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  1. Post on About Kamasylve Part 1 in General

    By Alterist, posted
    First things first: Kamasylve Part 1 feels like our Alpha test last year. It feels like it is Balenos + Serendia only, with Calpheon missing. It technically works, but is still kinda meh, like some unfinished touch as seen by the first three points below.
    The other points are just some "random" observations people might care about.
    The update is 1,73 GB "big". For reference, Valencia Part 1 was roughly 7,5 GB and Magoria almost 15 GB large.This is Kamasylve zoomed in, this is it zoomed out. Makes sense why it is only 1,73 GB big, hopefully Part 2 and 3 will come quick. Here is Kamasylve in the Knowledge window, 15 entries whereas one doesn't get displayed, it would be further to the east of the main city (called Wisdom Tree)There is not a single house for anything. No residence, no storage expansion, nothing at all.There is also not a single node you could send your workers to (unless those are hidden behind certain tasks).The zone is for lv58+ players. Main quest starts at that level as well. Monsters go up to at least lv66 (previously highest leveled monsters were lv65 in Hystria Ruins). Parties are recommended as they have a lot of HP and hit for a decent amount.The zone isn't only populated by high level monsters though. You can find Raccoons, Grass Beetles, Weasels, tons of Deers (seriously these things are everywhere), Lizards, Spiders, Flamingos, Goats, etc.The bird like things that were visible next to NPCs in the trailers are enemies. So if we don't get a way to tame them, we unfortunately won't get new mounts and have to continue slaughter them. At least the NPCs can ride them.Horses can be found in Kamasylve as well (no idea which tier though)While there are some well populated places, something like the mountain range is "empty". You can see Gryphons flying, but those are only staticly fighting with NPCs. There are lots of "arena"-like spots (1, 2), but it looks like they won't use those areas.Just saw what those places are for: The main quest. A large structure spawns that will get attacked by black Spiders, then black Mediah Golems, black Helm Golems and the boss is a black Morghulis: http://i.imgur.com/UbnUzlb.png Though what I like is that for once the mountains actually feel like such. In other areas they feel like small hills instead, maybe that's just me.There are pillars all over Kamasylve, yet we can't interact with them (maybe in a quest). (1, 2)Elite monster are usually some Panthers that can be found in a group of up to three and the Gryphons in a duo.Ancient Ruins exist in Kamasylve as well, including another Ancient Ator that is dead like the ones in Mediah / Valencia.The actual main city of Kamasylve, which also has that stupid godlike tree (also called Kamasylve) is annoyingly close to the invisible wall. (Low FoV 'zoom', minimap [past that water is already the town]).While just a personal opinion, the music is actually quite nice, especially near the two lakes.Dark Knights can appear next to NPCs swirling around with their hands (probably casting magic). Once you get close they'll disappear.Optimization seems good, except for a few forest areas where the game starts to  get a bit stuttery.https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5jofdf/kr_patch_note_for_22nd_december_by_chopper85/ | This is also worth reading for other things like the new Earring, consumeable Alchemy Stones, how to get the Pegasi, etc.I think that's all, besides some more screenshots:
    Elven outfit 1, 2, 3 and 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 and 9. Random magic 1, 2, 3 and 4. One out of two special deers. Inside the Wisdom Tree. Forest Centaur. Someone was bored. Who could it be? Is that the male R- nope. What items Blacksmiths are selling.
  2. Si jamais tu fais parti de ces personnes qui ne sont pas abonnées à ma chaîne YT, sâche que j'ai sorti une nouvelle vidéoow! (w00t)
    Au programme de cette dernière, découverte/démonstration/exploration de la nouvelle map qu'est Valencia. Découvrez Roger le maltraité et sa prestance légendaire!
    Have fun!