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  1. Shouldn't the game be barren by now?
    They are going to pull the trigger come Wednesday, so whats up?
    So many opening grinding spots
    Who wants a costume

  2. While I am against this bringing costumes to the marketplace idea, I have a possible solution. 
    Option 1:
    My overall idea would be to make 2 type of items in the Pearl shop. First would come the char bound version that applies only to one character on your account, this can also be the version that is sell-able on the marketplace.( this would also be a reduced rate from what it is being sold for)  The Second type would be an account wide costume that would apply for all characters on the account, could also be done by gender. All Male characters/ all female characters. 
    This while allowing everyone to have an account wide costumes, would reduce the price of the the costumes on the marketplace. effectively offering less of an incentive to sell that item purely to make silver but instead possibly doing it for the purpose they intended. 
    Option 2:
    Keep the costumes as is but if you are intending on selling pearl items, create another version of the costumes that last for a time period. 
    So there would be the normal character bound costumes that are permanent that can be bought by anyone for 2200-2900 pearls, but there would also be a version that is say half the pearls but only lasts for 15 days and is sell-able on the marketplace. 
    This will encourage/allow people to try out the costumes and then make a full purchase.
    This will also allow you Pearl Abyss to make a bit of money as it is clear that is what you want to do while also keeping the amount of these sold to a minimum. 
  3. If on Wednesday after the maintenance they implement the idea of being able to sell cash shop items on the marketplace for an incredible amount, let's say 30e for 100 million per costume.

    The end game content or way of gearing yourself up will be,

    1. Buy and sell costumes
    2. Go to night vendor with all characters
    3. Buy the gear you want if it appears
    4. Repeat all steps above until complete.
  4. So people are threatening to quit because of a p2w aspect.... Well first of all P2W is the ability to buy things that a free player can never get, not buying gear anyone can get over time. Now this generation of gamers and humans are pathetic, their goals in life is to be the best BUT not use any effort or skills to get there. They just want to get to the top doing whatever they can to make it so they can pea----- right (must mean p2wers). LOL no its you, you kids that go (google search - what is strongest class in pvp). Like all them kids did on LoL which lead to over 50% of the players maining the same old simplistic champions. P2W is just another part of that the only difference is YOU dont pay You just want to be op the free way brb rerolling. P2W will make it harder I agree, but gamers, well people like me play for the thrill, we play for fun to improve and reach the highest point we can reach, and when I get there I move on. I don't want to get on and be miles ahead because I play more or I live in my basement too long I want to fight to the top and I dont care who is in the way. If I die every fight until I get to the top then so be it, PvP doesnt influence the gear you get you can farm it all without any PvP at all and the grind is part of the fun, you worked for it. So oh no they will make an army of P2Ws and make a guild. ahhhhhhhh scury.... Really a bunch of people buy gear for a class they hardly played and band together to kill us all? How is that a threat? Yes they have the gear but thats only going to take you so far, all the negative players that p2w will leave after getting beat by someone who worked to get there I guarantee it. Even if such a guild is made then you start getting into real war tactics by creating and supporting alliances then back stabbing and crawling your way to the top. 
    Think about it there are people who pay to be in the movies people who are hired purely because they are rich or famous because of money they paid their way to the top that doesnt mean people will go HMMPH I DONT WANNA GET A JOB CAUSE HE PAID TO BE MANAGER QQ. When was the last time any of you worked for anything knowing you were at a disadvantage, and tell me those who did how many of you feel it was a waste of time or did you gain something from it. Did you pass them and make it to the top?
    Anyway if you are a new player you will start at the bottom regardless people will be better geared all p2w allows as slightly more of them and the only reason they will make some op guild powered by wallets is because your tears water the foundations of that plant to grow. Some of these P2W people will join friends not idiots that want to rules with money for every 1 that joins a guild like that 2 will enter a friendly guild working hard on making it to the top.
    I know its hard to follow me on this post I do suffer from aspergers and pieces of autism (hahahahahahaha) but even I can see the idiocracy of the people who are having some tantrum over something that isnt even an issue. Come speak to me when they say "oh we are releasing armor with 913247289207958 hp but its only p2w sorry" then I will wipe your tears. But for now get excited at the fact that players who arent willing to spend money can work hard to get the things they want, how in the world is that a bad thing. Start enjoying yourselves and the game, trust me you will get better and you wont even notice or care. But nobody and I mean NOBODY cares about how you can 1v5 because odds are the 5 had fun and all you did was out gear and slap your face on the keys fantisizing on how you will tell this story to your friends and how they will worship you.
    Stop copying off the negative marks that LoL left behind and remember the real purpose of games. Have a good day I look forward to you ganking me.
  5. Now im not here to discuss betrayal, game direction, ded game and what not. neither am i here to voice my opinion for or against the changes. I was just doing some calculations on how to get BIS gear through silver and just wanted to share some amateur numbers.
    so a few assumptions i make here.
    1. we get the KR Pearl => silver model. 100 mill for full costume
    2. Buying fully enchanted from AH is cheaper on average than Buying base from AH/NV and enchanting yoursellf *if someone can link me featherines calculations, ill be happy to amend this, include the numbers. i coujldnt find them :<*

    3. If i P2W i go for the best BIS gear available

    As of this moment 5pm CEST 6/8/16 on croxus. these were the Highest enchanted Items and their values i found on the AH.

    Tri Kazarka 703 mill
    TRI Liverto 369 mill
    TET Liverto 1150 mill
    TRI ultimate steel dagger  207 mill

    TRI giath 570 mill
    Duo Muskans 283 mill
    TRI Bhegs 570 mill
    TRI Hebet 656 mill

    2x Pri Whale M  2x 114 mill
    2x TRI Crescent guardian 838 mill
    DUO basilisk 454 mill
    Duo Ogre ring 743 mill

    so in total a full set of PRI/DUO/TRI/TET gear is costing 7,600 mill silver aprox.
    so if i earn 450ish mill from AH per week after tax and rebate from VP, I need to P2W for 17ish weeks
    17ish weeks of P2W will cost me 2550$...

    is 2550 dolla over 17 weeks even WORTH not even TET BIS gear?

    i dunno m9... i dunno.
  6. Ok they could just add vendor but ain't gonna happen so the idea is:
    Corrupted pearls - are a world drop similar to black stones (should probably also drop from gathering), could also be awarded from quests / events.
    Once a week you can do quest trading certain amount of corrupted pearls for <Box corrupted valuables>.  For example the could be quest for 50 100 or 200 pearls, bigger quest = more boxes/larger box but you can only do only one per week. The box would contain random sealed Pearl Shop items that can be sold on marketplace. Obviously you can also corrupt cash shop pearls at rate like 10 for 1. (numbers are just example).
    People that can't buy with money got access to pearl items - check
    With right drop balance it will remain play to win - check?
    Extra income for Kakao - check
    Features everyone's all time favorite RNG (well at least PA should be delighted)
  7. We all see that pm diary 2.2 from PM_Belsazar posted on January the 15. It states the following:
    - "Note:
    Cash Shop items will not be possible to sell on the marketplace at launch phase
    If we decide to enable selling Cash Shop Items at a later stage, there will be control mechanisms that will prevent players from heavily profiting and gaining an advantage by repetitively selling Cash Items on the marketplace"
    Then further down the post it says:
    - "Update
    You will not receive Mileage with pearl purchases, the only way to get mileage is as a daily login reward.
    Cash Shop & Mileage items cannot be traded or put on the Auction House"
    So which one of those first two statements is categorical cus I haven't found anything else about the subject in the PM diaries. I say the thing in the update is pretty categorical to me and it is what was the latest thing said hence the update.
    Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/8038-pm-diary-22-cash-shop-and-more/
    This interview with Jouska from February the 18 with Docgotgame the answer resemble more the update point of view than the first one stated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqyaRRKKk5c&feature=youtu.be&t=11m57s
    So what is the points of all of this? "The link have been broken" "in this stage" what stage? The first stage of milking your costumers to later go and screw them over and repair this link? Do I belive I have been deceived? - No I am stupid and I should have learned from Archeage. But is there a chance that other of my fellow players and costumers have been deceived and have the right to refund on this shady buisness with vague answers - Hell yes!.
  8. Post on I am really surprised! in General

    By Mynban, posted
    I am really surprised that you are taken by surprise with P2W coming when the trend was clear for a long while. No one can be really that naive to think this game would not go what it is designed to be.
    It is designed from the ground as a F2P P2W game and distributed as such in 3 regions. You really thought they would keep our version different? It was always a F2P game with a front payment charge for the wealthy naive westerners. All the signs were there even from the beta when they said 'cash shop item can not be sold on the market place at launch'
    I mean come on, if ArcheAge example wasn't out there, then maaaaaybe you could but it; but DAUM went exact same path Trion did minus the awesome community involvement from Scapes (Jouska is really poor in comparison to him). This was a very clear case of fool me once, fool me twice scenario. That is way I dont take Asian MMOs seriously, while western mmos make a lot of mistakes of their own , they always do it with good intentions at heart for player retention rates; they never destroy their own product for milking money; they destroy their games with the intention of keeping players or bringing more players.
    Anyway Crowfall is developing well enough for my taste, and BDO can stay as my afk - look pretty game.
  9. P2W / P2Skip mechanic is coming, so what will you do for the BDO gaming? 
  10.     Ok so this is my first forum post anywhere on here, but anyways... I was in my guilds TS last night and I'm not entirely sure how... but the deal with p2w got brought up. Some people were against it, some didn't think it was as big of a deal as others were making it. Anyways, I'm not trying to take a side or convince people to switch to another side, I really just wanna know what people think of the upcoming cash shop update.
         Now, GW2 (Guild Wars 2) and BDO (Black Desert Online) were both buy to play. (Yes I'm aware that GW2 went free to play, but the features I'm going to bring up were already in-game before the games conversion to free to play). Both GW2 and BDO have a completely optional cash store (costumes, convenience, etc.). The thing that upsets anyone who's upset about BDOs cash shop is daums (now kakao games or something like that) announcement that the costumes will be able to be sold in game for in game money. I kinda just thought "Oh...." And then I remembered "Hey, GW2 has a direct (like an actual) Gems to Gold (you could also do Gold to Gems) conversion section in their cash store".  And I've used that gems to gold conversion plenty of times to get more than one character to the max level, in fact that's the only way I got to the max level (80 right?) on any of my 3 characters. I just converted gems to gold and bought the crafting materials to craft up to 80, after I crafted my way to 80 I used the remaining converted gold to buy some exotic gear/runes/sigils whatever and go straight into WvW. You spend enough money you could even pay for the mats to get some ascended gear. I dunno about every single person, but I know that I'm not the only one who would call that P2W. I literally bought my levels and gear lol. That system was in the game for plenty of time and I don't recall seeing anybody complaining about it or calling it P2W.  (I think some in GW2 had a different definition of P2W too, some thought that P2W was only being able to buy an item that gave you an edge off the store and nowhere else.) Anyways, that's what I'm seeing Daum/Kakaos soon to be cash shop update as, like how Gems were converted to gold, pearls can be "converted" into a costume and then that costume could be "converted" into silver.
       Just gonna water it down real quick,
    GW2: Has direct $Gems$ to Gold conversion, CAN buy max character level and viable PvP/WvW gear, little to no complaints.
    BDO: Soon to have a less direct but still some sort of $Pearl$ to Silver conversion ($Pearls ---> Costume ---> Silver), can NOT buy character levels, CAN buy viable PvP gear (along with components to upgrade), kind of a sh!tstorm of complaints lol.
      Again, I'm not choosing a side on the upcoming update, I just find it curious that BDOs incoming cash shop update is going to make it similar to how GW2s works but one gets way more flak than the other. I wanna know what everyone thinks of this/how they feel whatever. Lemme know if I'm wrong, if I missed something, if you felt I was being biased, whatever, I WANT TO KNOW lol.
  11. Post on Example of P2W in General

    By Navvar, posted
  12. Post on P2W? Would you? in General

    By kosher06, posted
    A poll to see how many people will be taking advantage of potential P2W content.
  13. According to this article kakao is investing in online games and mobile games to fund stores in Korea...... 
    Game p2w to support korean beauty salons? In all honesty, the money they were making off the game was huge, i cant imagine it not being enough. 
    Also hyuna love hyuna life 
    PS: I know you don't want people to give away your secrets so your censoring everyone, please be a south korean company and not a north korean company, thank you. 
  14. Im not taking any sides between p2w or no p2w here, im trying to be as constructive as i can.
    So i get it, Kakao needs to make money. No mmorpg is going to survive with a launching price for years. But instead of trying to find smart ways to milk people by treating them like kids, they should find ways to make the game more enjoyable and less problematic for players NOW, so players wouldn't give a shit about every single god damn minor thing that is written on the patch notes because they are afraid that it will destroy the dream game that they have built in their heads even after 5 months.
    Everyone is overreacting to any change that kakao makes to the cash shop or game in general, by saying "we got scammed" , "give me my 30$ back" etc.. This kind of overreacting usually comes from the "competitive" type of players who think that they will be out geared and one shotted even tho they spent so much time on the game. But asking for a refund,overreacting like this only means that you havent had any fun from the game so far and you have only been playing to get your gear ready for those glorious days that you have been waiting for which is getting your final badass awakening form and playing more immersive serious pvp with sieges and stuff.
    So Kakao there is your proof, your competitive or any other playerbase that wants to pvp arent enjoying the game enough now because you have been holding back so much content and messed up so hard on the releasing schedule by giving everyone a mass grind like mediah so early without even giving them a right taste of pvp.
    I get that you have to make money, but first assure that your players are enjoying the game and that its not a stress for them but a fun ride, then search for ways to make it as less p2w as possible because lets face it you can. There are tons of restrictions you can put on any of these things.
    Kind Regards.
  15. So, I like to make videos about Black Desert.  Yesterday, after Jouska's announcement, I made a quick vid about the changes to the cash shop, just to ensure my tiny little Youtube audience was aware of the updates and knew what to expect going forward.  Because of that, I had screenshots of Jouska's original post regarding the Cash4Gold changes.  My husband just pointed out that the message that's now available is not the original message.  It says it was edited "to deliver and clarify the intention better" but the information now available is actually more vague.  The original message (first image) lists specifically when the changes will be made (the next maint), and what, exactly, will be available for resale (VP, costumes, outfits, and pets).  The new post gives a nebulous timeline ("over the next series of updates") and no longer specifies what items are going to be available for resale.  
    If you're "clarifying" your message, why is it less specific now than the previous one?  
    TL;DR: Shady alteration of original Cash4Gold info leaves door open for additional items to be resold on Marketplace.

  16. You don't need me to tell you what's going on with the game going P2W. There are enough angry rants on the forums to show this isn't being accepted well. I am not going to go on and on about how bad this is as I suspect you can draw your own conclusion without having to let others fill your mind with negativity due to posts that offer no solid ways of fixing what is happening.
    Lets go over a few things
    1. Kakao/Daum has lost the trust of most people at this point and unfortunately I don't think an apology will actually cut it. The moment this idea crossed their minds was the same moment they shot a bullet in their chest. Even if they don't add it now it has been laid on the table in front of us and could very well be added later.
    2. Personally I can't blame the devs for this, I greatly doubt this is a decision they would make and truly support. They are human as well and know this risk of doing this, this clearly seems to me like a situation where a higher-up wants their pockets lined with more money. However the devs still have to stick up for this as they can't trash talk their own game, no matter how bad an idea is.
    3. This means the only solution to fix this is something that brings in consistent money as clearly someone at the top isn't happy. However this also means we need to fix trust that doesn't even exist anymore.
    The solution
    A subscription based server. I know this isn't a brand new idea or anything, but at the end of the day this is truly the only thing that could build even a tiny bit of trust. Here are some things that the server should probably have/do.
    1. Everyone moving to the sub server would need to restart. Please keep in mind the B2P servers would still exist and they can still release this "feature" there.
    2. Since everyone would have to restart, make the server have a PERMANENT 70% exp bonus. This would make endgame a bit more viable to those with less time and it would make up for some of the lost time on the B2P server.
    3. No cash shop AT ALL. The trust has already been lost and people wouldn't trust them controlling a cash shop again, no matter how small. Everything in the cash shop should be obtainable through the game itself. They don't even need to make them crafted or found, they can just add a vendor and have it purchased for X amount of silver.
    4. Everyone should probably start with a tier 5 horse, also again due to all the lost time on the B2P server.
    5. Probably keep the auction house and trading features the same to combat gold sellers.
    These are just a few things that I personally think this server should have. However this would require little effort on their part and they would be making the money they want to make, both off the the sub servers and the B2P server. It suits both needs.
    In Conclusion
    Do I think they will do this? Honestly, no. I figure it is worth a shot trying though as a last ditch effort. Even if this doesn't happen next week I can still see quite a few people leaving this game. This really isn't about the money, this is about being able to earn things through the game and feel good about it. Having someone spend $100 and do the same thing it took you two months to do isn't a good thing for most.
    For those that truly do enjoy the P2W model, then this would suit you aswell as you would still be able to play the game on your server. I respect your opinion even if I personally don't agree with it. Kakao/Daum will still get the money that they desire and possibly earn some trust in the process.
    Have a great day everyone, I hope we all get what we want out of this. If you agree with this solution please leave a comment to keep this at the top. We need our voices to be heard before the damage is done.
    - Yovinn
  17. I didn't care when this was announced because it was in every other version so I fully expected it to be in ours eventually. However, I play with a small group of friends and they have spent their time accordingly grinding and such because Daum/Kakao kept assuring us certain things had no place in our version i.e. Valks cry. We all spent more and more time grinding even though de sync sucked and the server instability made it unplayable at times.
    Now finally we have Ninja, (hopefully) soon awakenings, +20, sieges, and all the other awesome content I have been waiting for. Not one of my friends logged on yesterday and it seems half of my guild is definitely quitting and the other half are disgruntled.
    I play games to play with my friends so this sucks for me. Just thought I could show you a different perspective of someone who doesn't care that will (probably) stop playing after a couple weeks without his buddies. Yes I'm a grown up and could make some internet friends but I went to high school with these guys and we are very close.
    I'm not quitting yet, but definitely taking a break from active play everyday to see how this shakes out. Will check out Overwatch for the time being. 
    After reading the other posts I'm realizing this is a waste of my time. Seems they knew this would be our reaction and did it anyways. 
    Last korean port I play. no matter what.
  18. The news made it to PC Gamer magazine, hopefully this gets more traction and puts Kakao on blast. 
    All thanks to the community keep doing what you are doing. 


  19. i dont normally post new topics when there is so many but i felt that i needed to get my own opinion out there as it is aligned with many others on this topic. pretty much what the title said, since the announcements release every major guild on my server has all decided to pull support from the game, from both sides of enemy lines in its entirety and are already searching for new games. i wouldn't hesitate to say 3/5 or more of the games overall population will quit entirely, many who came to this game were survivors of archeage, a game built around rng and forcing its players to the cash shop to further line its own pockets rather then to create a meaningful, fun and amazing gaming experience for its players. having survived it personally i know for a fact that any game that forces its players to play wallet wars, just isn't worth playing as its not fun, its not enjoyable, its pure ego and creates nothing but toxic environments for its players. many have already lost their trust in u as a company and will not be playing any future game published by kakao
    having already talked to many of my servers major leaders in both pve and pvp, the countless masses who dont want this to happen and are right now picketing in game and spreading the word through every type of social media and news site its plain as day that no one wants this to come to the game other then a select few who are whiteknighting the topic because they truly dont care, they simply want their own enjoyment from the drama and the death of the game, i haven't seen so many people band together to save a game in a very long time. while i understand there are business reasons for this addition, the population of the game was never the most stable and this game already hit peak, there are better ways kakao could go about increasing its revenue from the shop, things like adding more furniture sets, more costumes, more boat and horse skins, more subtle convenience items, unique pets for slightly higher price etc to infinity and beyond, instead the company is going to force its players to buy items so that they can have the competitive edge, therefore mitigating any real sense of accomplishment, any real progress, any real form of competitive play.
    you would think after nearly 20 years of this happening over and over companies would understand that NA doesn't want p2w. we detest it in its very nature, it simply is not in our culture to accept uneven advantages through the use of IRL money. there are better solutions kakao, instead of rushing to add p2w, u NEED to work with ur community to find a better more sustainable model for the game, i love bdo and dont want it to die but at this rate and with whats coming, there is no such world where this game wont take a huge hit from this, not to further mention the negative association the company will have which will be carried into every future game that this company publishes, u can change your name but u cant change what you have done as a company, this needs to be reversed and soon.
  20. It's understandable to not put cash shop items in loyalties shop, if they did that I'm 100 percent sure none of you would spend money on this game. If that happens the game doesn't make money, and if it doesn't make money they shut off the game. Whether you guys like it or not it's a business. This is the way the world works; a business needs money to operate; the things they are providing for us aren't free it costs them money. I also agree that it makes it fair for the people who don't have money for cash shop items. Now maybe a way to make it not "P2W", as everyone sees it, would be to make the currency that's used for cash shop items in the market not silver, but rather loyalties. With this method someone still has to spend money for the items, however the items sold aren't sold for a game breaking currency.
    I moved this here because it wasn't going to get read in that mess.
  21. I've seen several posts linking to a PM diary @PM_Belsazar posted pre-launch saying; 

    I'd like to show you some other instances of Kakao Games/Daum Games EU talking about their views on the cash shop and p2w.

    Q: "B2P, why? Why is this choice, it's a ballsy move. So why did you decide to do B2P instead of P2P or F2P?"
    Marketing Director Rick van Beem of Daum Games EU.
    A: "That's a tough question for me to answer, but i'll try to elaborate here; First of all, I think that the F2P market, especially on mmorpgs, is a very crowded one. Secondly, we believe that Black Desert Online, as a game, [is] of good enough quality, that we can actually ask for money up front. It will also help to balance the game, because we don't have to use F2P, P2W antics to earn money. So the business model will actually help the game become a more balanced product than, for instance, the game that exists in other territories. Our western version will differ in many ways from the version that are out in other markets, and the B2P business model will help us really balance the game. So basically once the game [comes out], hopefully in Q1 next year, players buy the game once, and they can just play it whenever. There's no subscription model, we do have a cash shop, but that cash shop will mostly, only sell vanity items and some convenience items, but nothing that relates to a P2W model."
    I am worried that the cash shop will interfere with my enjoyment of the game. I remember pre-launch the conversation on payment models was all about how the NA/EU regions would be different than the others. That was the biggest reason they had to back up why our region was getting a B2P model. Now they're telling us the exact opposite; 

    This is quoted from @PM_Jouska's updated thread on "In-Game Accessibility to Pearl Shop Items". 
    Anyway, I just thought it would be good to give the community more information on Daum/Kakao's flip-flopping view on our business model. Take from it what you want. 
  22. I posted this in a different thread, but it deserves some attention. Hopefully it gets the gears going and they can have some forethought on the matter.
    Kakao/Daum says this is about accessibility. Making items accessible to players who don't use cash. Here is the real question you should be asking yourselves; If this wasn't about greed, and it really was about making items more accessible to non-cash players, why the hell would these not be purchasable through loyalty points instead of silver? 
    Why is there no way to upgrade your loyalty level through achievements in-game in order to raise the amount of loyalty earned per day?
    Loyalties would live up to their name. Players can purchase pets and costumes through loyalties, rewarding their time investment in the game, and avoiding this whole p2w bullshit sham.
    Just a thought.
  23. So, to recap, the news are that people will be able to sell the Pearl Shop items through the marketplace. 
    This will undoubtedly lead to a collapse of the game in a few months, since the outrage is almost palpable in the 133 (and growing) pages of comments following the news.
    Let me explain my stance on the game: I would GLADLY spend money monthly on vanity or whatever to keep this game (which I am enjoying immensely) afloat.
    Daum, you apparently are either terrible at making decisions, being pushed to make these decisions by another company, or a company who just wants a quick buck. This latest hypothesis could mean the game is bleeding out players and will soon die, for you to try and milk us this fast.
    Following the rage from the introduction of the Value Pack, this latest news topic sounds like a you decided to point the shotgun at your other leg, not happy with the result of the first shot.
    There is one way out though. The language in the post was ambiguous enough that you can say the players misread and what will be made available is a sort of silver sink, in which the players can purchase vanity items through silver, without that silver being made available to other players. 
    There have got to exist better ways of making money with this game. Most of it is awesome enough to keep people entertained for a lot of time, please take the player base into consideration before advancing with this incredibly bad idea.
    Some ideas on how to monetize without insulting the playerbase follow:
     Moar VANITY! (obviously)Troll (consumable) items that annoy other players without DAMAGING or DEBUFFING people (snowballs [with minimum range] that [ONLY] unmount people come to mind), sold in packs for a low pearl value.Subscription-based housing (big unique houses in each town, not instanced) for a low (but monthly) pearl value.Marriage Items/Mechanics (lower death penalty when partying with your spouse)Take an example from Warframe, nothing is unattainable on that game, and you only pay to spend less time farming. Paying NEVER gets you an edge on the game itself.
    Please post your opinions on the matter and especially alternatives so we can try and avoid this kind of stuff.
  24. Post on Jokes on You in General

    By Mr_Blue, posted
    I can P2W, i can nolife atm. Yey me right?.  I dont know how many souls will read this but here it goes .
    I belive this will hurt the game. First off is that most people allready left cause this game is to grindy and so on right?
    Well when people now got a easyer way to earn silver they will probebly use it and dont grind as much or at all. So YEY Many get rich buy out the items thats been grinded until now and it is empty. Ha ha ha   jokes on you, So how you plan catchin upp with that silver without items to buy. 
    Just look at the items on AH right now  it wont even feed 100 people gear to catch upp   Fools you being tricked =D. Soooo 100 people might catch upp, many quit the game cause off several resons. And end upp a ghost town with expansions. 
    Might be overeacting but i belive there is some truth to this.  Aswell, bossgear needs memory frags = sold out and there is no boss gears aswell,  just to prove a point.  So how far can people go with p2w i wonder without things to buy unless they release Energy potions for cash to use on nightvendor or just buying the items needed for real money instead off silver.    
    SOMEONE NEEDS TO GRIND =D  and we allready know EU server is terrible at it. Judgeing by the market, also played Archeage and same issue there kinda. Nothing to buy. Hope it gave some insight  and i might forgot some exstra points.
    O psssst, if they add more items as listed at end. It wont even out the game, then it is p2w that dominates and not nolifers. I can confirm i did this in archeage   top 20 gearscore before i quit as abolisher. Sooooo someone is gona cry at the end of the day either way. Castle to the highest credit card!.
    This is not what we wanted! =D We want awakening!, Boat combat! Explosions!, and keep our server population and make it bigger. Stop tearing uss appart from eachother!. I enjoy this game and the funny/wird/salty people in it! even our salty Lemon!, and all the other i meet midway. I got many pics off nice and funny people ive meet in this beautifull mmo. Dont destroy it.

                                           <Strange person ;)>                                                                                                     <Me and Ukaly>

    Who are we?, we are Asura!. Come join uss in the fight for the caslte!. And Daum stop this nonsense, find another way. A better way.
    Psssst more info about our guild in recuritement forum  "wink, wink ;)"
  25. To whom it may concern,
    I am writing this letter in the hopes that it will have some sort of positive effect in relation to the current turn of events. I will attempt to keep this letter as objective as I possibly can, but I fear I will not be able to as this situation is very personal. As we are all very aware Kakao as well as Pearl Abyss have chosen to implement the ability to sell cash shop items via the market place. Understandably this has generated public outcry from the community who have, in large, been against such practices that would enable the ability to pay-to-win. Now while I do not speak for the entirety of our community I do believe it is my obligation to voice an opinion on this matter as many others have already.
    Throughout the short lifespan of our version of the game we have experienced many changes, all of which are subject to opinion as to whether or not they were beneficial. As a community we have in large clashed with Kakao’s predecessor Daum EU over such matters both trivial and significant to the welfare of the game and its community. Time and again people have launched assaults against these events, both in a constructive and abusive manner; the same cycle can be witnessed during this time. Many have begun mounting protests against this upcoming change both within and outside of the game. Now while I do not agree shouting at them calling them names and vocalizing abusive comments is intelligent I do understand why they have chosen to react in such a way. As a community we had been led to believe there would be no P2W feature within our game; now this may be argued by those who deem the ghilie suit, value pack, sellable dyes, etc. P2W, but I have personally never found those to be that way and this particular discussion does not pertain to such matters. The addition of the ability to directly channel real currency into in-game currency, via cash shop items, is indeed P2W and is not what we want to have happen at all for a game many of us truly enjoy, despite its flaws. This change will severely damage the game as a whole and its effects can already be seen in game; players have begun offloading their most valuable gear onto the marketplace or even destroying it on purpose because they plan to leave the game and see no further reason to play. Now while I’m certain many will say “Good riddance.” I do not believe this to be a proper reaction to such things. These people are players who have put effort into this game to achieve what they believe to be important. They enjoyed the game for what it was and strived to become top players. I myself am not amongst these top players, but I do strive to meet personal gear goals to one day compete against them on an even playing field. Many can and certainly do claim that there is nothing to “win” in this game, but that statement can be applied to nearly any facet of life. As an analogy consider the following: You and a fellow coworker work the same job with the exact same qualifications, talents, etc. and each of you aims for a promotion. Now assuming you both put in the same effort would it be fair if your coworker could simply buy their promotion? No, of course it wouldn’t be. Even though there is nothing to “win” aside from what we perceive to be important in such situations, you put in the effort to try and achieve that goal and to have someone supersede you in such a manner is both upsetting and unwarranted. Should we examine such an analogy we can see it’s like within BDO should this change come to pass. Players will be able to acquire the best gear near instantaneously via selling cash shop items for silver and either purchasing the gear via the auction house or the night vendor. This will have a direct impact on the games health as it is primarily a PvP game in which the player with the stronger gear will usually reign supreme and the player willing to pay real money in such a manner will have most likely have the stronger gear. Even the RNG presented in the enhancing process will not deter such events as you can easily purchase items to continue the process until you are able to achieve the results you desire should you be able to offer enough silver in exchange. Such a situation cannot be allowed into the game as it will and already has driven away players who had been told such a model would not be in our version of the game. Now while I do not fully understand the business decision, as I clearly was not present for such discussions, it seems to be such a disappointing and shameful business decision.
    People have begun issuing chargebacks over this event because they feel it is a bait-and-switch in regards to earlier comments and promises stating such things would not be in our game. Now many have come forward saying that Daum originally stated that there would be no P2W model at the launch of the game, but does that make it acceptable to simply shift over to it once the game has been out for a few months and many players have acquired gear that is deemed best in slot? I believe this to not be justified, even if it is purely a business decision. Despite saying that I do not believe the people willing to issue chargebacks are entirely justified, but that is not for me to claim superior knowledge on either as it is, once again, a subjective matter. These turn of events have players on both sides of the aisle claiming their arguments to be the superior and many on the fence about it as well. The argument that it is unwarranted, unjust, etc. are valid to those who perceive them to be; just as the arguments that the “No-life children” or “Unemployed” are the only ones complaining are valid by those who perceive it to be so. Personally I fall under the former and disagree with the latter as many, who work, have a life, etc., do indeed play this game and would rather not see this game end up in such a state.
    You can see such public outcry in the following forum posts:
    As well as an article on PC Gamer and other such websites noting such protests:
    And even a petition hoping to stop such events from occurring:
    Now while I have tried to point out both sides of the argument and tried to restrain myself from being too heavy-handed in my opinion I fear that I have been unable to do so. As I stated at the very beginning of this piece this is a very personal issue for me, I do not wish to see this feature implemented into the game in any form. While I understand our thanks and good wishes do not pay your bills or feed your families I do not believe this the way to handle such matters. I urge you to reconsider this decision Kakao, Pearl Abyss, and all other participating entities. As for my fellow members of the community I urge you to not act in such a childish manner with slander, but instead condense your thoughts into a more constructive form so that they may be taken into account should they truly be listening to us. A thousand different posts on the topic do not carry as much weight as a few piercing voices aligned as one and we already have the platforms to make such voices heard. I wish you all well, no matter who you are or how this unfolds, and ask that this matter be handled in a professional manner if possible. Thank you for your time if you have read up until this point.
                            General Mors