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  1. Feel free to use any/all of these whale memes that (I myself have been using) during this upcoming week to make sure all "GAME IS P2W NERF PLZ" fanboys know wussup. Proceed fellow whales.




    "DON'T TAKE THE BAIT!" FISH (when whales just aren't good enough anymore)

  2. Post on My thoughts on P2W in General

    By Pytix, posted
  3. I participated in the CBT2 and spent most of my time exploring just all of the little things you can do in Black Desert Online. That being said, however, I fear having items in the Cash Shop that give buffs to players will kill the game slowly. I'm honestly not expecting this to be read simply because there are so many other threads titled the same thing, but if it is being read, take that into consideration in the initial launch. There are so many players that have this fear, and it isn't unreasonable to have. Stop and think as a player, not just as a developer/ moderator.
    If, as a dev, you are worried about making money off the game after launch just keep up new content. Update costumes with no buffs, SKINS FOR BOATS WITHOUT A LICENSE TO OBTAIN ONE (I personally think it takes away the accomplishment a player gets when they finish crafting their boat rather than pull money off of their credit card), hold events, create a FAIR subscription option, I mean there are a lot of alternatives. Listen to us, please...
    ~Space Elf out 
  4. Everyone has their own opinions on what Pay to Win is. So I would like to hear what everyone thinks makes a game P2W. This thread will also help any CM's or PM's if they decide to read it. I'll start:
    Selling of cash shop items to other players for ingame currency
     Items that let players effectively get an unfair advantage above other players (ex: +9000 to attack on weapon skin) +experience and luck imo is NOT P2W just stats that affect combat like hp attack defence regen etc.
    Items that allow players to bypass normal game mechanics for the sake of "convenience" (ex: instant refill of work points)
    Shortcut to "endgame" items and gear.
    Lastly anything that forces a player to buy in order to play the game in its entirety (ex: the ability to sprint, equip legendary and purple gear, able to hide helmet, or better translated - able to enjoy the game)
    That's just a few of mine. I want to hear what y'all think some P2W elements are in your opinion.
  5. Do you think they are gonna litsen to the community? I trust the devs and Daum.
    Thoughts down below. [Open discussion]
    Please do not let history repeat itself and destroy yet ANOTHER MMO. Korea version is already screwed so if you milk the NA/ EU just the same your basically criminals.

  7. Post on CBT2 review in General

    By Saskl, posted
    Right this is a review so its just my ideas of the game and what could be changed etc.
    I have been playing Black Desert for around 2 months now I started on KR so I would feel that i can say I have quite a bit of knowledge of the game now as i have played pretty much every day.  
     PVE: Now allot of people seem to feel there is not much PVE in this game, Well sorry your wrong. There is loads, might not be the most exciting in the world but there is a lot to do and explore. ATM on release we are looking at two world bosses and also the summoning bosses that drop good rewards, also these have been made a little more difficult so its not just face roll all the time. I would not say by any means its Hard but at least there is a small amount of challenge to them. I do this the developers really need to dive deep with the pve though in the game and add allot more boss like features etc, but as for mob grinding and over 10,000 quests to do. there is a lot for PVE players for sure. 
    PVP: Yes Black Desert is a very PVP game, to be honest I would not recommend this game to anyone who is wanting to do this game just for PVE, As to quite honest that wont happen, as PVP will always be around you and you will have to jump in at some point. Now there has been some changes of course from KR, but I would not say vast by any means, I'm content with the Karma system at this moment, but I will have to explore more in-depth upon release and see how it really plays out. there are 3v3 and a big battle ground, but to blatantly honest apart from the 3v3s i would not bother with the battle ground, i did it once in KR and was a bit meh about it all. the other issue i do have is the power of some classes, i'm playing Ranger upon release and even i have to admit that being able to 3 shot people is a little crazy. Yes ill admit that skill is needed for all classes in some way. but the difficultly and power of some classes is a little over whelming and makes other classes look pointless. for instance if you play a warrior and have the same gear as a wizard and you 1v1, even if the players had the same skill level. the warrior would win hands down just due to how it plays " this is just an example, I know wizards are group PvP chars" but this counts for a few classes and play styles in the game. lets see if it will change over time who knows. 
    The World: 110% best world I have played. I love being able to run around any where no lode in screens and nps that feel alive also. also the graphics make it just top notch. I have no issues with the world at all, its lovely and beautiful, and ever where feels different in its own strange way. 
    Cash Shop: Okay this is where i really am pissed off about the game. $32 for a costume is not okay, the max they should be is $20, to be honest all the cash shop needs lowering from pets to other stuff, also im not a fan of the this damn "horse re set" this just means you can get two tier 5 horses level them and then keep letting them breed to make more horses at higher levels as much as you like, this takes away so much out of the game and enjoyment that comes with horse breeding plain and simple get rid of it. By no means do I think black Desert is pay to win, but the cash shop has got to be sorted out. I might pay that sort of prices for stuff, but 80% of people wont, and no should they. if they lower it, it will bring in more revenue for sure. to be quite honest I would even go to say if they Don't lower the coasts it could kill the game after a while.  
    Customization: okay they hit this on the nail, amazing job. so much to do and make your char look unique, but i do have one problem, that dose relate back to the cash shop, The developers really need to make more different looking gear in game, its to simple and boring atm. now to some people it wont bother them but to me it dose. As said id happy pay for a costume, but prices are way to high at the moment. more items cosmetic need to be added in the game for sure, but as for anything else top notch I love it. 
    Combat: its good, very good, not great but still very good. I can grind for hours and not get bored due the way the system is so I'm very happy about that. 
    Other: its just a small thing that id personally love added, please bring out more ships and designs, like being able to customise them more. Hate to say its name "Archage" but the one thing they did right was the navel system. id like to see something like this in this game for sure. 
    Overall: great game i cant fault it in most parts, I cant wait to play with the guild im in and really see if i can shine in this game, i'm happy the developers listen also and take time to think over what we have said. if anything that needs doing now is just the cash shop needs sorting out ASAP. 
    I do apologize if some of this don't make scene or is spelled awful I'm my dyslexia is awful haha. this my not be the best view I could of done but its just some of my views that came to mind. 
    Look forward to seeing you all in game.
  8. Clearly Daum has something good going here. Most of us felt the pull last night at the end of beta. Certainly no denials from this person. Black Desert has the beginnings of a great game in the works. (Some people seem to forget that it is a new game and not a seasoned game with years of content updated) I think a lot of people enjoy the idea of a player driven game and that’s what Black Desert is. You, the player, drive this game. Other games shove content down your throat and your motivation to play is derived by their will and the linear path they choose for you while claiming that their game is player driven. So if you’re the player that needs your role and path in the game defined, you probably need to stop reading here and go back to WoW or GW2. Black Desert doesn’t seem to be about that.

    The Great MMO War of our Times

    There is a war going on right this second, most of us are very much aware of it. It is the idea of how modern online MMOs should be run.

        Early on, games had huge grinds to achieve anything. I played GemstoneIII(1995) and it took me 2 years to get a character to level 60 and countless hours raising my skills in the rogue guild down within the sewers of that fantastic world where groups of people sat about in some secluded wizard workshop for hours on end and charged up the mana pool in the room just so they could enchant a weapon or piece of armor, and how we talked, how we shared. I played that game 4 years because I invested time into the people I met there. Since those early days of gaming however, modern games have moved to a "please the crowd for fast cash". WoW is a good and bad example. They started out great, you had to work to get your gear, seeing someone with 1 piece of max gear was like "oh man, that lucky bastage!" and seeing someone with 2 pieces of max gear was "I'm stunned!".

        Then came the slow change. You started seeing everyone with multiple pieces of gear and then eventually everyone with max gear and the best players settled for max gear with more exotic looks. Leveling Dungeons became so easy that you could run behind the healer and tank and get a free leveling pass.(end game dungeons were/are still tough!) Everquest fared much the same at a quicker pace. We began to see fast expansions of content much different in look and yet had the same basic infrastructure as the previous expac and so on and on(throws self on sword). Now the most recent games feature Marketplace stores where you can buy Tokens(WoW) and Apex(AA) with real money and instantly sell that off for in-game gold that in turn can purchase top of the line gear in minutes. Creating guilds in game full of "swipers" who can literally control and shut down the server they are on. Great for them, and bad for everyone else. Yet bad for them as well in a few months as everyone else tends to leave.

       Yet we equally don't want a carebear guild to slowly and inexorably dominate the trade market of an entire server by flooding the traders with goods and build a dynasty of power based upon massive supply quantity because there are no risks involved with running tradepacks.

       Most people don't want to grind for years to obtain max level (I don't mind myself, I was born into the grind). Most of us don't want to grind for years to get max geared either. That being said, I personally do not mind one piece of really good gear and spending time slowly gathering the other pieces as long as Joe Blow next house over doesn't have max gear overnight and is PK'n me over and over with un-earned gear. (I can afford to play that game as well but am wise enough to know and understand that it ruins the game within a matter of months for you)

       So where is the middle ground that we need and most of us want in this game?

       Will BD (Daum EU and NA) go in the new idealistic approach of fast cash, fast rewards like so many other games recently (AA being one of these, should be name-changed to Land of Swipers)(someone buy AA a name-change scroll please).

       Will BD cave into the PvPers and wipe out or basically nullify the karma system?

       Will BD fall in love with the carebears and kill the basis of open world pvp(GvG) etc?

       There is a ton of food on the plate of BD at the moment. They have the beginnings of a great game in place as we speak. What direction do they move in now? They have asked us. They have shown they are listening. It is time for us, the gaming community to step up and intelligently put forth our ideas and help these guys out, because they need help and advice.

        Do we want another Archeage? A game loved by those with no time and lots of money? (or lots of time and lots of money)

        Do we want another GemstoneIII? A game loved by those with lots of time and no one even thought of real money because it wasn't even an option back then?

        Do we want another vanilla WoW that was really fun but kinda hard?

        Do we want another Draenor WoW that was so easy you could reach level 90 in 5 seconds?

        What about Ultima Online? Everquest, Guildwars(1&2). Star Wars Galaxies and Star Wars the Old Republic. All good games with good points and bad points. Where did they go right and where did they go wrong? Let’s give honest feedback about these games and others, put forth an example to go with your idea.

       It basically boils down to this. If BD goes the way of recent modern games and we'll all play for a few months, maybe a year and then drift on to the next cashcow. We all know, we've done it for the last few years. Or they look at what some of the earlier games did and we all get to play for years to come and in the end have a lot more fun. With people playing for years, they will make more money over the years as well. A lot less server mergers and employees being laid off at Daum NA/EU. It’s good for them, it’s good for us, we just need to step up now and let them know so they can make an informed decision on how they run Black Desert.

    Let's hear some good ideas. Let’s hear educated ideas that lead to meaningful and productive thinking and maybe we can win one battle in a war that recently we have lost at every turn.

  9. Please tell me how this isn't P2W?
  10. Go ahead and spot that ghillie suit for me then. 3rd one is easy mode. To everyone saying this isnt p2w and this wont effect anyone. Go ahead and show me where they are in all 3 pictures and ill take it back man.

    EDIT: heres the video of ghillie movement less than 10 feet away
  11. For example we will use a Witch with the Karlstien set including the horse armor. You get:
    For Character
    Death Penelty -10%
    Amity gain +10%
    Combat exp +10%
    Vision range +10m
    Jump height +.5m
    Weapon durability consumption -10%
    Stamina +100
    For horse:
    HP + 300
    Movement +1%
    Acceleration +2%
    Stamina + 500
    Turn +2%
    I'm sorry but that is straight P2W, yeah it might not be as bad as games like Archeage but it does provide a benefit. Especially in a PVP focused game little things like +100 stamina will make a difference (especially at the high end). Daum, please remove stats from the costumes; it may not be obvious but the amount of upset players there already is about this is not going to help this games reputation.
  12. Archeage for example saw an enormous flight of the player-base after it became P2W. No matter what, Trion cannot get those customers back. Now the BDO cash shop inst necessarily "P2W" but it does show some signs of it. Now days MMO's likely only have one chance not to ruin it with the cash shop. The dye system needs to be re-worked and stats on cash shop costumes (like +Luck and +Exp) need to go as well. Some may not care but others will be driven away by this.
  13. Post on The Big Topic: Itemshop in General

    By Rae, posted
    Good evening / day to everyone and especially to the publishers of the game.
    The new announcement for the CBT2 already featured a list of the itemshop items and I can already see that cash-costumes have stats bonuses. So basically the big question to you, publishers, is, if this will stay at the current amount or is this going to escalate. Like usually seen in free 2 play games. Because +gathering, +droprate, +whateverthehellyouwant will not only mess with the gameplay but with the economy in the long run as well. This usually ends in the game going down like the titanic. First it will split the player-base and then everyone jumps overboard.
    So here the questions it will come down to:
    If you can't answer "yes" to the two questions above, this will become abandonware 2016 and I don't want to see a beautiful game go down the drain.
    With best regards
  14. Hello community. As we are all aware the devs in the PM Dairy 2.2 stated "if they allow cash shop items to be sold on the marketplace" which for some leaves the notion that they will implement a window for pay2win players to gain an unfair advantage. I have been defending why it shouldn't be allowed on the PM Dairy but some users such as @Colt556‌ are adamant that it will not break the game for x amount of reasons. ‌
    So should costumes be allowed to be bought with real life money and sold for ingame money? Please give a Yes/No answer and state the reason why you picked that.
    I would like to get you some arguments raised in the PM Dairy between myself and ‌@Colt556 as it will help show both sides to the argument.
    ‌@Colt556 arguments are as followed, with my counter arguments.
    Its not pay2win if the players put materials there for whales to buy as it was earned by the player --- Regardless of where the materials come from, you are giving the whale millions/billions of silver to purchase all the materials on the marketplace, allowing him 2 upgrade his gear and gain a massive advantage on stats.Cash shop worked in other MMOs so it should work here --- I stated because elements worked in other MMOs does not at all mean it'll work here as the cash shop on Korea has already proven. Also, megaserver is a prime example as it works wonders in some MMOs, however it completely destroyed this one.It doesn't matter if I get killed by someone who pay2win or a no-lifer as they both will have better gear than me --- I stated the fact one has earned his game through time and effort playing the actual game, the other has spent seconds/minutes using real life money to gain massive amounts of silver resulting in a massive advantage.It doesn't matter if someone pays their way to the best gear as others will eventually catch up --- First I asked him to show me the non-Koreans who are +20 gear but he refused. Secondly, he stated allowing players such power is not a problem as it will not effect him. I mentioned it will effect many others at end-game.It isn't pay2win as someone earned their silver too purchase the costumes --- Again I mention it isn't the purchaser who is paying2win its the seller who convers his real money into massive amounts of silver.Korean launched the game with cash shop resulting in the whole playerbase knowing what was coming --- I asked for a quote to back this up, I am yet to receive that quote. I stated that the cash shop was implement after launch and a lot of the player base was skeptical about it. I also showed in that pre cash shop the game was top 10 in the Korean MMO charts, after the implantation of the cash shop, it plummeted down too the bottom 100s.Cash shop items that can be turned in for ingame currency didn't upset other games GvG based --- I showed him video proof of how devastating gear can be in BDO once Valencia comes. He laughed this off and said it was due to levels. I also stated how guilds can 1 shot our English players because they pay2win, destroying the endgame.Gear for a whale doesn't magically appear --- Gear can be obtained via silver or one can buy all the materials required to upgrade and craft his gear.You're a no-life so you will have an unfair advantage that's is considered p2w itself --- Despite me never mentioning the amount of time I have to play, I reiterated the fact that players who put time and effort into this game should and shall get rewarded for their commitment.You wont be able to tell the difference between a pay2win or players who grinded for gear, thus gameplay is unchanged --- Again, if players are getting one shot you can tell the difference.  And "no-lifers" will be certainly be able to tell the difference.I can't afford the costumes but whales can do support the devs for me --- This would cause disruption between all players as the community doesn't like pay2win systems, plus we've seen the long term negative effectives of this system on KR.It isn't turning real money in to silver that's the problem, its the gear - To somewhat we agreed, he denied gear was broken after I showed him video evidence. It took a statement from a third party who is in a GvG guild, confirming gear is broken, for him to believe. Nevertheless, I reminded him that this game will always have a heavy gear progression system. hopefully that isn't broken as it is now with +15 to +20. I told him gaining silver would still cause whales to have an unfair big advantage, maybe one that doesn't one shot people, but still an advantage. My example was as followed, a +15 will still have a big advantage of the +10 player, despite the gear scaling from +5 to +15 being nothing like +15 to +20.You cant pay2win because gear is RNG --- Each time you fail once enchant you gain 1 failstack, which increase your % of successfully enchanting your gear next time. Allowing a player a vast amount of silver will eventually make RNG irrelevant as he will of gained enough failstacks to successful enchant.These are just some of the arguments from the PM diary 2.2 between myself and ‌@Colt556. There are more there if you want to read. I wanted Colt to make this thread as he firmly believes he is correct. I asked him to make a thread so he can see what the majority actually wants and not what he wants. He has shown he has little knowledge of the game and I suggested it would do him some good talking to the majority and hearing their opinions.
    So lastly, Should costumes be purchasable with real money and sold for silver? Silver which can be used by Whales to upgrade their gear. Yes/No and why?
    Thank you for the great news! I am very glad to see that you are listening to the community and taking in consideration our opinion.
    I find it really important to get some clarification to some specific Cash Shop items.
    1. Storage
    Inventories 1/4/8
    Increases inventory space by 1/4/8 slots
    Weight 50/100/150
    Increases player carry weight by 50/100/150 LT
    Region Storage 1/4/8
    Increase warehouse space in a specific region by 1/4/8 slots
    A clarification is required to the limit cap of inventory slots (which i assume its all the slots you can see in game which are locked)
    A clarification is required to the weight limit cap. This is extremely important as the main limitation you have while farming (in any way) is the weight limit! 
    2. Revive Potion
    Revive Potion
    Allows you to resurrect immediately.
    What are the specific details around this potion? Has anything been adjusted according to the EU/US gameplay?
    How much HP/MP we will have after reviving?What is the cooldown for the use of the immediate revive? Have you had any thoughts of adjusting this item to behave differently depending the way of the death?

    Death from normal mobs: Revive with full hp/mp. No cooldownDeath from world bosses: Revive with 50% hp/mp. 5 minute cooldownDeath from open world PvP: Revive available after 30 seconds, usage cooldown increases with every consecutive useDeath from PvP during siege or guild war: Revive not available at all (group PvP should not get affected by cash shop items, if you want to revive get a Wizard/Witch to revive you!) 
    3. Life Skill Stats
    Life Skill stats transfer ticket
    Allows you to transfer specific life skill EXP to another character.
    Since we are limited from the Energy system (thus time) to level up certain life skills and every character we have has different energy from each other, i am concerned that this can get abused to rapidly increase a certain life skill.
    We use all the energy from all our characters to level up Cooking. Then we use this transfer ticket to transfer all the Cooking exp to one character.
     4. Workers capacity
    Worker's lodging expansion
    Increase worker space in a specific city by 1
    Are there any limitations on this? I can see a clear advantage over players that don't use this. "Infinite" amount of workers without the need of any Contribution Points is a huge advantage especially on the early stages of the game. Contribution points is a way of the game to "limit" the characters and the use of this item gives a clear advantage.
    5. Bed restoring energy
    Floor & Wall, Chandelier, Furniture set, Bedside Table, Dresser, Closet, Dining Table, Table, Chair, Sofa, Bookshelf, Bed
    Adds aesthetic value to a home, as well as beds restore energy when used.
    Can we have the specific details around the bed and the energy restored? Again abusing the use of this can give a huge advantage to players from an energy perspective.
    6. Horse Breeding
    Horse Breeding  Reset
    Resets the number of times a horse has been breed to allow more breeding.
    How many times can this be used on a horse? Are there any limitations on its use? 
    I am really concerned about this item. You have disabled the option of selling items obtained by the cash shop in the market place, but this item can be used to make huge in-game profit.
    Purchasing 2 max tier horses (male and female). Keep using of this item to rest the breeding limit and keep producing max tier horses and then sell them. Horses and especially max tier horses have a high value because they are earned hard - because of the breeding limitation.
    @PM_Belsazar  Can you please review the above concerns and give us some insights about them please?
    PS: Is this a typo ? Can you clarify this as well please?
    Costume + Weapon Skin Package
    Full set of armor skills with weapon and off-hand skin
    Armor skills? Does the Costumes have skills, passive stats etc?
  16. Salut,
    J'aimerais vous parler de l'échange entre les joueurs qui est un sujet très important car sensiblement lié au gold sellers et au p2w.
    Nous avons pu tester lors de la cbt1 EU que nous pouvions échangées des potions de vie et mana (ainsi que des consommables -> à vérifier) entre les joueurs tout comme sur la version Russe du jeu.
    Actuellement sur la version russe, les seuls échanges possible entre les joueurs sont l'échange de consommables ainsi que les potions de vie/mana et bientôt peut être la potion d'énergie (à vérifier pour ceux qui peuvent). Du coup les gold sellers échange aux joueurs des potions ou des consommables pour ensuite les revendre à l'hôtel des ventes contre de l'or aux même gold sellers. Ce qui reviens à du p2w, on dépense de l'argent irl pour de l'or in game. Et l'or dans BDO est très important puisque l'on peut quasiment tout acheter avec : du stuff, des gemmes, des enchantements, des chevaux etc. ...
    Nous de ce que j'ai compris et espère c'est que notre version EU/NA n'a apparemment pas pour but d'être p2w donc il faut faire attention à la boutique et aussi aux échanges. Et forcément les interdire comme sur la release KR si l'on ne veut pas de gold seller et donc pas de p2w.
    Interdire l'échange est la seul et unique solution pour éviter les gold Sellers dans un mmo, si il n'y as pas de boutique cash shop derrière bien sûr. Après il peut toujours y avoir des genres de "gold sellers" à qui l'on prête notre compte et qui farm de l'or pour nous mais là déjà on ne reçoit pas instantanément une somme d'argent, cela nous empêche de jouer pendant ce temps, ensuite c'est interdit et on risque de perdre notre compte et notre argent si jamais c'est une arnaque.
    En revanche sur la release KR il n'y a aucun échange possible et donc pas de gold sellers mais bon eux derrière ils ont une boutique p2w, la différence c'est que l'argent ne reviens pas au gold sellers mais au créateur du jeu.
    Toutes fois on peut évidemment essayer de trouver une solution à ce problème qui permettrais l'échange entre les joueurs tous en interdisant/limitant le nombre de gold sellers. Mais à mon avis je ne pense pas qu'un compromis puisse exister.
    Comme je l'ai dit précédemment on peut toujours essayer de trouver un système de limitation comme le fait d'autoriser les échanges uniquement au sein d'une même guilde, ou avoir un lvl minimum requis pour effectuer des échanges, par exemple lvl 50 ou autres. Ou encore d'autres idées de régulation. On pourrait appliquer l'idée choisit quel qu'elle soit dans l'option 1 ou 2 ci-dessous ,mais au final le résultat seras le même, si l'échange est possible il y aura toujours des gold sellers.
    Si jamais vous avez des compléments d'informations correcte à me donner sur le sujet, que ce soit sur notre release EU ou sur ce que j'ai dit sur la release Russe, ou des modifications à apportés au sujet car il y a des erreurs n'hésitez pas à m'en faire part.
    J'aimerais avoir votre avis sur le sujet : 
    1- Êtes-vous tous de même pour le système d'échange actuel, c'est-à-dire les potions et consommables uniquement bien que cela permettra aux gold sellers d'exister ?
    2- Voudriez-vous un système total d'échange entre les joueurs, ce qui aura aussi pour but de permettre aux gold sellers d'exister mais quitte à avoir des gold sellers autant pouvoir avoir un libre échange total entre les joueurs ?
    3- Préfériez-vous la suppression total d'échange entre joueurs dans le but de ne pas avoir de gold sellers et donc pas de p2w ?
    Par contre si la deuxième option est choisit il va forcément falloir une refonte complet du jeu car cela va changer beaucoup d'aspect. Cela entraîneras donc surement un retard pour la release du jeu d'au moins 3 mois si ce n'est plus. Une tel solution n'est donc quasiment pas envisageable. De plus il faudrait l'accord de Pearl Abyss la société propriètaire de BDO pour modifier les aspects du jeu qui seront nécessaire pour la logique et la cohérence d'un tel système.
    @GM Tokaji J'ai maintenant une question pour les GM : Bien que la boutique EU n’ait pas été officiellement détaillé pour l'instant. Vous nous avez clairement explicités que le jeu se dirigeait dans une option non p2w. Que ce soit lors de ce post: 
    Cash Shop, In-Game Economy, Pay-to-Win, PvP [PK, Flagging], In-Game features
    Ou directement dans la FAQ officiel du jeu sur la page de précommande :

     Parce qu'on nous dit, ne vous inquiétez pas la release EU/NA ne seras pas p2w, le cash shop ne seras uniquement constitué de cosmétique et commodité et c'est ce que nous souhaitons, un jeu sans p2w. Mais pourtant on a pour l'instant le même système d'échange que sur la release Russe qui  possède des gold sellers et donc du p2w, alors j'aimerais comprendre.
    Comptez-fous effectuer des modifications concernant le système d'échange actuel entre les joueurs ?
    Merci d'avance pour vos réponses.
  17. I know, not another thread, but bear with me for a couple paragraphs. (I use the word gold as a general reference to currency throughout.)
    TL;DR: Gold sellers unhindered, stop screwing everyone else, institute harsher PvP environment.
    I support fully unlimited trading. For a stable economy with fully unlimited trading you need a massive gold sink and you need to nerf the hell out of fishing. Currently it is super easy for gold sellers to continue business as usual. How? You buy gold, they give you an item type and a serial number. You sell the item with the serial number as the price. Repeat as necessary for the amount of gold purchased.
    The AFK fishing system either needs to go or the prices need to be dropped enormously. Currently you can make millions of silver just AFK fishing and selling to trade managers. One of my friends works from home and can leave one computer AFK fishing just swapping out a new pole every few hours and make 100k+ per day while at work. (Even more if you setup macros and fish while sleeping. Could easily make 300k to 500k per day with a bit of luck.)

    Now for the gold sink. P2W only matters in PvP therefore the gold sink needs to be PvP related. I would recommend that all equipment have two durability bars. One durability bar that is repairable and is only affected by mobs and npc attacks. Another durability bar that is only affected by PvP death and can not be repaired. This would require minimal additional coding, provide a gold sink, and make it extremely expensive to P2W. As for griefing, the current Karma system addresses that well in my opinion. (Even the alternate purple flag karma system would address this moderately well and if necessary all open world PvP could be tweaked to avoid durability loss for the non-aggressor.)
    Sounds too harsh? It's not. It may even be too soft. Inflation is a major problem in all MMO's because gold is continually being generated by the system and there are too few drains removing gold from circulation. Over time the amount of gold in circulation rises and prices rise to reflect this. That's what inflation is. To remove gold from circulation there needs to be a method that regularly affects most of the player base. (A compromise solution would be to make the PvP durability bar much more expensive to repair. Say 100x more expensive for starters and it could be tweaked from there. This method may actually be more reliable as the company could regularly adjust the multiplier to balance the amount of gold in circulation.)
    Additionally with the buy to play model banning gold seller accounts will nail them right in the wallet. If the company stays on top of banning gold spammers it will simply be too expensive to continually buy copies of the game.
  18. Ok, before we go fan boy idiotic about this subject and drop obvious statements let me clear up a few things.

    1) Yes, I know there are cheaper packages.  They aren't truly early access if they aren't allowing us into the launch of the game at its earliest stage.

    2) I am well aware that the price isn't based on EA alone and is more for the virtual currency and items that come with the pack.

    3) No, using ArcheAge as an will not help you defend this decision because every single one of their pre-order packs came with 4 day early access.

    Moving on, why have 2 days worth of early access attached to such a steep price?  You could have easily sold that pack to the whales without that addition and it makes the company seem a little on the greedy side.  It's standard practice for an MMO to sell an equal amount of EA across numerous, reasonably priced, packages.  I really don't think it should change here, nothing positive is being said about the pricing model outside of "omg BDO is finally here".  A retail B2P game runs around 50-60 dollars and it has for a LONG time now, why wouldn't this be the price that also comes with the best EA?  I am rather confused as to why this decision was made unless it's the obvious answer of greed, the only other reasonable explanation there has been is it's meant to prevent players from flooding in and overwhelming quest hubs and avoid the inevitable server bombardment but segregating us by our wallets doesn't sit well with me as a solution for either of those things.

    I want to buy this game like yesterday, the 50 dollar pack is no problem and I can get the 100 dollar pack but I am having a hard time swallowing this pill and don't want to support this type of decision for the sake of our gaming future and finances.  I skipped right by AA because of its attempt at selling alpha access for 150 dollars, thankfully, and now that game is in terrible shape and its former players disgruntled about the amount of money they needed to spend on the game.  It is very hard to hurt the hype for this game and I would hate to see poor business models being a major reason for its downfall.  There are rumors of P2W going around, some have been debunked and others not so much.  Having 2 days of a head start gated behind a 100 dollar tag is somewhat alarming but it can still be changed.

    Please make EA the same across all packs, or at the very least the typical retail game price for North America.
  19. I think crafting should be banned because it gives people who have no life, an in game advantage allowing them to progress by selling the things they craft and then being able to buy better gear.  This is unfair on people who have jobs and other responsibilities who can't put 12-15 hours a day into a video game.  If we allow this ridiculously unfair activity to go on the game will die in a matter of months because all these annoying crafting people will control the economy and have all the best gear.
  20. Post on The Truth Hurts in General

    By ItzDestinyX, posted
    So i guess a little background ive been following this game since Korean alphas have been in love with it ever since. Recently i went and played the JP version with a couple friends and we had alot of fun playing together. But ever since then ive been on the reddit and the fourms and ive seen alot of the worries and problems with the KR,JP, and RU versions of the game ( p2w,potions in PVP, etc) and im honestly scared about the NA/EU versions of the game. ive been hyping this game really hard and ive seen alot of the patterens with the previous MMOs and how they all fall to horrible business practices and bad publishers. i just dont want BDO to fall to the same thing because i really do want to play this game for a very long time and keep playing it years after release. But the way things are going i guess im not to sure that the game we all want is the game were going to get i saw a reddit post that im going to quote and it kinda expains what i mean.
    " Another problem I see is that while KR and JP has a lot of different alternatives for MMOs, US is seen as a place that has little mmo and a LOT of impatient gamers (meaning, less competition for customers)
    Right now, I suspect DAUM to be trying to make NA into a cashcow and let the game slowly die out, like RaiderZ or Dragons Prophet and of course, Trion's Archeage.
    For a sandbox game, playerbase is EVERYTHING. What DAUM should be doing is promoting more players to come in early and building up that crucial playerbase for the community to sustain themselves later in the years.
    The fact DAUM is NOT doing that, tells me that they are just trying to milk this game for fast cash and then either going to slowly make it more cash based (like maplestory slowly transitioning from a large free playerbase to a small dedicated whale playerbase). So instead of a large amount of people spending 20 or 50, you have people spending 500-1000$ to gear themselves and be competitive. "
    - Seishikin on reddit 
    it just scares me because honestly this looks like exactly whats going on and honestly if this is the truth then the truth hurts. 
    hopefully DAUM and Pearl Abyss do the right thing and make a game for the player and not one that milks the player dry
  21. Original Thread
    I'm getting some serious dejavu from Overwatch 2 weeks ago.
    Daum's pre-order announcement today has caused some controversy as to whether the game will be P2W or not and so we should be getting to the bottom of this since despite the box price on the base game, there seem to still be F2P cash shop items like skill resets and stat-bonused costumes that have rolled over from Korea.
    Some members of the community seem to have the mentality that "we don't know for sure what Daum is planning so how can we assume they are implementing their Korean cash shop". That may be true but the implementation of a P2W cash shop is also a very real possibility.
    We should not be content to wait for the actual release to find out what Daum has planned. If the Cash Shop has not been changed, how are we supposed to know if any of the P2W aspects of the Korean original were changed.
    It is UP TO US to be on top of Daum to make it clear that veering towards P2W with a box price is unacceptable both now and in the future. Transparency by the publisher and objective feedback from the community is the key to ensuring the success of this game. Make your voice heard.
    Most importantly, BE CIVIL. We're asking for transparency, not a revolution. Daum has created a beautiful game and while the community should hold Daum to the B2P philosophy firmly, they should do it respectfully.
  22. I know there are many similar topics like this. But some ask about trading overall. Im concerned ONLY about cash shop items trading.
    Besides the more topicks like this appear the faster we get answer from DAUM.
    And my decision about buying high value preorder package depents on it.
    Edit: I vote for second answer: YES but ONLY IN EXCHANGE for other cash shop items
  23. So a new patch arrived to the RU version which increased the price of cash items to 10mil silver for each set of cash costumes on action house.

    And they also reduced the ingame item prices for 5-5 rings and earrings. So that with the $ you spend you can buy more items.

    But its ok guys since its not P2W its Pay to Progress.

    And finally since the ru version has Player 2 Player trading we also get these. 
    PS not sure if this one is a troll or no http://puu.sh/ljr3a/33becadcb3.png / http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/752-okaygoodscom-buy-gold-now/#comment-14987
    PS Forget to add the screenshot of bots too since we will get those too with p2p trade
  24.  Hello brave Black Desert soldiers ! 
    About Me: My name is Finkregh , I am Divium Furor guild clan leader. We are playing black desert sience KR OB. We have high hopes about this tittle , thats why i want to mention about things that in our opinion are  broken or imbalanced. Based on KR/JP/RU servers 
    Sorry for my Yeti English , let's move on  ! : 
    Why it happen : Items from item shop , can be sell on market.
    Desc: Players buy tons of cosmetic items , pets etc and sell it on market getting tons of silver. 
    How to fix ? : Maximum amount of premium items that you can put on auctuon per day 1 ~ 2 
    This is top issue of black desert ! Look on this guy set (RU Server) :
    Average player equipment is worth about 100 000 000 ~ 200 000 000. Only Neckle from this guy  equipment is worth about ~ 700 000 000.
    His full EQ value is  ~ 1 500 000 000. He get it after ~14  days of play. I think he One Shot every player under 130 Defence. 
    Why it happen ? : HP potion 3 Sec Cooldown
    Desc: two players go 1vs1. They have similar gear , same class etc. Who will win you think ? One with better skill ? No... Winner is one who carry more potions, 
    How to fix ? : Longer CD / 50% less efective on pvp 
    ISSUE : Item Market
    Why it happen : Auto price algoritm is broken
    Desc: You got some super rare item ? You can't set your own price , because market limit you to max price. Item + 0 cost 7kk / item +1 Cost 10kk. Armor enchants more expensive than Weapon Enchants(no one sell them so market algoritm think they are sux ,so set their price at ~ 150k instanted of 300k+ You need money ? sell it for 150k or be poor)  . Want to sell bad item fast ? You cant because system set MIN price and no one want to buy it . 
    How to fix ? : allow players to set their own price. 
    THIS market system + 30% tax give me cancer. 
    Disturbing signals from RU SERVER
    ISSUE : Ru Server Settings
    Why it happen : Advenced Content artificially bloked to version 1.0 
    Desc: Only about 20% map unlocked but players can arledy get almost top items in the game compare to KR version. (Liverto Weapons , Calpheon Rings , Witch Errings , Ent Belt) 
    What's the point of add more map content when players arledy have items from 7 months ahead patches ?
    How to fix it ? Eu don't go this way.

    ISSUE : RU Server PVP 
    Why it happen : You can turn off pvp mode during pvp...
    Desc : You get attacked by angry russian player. Unfortunately he is low and cant kill you, what he do ? Turn off pvp mode without penalty during combat and wait until you  pull mob train to stab your back.  What you can do ? You can turn on pvp kill him,  and get penalty. 
    This give me Cancer X2 
    Hope you Enjoy !
    Rate and comment !