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  1. Literally, the outfit that you show off the warrior in, something that will draw players into the game. Give more people a reason even if its a little shallow to play Warrior. The wonderful Berns costume why did you remove it? It's a complete wasted opportunity on cash and a disappointment to many players.

    Just bring back the damn Berns set please you'd be making a lot of players real happy and it wouldn't even be much work to do it. You'd make easy cash and it's a fast and simple fix.

    Bring it back please and thank you.
    If people are going to vote No then tell me why. I know about 5 people that have joined this game due to certain thing you can do or get. So how does that represent a company if they remove something that players join the game to get with no reason or word?
  2. Denial of Citizenship: For 1000 pearls will add the 'hide name effect" currently found on Treant Camouflage(Ghillie suit) to another costume.
  3. Post on Unused Costumes!! in General

    By HouseStark, posted
    Hey Black Desert Online, as a Beta, and day one supporter of this game I would like to request something from you guys. As you know you guys release new outfits  frequently, and they are quite expensive, and yet I and other people keep buying them. Not to long ago you guys added the ability to buy and sell outfits and other pearl shop items on the market, now I, and many others  would really appreciate it if you would implement a way for use to sell our unwanted outfits. Maybe for half the price, or allow us to somehow wash the outfit and resell on the market. There are ways where both sides can win. You can make money on a laundry ticket? And we can resell outfits that are unwanted. I personally have 6 characters and almost all of them have costumes, some even have more then one. It would be awesome is we had an option to sell them again, or recycle them for pearls or something of that sort. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  4. Okay so i am new to this game and i managed to get enough potato and honey and fish to sell on the market place to buy a dark knight Rosa outfit and weapon set its been equipped on my character since i got it and i haven't taken it off..   I have checked my pearl inventory i have checked all my storage in both towns i have storage in and its literally know where  does it have a set amount of time or whats the deal?? if its just been deleted and i cant get it back i'm not sure i really wanna play the game anymore i mean that was a lot of money ( for me i know you guys make like millions of dollars in hours) thats now just wasted and i cant be bothered to get it back. is there a fix or is it just gone? plz help.

    p.s iwould of sent in a ticket but i was talking to people in game and they said they have put in tickets like 3 weeks ago and still haven't heard anything back.
    [ EDIT ] NVM some guy apparently sold a set to me by hacking the game so it got stripped from my character.
  5. Post on Warrior Bern costume? in Warrior

    By Badhabit, posted
    hey lads!
    was looking around for the bern costume, google says its already in EU and i saw a guy running around with it, cant find it in the cash shop tho.
    where is it? was it a limited time costume or something?
  6. Since this game likes to have the pearl shop specifically for revealing outfits for everybody to stare at, why not change it up, and actually add some real gear into the marketplace?
    The regular armor sets on Kuno, and other classes as well. The Grunil, Taritas, Zereth, Talis sets all have unique looks that are really nice, and look like they can actually be used in combat!
     It's just a shame that I cannot have them as cosmetic items to wear over the bush armor, or the goats helmet, or the high heeled spikey boots!
    I personally would buy the cosmetic versions of regular armors in a heartbeat, because It's kind of annoying running into a node war looking like I plan to dance on a pole, rather than fight.
  7. I love creating clothings and stuff and since we have a lot of costumes with a lot of skin but not many with pants ore more closed clothing I tried to create a costume that could match to the stile the game offers. The leaves on the ornaments are supposed to look like Acornleaces but since they are so small you can't see very good. I will try to color this, but it will take a while. *sigh*

    Edit for some closeups (pixelstuff is because I didn't want to redraw the person every time I try a new design ^.-  so I printed it Lazy girl)


  8. I fell in love with a few of the outfits for my class and horse armor, but on the marketplace I notice the following seemingly BDO unique “odd” things. Perhaps someone can clue me in as I’m baffled!
    The Pearl shop tab list tons of items as grey. You can set up a ”pre-order” but it never actually works.You can set up a notification but it never seems to notify.I see outfits and such appear on the marketplace if I leave the tab open in real-time, such as 4-8 items or sets listed for sale, but they vanish within 10 seconds, sometimes one at a time. If I actually wanted to buy a particular outfit or horse armor, what’s the best way to do this?
    There seems to be some kind of in-game system to list items, but they vanish so quickly. I have read on other sites that an RNG bidding system is in place, but over the course of 8 hours yesterday I must have watched over 300 items go up and vanish immediately.
    I’m coming from Tera, and am relatively new. My expectations are probably misguided, thinking that players are selling costumes and such for in game silver, like you can do in Tera, but it amazes me that no listing have any form of a shelf life greater than 12 seconds. I must be missing something, so I thought I’d ask here to get clued in.
    Thanks in advance!

  9. Hey there.
    I'm currently looking if anyone is going to be interested in buying two pets for me and I'll buy it from them with silver.
    The pets are :
    Desert Fox
    Red Panda
  10. Since we have a costume for horse riding and cooking, it would be nice to have a costume for gathering specific things. Yes I am aware that we have the treant ghillie suit thing, but I dont want to run around like a grass beetle seeming ready to pvp hidden away in the bushes while I am actually just gathering some logs or something.
    So I had the idea of having a Lumberjack Costume, Miner's Costume, Herbalist Costume.. A costume for every sort of gathering.
    The sort of stats I would imagine this would have could be something along the lines of:
    +10% gathering exp
    +25% chance of gaining extra logs / rough stone / whatever (I dont gather herbs n mushrooms)
    +25% chance of not using durability on your tool specific to the costume
    The reason why I want these costumes to have more gains in logs/rough stones is because it's not a worker gathered item. Since you spend your own time working hard on these (For let's say the Sailboat) it would be nice if there was an item to make this a little faster.
    It might seem a slight P2W thing, but c'mon! every outfit gives some premium stats that you wouldn't have otherwise.  
  11. Can you dye the vials on the belt of the costume?  I have seen many people with this outfit but I do not think I have ever seen one where the vials are dyed.  Thank you.
  12. Let's be honest here, being able to sell pearl shop items in market place is a joke. Even if we were to pretend that it's a good business model and helps games economy (which I highly doubt) I find it weird that the developers claim that this change is to help "those with no money" to get same enjoyment as those who do, but how can it be so when you cannot even purchase these things. What I mean is that if you really want to make an excuse such as "everyone needs to be able to enjoy these features" then at least try to do so. Even if you tried to purchase pearl shop items from the market place, they're always sold out and the change of you actually being able to purchase pearl shop item is one in a million. Who does it help really? I stopped playing soon after the game came out, because of your misleading advertisement and false promises, I came back when I heard you guys had turned a new leaf and started to improve on the game but this just makes me want to quit again. I already bought this game and I'm not going to spend another cent unless I want to, not because I feel like I have to. There are so many things that are pretty much essential to the game play that are only available in pearl shop (ie, pets), so if you guys really want to help others to obtain the same items for in game currency then make sure they're actually obtainable and not something you may get by praying to lady luck 5 times a day.

    Honestly I have no answers and I still think the way the whole pearl shop ordeal is handled pretty damn poorly by publishers but if you really want to do it this way, at least do it well.
  13. Because Boston Terriers are adorable. They might be more of a novelty in KR, but honestly, they're so much cuter than pugs. 

    I want this to be me w/ my new pets: 

  14. Post on Competitive bidding in General

    By SunzoTheRed, posted
    I've been trying to buy Value Packs and Desert Foxes off of the Marketplace for the longest time now, and every attempt I do either tells me "that item is already sold" or "failed to purchase item"
    After doing some digging I found out that the bidding system is believed to be based on "who bids and confirms their bid first" meaning I'm already at a large disadvantage due to ping (I live in Australia) and an RNG process has been mentioned as well.
    I was wondering if there was some way to better my chances?
  15. After the recent update, I noticed that the window panes in houses with pearl shop wallpaper doesn't display. Could this be related to the update that removed mold from the wallpapers? The first image shows how windows are currently displaying in my house with wallpaper and the second is how the appear in a house without wallpaper.

  16. The Venecil Costume gives you the Ability to process items from the storage. The processed item lands in your Inventory. 
    It only works through the Storage npc`s.
    Your crafting time is limited through weight.
    Enable crafting through container/boats/horses/wagons.
    Give the Option to store the processed items in the original locaiton of the materials.
    Would appreciate that change!
    When are we getting the Alchemy Costume?
  17. What if a Brand item made weapon/armor character bound (not family bound), cannot sell, and didn't generate fail stacks on failed enchantment?
    But - it did add a significant enchantment bonus (innate fail stack) to enchanting. Not a 100% success, but perhaps a MAX failstack bonus? A 25-30% success? Whatever current MAX % is for a given class of gear: Green, Blue, Yellow.
    What if the Brand+ breaks (gets used up) on a successful TET? So now you have a TET item, but you cannot use it to PEN.
    Still character bound.Durability applies.Downgrades still apply.Obtaining:
    Pearl shop. More expensive than a regular Brand item. (character or family limit, like the weight limit items? I.E. 3 of 3 remaining)Quest - create an opportunity to receive one character bound Brand+ per character slot.Thoughts?
    What are your pro/con thoughts? Two sides to everything and all. If you disagree with a Brand+ idea, express it. Also, try to find one pro where it would benefit and support the community that is dealing with RNG issues.
  18. @GM_Caramel
    A small, and simple suggestion!

    I've bought A LOT of horse skill change coupons and it always feels super gambly. While it's a nice thing to have but it should also be available in the loyalties shop. Maybe at 1000 Loyalties! Every ten days someone could get a chance to reroll a skill! It's not too high and unattainable, but it's not low to cut too much into sales!!! ( I know that's pretty important for a great game like this!!!!) ♥

    Expecially with T9's in the future, this could be great!!!!!!
    It would even the playing field a little more even for those who don't have the money to pour into the game on gambling items. People who don't have the best luck with the skills they get on a horse can still get a t9 with enough time and patiences; not just splurging money!
    (also as a side note, if you switch one skill and then switch the one you get from that it will only go back to what it was before. For example.
    Switch 1: Roar Get: Caution
    Switch 2: Caution Get: Roar

    I've tried quite a few times, but stopped testing since it's a waste of money...Maybe someone could test this out on the GM Side? Is it suppose to work like that? Or is it suppose to be random? ( -___- )
    Ps: Also failstacks on horse skills don't seem to do anything at all!!!!
    Edit: ^ Would there be anything that could be done about this awful hope system? Maybe make our hope a little more useful!!!!!
  19. Is there any chance us maewha's can get a long cape on the snowflake costume similar to the sorc's and witch's capes for the costume? The short cape makes the costume seem bad on maewha.
  20. Snowflake set only show your main weapon and hide the off-hand which is nice for some classes so they can hide their ugly clipping off-handed weapon (Like maehwa )
    For warrior Kibelius A set hides your shield and sword when you sheath your weapon in non-combat mode (atleast in cashshop review it does) so why couldnt that feature be applied to other kibelius A sets ?
  21. Hello there! I'm not able to dye the sleeves for the Snowflake outfit I bought for my sorceress. It seems like every other female class is able to do this. It makes it kind of hard to get a good look when your arms are white forever. Is this intended? Please halp

  22. Hello guys.
    I was watching fashion costumes on dulfy's page and I can't understand one thing about sorceress costumes. For example check this two costumes:
    For archer:

    For sorceress:

    Do you see the differences? Yes, we have poor version of costume. They cut the sleeves off of the costume. This is not first time when they criple our costumes. I understand this is becuase of amulet but why we don't have a choice if we want to use full version of costume which covers amulet or special version which shows amulet.
    What do you think about this guys?
  23. It was just brought to my attention, that my beautiful red Christmas rug will disappear if I try to move residences after Christmas!!?? What? I paid a nice chuck of real money for my Christmas furniture set and wasn't warned of anything in the description about not being able to move my items after Christmas. So the despriptions say "If you change the residence after installing it, it will disappear." So if I want to move my Christmas decorations to a lesser used residence for the spring/summer...I can't because it will just "poof" on me??? That's crazy! This just can't be right?
    Anyone else have any ideas about what is going on with that? 
  24. As the title says, please consider adding a $5 option(or even $2) when purchasing Daum cash.
    There have been so many occasions where I felt discouraged to buy any Daum cash at all, simply because I knew I would have to spend $30 on an outfit that is only 2200 Pearls. With over 800 leftover Pearls, it feels like such a waste since I only wanted to buy one item.
    When deleting characters, if they're under level 5 then I don't think it's necessary to have a 24 hour timer. Please lower it. Higher level characters I can understand, but if I'm just looking to remake my level 1 character, it's very annoying to have to wait a full 24 hours.
  25. The patch note didn't specify so is it going to be permanently added into the pearl shop?