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  1. Unlike many people, I chose the $50 Explorer Package (48 Hr headstart) instead of the $100 Conqueror package.  Being two days behind the opening players, I'd like to catch up as much as possible, and am looking for like minded individuals who want to group power level for 10+ hrs or until we get to 50.  I'd like to form up at launch time. (approx 3am EST Tuesday)
    If you're interested, please respond here.
    Please note, this is for Orwen server
  2. We even have a few Edan players who are with us as well, but consider joining our Discord to perhaps find a group for launch or make some connections in-case you're riding solo! 
    See you all soon!
  3. Explanation of focus categories:
    Balanced PvP/PvE* - Guilds that welcome players with a non-competitive mindset of engaging in all aspects of BDO (a more casual/relaxed environment)Competitive PvP* - Guilds that welcome players with a focus on sieges, node wars, Guild vs Guild as their end-game with a hardcore/semi-hardcore mindsetPvE Progression* - Guilds that welcome players with no desire to participate in Player vs Player aspects on a competitive levelEconomy & Crafting - Guilds that welcome players with goals of mastering and progressing as crafters and traders in the game.Roleplay - Guilds that welcome role-players\* These are mutually exclusive with each other. 
    Guilds listed are organized according alphabetically. Please post below or message me to add to this index.
    Edan Server
    Orwen Server
    Uno Server
    Formally Chimera, but someone ninja'd the name 10min in to headstart. So now we are Hydra! We don't have any awesome back story or catchy theme. We are just a small group of like minded individuals who are looking to add to our ranks. We are looking to expand to between 30-50 active, quality members. All members are a20+ so this is a mature atmosphere. We have members hardcore, casual, new, and experienced. So all are welcome as long as you have the ability to learn and the drive to progress to enhance your gaming abilities. PvP is top priority for most current members so we will be heavily active in the PvP scene in BDO once we are established. Sieges, Node Control, GvG, and any others forms of PvP.. However, we will also be taking part in everything Black Desert has to offer as we love all aspects of it. We just like to have a good time no matter what it is we are doing. We have found our new home so we are here to stay. So if you like to chillax' an laugh it up, get your PvP on, and most likely take part in late night shenanigans; then maybe we are the right match for you.
    Active. By active I mean interact with the guild, converse, take part in events or things that we have going on. I don't expect you to play 80hrs a week. Just let it be known when you are on and be a part of the Guild.
    VOIP. Our main form of communication is Discord. This is a requirement for all members to have. If you don't have a mic, thats fine. Just be around to at least listen in.
    18+. This is an adult atmosphere. 
    Good Humor. We hack on each other a bit and like to have a good time. Jokes, pranks, etc. We need people that will laugh with us, its all in good fun.
    As previously stated if you are interested in HYDRA, feel free to send me a PM here on the forums and I will get in contact with you. 

    We are Dragonaires!
    Orwen Server
     We are currently seeking ALL players who have an interest in many different activities, and also being a part of a tight-knit family guild.
    Though we are considered "laid-back" or on the casual-side, you will find a nice home with us, should you choose to apply. We have all types of members and play-styles so you will find a nice balance of things to do with us. We do not just auto-accept people, or groups of people, we take the time to get to know our applicants to make sure they are a great fit with our beliefs and personalities. What does this mean for you? It means, our retention is high and we have consistent QUALITY people, long-term invested in our guild, both members and officers, alike.
    You will find a loyal and fun family atmosphere, with us.
    We are also a LGBT-friendly guild that has a zero-tolerance policy on any form of sexism, racism and bigotry.
    You will feel protected and at home, in Dragonaires.
    Take a look below, at some of the events we currently host: 

    Every Saturday we do leadership-lead Scroll-Parties to ensure everyone is fairly and efficiently gearing up, all while having fun! Can't make that day or time? No problem! We also will organize impromptu scroll parties, for you! 

    Once to two times a month we host community events, that are completely optional, but add another sense of fun and adventure!

    Currently, we run a light-hearted "Friday Night Fights" night, that involves some arena sparring with the guild. Come fight, or just spectate!

    We do 5PM and 8PM EST official guild missions, with random (optional) impromptu guild missions, in-between, as we see fit!
    Right now, we are on the lighter side of PvP BUT we are striving to participate in some node wars, if we can do it!
    As you can see, from above, we are an active and dedicated guild that hosts all-walks of lives and all play-styles. If you are interested in joining us for  the many upcoming adventures we have planned, please consider applying! With the amount of work all of our officers and members put into the guild, we surely will not let you down!
    Please visit and APPLY TODAY!

  6. La Guilde Black Lys voudrait saluer la communauté francophone québécoise de Black-Desert et vous donner l’occasion de rejoindre nos rangs. Une guilde multi jeux mais qui s'oriente vers Black-Desert de plus en plus.
    Notre guilde est avant tout une communauté qui est fondée sur une valeur très simple le plaisir avant tout.
    Ce que nous recherchons chez nos joueurs :

    1- Maturité
    2- Être respectueux
    3- No Drama
    4- Ouverture d’esprit
    5- Bon sens de l’humour
    6- Être présent au moins 1-2 évènement de guilde (contrat guilde faut que ça paye )
    Black Lys recherche avant tout la qualité des joueurs et non la quantité, c’est-à-dire que nous ne cherchons pas à être la plus grosse guilde francophone, mais plutôt des joueurs qui ont le même but commun, le plaisir de jouer et surtout d’évoluer dans une bonne communauté francophone.
    Que vous soyez hardcore ou casual, si votre but est d’évoluer dans un environnent mature, avec un bons sens de l’humour, La guilde Black Lys est là pour vous

    Avantages à nous rejoindre :

    - Trouver votre type de jeu, hardcore ou casual player.
    - Pas de pression, vous êtes maître de votre propre destinée.
    - Aucune obligation à part de respecter les règles de base.
    - Une communauté mature.
    - Des joueurs d’expérience.
    - Jouer selon vos disponibilités.

    Nom de la Guilde : Black-lys
    Recrutement: ouvert à tous
    Type de recrutement: sur le site(shoutbox) ou ( teamspeak3)
    Âge minimum: 18+
    Type de Difficulté: Softcore
    Site Web / Forum: http://black-lys.ca
    Service vocal : Teamspeak3 (Obligatoire)

    Nom du serveur actuel: Orwen
    Nom du canal: Balenos 2
    Au plaisir de se voir en jeu!!!

    Amicalement Gunwen

    overthrow; ruin; destruction
    Established 2012
    Orwen Server
    We play both competitively and casually, and we love PvP. We're a bit older with an average age of 25-35 but welcome anyone to apply.
    We like to push and to focus on improvement. High skill ceiling games are our pride and joy and we're looking for people who share that same passion. That being said, we recruit for the person, not the skill. No matter how skilled someone is, if the attitude isn't right, it's simply not going to work out. Part of how we've been able to exist for so long is because we're more like a family than a guild and everyone enjoys each other's company.
    We don't have an application to fill out, and there is no interview. If you're as passionate about games and fun to be around, it's going to come out in gameplay. All that we ask is you join us on Discord, play with us, and we'll take it from there. When you join Discord, send bada a private message to get set up. 
  8. So I started the game and created a character. I chose the Orwen server at random and began to play. Later that night, I convinced my friend to buy the game, and play with me. I fell asleep so he went ahead and played (not knowing which server I had chosen, he created a character in Edan).
    I started wondering, whats the difference? Are the spawning points different for each server, is there some kind of backstory for the servers, are you choosing a side? Or is it just 2 servers to try and fit players in with no real significance? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

         The Vanguard is currently in recruitment and seeking like-minded individuals 18+ to join our community. A gaming community with a passion for all things gaming. With years of experience playing various MMO's, we are a spirited group of players that play as a family and work together to continue a strong progression. We have a number of veteran players who are both friendly and helpful to those who may be newer to the game. We are also family- and couple- friendly and have many members who are hard-working professionals in the real world. As a result, we have a strong focus on creating a strong, cohesive culture in which everyone can thrive while at the same time being respectful of the real-world obligations of our unique membership. 

    Mission: A new breed of guild, with a competitive mentality and a relaxed atmosphere.
          Our goal is to maintain a balance between PvP and PvE players in order to best enjoy all that Black Desert Online has to offer. As a result, both units work together with the understanding that each role is crucial to the success of the Guild as whole. 

    Experienced Leadership
    Family Oriented
    Siege Experience
    Active and Lively Community
    Primary Time Zones: EST & PST
    We have a unique structure made up of two divisions: The Commandos and the Commerce Regiments. Commandos are our primary PVP division and Commerce are our merchant support unit.  

                          We will be having something for everyone both in game and outside of game: 
    Bootcamp Trainings Commando & CommerceCommunity EventsBoss hunting Organized (and impromptu!) PvPNode WarsAnd more!Out of Game:
    Local Guild MeetingsTogether Tuesday Online Movie NightBeard ConsultationsCharity streamingAnything else our creative members come up with!
    Can you pay attention to detail? If so at the end of your 'About Me' in the application write "Hello Kitty Online"
    If interested please join us on our website, and make a quick application.


    True Legends Are Forged In The Shadows!
    Welcome and thank you for considering joining our family. The Shadow Legends guild is a non-elitist community that is based on the pillars of Teamwork, Unity and Organization. We welcome players from all walks of life regardless of playstyle, background or personal beliefs. In Shadow Legends we believe that amazing players are nice to have, but amazing people is what we recruit. Because while having the best gear and most current knowledge is a nice thing, being a person who is not only reliable but friendly and always willing to help out is the most important thing to us. We'd rather have a small population of players that actually care about each other, socialize and enjoy helping each other achieve goals then a large group of anti-social people only concerned with themselves. We are a family that will take the time out to teach and guide new, low level players while also maximizing the end game experience of the seasoned players.
    Our community is focused on content progression, grinding through story, developing our classes and skills as well as helping each other upgrade their gear and learn as much content as possible. Not only that but we also want to have several members who are working on master crafting and gathering. You may run into some of us having fun in the out and about.
    GameVox Voicechat - Highly Recommended (not required for membership). Only needed IF you're participating in guild events and GvG Wars.Positive, mature attitudeWillingness to learn content and guide those less experiencedMaintain a high level of respect and honor for your fellow members and staff(NOTE: Our website is NOT REQUIRED but very much RECOMMENDED due to the high volume of PvP/End Game activities we'll be doing. We understand most people dont like websites but we just ask that you register so you'll always be informed on what's going on in the guild. We dont expect you to be on it everyday. It is used for scheduling events, posting guides, sharing ideas and maintaining good communication.)
    Player Development
    Part of our mission is to make sure that everyone has what they need to succeed as player. We set out to mentor those who seek guidance. You can count on us to teach you and provide you with the knowledge you desire. If there is something we don't know, we work together to find out the information as a community. If you need help with your crafting, gathering, quests or upgrading your gear, then we're here to help you with that. No one is perfect and everyone needs help at some point. The best part of joining Shadow Legends is that you'll never get the feeling of being alone. You'll have a family of friends to support you every step of the way.
    Our Organization
    As a member of Shadow Legends, you're going to get out what you put into it. With that being said, we are fostering an atmosphere where organization is key. We will host weekly events which will include both end game content and activities for members of all levels. We also work together to make sure that the guild is a highly self-sufficient community by combining all our efforts and saving up currency, crafting materials and other items to help support each member. 
    We will always reward members who contribute time and effort to helping make us a success. Whether its providing dungeon runs to low levels, giving classes, donating funds or materials, being a beacon of morale and more. For those who plan on playing a key role in the guild or aspire to move into a staff position, being active and helpful will go along way. We do NOT reward any members that are lazy and freeload off of others hard work. If you want help, you must be willing to give it as well.
    Communication, Teamwork and Unity is so important to us. This is why GameVox voicechat is encouraged. We enjoy socializing and coming together as a family of friends with common goals. While we will focus on content, trying to accomplish things is difficult without proper guild tools. If we end up in a guild war, we have to be to reach you if you're attacked or we need to coordinate our attacks. During raids or dungeon runs, we need to be able to progress through them without having to type every 10 seconds. Voicechat helps us learn, guide and get to know each other better. If you don't have a mic, that's no problem. Being able to listen is the most important part of voicechat.
    Our website is an integral part of the guild. It is not required that you register to be a member but doing so will give you more access to the guild and our resources. 
    Promotions and Staff Positions:
    Moving up in rank and obtaining a staff position (i.e. Officer, Class Leader, Recruiter, Raid Leader, etc) is reserved for members that have shown their loyalty and dedication to the guild. Nothing is just given away here. We are not a highly hardcore community but we have standards when it comes to this. To obtain a staff role, you MUST be willing to actually do your job and not just hold a title. If you're a recruiter, you need to recruit and/or help with onboarding. Officers need to be willing to help everyone, have high integrity and be a beacon of information. Staff Members are required to be highly active on voicechat and the website because we have to set the example. To promote to non-staff ranks, you only need to meet the requirements which will be outlined on our website.
    Our Primary Focus:
    LevelingProviding wisdom and guidance to inexperienced new and low level playersAssisting with obtaining max level crafts and gathering classesCompleting all raids & dungeonsProvide atmosphere of acceptance and friendly facesMaximizing the end game experience for high level players 
    Interested in becoming our newest Legend? Whisper us in-game or Visit our website where you will be able to view our forums, events calendar and other information. Please note that some things may not be visible on our website for privacy reasons until you are registered.
    NOTE: Shadow Legends is a LGBT-FRIENDLY community. We DO NOT tolerate discrimination or bigotry of any type.
    Our Website:
    Apply For Membership, Visit This Link! 
    You can also view our Official Charter at: 
    Official Facebook:
    If you have any further questions or comments, please reply below of contact the following players:
    Grezlore Alexandrose (Leader)Tynanri Rathorn (Officer)Darkarts Nubian (Officer)Thread updated.

  11. Guild Name: < The Last Prophecy >
    Launch server: Orwen

    Guild Master: Blackwater
    Guild Co-leaders: Aphrael
    Recruiting Admin(s) Redpanda, Agathon
    Guild Ambitions: PvE, PvP, Raids, Commerce,Guild Events, Guild Expansion, and much, much more!
    Guild Msg: The Last Prophecy is a multi-brand MMORPG gaming guild that originated in the first MMO brought to the internet, Ultima Online in October of 1997. Some of us have been gaming together for nearly 17 years, and as such we’ve traveled through various games together. Currently active chapters include Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Skyforge, Blade and Soul, Albion Online, and ArcheAge. We are currently sponsored by ASUS, YouTube, and Amazon, with several incredible new sponsorship deals coming down the pipeline in the near future. Currently in the works are Razer, nVidia, Steam, and possibly SteelSeries. Streamers are welcome, too!

    Tell Me About Your Hopes and Dreams...

    Our goals in Black Desert Online  are much the same as they are in every other game: engaging in every aspect of the game while sharing and enjoying each other’s company. From PvE to PvP, we want to fully immerse in the experience while forging and maintaining real-life friendships between our guild mates.

    Tell Me More About This "Fun"...
    PvP raidsPvP Squad DevelopmentCommerceGuild expansionDiplomacy/AlliancesLarge-scale raidsExplorationExpansion into multiple guilds under TLP I Like Fun! How Do I Apply? We're glad you're interested! We think you'll enjoy your time with us. We will currently focus on a temp guild for beta, and then expand into a permanent guild upon launch. To apply, contact any admin. Alternatively, contact any member and ask for a guild leader directly.  Is There Anything Else I Should Know? Yep! But nothing startling, we promise. We do have a few simple guidelines. The rules are simple: Don't be a total jerk. Avoid being a jerk to our allies. Self-defense is fine, but please get screenshots and/or names.  Teamspeak is a requirement for application. Our TS is:  teamspeak.tlp-guild.com:4005. 18+ highly recommended as most of us are mature and the guild chat isn't always suitable for children. Website: tlp-guild.com

     Orwen server
  12. Thank you for your interest in our guild. Some quick facts and tl;dr; magic followed by a link to our website's guild FAQ if you want to know more.
    We're a PvX guild that partakes in world bosses, node wars, guild bosses, life skills...everything.Our leadership core has been together for 13 years, starting on Eclipse in Star Wars Galaxies. Other games: Vanguard, AION, Rift, and SWTOR.We're community, social, and player focused. If you're an active, mostly every day player who's not a scumbag you'll fit right in.We don't have gear score requirements but we do want level 50+ players (to ensure you're bought into the game).Toxicity is not welcome and removed quickly.We use Discord for just about all communication. Join our server at discord.aethereal.clubWe also have a website that's pretty cool. Take a look at aethereal.clubWe're mostly in our 30's, working professionals, guys and gals, humans and...other things.We're on ORWEN server.We're a ranked #3 on ORWEN overall, but most importantly #1 Farming guild. People need to get fed.Want to learn more about us? Read our FAQ
    Think you're ready to join us? Fill out an application

    Some quick Q&A...
    Why Aethereal?
    What are your plans in Black Desert Online? What is your focus?
    Does the guild use voice chat regularly?
    Okay, I think I'm convinced. What else should I know?
    This sounds great! What are the next steps? What if I have questions?
  13. The Chaos Vanguard is Currently recruiting members for our Black Desert Division!

    Who are we?
    The Chaos Vanguard is a massive multi-gaming community that's been around for about 2 years. We strive to keep a nice and peaceful environment between the members. We currently have around 500+ people online everyday with a total of over 3000 Active Members. Expect a mature, relaxed and fun environment when you join us and meet our members. As we support many games, the games are divided into sections, Black Desert being one of them.

    We want to create a fun, close knit group for our Black Desert division/guild and are looking for more people who are passionate about Black Desert to join us.

    What Other Games Do We Play?
    We support many other games. The sections we have as of now are:
    Heroes of The Storm
    Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    League of Legends
    Albion Online
    Ark Survival Evolved
    Blade and Soul
    DoTA 2
    And many more...
    Also, once you join the Chaos Vanguard, you're more than welcome to play with any other section within CV regardless of the initial section you've applied for. There are some requirements though to join us though!

    What are the requirements?
    1. Must meet/surpass our age requirement (16+)
    2. Must have a working microphone (as we are a TeamSpeak-based community).
    3. Must be fluent in writing and spoken English.

    I'm interested! How do I join?
    If you're interested in joining and meet all the requirements, you're more than welcome to make an account on our forums at forums.thechaosvanguard.co.uk/, then you can go ahead and make a Black Desert Online Applications. From there, a mod/recruiter will direct you to our Teamspeak (ts3.thechaosvanguard.co.uk), and we can set you up with CV from there. Also, you can check out our Website at http://www.thechaosvanguard.co.uk.

    Thank you for reading, and hopefully we'll see you all with the Chaos Vanguard soon!
    Kind Regards,
    - Gasper.

     A fun organized community, a clear vision.
    <Orwen Server>
    [Since 4 years ago...]
    [We are organized...]
    [And we are here to guide you...]
    [On our goals for PvP...]
    [Help us grow...]
    [Our Vision...]
    Read the titles in order.
    It is required to use:

    Respond to this thread AND private message me
    after applying:
    (Social media links inside)
    as of 3/07/2016
    Recruitment is open again
    Only to those interested in pvp though
    Apply AND Pm me for an invite
    Also make sure to respond to this post


  15. Leader: Eilios Demigod
    CoLeaders/Officers: Aryi Siege, Unexpected Banana, Stacee, Zergz
    Server: Main Channel: Orwen: Balenos 2
    Site: http://www.knightstemplarguild.com
    VoiP: Teamspeak 3
    Region: NA Based Guild with NA/EU/AU/BR members
    Base Timezone: CST (GMT-600)
    Recruitment: Open!

    Knights Templar is a PvX(PvPvE) community/guild. We participate in as much of what Black Desert has to offer as possible, including world bosses, trading, events, and PvP.
    While we are on many different games, each game has it's own rule set and structure unique to the needs of the guild and the game. There are also different leaders of each game under a global umbrella of a couple of leaders to ensure the guild as a whole goes as planned and each game is attended to properly, and keep the mix of unavailability out of this guild. Nothing is more annoying than having guild mates stuck on a different game where you can't complete what you need to in the game you joined for.
    Our goal in Black Desert is to become a respected, yet feared guild through the development of our members in both PvP and PvE.
    We are non-hostile to any guild that is also non-hostile, at least initially. When a guild stops our guild or personal progression, we may show slight hostility towards that guild or person, as we must persist in our goals and push forward. With that, any, overall, non-hostile guild is an ally of the Knights Templar, and we will give assistance to any person or guild who meets this criteria. Any hostile guild, or any guild who has given us grief in the past, will be dealt with as we would any guild during war; with retribution for our cause.

    Our recruitment policy is quite lax, as we give anyone willing to join a chance in the guild.
    Because of the way our guild is, we accept social, casual, and hardcore players that are PvE or PvP focused, including players that focus on one thing like crafting. Each member contributes to the guild in their own way, and it is important to build a broad range of abilities within the guild to make the guild successful.
    We have a 2 week trial period in the guild. We want to make sure this is the guild for you, as well as us make sure you fit into the guild. There is no loss in any sort of member status or abilities through the guild in-game or on the site during this period, in a general stance. We do this because we only want high quality members; otherwise we could never have a high quailty guild. We also want to ensure we have like-minded members in the guild to avoid any drama and internal fighting.
    During the trial period it is possible you could be denied continued membership in the guild, or it could be denied later on from not following our guild rules. Please make sure to read the guild rules and ranks as well as what we're about before joining.
    Check out our site for more information on ranks and rules! Sign up on our site and hop on our chat too join!

  16. Community
    Flux Nation is a Gaming Community that was founded in 2013. Since then Flux has been constantly growing and changing. At our core, we are a multi-gaming community currently serving PC gamers across various titles. Our group consists of casual, semi and hardcore players who have gathered together under a single banner to game together and build a name for ourselves! Each of us has a passion for gaming. We work together to make experiences enjoyable for all and radiate a positive vibe to players outside of the community. We are always looking to expand into other games to build and maintain solid teams which will intertwine itself in the gaming world. 
    Black Desert Online
    Within Black Desert Online, we operate out of Orwen server with no ties to any particular channel. We are a PvX guild with a much more heavy emphasis on player vs. player combat which results in not only momentary wars for area ownership, but also extended wars that usually last for a few weeks. Our members have competitive attitudes within our relaxed atmosphere which simply means we like to have fun and kill people along the way. Currently, we participate in node wars twice a week and maintain a healthy, competitive environment for our members. Our core members are active on discord daily and happy to set up grind groups/answer questions that new BDO players could have.
    Applications to join can be located on our website: Here  - OR -  You can contact any of our officers below for more information!
    Guild Master: Theodora
    PvP Officer: EkolbRecruitment: DeathTempestGeneral Management: Vren
    QuarterMaster: YassThank you for your interest in joining Flux and we look forward to seeing you in Black Desert!
    Website: www.fluxcommunity.org  -  Discord: discord.gg/flux
  17. NA server Orwen and EU server Alustin :: Discord :: Custom Guild Site (under construction)

    A guild for women in Black Desert Online.
    An intersectional feminist guild in Black Desert Online on the NA server Orwen and the EU server Alustin.
    The goal of our guild is to create a safe and accepting culture for all our members so we may relax and enjoy the world of Black Desert Online.
    We want a guild where all members are respectful and respected and so are able to form closer bonds of cooperation and friendship. We want our members to be referred to by their preferred pronouns without the need for any explanation or struggle. We want a place for our trans* members to be themselves including working on their voice and expression without judgement. We want to feel comfortable enough in this safe space to give each other the benefit of the doubt that if any of us should slip up, (we are all human) it was not anyone's intention to offend or hurt, and so rather than respond with anger or defensiveness, we will all strive to be patient and help each other to better understanding. With these goals in mind, we have the following list of requirements for our members:
    -Our members have to be feminists.
    -Our members have to be 18 years old or older.
    -Our members have to identify as females (cis, trans, fluid, flux, demifem, non-binary, genderqueer) or agender (neutrois, intergender or unidentified). Exceptions for male identifying persons can be made on a case by case basis for people in the gbt+ community.
    -We don’t care what sexuality you have, or what gender you were assigned at birth, however, we do ask that you be aware of the power structures between genders, sexuality, race, and disabilities and that there are normative structures that separate people. Also, you need to agree that this sucks.
    -Our members must install and use Discord voice program (mic is not required).
    -Our members must agree to keep the guild name and guild member’s names secret. So, on forums, social media, etc. please do not post anything (screenshot etc) that exposes our guild name or family names / character names of any of our members (including yourself) if you have publicly posted anywhere that you are in the “feminist guild”. In game, please make no reference to us being the feminist guild, etc..
    -Our members can be any play style PvP, PvE, ADD, Hardcore, Casual, etc.
    -This guild does not accept drama. We are not your mothers here to take care of you. If you stir up drama and act like a brat or an arsehat you are out.
    If you are interested in joining or want to learn more, PM myself @Alpha and we will reply as soon as we are able. See you in-game =D
    In PM, please include which region you want to join, and a little about yourself or why you are interested in joining our guild and where you heard about us. If you wish to expedite your invite process, also include a link to your FB. We have a small interview process that takes place on Discord.