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    Please add this costume x.x
    I want it so bad!!
  2. i can't hide my helmet i pressed the button in my inventory "head gear settings" tried to reset my ui /reloadui restart the game, it's only for my outfit pls help??

  3. I have an idea that will help both customer and business.....
    I am new to the game, been on for about a month. Thus far, I have received two outfits and one costume, both with a 7 day time limit. I also do appreciate the opportunity to try out a outfit or costume. 
    However,  If you are going to go as far as trying to "bait" us into a purchase, you also need to "hook" us by taking the next step....
    Why not offer a 20% discount that expires when the outfit/costume expires?  (It is a sales pressure tactic) 
    For example, I have my Kanochi (an alt) wearing the Karlstein on a 7 day trial. I did not think I would like until she started wearing it. I do have another outfit in mind for her anyway..... BUT.. Let's say, there is a discount if I buy it before time runs out, in this case, I would and perhaps still also buy her the one I also like for her.... My point, you baited me, now hook me too.  
    It would not bother me if this is never implemented, but I do think you should take more of an advantage on the try before you buy tactic, but allowing us to buy that outfit, with the character we already put it on, at a discount..... The key here is, you MADE A SALE that is pure profit and the buyer also gets a slight discount... Win Win!
    I would keep the limit I suggested too, the discount only applies during the 7 days that begins once the outfit is opened, and only on that character that is currently wearing it. I do think this will be a positive idea the community will also appreciate, and increase potential sales at the same time. 
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.....
  4. Post on DK Sin terrna bug in In-Game Bugs

    By Ayaze, posted
    crystal on neck can not change color for me
    it bug or some problems for me ?

  5. Post on nvm in Technical Issues

    By Hollowmist, posted
    Nvm it just looks like glove skin
  6. Is this outfit EVER COMING TO NA? We've got Goyen and Gavi Regan and this was another one of the set of them that was suppose to come out and in my opinion wins the spot as the coolest one of the bunch but it still isn't here in NA for us yet. Does anyone have an idea of when they'll likely be adding this outfit if ever? I really would like to go around murdering people with my anti-christ magic great sword and witch doctor outfit fr.

  7. Good afternoon,
    Just got back to the game. When I started playing I made a Warrior but I have way more fun on my Ranger but the Warrior has the cool Conqueror's Package outfit. Is there anyway to transfer it to my Ranger ? Thanks for the help.
  8. I wanted to make a Jarette's set for mine and I see that it's not available. Anyone have an idea of when this is coming?
  9. Post on Kibelius Set A in Off-Topic

    By Ruarc88, posted
    Long story short, wondering if it's known if this outfit will ever be available again. Switched from EU to NA and it's the one thing I can't get back.
  10. Can you dye the vials on the belt of the costume?  I have seen many people with this outfit but I do not think I have ever seen one where the vials are dyed.  Thank you.
  11. Hey guys, I recently created my first ranger and I was wondering about this one armor set in character customization. I tried looking it up in bdo fashion but had no luck.
    Thanks in advance! 

  12. Hey everyone,
    I have recently leveled a Maehwa to 56 and gotten my awakening.
    And I am love it (such fluid combat and the speed!!), now I'm looking for an awesome outfit/costume for her but I can't choose which one.
    (Personally debating between Order of the Apricot and Jegrina)

    So I would love to see your pearl store Maehwa costumes and outfits that you dyed (or didn't) ingame!! 

  13. Post on Siege Workshop Help in General

    By Zelveris, posted
    Hey all, so I have run into a bit of an issue that im not sure I can solve on my own. 
    So I am doing a quest called "Supplying the Delphe Knights" and it requires me to give them 5 flashbangs. Now this seems quick and easy, which is great as I need the item it gives for an outfit I want. But it seems every time I go to buy a siege workshop It tells me its invalid. Im not sure what this means at all and I can find ANY info on this on the internet or forums really. If their are any more knowledgeable people out there that could tell me what im doing wrong, that would be fantastic.
  14. Post on Outfit bidding in General

    By Zachiru, posted
    I've been trying to get an outfit for little over a week now, with no success. Well over 100 bids, and nothing. Is there really no fail-stack or any other factors to this than pure luck? Do people shit and lie when they say they have sniped 3+ costumes a day when I cant get a single one in a week. And I have literally camped at the market for hours every day and when ever someone has listed the item I have instantly bid on it. 
  15. Post on Best bug ever (¿?) in Off-Topic

    By POTATOMAN, posted
     Well... When I'm using this new serendia begginer suit, and I'm using any outfit helmet (say fish/shark mostly), it seems my char swaps permanently for some ghillie BDSM mask when I pop my awakening weapon.
    The wolf nose is part of the problem, since when I hide it, the proper head comes back. Makes a neat effect I guess.
     ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. Hello pals,
    The title is self explanatory; Show me your best Warrior screenshots, dressed up in your favourite outfits dyed in your favourite colours!
    Please be respectful and only use constructive criticism if anything.
  17. Even though the Korean version doesnt have this, it'd be nice if we could turn the profession clothes into costumes, just like it's possible with "Orwen's traveling clothes". I'm sure there are a lot of people who would greatly appreciate this option even if they gave no bonuses. Easy to implement and I'm sure quite a lot of life skills fans might be interested to buy the cash shop item required to turn them into costumes.
  18. Hey BDO Team,
    I've recently made a Musa character, bought the awakening set and dyed it black and gold and he looks sick. Being able to customize my character and make him look super badass is a huge incentive for me to keep playing this game. I am sure others feel the same way. However I feel like the helmet could be better. 
    I am suggesting a helmet similar to the helmet of Lubu (see attached files lubu (1)-(4).jpg). Mainly it would have two long red feathers coming out to the top of the helmet/headdress. This is a historical helmet worn by Lu bu, a mighty legendary warrior from China, the BDO fans in Asia would probably love this. I know that there already exists two helmets with a single feather and I've tried them both as well but they don't fit well with the rest of my armor. The reason why I am suggesting this particular helmet is because it gives a feeling of strength as if I was the General of an army whereas the other helmets make me feel like a mere soldier. That being said I would be happy if you just released the helmet.
    Nevertheless, if you decide to make a outfit set with the helmet that would be awesome too. In that case I would also suggest, if possible, to change the appearance of the crescent blade to a halberd weapon. 
    Let me know what you think,

  19. Hi first to all.
    So if posible some on to put on market for RANGER ! Cavaro WEAPON & OUTFIT PREMIUM box i will be greatful !!!
    Becous to weit 7 Days is so Enoing , I steel weiting in  (EU) Surver so if some on make thise  dream come true i will like to give my silvers tnx . Till now i see so many people who post they Outfit's but aways for different classes ...
    So if some on read thise massage and  is ready to help and don't be a hater ore troller i wish to do it now tnx for the time !

  20. I was wondering if i could buy a musa oufit with my ninja then transfer it to a musa?
  21. I would like to know why we just cant trade our Founder outfits in for Musa/Maehwa and Ninja/Kunoichi?
    Share your suggestions
  22. So the outfit box selling in marketplace is right now at a price between 1500-1650 silver and no one is selling it because of this. Please fix this fast.

  23. Hi!
    I really wish it was possible to mix-match outfits (with the same stats) without losing set-effect. I think it would be awesome to be able to use different pieces from different set or in-game items and put them together.
    So if the set-effect could be "equipping 3 or more parts with same bonus will trigger the set effect"? Something along those lines.
    Then there is some in-game items which i also barely get to use, simply because i would have to give up the +10% xp. 
    We currently have the option to buy a coupon to transform in-game armor/look so we can equip it as a outfit, but then this should count toward the 3-piece effect. Basically paying to transform it into a pearl item costume. I would wish we could do the same for items like santa hat and fox mask ect.
  24. With the awakening for Maehwa, I've found that her flashy red colors, which worked great with her abilities before, do not match her new ice skills. This led me to dyeing her armor.
    I found that the red moon armor has a large picture on the front that can not be dyed. It is a dark red, which decreases the colors that match for the rest of the outfit.
    If possible, it wouldn't hurt to go back and revisit a few of these older outfits to have more dye locations.

  25. Salut !
    Je comptais profiter des soldes pour m'acheter un outfit, toutefois un petit détail me perturbe.
    Jouant musa, je voulais me procurer le set des frontières ouest d'éveil, celui-ci coûte 2720 perles.
    Or, si j'achète le set d'arme et d'armure à 1760 puis le munshido a 720 cela fait revenir le coût de l'opération a 2480 perles au lieu de 2720.
    Pourquoi une telle différence ? Est ce simplement une faille du système ou est ce volontaire ?
    D'ailleurs, le prix du costume seul est de 1760 perles et celui du set et d'armure est égallement de 1760, pourquoi ?
    Merci par avance