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  1. Anyone have pictures yet of the new crafted costumes added this patch?
  2. So what's the dealio with the hat covering the player's face with this outfit? The brim comes down from the top of the head down to the chin. What in the what? Is this a glitch??
    If this is somehow deliberate, it's a real head scratcher. Apart from the roleplay aspect of this where you wonder how-in-the-fark your player can see anything, there's an equal what-the-fark OOC aspect which is that it hides your characters face. Character creation/customization is something that BDO does really well. It's what makes characters unique. So why undermine it? We want to be able to see those faces!
    Can this be fixed (if broken) or changed, especially considering they are pearl items and cost real money? A hat sits on a head, not on a face.  At least in America.
  3. hey. so to get the attack speed/ Casting speed +1 i have to pay 1.5k to look ugly in Jordine outfit. cud atlest put the jordine outfit in one of the Sub armor slots that is not taken. also maybe lower the price ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) also dose this not count as P2W ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) as i have to pay for some good ingame stats.

  4. http://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/ninja-chungho/
    when will add this outfits?
    please add this
  5. Hi! I'm looking to bye some Valkyrie outfits? Mainly the Kylia outfit set with weapons, but honestly anything would work as long as it's both the outfit and weapons ....If you are selling some, please let me know and I'll buy it off you first! I tried asking in game but no luck there...IDK where else to ask? IDK if this is the right place...so sorry if it's not
    Update - I got it!
  6. I would like to suggest tradable pearl outfits. Just like selling pearl outfits on the marketplace but the difference is that you can sell directly to a player. The transaction will be similarly tax deducted like how it is in the marketplace and also depending on the area they trading in because of guild control of the territory. Also, the price would also be the same and controlled by the marketplace.
    An idea to prevent gold selling to make silver tradable for pearl outfits would be that the pearl outfit would have to be offered first and then silver would be allowed to be offered.  If the pearl outfit is removed, then the other player's silvers offer would be removed from the trade as well. The silver cannot be offered first if there are no pearl outfits.
    Lastly, to minimize scamming, a confirmation window to show what player 1 is offering and what player 2 is offering.
    I am suggesting tradability of pearl outfits with the same system that the marketplace uses but without the RNG because you are purchasing directly from the person. It can be an additional option apart from selling only to the market.
  7. hey guys just a lowly pleb here wanting to give my ideas on the ayo outfit maybe make the mask able to be toggled on and off with the visor option also toggle the tail on and off with the cape option, would be really nice options to add.
  8. Post on Gear appearance question in General

    By yout2, posted
    The last time I played black desert was about 8 months ago. The main reasons I quit was. Free costumes, sets, cosmetics where awfully plain and to be honest stupid. The only good looking cosmetics where locked behind a hefty cash wall. I think it was 30 dollars for 1 outfit. My question is this. Did they either add new free cosmetics (costumes / outfits) in the game, I do not mind grinding for rare drops or rep or what ever else as long as its only time I am spending. Or make outfit's cost less then 3 copy's of black desert? (30 dollars) If I am going to spend time in an mmorpg I bought I would like to be able to look decent without paying an arm and a leg for cosmetics.
  9. First of let me say, i am not a Feminist nor whatever the counter part is, i am simply just noting and bringing attention to some aspects of this game that are very unfair (in my opinion) and How there are a lot of aspects that are available for the females and not the males.
    First off we have the obvious gender locked classes, Tamer, Sorceress, Ranger, Valkyrie, And there is no definitive proof but the new Dark Elf race, i will bet money that its Females only too. This sucks for those of us who want to play these classes but cant because of the gender lock, and want to be able to have immersive play that being forced to play one gender or the other break. (now you could say valk is the warrior counter part so that one is iffy)
    Secondly in a recent patch the females got new hair styles, the male characters received none, as well as the females have hair sliders to alter the hair in many ways, the males don't get that either? 
    Females in the pearl shop have more head/face/eye accessories than most male classes if not all, as well as they have infinitely more underwear options, now I am not privy to staring at dudes in underwear but I mean but either way.
    And lastly, recently there was a armor set "Bolyn" This features a 1 piece outfit which i find absurdly stupid in the first place, just like the Aegis set, its infinitely irritating you cant use a different helmet all you can do is toggle it off same with bolyn BUT the female version comes with their form of "helmet" allowing them to mix and match or toggle off and use your mask if your Ninja/Kuno
    Now its not game breaking by any means but its very unfair and i would like to see some of these things changed eventually sooner rather than later because it would be nice if this game could have a little equality in it in some way or another, i mean if you do these things for one class or gender why not the other gender? is it really that hard to give the males new hair or hair sliders when you give the females that stuff?
    Thoughts Opinions? 
  10. Hello,
    Can we please have outfits similar to BD9 for all classes? I realize a cannon makes a lot of sense in a futuristic appearance but I am certain you can make any weapon look futuristic. If it takes too much from immersion, maybe make the weapons look like something the ancient civilization would make. 
  11. Post on BOUND OUTFITS in Suggestions

    By holomovement, posted
    Is it possible to do something with outfits we've grown tired of that are now bound to character? Perhaps not sell them on the Market, but at least break them down into materials or something? I have a few outfits that im bored of and probably will never wear again. Also feels a little sour that we can just buy them for a mere 20m silver now. Can we do something about old outfits gathering dust in the wardrobe?
  12. I've been trying to figure this out, how do I sell my outfits on the marketplace? Does the item still have to be unused? Also is it possible to sell individual pieces?
  13. Since the last patch the dyes on my main weapon and offhand weapon (Order of the Apricot) have been removed and are no longer available to dye. The equipment part selection options are no longer there for the main and offhand weapons. I am not the only one with this issue as I've asked others and they are experiencing the same issue. On the Camo outfit I am able to dye the weapons so it seems to be only certain costumes may be effected by this. Is there any word on if the devs are aware of this issue and are going to be resolving this soon? Who else is having this issue? Listing what costume/outfit in your comment would be helpful (even if you are not having the issue). In the screenshot below, I have clicked on the costume's weapon and as you can see the equipment part selection option is empty as though I had never clicked anything.
  14. Honestly, one of the largest reasons I haven't bought anything from the cash shop is theres nothing I like, and don't get me wrong.. I like a nice pair of boobs as much as the next person. But honestly I don't see why we are still in the situation where every outfit for every female needs to have some sort of cleavage window, or miniskirt. It's the main reason I made a blader class, because I actually get armour that looks like armour.
    If there were actually more choices I would have probably already sank some money into this game, and I actually have to agree with the saying "Black desert online, the game where the NPCs look better than you" and that sucks because I really am loving this game, I love the world it's in.
    And yes, I know theres probably already a few posts on this subject already but I don't see the harm in adding to the pile.
  15. Been wondering, why can't we purchase the body and the pants separately for most (all?) outfit sets?
    I understand that these're designed together in terms of looks, but you should leave players to experiment for themselves, especially if they're willing to pay for the items.
    I personally find myself frequently wanting to buy certain armor tops for my sorceress, but never do cause it basically changes the entire outfit, so I'm still running around in my Lumic...
  16. I LOVE this game. I LOVE the Valkyrie and other lightweight, quick classes. But why, praytell, do they all have this stereotypical female "no protection" armor (with some minor exceptions)??
     Most of them MUST wear those aweful looking highheels with EVERY outfit, no way around it, its part of the class. Furthermore many of the Valkyrie and other classes outfits are either dirndles or short dresses. That gets boring very quickly and leaves much to be desired. Also why arent they allowed to have any kind of visible helmet... why is there even a hide funktion if its even there in the first place?? I dont get why the players get so limited on how their character looks. I mean, there ARE nice female armors in the game. Look at Maewa.... the charater is great, well balanced and quite customizable. I feel like there should be more cosmetic options, especialy more and differing outfits. I mean... its a 30€-50€ game. And the stock underwear is made extra plain and ugly, to basicly force you into cashop? Thats no fun and not fair at all. Please dont run this game into the ground with cheaping out on the players. I love it way too much T~T ... and give me my strong female valkyrie O__O i neeeeeeeeeed it
  17. Hello! I would love, if it was possible, to view what parts of each outfit are dye-able in the Cash Shop, before purchasing, so I can decide more if it's worth it or not. I like the Kyrill outfit, but I want to make sure the pink is dye-able and the gold gloves/shoes are dye-able.
  18. If you agree with this, make sure to vote/like/comment to help it reach Daum & Pearl Abyss.
    DISCLAIMER This thread is NOT about prices. DISCLAIMER
    TL;DR Pseudo-account-wide Skins & Dying Outfits works like Contribution Points.
    Link to Reddit: Click Here
    I believe the current model behind Outfits and Dyes is costing the developers a lot of profit, mostly due to "redundancies" that punish players without a business upside.
    This game is amazing and deserves a lot more popularity, but the current business model may alienate a lot of players.
    All of the below suggestions are meant to benefit both the players and the developers.
    I'll get right to the solutions and then explain where the above statement is coming from:
    1 - When you buy a "Skin" for a character, that character gains access to all Skins of the same Slot (*) owned by your Family (and their respective bonuses).
    Mechanically, when you buy a "Skin" for a character, 2 things happen:
    a) - That "Skin" is unlocked in a Family-Wide "Collection".
    b) - That character gains access to all Skins of the same Slot (*) in your "Collection".
    (*) Slot = Weapon (Primary, Secondary), Outfit (Armor, Gloves, Helmet, Shoes), Underwear, Eyewear, etc
    - Your Witch has the Kibelius Armor Set (without Weapon) and your Valkyrie has the Karlstein Full Set (with Weapon).
    This grants your Witch access to all the Armor Skins, and your Valkyrie access all the Armor & Weapon Skins in your Collection.
    If you get your Witch a Weapon Skin, it is added to the Collection, and the Witch also gains access to all the Weapon Skins in your Collection.
    - If you then buy Guillie Suit for your Ranger, now all 3 characters have access to all Armor & Weapon Skins in your Collection.
    1.1 - This still means that if you want X characters to have an Outfit, you need to buy at least X Outfits.
    However, as you buy more Outfits, you increase both a) the number of characters with Outfits, and b) the number of Outfits each of those characters has access to.
    1.2 - How can they possibly make more money from this? They lose money!
    It may seem at first glance that Daum loses money from this change, by no longer selling each "utility costume" multiple times, but that's a falacious thought process, because the entire game already encourages players to have 1 fisher, 1 horse trainer, 1 cook, 1 alchemist, etc, and most if not all of these can be done by the same character, therefore making players go against the intended - focus all their investment on 1 character, and avoid spending money on other characters.
    The only "utility" costume that can potentially be worth having more than 1 of in your entire Family, is the Guillie Suit, but even that is unlikely, unless a player is willing to change mains after having invested a lot of money into the previous main(s).
    Q & A:
    2 - Make Dyes work like the Dye Preview / Contribution Points when used on Outfits/Costumes - No UI changes needed!
    Dyes would no longer be "consumed" when used on Outfits/Costumes, but if you want 5 parts of your gear to have a particular Dye, you would still need to own 5 Charges of that Dye.
    Applying and removing Dyes from Outfits would work EXACTLY like when you press J and preview the Dyes, which is similar to how Contribution Points work (invest/withdraw).
    2.1 - A new consumable item could be added to the Store, which adds a "charge" to a Dye you already own, making it so that you only have to "beat the RNG" when hunting for your desired Dye once.
    2.2 - When used on normal armor, dye is consumed (because you can sell the armor).
    Q & A:
    3 - Make every Mount/Wagon/Boat Outfit you purchase available to all your vehicles/mounts (even Horses connected to your Wagons).
    Not only can you only use one Mount or vehicle of each type at a time, they are shared with all your characters.
    Currently, a) most players that bother buying a Mount/Wagon/Boat outfit, will only buy 1 and share that Mount/Vehicle with all characters; and b) I never see players with Mount outfits on more than 1 of their wagon horses.
    If these outfits became "mount-wide", you'd simply make more players interested in buying them, and more players likely to buy more than 1 Mount Outfit.
    Players would love the opportunity to have all 4 horses of a wagon match in style, but 8000 Pearls for that? Good luck
    Reasons behind the above suggestions:
    A) - Currently, each purchase you make feels like a commitment, and is prone to buyer's regret.
    You buy an outfit, you buy dyes, and you try to get everything perfect with the money you spent.
    Getting a new outfit for the same character becomes less and less appealing the more you spend on Dyes for the first Outfit.
    As a result, current Dye/Outfit purchases devalue further Dye/Outfit purchases! It's a self-destructive business model.
    My suggestions do the opposite:
    Whenever you buy a new Outfit, you know that all present and future characters that own at least 1 Outfit will have access to it.
    Whenever you get a new Dye (or additional Quantity for an owned Dye), all characters will have access to it forever.
    As a result, as you purchase Dyes, Outfits and even Character Slots, you stack more value into future purchases!
    B) - A large source of players comes from popular games that feature account-wide benefits all over the place, from mounts to transmog.
    C) - Altoholic players are a thing. These players are most likely used to account-wide features and are greatly discouraged from investing money into a game that features character-bound cosmetics and/or one-time use stuff.
    This kind of player may even go to the extent of buying 1 outfit per character. But with the current system, most likely won't buy a 2nd outfit for any of his characters.
    My change removes any fear/reservation, as buying an 11th outfit for one of your 10 characters will make it available for all of them.
    D) - Daum doesn't lose any money from this.
    Whatever dream scenario Daum may have in mind where players spend lots of money because of all the character-bound and one-time use items, is simply impossible to realize on a large scale.
    Surely some players may be able/willing to invest money "despite it", but many/most aren't/won't, and are actually discouraged from spending at all "because of it".
    By making every purchase retroactively increase the value of previous and future purchases, players who already spend a lot of money will keep doing so, all players are more likely to spend more money, and a lot of players are more likely to start spending money at all - it becomes a snowball of positive effects for both Players and Daum.
    The game has enough quality on its own to encourage people to support it, but a lot of the business methods used by Daum is actually scaring many players away or holding them back.
    I think the above suggestions fix this in a way that has amazing results for both Daum and Players, and most importantly - requires minimal changes to the game itself.
    If you agree with this, make sure to vote/like/comment to help it reach Daum & Pearl Abyss.
  19. Anyone know where I can craft/buy the processor's clothing because I can't seem to find it in the crafting mill.
    I'm pretty sure it exists ingame because just yesterday I saw someone walking around in it and it's in the bdofasion website.
    Cheers for the help in advanced.
  20. Most of the female classes now have 6 outfits available in the US/EU version, but the Witch only has 3 (none of which I personally like).  A perfect example is with the Maehwa/Musa Update, all the female classes got the Atanis Outfit except the Witch.  I love the class, but I'm starting to feel like maybe the game designers don't!  Please provide us witches with more purchase options, and I'll spend more money supporting this fun game.
  21. So am I the only one who missed this?
    apparently daum released THE perfect outfit for samurai roleplay!!! And it is not for the ninja.
    In my opinion this is so smart as many musa players identify more with samurai than obscure korean warriors.
    check it out:
  22. Allow me to first say that I get it. I get that not everyone wants their female characters to look believable, I get that not everyone is bothered by high heels on supposedly capable fighters, I get that runaway catwalk models make more money for Pearl Abyss than genuine combatants.
    All I ask is at least a single outfit for each female class that doesn't show skin, and doesn't have high heels. It doesn't even have to be realistic, it can have as many feathers and counterproductive ornamentation as you like, I just want something that one can rationalise.
    I ask mostly for the sake of the Valkyrie class and the RP community. By it's nature, RP requires suspension of disbelief in the world you're essentially doing improv acting in, and speaking at least for myself the already incredibly limited amount of customisation available renders it almost impossible to be visually distinct and still maintain that suspension of disbelief. And it is only worse for the Valkyrie class, which doesn't have a single option for people who can't ignore the heels. And really, why should we be required to ignore the heels?
    So, yes. I'm not asking for a majority of sensible armour, I'm not even asking necessarily for multiple sets (though that would be nice, nudge nudge wink wink), I only ask for a single outfit for each female class that can be easily rationalised as being worn by a fighter.
    Or, you know, a seperate slot so the appearance of the profession outfits can be worn over your actual gear, if that's easier. Which it probably is.
  23. Hello, i am thinking in buying an outfit but does that mean that i'd still have to use a change appearence coupon even after i purchase it? would that mean it only unlocks the option to select that particular outfit
    What's the difference between costumes and outfits?; if i buy a costume do i have to pay for a coupon to put it on or off?
    Is there a way to hide underwear or tights?
  24. Post on Dye color ideas in Suggestions

    By Halfstone, posted
    I have four suggestions for the dye system.
    1) I'm having a hard time with the dye system as it stands. Each random dye I buy I only get one use, and it is extremely expensive to try and get a decent color scheme together, I suggest each dye have 5 uses that way it's still random, but you have a chance to dye one part of the four pieces of armor, and one of a shield or weapon. 
    2) There should be a standard set of colors that either can be crafted, or can be bought at a vendor. The color selection should look pretty standard on most items, without being to garish. i suggest dark muted colors, or pale versions of those colors that are naturally very bright. 
    3) There should be a yellow only random color set to buy, or a yellow to bright orange set. 
    4) There should be a metallic color set to buy, colors that look good on armor, shields, weapons, and other accoutrements. 
  25. Hello,
    I don't know if there are any other players feeling the same, but i don't like the costumes in the Pearl Shop. At least not for Wizard, because that's what i'm playing right now.
    So I understand that every armor in this game looks basically the same, no change on enchant, no high lvl looks. At 50 with armors +15 and u look like a lvl 1 char. But OK, let's move past that. Day after day grinding, processing, fishing, etc. in the same rugs, gets to you, until u can't take it anymore, so you go to the Pearl Shop to get a cool costume and surprise! Feather outfits, Maomao outfit, Wild West looking outfit (Karlstein) for Wiz? Really? Come on!  If i don't wanna look like a clown, what other option do you have? New costumes for Wizard maybe?
    So i see this cool costume for Warrior:

    Why can't the Wizard have something as cool as this, let's say:

    What do you think?