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  1. Black Desert Online is a really fun game full of characteristics but there is one major flaw that I have been experiencing and searched up as well. The slow patching speed. My MBPS would be at .64 and would slowly drop down at a constant rate to .10. I'd call this a major flaw and if I was a game developer I wouldn't let something as low as this prevent players from playing this amazing game. I've also noticed that I have seen no attempts to fix this issue. As a matter of fact, people who are waiting hours for their patch to finish are going to get sick and tired of it knowing that they'll have to wait the same amount of time to wait for the patch to load. Especially something that is only 546 MB. I understand that this is an European game, but I've played games from Europe before and they don't even take this long to patch. What's the point in developing a game when it makes players wait almost half of a day and up to start the game up. Does any person know how to fix this freakishly slow patch?
  2. I've seen the 'known issue' block for this, however methinks it's quite different from what it says there.
    For one, it downloads. It patches.

    But then all of a sudden

    And so.....

    No change in the amount of data downloaded. Decrease of download speed with increase of remaining time.
    What is this...........................?
    Is it related to the fact that people keep having connection problems, as I've read?
    Note: every time I relaunch the launcher, it keeps getting stuck at the exact same downloaded data, 514.12MB. The very exact same number.
  3. I recently decided to come back to the game, for awakenings. 12GB patch, no problem. Psych. Download would start at a very small 3/MB and then turn to .39/MB or worse, for no damn reason. I've seen posts dating back to 2015 with NO help what so ever besides people mentioning to restart the client and hope it gets better. How has this problem been going on with the patcher for so long without anything being mentioned by anyone on the teams? Extremely upsetting, and frustrating, when you're sitting here for over an hour trying to just get a game to patch, or even download, after hoping maybe uninstalling would work. It didn't. 

  4. So I havent played in quite awhile but I decided to hop back in it considering I'm getting a new really powerful pc in the next couple weeks. I don't remember the patch I stopped playing on.
    So for some reason when I open my launcher to update this game it is making me download 41gb. Which is larger than the size of the folder in my program files. Anyone have a fix or good suggestion?
  5. Post on Patching Suggestions in Suggestions

    By Xibyth, posted
    Just a couple of things to note, the launcher does not have a verification option. I know you can simply delete the version.dat file where the game is installed, however; for many users this can be a bit to much to ask and is an inconvenient oversight. 
    In addition I have noticed there is no  file integrity verification with patches as they are downloaded, such as an md5. Using these and automatically checking the files that were downloaded can not only save users from frustrating situations, but can also help avoid an excess of support tickets and reduce your workload.
  6. I have been wondering this for a while.
    Does a team of NA/EU developers work on fixing bugs, improving code, and monitoring cheats/hacks work directly in their regions? Or do these regions simply collect data with small support teams located in the NA/EU, send their data to KR, and then the a team dedicated to those regions in KR do the job themselves?
  7. Change Server Down Time to 0400 to 0800.
    Consideration to late night play with 0400.No day player needs be on before 0800.Those that work can set up at 0800.Please post with " /sign ", The more people state it the more likely something will be done.
    /sign 001
  8. This has probably been asked a lot of times but I couldn't find the answer I'm looking for
    I'm trying to patch my CBT2 launcher to get ready for tomorrow's Conqueror head start but the launcher is not doing anything at all. Do I have to wait until tomorrow for it to start patching? cheers