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  1. Post on Rad option in Suggestions

    By Subjectshiroichi, posted
    Hey Everyone my name is subjectshiroichi.
    I was thinking lots of mmo games have this. Why BDO doesnt?So heres my suggestion. Can u guys figure out some raid system where partys ( 5 member ) can connect into each other in a raid system so we can have a few party in one raidparty?its really useful ( i think ) in node wars sieges aaand which soon will be really important ( i guess ) out there on the ocean while u sailing and there is no option to check the map ?! that would be it. Thank you.
  2. Hello, Im trying to find the Portuguese community in this game... 
    Almost 2 years people left and comeback again but I only saw a few Portuguese players. Am I the last Portuguese player here?
  3. Post on Social in Suggestions

    By Hobz, posted
    I am new to this game and leveled up into the mid 50's and i was very excited to play! but it quickly came to my attention the HEAVY lack of social play in the game. I will list a few examples:
    1) Besides grinding there is almost NOTHING to do with a friend in the game besides just sitting around and talking.
    2) even when grinding, unless vs very strong mobs its faster to farm separately for speed. and even vs bosses its just a group of people slashing away at a strong guy. almost no team play required.
    3) I got on to play with a friend who started a month before me. to each of our disappointment, there is almost nothing he could do to help me besides give advice and a few potions. i appreciate limiting trade to prevent gold corruption in the game, but if you are gonna build a game so heavily into the economy (with the many many many life skills that require much time to develop) it almost leads to no point. Me being a wealthy or strong player has absolutely no benefit to my friends. The game at the moment is almost a single player RPG where you can see other people playing at the same time. on the positive side of this, I do like the effort for team play in things like Node wards and things. (even though again it is just a bunch of people slashing away at one another. How i suggest maybe a minor fix would be to allow player to player trading of items or money after a time frame, ie. I start playing, add my friend. after 2 days of waiting (to ward off some appeal to "BUY GOLD NOW" schemes) then my friend can assist me in buying resources, gear, ect.
    4) As I said before, there is almost no reason anyone needs to play with anyone else. so that being the case, maybe add a marriage system where players can share housing or business development possibly? also maybe adding guild houses or player shops where they have more control over prices than the market place (the min/max caps are too narrow IMO and leads to again a pointless system when you build a game so heavily around life skills. maybe by adding some way were people can assist one another in playing the game, relationship, business partners, ect. then people can play together rather than just watching one another play their own game. 
    5) develop a better battleground system, right now its completely unplayable unless you are at the near caps of each area. i went into a 200 cap red battleground area (alone as usual) with 150 dp and got 1-3 shot by every person over and over till i just left. I would suggest at least adding some objectives besides death-match so that lower level people can still contribute to the fight by possibly holding a point, gathering supplies to fuel a buff, ect. but again, its currently 2 team slashing away in a never ending cycle of death. no strategy at all. 
    All-in-all my point is to come up with a way were people can interact more than they do, because from levels 1-53 I have not needed one persons help to do anything. and I have been unable to play with my higher level friends though most of the game. and now that we are both higher, there is nothing we can do together besides grind... so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add more social play before people get bored of sitting around grinding all day!!!!
    Thank you and sorry for the winded letter
  4. Hello,
    Every time I party up with my brother we never see loot. When we kill enemies no loot is dropped at all and we are trying to figure out why. As soon as we disband the party loot starts showing up again. We have tried to research ourselves, but we cannot come up with an answer so there is no better option than to turn to the BDO community. Why is there no loot when we party up and what can we do to fix this issue? Thanks in advance for your time and help.
  5. Hallöle!
    Ich bekam damals eine E-Mail mit der Einladung zur Closed Beta und bin dem gefolgt und es war wunderbar! BDO war mein 1. Spiel was ich im Leben vorbestellt hatte und ich bereue es nicht
    Dennoch wäre es schön wenn Kakao Games mehr auf die Community hören würde und bitte endlich vernünftige Deutsche Übersetzer einstellt.
    Also dann:
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu 1 Jahr Black Desert in Europa! (in DHL Schrift ^_^)(und America)
    Und danke für das Tolle Geburtsags Event, 20% Rabatt auf 1 Item YAII *hype*.
    Lieben Gruß
  6. Post on Dungeon questions in PVE

    By Xamda, posted
    Hello, I'm pretty new on the game and I noticed that the game doesn't have an instance system for the dungeons, it will be added? I noticed also that the dungeons are simply "caves" with thougher mobs and no special loot or bosses at all, am I wrong?
    I can see also that the final sets are totally buyable on the auction house (and are few/not very nice to see) and no special sets killings some bosses or mobs, am I wrong again? I love the game as it is but I think that these elementes could improve the rpg/party experience and could reach more players also from more classic mmorpgs games!
    Thank you for the attention and have a goodday
  7. Post on Farming post awakening in PVE

    By Raykonx, posted
    Hello everyone,
    I have come back from a 6th month slumber with a friend, we did the awakening quest etc. and tried our new gear upgrade at basilisks and we did pretty good. However, we feel that even if the belt can drop it is not quite the "best spot". We would like to lvl up while getting som loot, no need to be ultra end top tier but just to see that we get some rewards.
    Right now I am a wizard with 142/137/196 and my friend is a musa with 128/118/196
    I know we have shitty equipment but we should start somewhere so, where do you guys recommend to farm with these stats / party?
    Thank you for your attention
  8. Post on Party Match Window in Suggestions

    By Masterio, posted
    Hello. can you implement party match window?
    It should looks like this one:

    + There is a list with parties who looking for peoples.
    + As a Leader you can select what do you need (classes, levels, etc.) and make some description for what do you need this party.
    + It is the best solution for party making (making with chat spam is bad and slow).
    (screen taken from Lineage 2)
    Think about it
  9. Post on Party system idea in Suggestions

    By Xenosuke, posted

    I have seen some posts and heard people complaining in game about how “single player” the game feels, and about how the party system needs reworked. I do not feel it needs reworked myself but I wouldn’t mind seeing a system implemented like another MMO I used to play that was a “true” grind fest.
    The game is called FLYFF and I loved the party system it had. When you create a party, you named it. If players of the same party were close enough to each other while grinding the party gained exp points. This leveled the party up and gained party skill points. I believe it was after party level 10, you could start investing points into party skills that could be used like normal skills. There were eight party skills total I believe, but the ones that were used most were increase the number of items dropped, increase the chance of dropping unique items, and when a part leader attacks a target damage increases for party members attacking the same target. Each time you used a skill, several party skill points would be consumed, thus promoting party play to keep up the buffs.
    A similar party buff rewards system would be beneficial in my opinion. It would promote players to party up and grind together instead of trying to play solo because they “don’t need a party” or “it’s more beneficial solo”.  I think it would be viable to give party silver gain, combat/life exp gain, and increased item drop chance at the least. Granted, I know there would have to be some adjustments to fit the nature of BDO but I believe it would work. Thoughts anyone?

  10. Talking about this, I'm pretty sure the following option is supposed to disable this, but it has been broken since launch and despite multiple threads addressing this issue it's still not fixed. 

    Can we get a working option to disable this spam, please? It makes grouping really annoying, and it's quite absurd this has been a bug for over a year, should be a simple fix. 
  11. I don't see a lot of people mentioned about this [or more like didn't see any - if there is a topic on this already, please direct me to it since i did try to search for it] 
    I think this game need to revamp the party system - especially the party range [the wifi signal]
    Currently the range is "too small" and is only good if you're trying to power level someone. 
    I play this game with my 2 other friends and we don't really understand what the point of party when the range is too small.
    There are a lot of grind spot and when you can clear them fast enough, it's no point to stand next you your friend to get the party benefit since there is no mobs for you to clear.
    I don't need you guy to increase any party benefit, but at least raise the range of party up - at least 2, 3 times more so that people can actually split up in the grind spot and still earn the benefit of party.
    Right now there is no incentive to party since the range is again ... "too small" - we only use the party system to ... see each other on the map  and that is it
    @CM_Aethon don't know who to tag in but just want to tag at least 1 CM so you guy can looks at this
  12. Outside of sausans/pirates there appear to be few areas where a 5-man party can grind efficiently whilst staying in range of each other.
  13. As this is my first post (at least on this account) I would like to say hello to you all! 
    And now to the topic.
    So as the title says, I'm a pretty much noob in the Black Desert word, but I played a lot of MMO's before and about one I'm very sure: playing together does a lot more fun!
    I enjoy role playing a lot. I don't fear of challenges and like to play competitively. My Musa Character named Sansori is for now only lvl 20 and goes very slowly up. Slowly, mostly because I don't like to play alone, so I tended to jump to other games instead of leveling my char fast. I don't know the game too good jet, so I can't offer much of activities to do together, but I guess it shouldn't be a problem. - I'm up for everything!
    The language shouldn't be a problem. I live in Germany, so of coarse I can speak German. My English isn't also too bad, I think. I was born in Poland, so my polish orography may be a little bit rusted, but I still speak with polish accent. And I understand a bit of Spanish. 
    So are we going to kick some monster a**es? Tips for noobs are also welcome. 
    Cya around!
  14. I want to set up a party of two members like,... I want the items that we collect, to move to the marketplace instead of our inventory. How to do this? It's a party in Sausan.
    Thank you.
  15. I'm tired of people inviting me to guilds I don't want to be a part of, it shoves a giant contract that is just IN YOUR FACE. If I turn on that option, I have to turn it off every time I want to be in a party, how does having them together make any sense? And its always the same people sending the contracts in the hopes I'll accidentally click it. I don't know how they can find me but it's quite annoying and really needs to be split up.
  16. Post on entertainers? in Suggestions

    By Darkfool, posted
    so why no entertainer class
    i would very much like to see an entertainer class like a i dunno sideshow freak / mime / clown etc just a class to play with and have fun maybe the joker or jester?
    i am not sure but ether way would be interesting don't you think?

  17. When out with friends, not guild. it would be nice to have quests that can be alinged, eg daily's helms, etc or a means to obtain party quests for grinding. Though no quest is needed for pure griding, its nice to highliight the target mobs a some contribution pts is not bad either.
    I'd suggest a regional npc issue a quest to a party, like kill 500-1000 manshas, helms, rouges, sausuans etc
  18. Post on Party xp quesions in General

    By Hollowpoint, posted
    Don't worry, I've done searched and read all kinds of material.  Questions remain:
    Let's say we have a party of 2.  I know it's 60% of xp per mob when both are in range.  Out of range nothing is shared.  However, if we're all the way across the map from each other, is the xp still gimped at 60% or does it go back to 100% to the person who kills when no party members are in range?Reason I ask is because I often like to stay in party just to have a private chat channel always open or to group up fast etc.  It would suck if there's a penalty for simply being in party even though you're not "together" doing an activity.
    For the special deals, there is no tax, correct?  Also does this only apply to items that you were in range for, or any item looted while you were in party?  (Could relate to first question.)Thanks in advanced.  I looked everywhere and couldn't find this information and even people in my guild have disagreements as to how it works.
  19. i feel like party isnt even a word in BDO.. 
    anyone know if cowcow is planning any future content that actually encourages parties to be formed for PvE content, or even life-skil parties?
    disco doesn't count since that is the one literally one single thing that is party oriented and it is not, i repeat, NOT fun at all..
    PvP and grind parties do not count since there really is no end to them and no trials to really accomplish together
  20. I don't know why these 2 options are under the same checkbox. It makes no sense at all.
    please separate them.

    I'd like to join parties but not being bothered with random contracts popping on my screen at any time.
  21. When you are a party of 5 doing pvp and someone calls to come to them it's hard to distinguish where they are or who they are as everyone is a blue arrow on the minimap, party leaders should be able to delegate colors, symbols or signs to players, these symbols will be displayed above their heads and shown on the minimap.
    Every other MMO has this type of system, it would make pvp and in general knowing where people are in your party alot better than looking at map zooming out looking for a green player icon.
    You could use symbols such as, a heart, a star, a cross, numbers, colours, shapes!
    Please upvote and share!

  22.  ABOUT US:
    Looking for a fun, laid-back PVX guild? Look no further! The “Pestilence Party” Guild focuses on a casual gaming experience while working together to accomplish the goals laid out in Black Desert Online. We are striving to create a fun experience for all members and enjoy helping each other better understand this intricate and sometimes confusing game. “Pestilence Party” focuses on daily Guild missions to further or skills and assets.

    The “Pestilence Party” Guild is growing and we hope that you will be a part of this experience with us! Our vision is for all in the Guild to have a fun and to not stress over the best PVP or PVE gear, as this should be the end-goal for anyone who enjoys the game, it is not a requirement in this Guild. Our end vision is to one day soon be able to participate in Node Wars and collect the tax benefits! 

    The focus of the “Pestilence Party” is to meet individuals and to grow as a Guild. Black Desert has much to offer and we hope you would join us in the experience. Currently, the Guild is focusing on the daily Guild missions, weekly scroll sharing, and assisting our newer members. 

    The “Pestilence Party” is still growing and at the moment is a small Guild. In order to join the only requirement that we ask is that you are level 30 or above. Furthermore, there is no AP/DP requirements in order to join. In order to keep the guild active we have a 30-day inactive kick rule. If you are interested in joining please send our Guild Master or any of our Officers a whisper in game or feel free to respond below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 
    Guild Master: (Family/Character)  
        The_Worldslayer / Moonknight_Is
    Officers: (Family/Character)
        Dark_TormenT / Chimo_Shirin    Dumbledaze / WayneWolf
  23. So, firstly I think Black Desert is great. It gives you a ton of things to do and a very long progression scale to give you something to work towards for a long time. But if there is one thing that the game lacks, and really should have more of, is cooperative activities.
    Currently we have grinding mobs (which for most is only fun in short bursts), boss scrolls (which again is not something you would want to keep repeating for hours on end), hunting and field bosses (which only spawn on very long cooldowns). There are no cooperative life skill activities, no cooperative questing (you can help each other kill mobs, but that is about it), no teamwork activities, no helping players to gather materals or any other way to assist your friends in their progress.
    With the abundance of different activities available it would seem an ideal game to have plenty of team based activities, but for the most part it seems like a single player game with other players running around that you cannot interact with other than to chat, attack or... well, that's it really. So what I would really like to see added to this game, is for parties and friends to be able to join each other and do group based PvE activities together (both combat and life skill stuff).
    Maybe add a group horse taming activity where they can round up a group of horses and tame them as a group. Or group fishing using a boat and a net, where they can work together to bring in a big haul, or special daily group quests that require teamwork in some way (either combat or life skill based).
    At the moment I am leveling up my two mains and helping my friends level their characters, so mainly we just grind in the same areas doing the quests we each individually have, so we have a reason to do stuff together. But once we get to the high level stuff, where it mainly comes down to mindlessly grinding mobs for xp and silver, it would be nice if there were other things we could do together to break things up a bit.
    I read a while back that there may be more kinds of open world PvE activities added at some point, does anyone have any more information on that? Anyway, I hope PA can make the game more party friendly (beyond group PvP stuff), because it seems like wasted potential to me. The game is great in almost every other respect, so it seems a shame it lacks in a field it really should shine in.
  24. So I learned the value of running more than normal Guild Missions this week, we got a Guild House with 3.4million daily rent wow so been pushing missions. Since monday alone, I have made 61 Million so far. I did not get a chance to cash out the trash look of ruthams and manshas last night but based on the week so far say another 15-25 million.
    Yes 4 pets, and party is on Marketplace, so if you are ever farming and someone says doing a quild mission do you want party "take it
    as i have been sharing this all week.
    Bought a centaur belt this am 12 million off blackmarket seller.
    anyhow thats my week, please if you have learned or experienced something cool to share this week please do
    Thanks from Uno-NA 

  25. Hi guys,
    Before the game came out and I was reading about how party loot works in the game.  I was really against it.  I was fine with the standard round robin, loot rolls, etc.  It sounded too much like Blade and Soul's loot system, where you bid money to roll for an item.  After playing since launch and from how this game plays,  I was thankful that this was not the case.  The options are there to "purchase" the item, but the dice rolls are available as well so people can pass.  I also actually like having the special deals options.  Free's up your inventory,  money gets mailed to you, pick it up at your leisure.
    What I dislike is that it posts items so quickly onto the marketplace.  We need more filters/options for party looting.  It needs more options such as prompting when blue or higher items drop.  Because you are literally grinding and killing tons of mobs that drop stuff...  Far too often you forget that the bag is there and stuff you would like to dice on (Books/crystal shards/specific gear/Stones) are already sold.  With all the item notification spam from world marketplace, you don't even notice what just went up for market in your own party loot bag.
    Some examples of some functions that would help:
    Set green loot for special deals, pop up prompt options for blue or higher itemsTag items to be exempt from special deals, so when they do drop, it either prompts to dice/sell/purchase from group or round robins the lootYou can set your party leader to be the deciding vote on if the item goes to marketplace/purchase or allows for dice rolls.  I would also like the idea of being able to use the special deals options when soloing.  If you think this would be unfair for PUGS (pick up groups).  Think of at least setting a guild party system... because one would hope your guild mates are not jerks who will screw you out of loot.