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  1. Post on How is the game P2W in General

    By Darkuek, posted
    people keep saying in general chat that the game is p2w, how is the game pay 2 win.
  2. Post on Valks Cry? Pls no in General

    By Valkrys, posted
    Err, can any of the devs comment on if this is a translation issue or you guys are actually doing this? @CM_Aethon @CM_Oli @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura

  3. Coining a new term.
    this is brought on by the fact that only people ever -----ing about the game being "p2w" are the new people and casuals that think level 56 with 350gs is end game.
    GL trying to p2w and catching up to anyone that even pretends to not be a casual. Not only will it cost you between $1100-$2200 per piece of TET BiS I also garrenty you won't win the bid because people are bidding 3x and 4x what the item says it lists for and are sitting there 12 hours a day sniping then off AH if they don't go to bid.
    I should say except for carry weight. That shits p2w can't get that 450 weight any other way then opening the old wallet. 
  4. I don't mind the normal system that you've gotta put just a tiny bit of money into the game to get pets that loots for you, it's convenient. But @#&*! are T4s pet impossible to get, they're a huge money sink. Not only are they REAL useful, they are REALLY expensive. 
    I've fused 2x T3s together and have gotten 1x T3 every single time. That is 25$ each try that goes directly to the trash.  I've done it 3 times and still didn't get a single T4. I've had my dose, this is retarded. I don't mind putting a couple dollar in the game, hell, I wouldn't mind putting 40-80$ a month if that's the only thing I play, but this right here is ridiculous. This is not Black Gamble Online, it's an MMORPG.
  5. As some of you are coming about, that time of year, I was curious about what we get for a reward.
    My Guild was created 03/16/2016 we are not the first however we are an Original Launch Guild
    I am wondering dear ol' staff what the game has in store as a reward for us 
    we get rewards for days online but the guild? 
    I suggest a skill reset for the Guild
    Please let me know as I know others I have asked are asking the same question
    @GM Felaxus
    @GM_Axion  @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytyes @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura

  6. Due to the severe demand for these items I would like to start a petition to increase the silver prices for these items. Value Packs-> 18,000,000 silver and Pets to 12,000,000 silver.
    We need more incentive for cash players to choose to sell these items. The demand is never ending. Thank you!
  7. am returning player, got this with very first virgin 2 tries ezpz
    wen u enchant, go all in or fk off bb.
  8. A rank one house is when your decoration points have the most in your server, having a rank one gives you the ability of, 1 being able to invest in banks and 2 it lets you pick up crates with a lot of contents and a lot of values. this however is something that is not limited nor can be obtained by people that have spent money in the game. I speak in behave of people that can't even pay 10$ in the game that this feature in the game is indeed pay to win, i would like kakao games to make something about this, it shouldn't be taking the feature out of the game but rather make it more open for other people as well to get it, like top 100 or top 1000 houses. it is unacceptable that even spending up to 150$ doesn't even get you in the top 100... kakao games fix.
  9. Edit: Finally added PEN and Valks. And  please dont see this post as an endorsement of the Cash Shop or Enhancement system. I have alot of strong words in my vocabulary that i would apply to both of them, however it doesnt change the fact, that it would be hard to objectivly prove, that BDO is P2W (as far as combat gear is concerned)
    Im strongly against the current Enhancement system in BDO past DUO and the amount of sheer luck that is needed instead of skill. However there are people that believe, that Artisans Memory significantly make the system easier and are totally P2W and i tend to try support/disprove arguments that are repeated over and over without actually backing those up, especially when it can be done by just using Math.
    tl:dr; The financial effect of using Artisans Memory at full TET level is about 28% and will result in about 7 extra AP (if invested in AP items). This is an additional 7 AP for a character already past 225. AP scales linear so that is less than 7/225 ~ 3.1% extra damage. Which is barely enough to even reliably measure let alone be a game changer (aka P2W). Class imbalance and broken skills have a much bigger impact (especially considering most awaken skills will 1-shot anyway at these levels). The higher the base AP of players the smaller this effect becomes.
    Long Version (includes Math):
    As a reference i used the tables i build from the known Enhancement data especially the AP optimizer ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WzAeIFslcWhZ-TudUTrvt4S6ejGF8Uo5FwVqNivfHK0/edit#gid=235799584 )
    Upgrading Armor/Weapons to Tri while not very pleasent is an achiveable goal for most players, even casual. That is about 185 AP and will cost you on average less than 1.5b.
    Enhancement past TRI gets pretty nasty and this is where alot of people think that Artisans Memory make a huge difference financially and even allow selling TET and higher items for profit on the market to gain even more of a financial advantage. I will show that that is not the case. I will also address Valks (which are not in yet) but people have asked for them and also claim that the enhancement system was designed with Valks in mind. I will show that that is also not the case.
    I will focus on BiS gear: Kzarka, Dande, Nouver(because it has the most raw AP, Khutum costs the same), Boss Armor (not including Rednose). These eat the most Fragments and the effect of Artisans would be the biggest there.
    Full TET:
    227229.5Kzarka TETDandelion TETNouver TETSerap DUOShultz TRIWitch Earring TRIWitch Earring TRIMoS TRIMoS TRIAverage Craft prices:
    Dandelion, Kzarka and Nouver TET @ 1,543,415,771
    Boss Armor x4 @ 1,380,540,053
    total ~10.15b for items where Artisans can help
    Serap DUO @ 730,023,371
    Shultz TRI @ 216,077,807
    2x Witch Ear TRI @ 622,331,562
    2x MoS TRI @ 498,943,821
    total ~3.19b for items where Artisans do not help
    Total gear cost: 13.34b
    So how much can Artisans can save you here? For that we need to calculate how many Memory Fragments are needed on average to reach TET level.
     +0 -> DUO: 5.6 + 7.5 + 9.8 + 12.4 + 18.7 + 23.1 + 28.1 + 32 +12.2 + 27 = 176.4
    DUO -> TRI: 29.5 + 3 * 27 = 110.5
    TRI -> TET: 41.1 + 4.1 * 110.5 = 494.15  (This is number is why i despise the current system, regardless of P2W aspects)
    Total: 781 Memory Fragments needed for 1 weapon.
    Boss Armor:
    +0 -> DUO: 5.6 + 10 + 10 + 9.8 + 12.4 + 14.6 + 18.7 + 23.1 + 28.1 +32 + 13.5 + 27.8 = 206 (Edit: forgot 5.6 MF here)
    DUO -> TRI: 30.9 + 3.1 * 27.8 = 117
    TRI-> TET: 42.7 + 4.3 * 117 = 545.8
    Total: 869 for 1 armor piece.
    Full set: 781 MF * 3 + 869 MF * 4  = 5,819 MF
    When using Artisans Memories: 1940 MF + 1940 MF * 40 $ / 100 MFp$ = 1940 MF + 776$ while saving roughly 2.9b in MF.
    This is a significant saving, which puts selling costumes to shame. So in a way people claiming that you can save billions by using Artisans are absolutely right.
    But how much of a difference is that actually? Lets go back to the total gear cost we had 13.34b. That means a CC warrior using Swipe can get that same gear for 10.44b or roughly 28% higher silver efficiency. This still sounds like alot so lets check how much net AP that can yield: Looking at the AP optimizer we can see, that 3.7b (2.9b * 1.28) starting at 229 EA_AP will get you to a little under 236 EA_AP. Which is an extra 7 AP and since it has been shown that AP scales linear it translates into roughly 3% extra damage all for the bargain price of over 770$. 3% extra damage is less than class imbalance, 1shot awakening skills, broken grabs, desync problems and can often be gained by simply stacking another AP buff if one desires (or by having luck with the enhancement system).
    So how about those people selling TET gear for profit? Crafting a TET Dande would save them 2/3 * 781  * 750k = 390m. So craft cost 1.153b instead of 1.5b. When you see market prices of 1.2b and less for these items even people that are challenged by Math can see, that there is no (other than luck based) profit here. It gets much worse for PEN.
    Conclusion: Using Artisans Memories can save a significant amount of money, yes even billions. However it is still not enough to sell TET+ BiS items for profit and when the saved money is invested in gear upgrades the gameplay effect is negligible, even tho 7 AP seems to be alot. Once PEN levels are reached that advantage becomes even smaller. At 260 AP it is down to a single AP. (full PEN further down)
    Since defining P2W differes from person to person i suggest instead of a yes/no system we rate P2W on the ratio of whales to nolifers in the top end spectrum PvP/PvE wise.
    100% P2W games include for an example: Atlantica Online (played myself for years, whales will have more than twice the damage, hitpoints etc, its litterally impossible to win) and the trash that r2games hosts on their site. I have not engaged enough in the P2W aspects of lots of other games (even tho i played dozens in the last 18 years), because i am a filthy casual and i dont care much about the top end spectrum which is either dominated by whales or nolifers and i cant compete with either anyway. Based on the above definition i would be surprised if BDO even reached as high as 10% P2W, because every aspect of its cash shop system can easily be made up by spending significant amount of time on the game, so nolifers should still massivly outnumber whales when it comes to top Tier.
    Calculation for PEN (a little over 1% extra damage for 2491$):
    Valks (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WzAeIFslcWhZ-TudUTrvt4S6ejGF8Uo5FwVqNivfHK0/edit#gid=1806222800): 
    Valks offer roughly 1% per Valks (up to 10%) savings for a single item. Since upgrading your gear at TET+ levels requires multiple re-upgrades or full replacements the total amount of Valks is somewhat difficult to calculate however the cap is roughly 10% in savings. This is less than AMs but does stack. Overall at PEN levels you would approach around 28% extra silver efficiency again (higher at TET), which was shown to not make a big impact AP wise.
  10. Hey everyone,
    I've been diving for almost 45 to the same spot just to get a quest objective. The quest is called The First Sailboat Bound to Margoria. It's the quest after you've killed 60 pirates. Now when I'm diving to the quest marker WITH Agile Seal Elixir I still don't have enough time to get to the marker or even any chance to search the around the shipwreck for what to inspect. Could any one show me exactly what I'm looking for here? And what can I do to increase my time underwater to search it if I have to. I can't even get close to the bottom without automatically going back up again.
    Thanks in advance!
    Video of what I mean. 
    PS the barrels don't do a think and on top of that I barely make it that deep.. 
    PSS apperently there are gems for boots that allows you to dive longer. Be sure to grab them... Silly me..
  11. I might be wrong, but here goes... my argument excludes pets because pets are too useful and effective (Pleaseee release ocean update so I can spend my time getting T3 pets from golden chests)

    People do play BDO and work (I know cuz' ppl say they do without saying they lie) Working cuts out your time allotted to play and get better at the game (this means learning how to deal with other players, mobs, how to farm effectively, research, messing around so that you can bring yourself to grind for 4 or more hours non-stop [ONLY BREAK NO STOP] and much much more, BDO is a huge game).

    Let's assume you spend 1200$ at 20% off buying value packs because Christmas bonuses are a thing I've heard and I REALLY want a value pack) You do this because you want to pay to win the game, you are a bad person! You bad person you! You sell 100 value packs at rounded up to 10m (because I am bad at maths) YOU JUST MADE 1Billion SILVER!!!!!!!!!! YOU WIN BDO

    Not really, here is why. you just gave 100 people 30% more income from the market place for 30 days and 10% value on their grinding time for experience some of these players are hardcore players who don't spend money on games because they do not have excess or are simply Neets who  need a new video card (440 GE-FORCE please halp...) who play for 8 hours a day or more instead of working 40 hours a week.

    If you want to talk costumes I make the same argument 10% experience gain plus other stuff, exchanging 30% from marketplace for vanity. YES for costumes!!

    Pets are indispensable so can someone spend 50,000$ on pets so that I can win 10 bids (I really want t3 hawks plzz)

    What I think people mistake, since you can never win a bid, is that when someone pays to win, they are at best simply paying to recover the time they could not spend on the game because they were working, they only do this they like the game and want to stay relative in the game because this game is competitive, and that is why WE PLAY SO FREAKING MUCH, we want to get good, and no amount of silver can make up for the experience and skills that you developing from actually investing yourself in the game and doing your best. That goes for people who put a few or a bunch of items in the Marketplace and who pick up a few or a bunch of items from the cash shop for themselves. The cash shop increases the value of your time and in my opinion that sucks, but game needs to live (P.S. please don't make things that cannot go to market like maid and fish costumeee). If you don't have pets the value of your time goes down, I think the more people who can get pets, the better, all game time should be of equal value in my opinion (P.S. Capitalism sucks)
    I honestly think that being able to buy cash items for silver is a REALLY GOOD THING (don't hurt me) I am vain in games, I want costumes. I don't like to spend a lot of money on games for personal reasons... yeah... paying 20-50$ is pretty reasonable to be since BDO is a great game and if you have not already, you really should get 3 pets and earrings and a maid costume.
    I would say that more than 1% of all items listed are asked to be listed by players in channel chatPearl tab of market is empty and is always empty so people clearly appreciate the help that people give by selling pearl itemsPearl items are price capped (Good work high-five!! Please fix normal market price caps too)Value of items is less than 1$ per 2 million silver and I would trade all my silver for money at half that rate if there were a game supported way to do it (90% of you would do the same [ADMIT IT!!!]Thank you for supporting both the game developers and players by using the cash shop, you rock! (POST 100 value packs please, or more. I think my luck requires at least 500 listed)
  12. Hello Gamers world wide, I have a member of my group who recently suffered a stroke, he is trying to play mouse and keyboard 1 handed and still is a gamer
    I have seen these but is it mouse and keyboard? and would it work

    I have also seen this sadly not out yet

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    looking for mouse and keyboard combined solutions left handed
    I reached out to these guys and i hope to have a decent answer 
  13. Post on Value pack in General

    By nonless, posted
    I feel like without having value pack make me play less or even quit because its huge advantage and not every ppl have 20e spend every month.
    Impossible get from marketplace, There should be way to get value pack by playing. even it takes days to farm it..quest?daily, weekly  or smt.
  14. Post on So, this game is p2w? in General

    By NotDan, posted
    They added rng boxes in Aion that give best in slot gear, without mention that the ONLY WAY to get "Pen" accessories in that game is by swapping your credit card in the cash shop... and there are still people who complains about BDO being the most "p2w" game of the history LOL.
  15. Post on Will BDO stick around? in General

    By vishstix, posted
    Hello im a returning player and I was wondering If BDO is dying. I know with the server merge the world does still feel alive. I was gone for about 3 months and I am extremely behind on gear and I feel like I wont be able to catch up any time soon. I do enjoy the game but I do not want to invest so much time in catching up if the game is dying.
  16. I get more with just the Venecil Dress than with all 3 combined. 

    Venecil Dress: 1000 Cotton = 501 Cotton Yarn

    Venecil Dress + Alchemy stone + Craftsman Clothes: 1000 Cotton = 492 Cotton Yarn

    I get +7% with Alchemy Stone and processing success rate +3 with +2 Craftsman Clothes and Venecil Dress and I still get more with just the dress on. That's -----ed. ;(
  17. To start of I'd like to say that I love this game even though I haven't gotten to play it as much as I'd like. There are a few reasons for this which I haven't experienced first hand but have constantly heard about and that is BDO's end game. I hear a lot of people lack incentive to PvP / Dislike the idea of PvPing as people who grind a lot more have a huge edge over one who does not. I also know there lacks PvE type encounters who are avid in more popular MMOs like raids and dungeons and so on. Now I realize this probably wouldn't fit the style of BDO but I believe it's worth mentioning. I know that we have world bosses and other forms which I personally love doing myself. Lastly, as we all know; BDO is struggling with a reputation that has made is somewhat notorious in the eyes on MMO fans. Its' pay to win element. I realize that the pay to win isn't central by any means and it's mostly just speeding up grinding yet this can easily scare away many potentially interested people. I wanted to give the BDO devs my two cents on everything, even though I realize they probably have reasons as to why they haven't "fixed" this already and that there probably are problems arising to any solution. Yet I find that these were the absoloute biggest reasons as to why I don't, and many of my friends don't play anymore.
    Now how do I suggest we fix these things... 
    Firstly I believe we should fix how PvP currently works. I believe you could do so by largely decreasing the impact gear has on your general output (damage, healing) in a player versus player scenario. Let's say in open world. A person who plays 10 hours a day sees a player who plays 2 hours a day. In this scenario I believe you could make it so that the player who plays intensly could have a 2-5% edge over the one who plays more casually. Whilst in a clan war you could make it so that gear can give you a maximum of maybe twice that. Whatever feels the most fair to both the intense player and the casual one. Believe me, here in the west no one wants to grind nearly as much as in the east to stay relevant. Especially not considering how BDOs popularity is declining, making it even less acceptable to be a committing game. I realize the intense players probably will always want to have a huge edge over the casual one but you must stop catering to the 1%, only then may the game flurish. Maybe you could even limit grinding similarly to WoW where you can only get so far by playing so much. It is entirely up to you how you wish to implement this and still make it feel like Black Desert. ~I have no clue how to do it.
    Secondly PvE. I believe you should try to make the end game more centered around PvP as well, maybe have a consistent way of earning gear and rewards through fun encounters. World of Warcraft is currently doing this through a system where you have to beat the clock in "Mythic+". Basicly the idea is you beat a difficult dungeon on a certain tmie which has an increased difficult for every level and you inturn get rewards. If you beat it quick enough you may get even more rewards and the "key" you use to upgrade the dungeon difficulty (and by so rewards also) is upgraded by one level. This is probably the best attempt anyone has made so far at non-raiding PvE alternatives. I believe it would be great if you tried implementing it. 
    Thirdly. I believe you should completely get rid of any Pay to Win element remaining. Even the tiniest p2w element will kill your reputation, even if it really is barely a convenience the ignorant average Joe who looks at the game and sees P2W has huuuuge chance of instantly disliking the game and not giving it another chance. Obviously you need to make money somehow without a subscription, (and trust me I truely like the idea of no subscription! I believe it also will be worse for the players if you do get a sub system). I think you should try a VIP system similar to a lot of other Asian MMOs where you get small perks like bag space, lower prices on items and experience gain by paying once a month. I believe this would earn you a LOT more money than any sort of p2w item, and would also remove your p2w reputation entirely.
    If you made it this far down I'd like to thank you for reading and listening! ^^ If anyone has any suggestions as to why I am wrong, or how my ideas could be improved I'd love to hear it.
  18. I don't understand, this game is not free to play, why there are items like this in the shop:

    "Reset Skill Items" by the name of Partial Combat Skill Reset, All Combat Skill Reset and Awakened Skill Reset
    Suggestion: Remove it and add a "Skill Page System" instead where we can purchase extra pages in Cash Shop. Allowing us to switch skill trees on the fly for any occasion be it PvE or PvP for example.
    "Avatar Costumes" with status all of them.
    Suggestion: Remove the Status and adjust the price accordly. Like deduct 10€ from all purchases, since sets cost between 20€ to 30€ with an extra weapon skin.

     I though by buying the game we would not need such things has this 2 in the Cash Shop. I'm sure that anyone that strives for balance and sportsmanship agrees that we don't need this 2 types of items in the game.

    This two items comprise heavily this game in not making it to the eSports or making all players on equal ground, I think, correct me if I'm wrong.

    PS: Prices and Numbers can and should be adjusted according to how Dev's see fit, I'm not implying anything.
  19. After taking the jump from 400 > 1100 lt 
    I can safely say this is the only p2w item in cash shop.
    I don't mind doe, give us more purchaseable weight increase pls
    Vote yes because I'm right
    Vote no because it's p2w and you don't like p2w
  20. Over the past few months, various good suggestions on how to improve the game for US/EU have been made across the forums. What they have in common is that they have all been ignored, with the game instead being steadily fed the copy/paste content of KR with complete disregard for its EU/US playerbase. With these decisions in mind, I think we can stop the pretense of getting any sort of unique version and instead focus on how we can keep the competition going between players in a KR-style-environment. The answer to this is simple, it's full p2w. Before I elaborate the solution further, let me first describe the problem:
    As it is now, the game is pretty much 100% gear-carry, rewarding time-investment to the degree where the player who invests most hours into the game wins above everyone else by default. This is due to mindless grinding of easy PvE-mobs requiring no skill and having no restrictions (like diminishing returns). There is no way to compensate for it or to catch-up with it. Stuff like XP-boosts only play further into the hands of those who can invest the most hours. Hell, even rewards introduced for new players are abused by people with too much time on their hands leeching them across multiple servers and now getting them to carry over on merge. Even the currently very limited p2w cannot help here as silver prices on marketplace are too low and the weekly cap on selling too restrictive. Hell, with the social security system present in various EU countries, even an unemployed can still afford a little p2w. That together with the immense hours such a person can dump into the game make them by default the winner of BDO with no chance for anyone else to remain competitive. For anyone who attended world-bosses or grinded on a popular spot on a weekday during off-hours, it should be pretty obvious just how much this is an advantage over having to do so during evening times prime-time.
    In order for anyone unable to dump 12h a day into grinding, unable to have logged into multiple servers every day and leeched extra attendance rewards, unable to get easy world-boss kills and free grind-spots during the day, the only solution left is to catch up with p2w. For this to work, the p2w has to be full out, even beyond what KR currently has. In practice, this means:
    Bring on the valks cryPut boss weapon and armor bundles into the pearl storeIntroduce huge XP boost scrolls (like 1000% and more)Remove weekly sales restrictions on pearl store stuffRemove silver caps and let supply/demand do its workEven offer straight enchantment levels on gear, if the price is rightOn that last point, I very much imply that you can just as well put PEN gear into the store for whoever is willing to pay for it. The size of your account balance is the limit here really. Can't grind all day? No problem, flash your credit-card. Can't attend world bosses? No problem, flash your credit-card. Want to PvP without all the PvE chores? No problem, flash your credit-card.
    Lastly, for anyone about to comment about how this is "unfair", consider this: You could have used your inside-knowledge of the KR-version to be aware of the p2w there an that it would eventually come here, just like the server-merge. Yet even better, you could have known that money rules the world and have prepared for it accordingly. Instead of spending your time every day to grind sausans and log into the other servers to leech attendance rewards, you could have gone to work instead and made money and career. There is really no excuse now for not being able to p2w and only your laziness is to blame.
    Thank you for your consideration! Keep competition going in the game even with KR copy-paste content and with server-merges!
  21. Nothing new really, I just came back to this game after several months and forgot about it.
    Not only is it RNG, but its not ACTUALLY random; Darker shades are like 10x rarer than all the stupid blinding SNOW and SUNSHINE colors.
    Let's not even mention black, which is for some reason rare as -----. 
    There aren't even many colors on the marketplace, meaning the RNG is too shitty for whales to even try profiting.
    it's cheaper to get the clothes you want in real life.  How -----ed up is that.
    You know I'd pay like $50 for a permanent Merv's palette.  ----- it, $100.  I'd pay One Hundred of my EURODINEROS to look fabulous.
    Christ the gear is already an RNG nightmare, why did you have to taint cosmetics with it too.  Assholes.

  22. Every day we read the Game is dead, and no one plays well seems we have alot on the forums, so go back to work, or play the game
    I read many negative comments and threats everyday scaring new people away. its funny to be honest.
    every month there is something abused and banned ... they come and troll screaming to dad that mom grounded them,
    If you do the crime you will do the time, learn from your mistakes.
    move forward and grow up
    and the reason I am on here?
    am at work reading updates and trying to help new people who may have an actual interest in the game 
  23. Post on Did the game just die? in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    Did Edan server just die? I can log in and see my character but can't interact with anything then get booted, Just started awhile ago.
    West Coast, Canada, shaw network.
  24. so, As somebody who currently cant drop a whole lot on pearl shop personally, like many others, i had a idea.  As many Pearl item sellers have a limit of 5 items per week, could a system or idea be used to give some special rules to this?  for example, a point system.  You have 10 points worth of pearl items that can be placed on the pearl shop, with these 15 points, certain pearl shop items cost 2 points while others only cost 1.  example: costume sets = 2pts, pets = 1pts, premium costumes = 3pts.  this way, those who do sell for the reason of getting silver, they have some other options when selling pearl shop items.
    to be clear, IF this would be implemented it should not allow for more money to be made each week, but allow for a wider range and reason to sell other items then mainly premium sets.
    this is just my personal thoughts.
  25. Hi, I purchased 2 Calpheon Worker Lodging +2.
    I used them but I dont have extra lodging and I'd like to know why this is not working.