – Guild Master
  14. Post on NA - Orwen | AEONIAN | in US Guild

    By Vunak, posted

    Aeonian is led by individuals who are veterans at leading guilds and clans from various different games. They have learned the commandments of leading a guild and how flexible one has to be to see it become successful. The Officers run the guild as efficiently and as transparently as possible. It is the goal, that no member should ever feel like they can't talk to or aren't granted avenues of discussion. Staying connected to the guild as a whole is vitally important to the way Aeonian is run.
    Aeonian is a multifaceted guild. Our members all have different strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are natural born warriors. Some of us are tinkers that lay the foundation of our civilization. Some are merchants that fill our coffers or diplomats that tell us who we are at war with and who we are at peace with. And some are simple farmers. Everyone is worthy of praise for all are required to build something greater. We make up for each others weaknesses and build upon each others strengths. It's the foundation that Aeonian is built upon. 
    Aeonian is a guild that strives to be the best at what is offered from any given game. I don't like saying the "core" because it alienates the rest of the member base. But it's the only real way to emphasize this point. The core of Aeonian have been gaming together for quite some time in another action combat style game called TERA, some of us even longer than that. Most of if not all of our members have extensive knowledge on various systems and are used to games of Black Desert Online's caliber. 
    We utilize all the tools available to us for easy and efficient communication. We have a dedicated Discord channel that while we don't require people to log into for general purpose, we do require it during PvP events and/or more in-depth PvE events. 
    Our purpose is simple, to be a dominate force in any MMORPG we invade. If the game offers PvP, we will be dominate in PVP. If it offers castle building, sieges, GVG, naval combat, Impressive PvE, complex crafting or any other intricate mechanics; we will be at the top of the list for all of them. We will build a kingdom worthy of celebration. Those who would lay siege to us will be shown the error of their ways and forced into submission. 
    Dedicated Discord Voice Comms
    Experienced Leadership
    Quality over Quantity Recruitment Policy
    Guild Leader: Vunak (Character Name: Vunari)
    Assistant GM: The_Minotaur (Character Name: Deioth)
    Website: Aeonianguild.enjin.com
  15. It has come to my attention that the majority of the guilds on Orwen have come from a specific game that we all know was ruined by hackers and bribery, these guilds are extremely hostile and arrogant. Not to mention the way they ruined games in the past was outright illegal. These guilds i'm referring to are ones you all know and hate and one of them even advertises themselves to accept people with "god complexes" while three other ones are using illegal means to have more guild points than physically possible by the system. These guilds are looking to hack and bribe their way to stardom and should be stopped at any cost.

  16. DFE<DeathForEternity>
    We are a PvX guild that will provide a fun and chill environment for anyone from your casual gamer to your hardcore pvp gamer. If we're not doing boss scrolls, fishing, guild missions, we'll be doing some good ol' PvP whether that be random flagging for pvp or starting a war with anyone who gets in our way. 
    Our guild was started by a group of friends, that have played multiple MMOS and have been very successful at them, we're looking for all players that share the same passion in gaming as we do. 
    The outcome we're looking for:
    We're looking to form a big active and friendly community. We will be staying within the PvE community, we will participate in world bosses, any combat that we come across. Once node wars come out we look forward to participating in that as well as any guild wars.
    What can we give you?
    A great gaming experience, any help that you need whether that be leveling or gearing up. Spots to make money, protection from getting pk'd while leveling. We don't have a website or forum, but we do have Teamspeak and anything important will be posted in there or we will even verbally tell you. No application process, only thing we have is a trial period that lasts for your 7 day contract and after that you will get moved to 14-30 day contract depending on your contribution to the guild.
    Are there any rules?
    Yes we don't have that many rules however there are some key things we look for.
    Rule 1: Be respectful!
    Rule 2: Avoid politcial talk
    Rule 3: Avoid religious talk
    Rule 4: Have fun!
    Post in the thread or send me a pm for any information you have or to get a invite to the guild! We look forward to seeing and meeting new people that share our passion of BDO and MMO as we do!
    Bump will be online for the rest of the day shoot me a PM or reply to the thread!
    The Maniacs Guild
    Only on the NA server!!!
    The Maniacs is a collaboration of Youtubers set on the 
    common goal to be dapper, helpful, and most importantly 
    to have tons of fun on this epic new MMO!!!

    Benefits of joining our guild include:
    Support in your growth and leveling in all skills.Guides to the complex crafting and resource gathering hidden in throughout BDO.A in-depth database of information on how to acquire massive amounts of wealth.The chance to brag and watch yourself on youtube.
    What is required from you:
    To maintain a dapper and honest attitude with other guild members.No fraternization or flirting with other guild members. Save it for the bars and clubs!!!Please ask any questions you have about the game. This is the best way we will all learn about this awesome game!
    How to join:
    Leave a comment below with the follow information:
    What is your in game Family name.Do you have a microphone? (Yes or No. We communicate via Team Speak)What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? (Snobs are welcomed)Do you have any experience with other MMO's (i.e. 4 years in SWTOR, 2 years in WoW, ect..)What is your favorite color? (Yes, seriously this is a vitally important question!)What country do live in irl? (Because we have guild members from all over the world.)Do you enjoy PvE over PvP? (Because PvP is *not* our main focus!) 
    Cheers and we look forward to playing with you!!!
    (Check your inbox after posting your resume)


  18. <Sunset> is recruiting the dirtiest, meanest, saltiest pirates that ever did sail the 10 seas. Yes, we are casual, yes, we take total narbs, no, you don't have to use a VoIP. Looking for Officer material. Must be a pirate. Must like pastel pink ponies. Must give me your firstborn son. We're the saltiest load of sea-men you'll ever find.

    Jack-of-all-trades guild. Casual PvP. A little bit of everything.

    We're a bunch of -----ing nerds.

    Contact [Teacup] Chihuahua in-game.

  19. Hello, friends!

    Fishing boats are pretty difficult to make once starting out. I had initially began making boats, thinking that I could just give them away.. BUT I WAS PROVEN WRONG.  So, I came up with another plan... Why not just take other people who want to fish in the ocean- TO the ocean? That'd work almost as well, right?

    So! If you're a nut for fishing and want to jump straight out into sea (But don't have the transportation) -- Then just holler at your old friend, Rohunt. I usually keep the game running for hours just to let my workers do thing as I study and play other games. So, I'm able to afk for an hour, two hours or so if you feel like fishing for that long.

    Unfortunately this offer is only currently available for players in the Orwen server. I know this might not be much- But, I thought it'd help a little for some newer or even older players to get money faster.

    Anyway, just leave me a comment or message if you are interested or have any questions! Take care, friends!
    Bumping for free, friendly fishing service!

  20. Who am I?
    I am Zelnea Dragonsky(In-game). I am one of the Co-Founders of the Dollars and the current Guild Master. I am a player that is fairly new to playing MMO's but I have followed them extensively over the years. I am new to being a leader of a guild, but I see myself as a pretty decent and laid back leader,. I will be on extensively over the next few months so you will find me online quite a bit. If you can't get in contact with me, the next person to try to reach is my second in command, Adeyra(Andaeronys).
     Who are we? 
    We are an expanding medium sized guild that focuses heavily on PvE content. We have moved away from discord and now use Team Speak, which you will be given access to upon joining. We have no level and gear requirements to join. We are a very newb friendly guild. A lot of our members are well experienced with the game and are willing to help you out whenever you need it. We understand sometimes life throws you fastballs and you don't make this game a priority which is why we have no real weekly amount of time that you need to be on. There are only 2 real rules that I have for the guild.
    1. Participate in guild quests if you are eligible
    2. If you are not on for at least 3 weeks you will be kicked.
    I feel as though my two rules are generally fair. Finally, we just want you to have fun and enjoy the game. We encourage you to take your time and go at your own pace. There is no need to rush to get to level 50 or anything like that.
    What are our goals?
    To make as much money as possible. I like to give contract raises whenever contracts expire so it'll be nice to make a lot of money to spendGrow the guild to be able to rival larger guilds. I would like to try Node Wars and Guild Wars but our current size would result in us being dominated. We're always looking for players no matter your level or skill. The goal is strive for excellence together.Grow together as a guild. I see my guild as a family. I want us to grow as one and do things as one such as fishing, gathering, and all of the other guild quests.GUILD QUESTS. Being this is the easiest way for us to make money I like to emphasize doing these quests quickly and often. They're a good way to explore and gain materials for other things you may need in the future and a great time to relax and communicate together.Last but not least Have Fun. I'm not much of a stickler for rules so I'm a fairly loose and laid back leader. The only thing I ask is help with guild quests when asked. 
    Well Zel that's all fine and good, but how do I contact you?
    The best way to get in contact with me now would be either in game or message me on the forums. I will be a lot more active on the forums coming up in case anyone would like to join. Thanks for taking the time to read our recruitment post. Hope to hear from you soon.  
  21. How do you want your guild?


    We’re the midsized organized GvG machines.
    <UDL> [Orwen] The Undead Lords. 18+ PvX
    Server: ORWEN
    Web: http://www.undeadlords.net/
    Voice: http://bdodiscord.undeadlords.net
    Current Members: 45

    Who is UDL?
    Since 1994, the Undead Lords have made it their mission to grow a community of competitive PvP gamers dedicated to establishing a dominant and respected name in online gaming. To ensure our continued success, we seek like-minded and ambitious members who embrace our vision. We’re essentially a group of experienced PvP gamers that love our lucky underwear, sunflower crops, and superstitious fail-stacking a little too much.
     Our Goals in BDO:
    Guild Node Wars & PvP
        As a primarily PvP guild, we intend to make a grand migration to the desert upon the release of Valencia. That means we need more members, quality ones that want to make a name for themselves!
    Personal Gear Progression and Growth
        It’s in our best interest to keep every one of our members above the curve on gear quality, accessory farming, gem slots and everything else gear related! Everyone is always willing to help each other get what they need for progress!
    Contribution Passive Profit Management
        Along with all the public guides that have come out recently, we have spreadsheet tested node, farming, fishing, trading and other profit based information exclusive to our guild members. Especially for those focused on PvP, we have found the least contribution commitment to profit ratios so we can focus on our growth as a whole.
    Quality of Life Enjoyment
    Aside from the profit focused contribution, and gear progression, we pride ourselves in pure enjoyment of the game too. Lets be real here, no one can forget their Lucky Underwear while farming!
     Why Should You Apply Today?
    We’re committed
        Considering the guild has been through so many games in such an extensive period of time, we’re dedicated to progressing together and establishing a name for ourselves. That means even months from now all our members will still be playing just as much!
    No drama!
        There’s no power struggles, everyone is happy to help each other. Some people like to tame horses, some like to craft, some prefer fishing! But in the end we ALL prefer GvG and PvP, so we’ll drop what we’re doing to make it happen and fight TOGETHER.
    We’re Statistic and Theory HOUNDS
        Everything from theory crafting to market profit spreadsheets, to member gear spreadsheets, you will have access to IT ALL!
    Organized Events Everyday!
        Scroll groups. Boss subjugations. 1v1 Arena practice. GvG scrims. PK Hunting parties. Exp grinding parties. We do whatever we need to at all times to keep progressing. Oh and we have karaoke nights on discord.Guild MMO History:

    We’ve been around for decades and we will continue to be! Organized and tight knit group, join today and become a part of the crew! Respond as follows below, and one of our representatives will get ahold of you immediately!
     Apply now!

    Family Name:
    Character Name:
    Primary Focus:
  22. Hey there, I'm a level 32 Valkyrie named Lux, and I've been pretty much solo since the game has been launched.  I mostly play on ORWEN's Serendia 01 or 02 servers.
    I do not belong to any guilds/groups yet, but willing to join the right group.
    I'd very much like to make some roleplaying friends.  
    I've been roleplaying for several years, and I am a very active player in the world of BDO.  Currently, I have no friends to rp with, not even play with to grind.  
    Message me or whisper me if your interested

  23. Are you looking for a new guild experience?

    Knights Templar is recruiting on the Orwen Server.
    We are looking for active, friendly members who want to be part of the guild's community.
    If you....,
    Like to work as a member of a team.Feel that the best way to succeed in BDO is focusing on common goals that benefit everyone.Like to cut up and have fun in Team Speak.Are looking for long lasting friendships.Like to know someone will have your back in rough situations.Knights Templar may be for you.
    If you....
    Like to concentrate on solo play.Do not like voice chat.Get offended easily by rowdy voice chat.Hate dealing with the responsibility of having real friends in the gaming community.Have an "its all about me" attitude.Are thin skinned, cannot take a joke or understand someone else's point of view.Knights Templar is NOT for you.
    Any interested parties can contact us at www.knightstemplarguild.com.
    We have a core group that has been playing together for years and we would like to expand that group and game together for many more.
    Hard work, and a team attitude is rewarded above seniority.
    Games come and go, STRONG GUILDS are timeless!

  24. Tenacity is a friendly, active, PvX guild looking to progress in Orwen - Balenos 01. We hold some of the highest rankings on multiple professions. We openly share tips and tricks we used to get these rankings, and are also very informed how the endgame content works. Please message me if you are interested in joining our guild. We would prefer applicants to be at least 18 years of age and experienced in gaming. Thanks!
    Farbus - Tenacity Officer
  25. Paradox
    Looking for friendlies to join our fam!
    Casual Friendly
    Do you like to AFK fish 12 hours a day? No problem!
    Do you want to be a farmer? A horse breeder? That's ok, you do you!
    PvP Focus
    Got beef? Let's bring it out and have a bbq
    Wars. Ganking. Arena. Whatever. Just have fun
    A Bit About Us (Boooooring!)
    Seriously we're just a group of friends from Guild Wars 2 (and other games!) that stuck together. We're looking for friendly and mature players that are looking for a guild. We don't offer much in terms of RP (RPers are welcome) or "structure" (rankings/hierarchy <- lol wat is dis), we're all just friends on the internet, I'm not gonna lord over you just because I have Master next to my name in the guild roster.
    Primarily we are looking for people who are interested in small group fights (5-15 people), though don't let that deter you if you're not into PvP. We welcome all who are looking to make new friends or are just looking for a place to stay until they find a permanent home (but we'll try our hardest to convince you into staying XD).
    TL;DR => Come have fun with us!

    TS3 (For PvP, or to hang out)
    BDO Account + Character
    We are mostly on Calpheon O2 (if you want to find us). Feel free to contact myself ([Character] GeminiXO [Family] AuroraXO) or
    our officer ([Character] Jala [Family] Kuai). You can also leave a message here or PM me
    P.S. - We have no affiliation with Paradox from AA lol, pls stop asking us