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  1. Literally, the outfit that you show off the warrior in, something that will draw players into the game. Give more people a reason even if its a little shallow to play Warrior. The wonderful Berns costume why did you remove it? It's a complete wasted opportunity on cash and a disappointment to many players.

    Just bring back the damn Berns set please you'd be making a lot of players real happy and it wouldn't even be much work to do it. You'd make easy cash and it's a fast and simple fix.

    Bring it back please and thank you.
    If people are going to vote No then tell me why. I know about 5 people that have joined this game due to certain thing you can do or get. So how does that represent a company if they remove something that players join the game to get with no reason or word?
  2. I along with many players want a better person to person trade system. I have a few thoughts i would like to share with you and get your options. With my Trade system players will be able to trade all gear and items. Weapons, armor, rings, food, fishing rods anything and everything! Now i know that hardest part of player to player trades is how do we make this a fair system. I have a pretty good answer to this (if you ask me  )
    We will use the Market Min Max system in trades. For example Player 1 uses World chat to say he is selling a Pri Ring of The Crescent Guardian. (Current market value NA Min:103,671,432 Max:126,709,528) Player 2 Says he will pay Max for the item. The two players set up a meeting place, and meet up in game. They open the trade window. Player 1 adds the Ring to the trade window. Players 2  trade button at the bottom becomes gray and unable to be clicked. Player 2 adds 1 1000g bar and 3 100g bars =130M. The Min price was met and the grayed trade button is now clickable for the trade to be completed! Both players are happy (no market RNG no pre-order buyouts!) Now i know the trend atm is offing pearls to make players want to trade items.
    So lets make pearls have a bigger role in BDO! Pearls will now have the ability to be traded!  Instead of (or with) silver and Gold bars! For Example 1000k pearls will be worth 100M (silver) player 1 wants to sell and Dandi Box. player 2 offers 3k pearls. They meet and trade. The pearls value is greater then the min price of a +0 dandi for his class. The trade is successful and both player and happy and no player was worried about getting scammed. Now BEFORE YOU ATTACK ME! Lets talk pearls and why. Many players and asking for pearls before a item is listed on the Market Place. I do not see that changing with the Silver Gold system i mentioned. Allowing players to trade pearls in place or with currency makes the players who want cash shop items for personal use happy and players who have spear pearls able to use them. WAIT HOLD YOUR FLAME P2W CRAP. Yes this makes and issue very apparent. People could pay 200-300$ and get full Tet gear. We could make pearls hold a value = to EST price per real currency I.G 2900 pearl outfit= 29$ therefor 100 pears =1$ (1000=10$) meaning 1K pearls = 10M and the rest be covered in gold bars or silver. Making player 2 come up with a majority of the cost to buy the item. OR pearls hold no value but can be trade in player to player. (I'm fine with any of these options)
    OR we could rid BDO of gifting entirely and make it so items can only be traded for silver and gold. Pearls can not effect value or trade. This would also open Market place pre-orders to not be so high on value items. Give me your thoughts and ideas lets come up with a system that is fair and makes players happy know that can 100% get that item they have been looking for and not with Bidding Pre-Order RNG.
  3. So I've been playing for one month and have spent $320 USD on the game.. most of which was getting a T4 pet. I don't plan on spending any more whatsoever. Curious to see how much others have spent.
    If you've spent over $400 please let us know in a comment how much you've spent.
  4. Post on I sell horses... in General

    By Happynes, posted
    I want to sell my horses, I have tier 7 female & male and tier 6 female & male. For more information send me a private message.
  5. Post on Pearls+Loyalties in Suggestions

    By JenOSyd, posted

    J'aimerais suggérer une chose qu'il est faite dans le cashop KR et qui n'est pas (encore)dispo  sur les version EU/NA: Les loyalties quand on achète des perles.(Voir le screenshot)

    Je vois pas pourquoi on a pas ce genre de "bonus" sur notre version. Alors que je trouve que les loyalties sont vraiment intéressantes en jeu. Peut être une technique marketing...mais je vois pas vraiment l’intérêt.

    Donc,voila, est ce que ça vas être mis en place?
    -Si oui, est ce que les gens qui ont déjà acheté les pearls auront leur bonus de loyalties après achat?

    Merci d'avoir lu le sujet  
  6. The paragraph below is what I sent in a support ticket. Has anyone else had a similar problem.
    >So when you sell an item w/o a Value Pack you are suppose to get 65 percent pack, when selling w/  a Value Pack you are suppose to get 85 percent back. I sold my "Necklace of the Shultz Gladiator" for 9,700,000 million and received 65 percent back which is 6,305,000. Now 15 percent of 9,700,000 is 1,455,000, which would result in me getting 8,245,000 back. I feel there is an issue with your Value Pack system. I had a Value Pack for 4 days and 13 hours and this keeps happening whenever I sell items. I had a Value Pack when I sold the Shultz necklace and I feel that there is a major error in your system. Many people have had the same issue, please work with me on this it is very annoying. Thanks.
    This is the response I received.

    Thank you for contacting the Black Desert Online Customer Support.

    There is some confusion regarding the tax system from the new Value Package buff. I can assure you that you are receiving the correct benefit. With the new system it is intended that you receive 84.5% of the sale price.

    The amount in red after selling an item, still shows the price with the full tax deducted. However, when you actually collect the silver, it will display the higher and correct amount. This is the amount you receive.

    I hope this clarifies it for you.
    (Will be posting more soon)

  7. Hi at first read this post:

    Okay, after u've red it:
    I'm looking forward to buy a Dandelion for Ranger i will gift 2 costumes at all.
    First i will gift for example a weapon and shoes (piece by piece) after that you will list the Item - If my preorder succeeds you will recieve the Rest. If i wont send it to you, you can report me and I'll get my account banned as the post i've linked says. Same counts for you, if you wont register it with the same + we talked about or if you wont register it at all you will get banned.
    If this post is not allowed please delete it.
    Thanks in advance
  8. Huhu,
    ich war eben in heidel in einer Bude... über 30.000 Punkte für Einrichtung und WAHNSINNIG viele pets viele noch nie gesehen... z.B. eine Katze mit nem messer:


    Oder dieses Plastik vieh:

    (JA das ist ein Haustier!).
    Alle Bilder:
    Ihr könnt ja mal versuchen zu zählen, auf der oberen Etage liefen noch 3-4 Pets rum, also gefühlt 20+ Haustiere... warum auch immer....

    Es war übrigens eine miese Wohnung, viel zu voll und unangenehm, da meint wohl jemand um jeden Preis den 1. Platz halten zu wollen... egal wie voll es wird.
  9. I submitted a ticket and I want to check on the status of it.
    I just activated a value pack and it isn't giving me access to Merv's Palette. 
    This is my ticket #:
    > Your request (280381) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.
    Attaching the images just in case a GM sees this so they know what the ticket is about.

  10. I wanted to buy a pet and the Winter Rosefinch pets was my favorite on the market but it said Only available until March 1, so i'm just wondering if thats just when they get removed from the market but you can still use them or do they get removed from the game?
  11. I noticed every pet in the pearl market says it can pick up items but the Winter Rosefinch Set does not say anything about it. So Im just trying to verify if these pets can pick up items or not.
  12. Hello.
    My suggestion is the addition of price point multi-costume boxes to the pearl shop.
    What is a multi-costume price point box?
    A multi-costume price point box is simply a box that can be opened on any particular class, and will display all costumes available to that class at either a 2,900 or 3,400 pearl price point. Again, this is not an RNG box.
    As we all know, Kakao/Daum/Pa have for some reason decided to divide all the costumes into separate boxes.
    For example: Ranger Sylvia Weapon & Outfit Premium Set, Warrior Gavi Regan Weapon & Costume Premium set. Ranger Karlstein Weapon & Outfit Set, Ninja Karlstein Weapon & Outfit Set, Wizard Karlstein Weapon & Outfit Set... and the list goes on.
    I am simply proposing a way for this unnecessarily convoluted system to be avoided, for simplicity and convenience sake, for both pearl shop users and marketplace users.
    How is it used?
    Pearl shop customer purchases a price point multi-costume box @ 2,900 pearls, and/or a box @ 3,400 pearls (again, from the PEARL SHOP).Pearl shop customer registers whichever costume boxes he has purchased on the marketplace @ the appropriate silver value for 2,900/3,400 pearl costume sets.Marketplace Buyer purchases the multi-costume box and transfers it to whichever character he wishes through the warehouse.Buyer opens the multi-costume box and sees a list of all 2,900/3,400 pearl costume sets available to the particular class he has opened it with, depending on whether he has purchased a 2,900 or a 3,400 box.Buyer selects the desired costume set, and is then given a costume box specific for that set(or simply given the costume itself, skipping the extra step) as normal.CONS:
    More people will be bidding on costumes all at once. However, the same thing is happening with value packs so I don't particularly see this as a con. But some may not see it as pleasant. I see this as off-set by the first PRO, listed below.Pearl Abyss has to spend time developing such a system.??? Your Cons go herePROS:
    More costumes will likely go up all at the same time.Pearl Shop users will never have to worry about which costume to sell, they merely choose how many pearls they want to spend, 2,900, or 3,400.People who wish to obtain costumes that are rarely ever listed on the marketplace have more chance of doing so without spending pearls themselves. This leads to costumers being that much more satisfied with their in-game experience.??? your Pros go here 
    Thanks for always making BDO a better experience Kakao and Pearl Abyss.
  13. The Venecil Costume gives you the Ability to process items from the storage. The processed item lands in your Inventory. 
    It only works through the Storage npc`s.
    Your crafting time is limited through weight.
    Enable crafting through container/boats/horses/wagons.
    Give the Option to store the processed items in the original locaiton of the materials.
    Would appreciate that change!
    When are we getting the Alchemy Costume?
  14. Post on Pearls !!! in Suggestions

    By Demonith, posted
    Well i am little stressed off because not just because u want MORE money from this game its losing the potencial of the game i already payed the game and now i need to pay for some stuff in the shop wow u shell look on GW2 how they manage the shop well but still need to be our choice shell we buy for pearls or we farm doing dungeons bla bla for pearls u taking away more fun and challenge from the game i hope u guys will see in the 2017 change the shop managing and put the players in not milking money from the players u already gat the money
  15. So again with the same old question ... When will weapon change coupon be added into cash shop? 
    (Can't remember last time i have to bed someone to take my money)
    For people that do not know what i am asking about:
    Weapon change coupon is an item you can buy from cash-shop with pearls. Its a one time deal account wide and you can swap current weapon of choice for another one.
    Example: I have a ninja Dandelion -> I can swap it for any other dandelion weapon and you can do it only once per family/account (no multiple rerolls).
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo@PM_Jouska
  16. Post on Bidding fail question in General

    By Onineko, posted
    Since few weeks i'm trying to buy few things on marketplace and because i've never succeed, I wish to ask about something. When the item is biddable, like some Dandelion, Value Pack, a pet or an outfit, there are two kinds of text poppin' when the bidding is closed (and obviously I wont win the bid - I never did...) One text is "Failed to purchase the item" and the other is "Item is already sold" - where is the difference between their meaning? Does that mean I just lost the roll and the text is random, or am I keep failing at some point while trying to buy something?
  17. So yeah i've been able to buy any Daum Cash from the website over the last couple days...i select the amount and how to pay for it and bam.."Sorry. We cannot complete your payment at this time". I've tried every single method of payment and it falls over just as fast with the same error which is looking like it's the site.

    Any idea when this is being fixed?
    Tried multiple Browsers
    Tried all payment methods shown
    Tried on mobile phone with same error


  18. I looked for this issue and cant find it.
    My pearls that I have already received keep disappearing.   Every time i purchase a box i always have 400+ left over that I save but they keep disappearing till there's none left. At first I thought it was me, perhaps i used them and forgot? But then I calculated my purchases and total starting pearls and realized they are disappearing slowly. I submitted a ticket and have heard nothing so far. I decided to buy another $30dollars worth and calculate it from the beginning. Sent in a ticket stating 480 pearls are left over after costume purchase and I will keep sending in tickets as they disappear. Sure enough.. I now have only 400 remaining. They keep slowly disappearing until there's none left. I have not purchased a single thing since the awakened costume so i no for sure this is not me being forgetful, the game is actually taking my pearls away.
    Anyone else notice they have/had less than they should?
    Ticket# (232962)
  19. As the title says, please consider adding a $5 option(or even $2) when purchasing Daum cash.
    There have been so many occasions where I felt discouraged to buy any Daum cash at all, simply because I knew I would have to spend $30 on an outfit that is only 2200 Pearls. With over 800 leftover Pearls, it feels like such a waste since I only wanted to buy one item.
    When deleting characters, if they're under level 5 then I don't think it's necessary to have a 24 hour timer. Please lower it. Higher level characters I can understand, but if I'm just looking to remake my level 1 character, it's very annoying to have to wait a full 24 hours.
  20. Hi I recently spent 40 dollars on pearls and id like to refund the last 10 dollars i spent on 1000 daum cash i have not exchanged it yet but id like to do so i can gift my friend the game. I bought it not knowing what to do with it but now I know so if you could please refund me Id be very grateful.
  21. After charging 30€ in Daum Cash into my girlfriend's account, I was ready to charge 60€ into my own. I got distracted and charged the Daum Cash in her account, Could it be possible to transfer the Daum Cash between accounts so I can use it? Otherwise i'd lose my money since she can`t gift me anything from the cash shop.
    Thank you.
  22. Hi there ok so firstly sorry, this is my first post so it wont be pretty and it probably wont even be spelt correctly but here it goes.
    basically i'm here to appeal to other players and the Devs please dont ruin the game... ive only been playing 3 weeks but have been here for the introduction of value packs, more in game benefits available on pearl shop and now the ability to sell pearl items in market effectively selling silver for real money, this is so p2w and every week almost theres a new thing coming out to upset a vast amount of players, i see a lot of complaining in game, a lot of complaining on youtube and forums,  this one has over 210 thousand views.... so people are obviously bothered by this p2w road BDO is heading down.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIuFymMM2ak&ab_channel=TheLazyPeon
    as well as this, there is an actual petition, https://www.change.org/p/daum-games-stop-daum-games-from-changing-blackdesertonline-to-pay-to-win-model-with-cash-shop-items-being-listed-on-the-market    that has been signed over 5000 times requiring an email name, adress etc and over 5000 people have signed it, as well as people not knowing about it there is also people that have already quit  before any change is made... by that logic i would confidently say this petition could easily get 10,000 or more signatures easily... therefor thousand of players either not quitting, coming back or trying out the game.
    ok just to finish.. i do love this game its just getting annoying p2w things every single week and the threat of more all the time makes playing stressful and makes players me at least lose faith in yet another mmo dev... please keep this game alive, i love the combat most mmos are terrible and the game is fun... theres very little i dont like and when coming out BDO promised to never be p2w for 3 months.. then... suddenly completely went against there words... its exactly like no mans sky.. i dont actually know how its legal to advertise and develop a game saying one thing and then completly reversing that.. is that not lying... is it not false advertisment??? either way... please just keep the game alive... people will play it for the mechanics and guilds and skills and boss's etc.. not for new costumes for sale £20 a go.... its silly and the amount of money from people buying the game months ago the Devs and publishers etc must have made money and are now doing things purely for greed.... please dont fall into the group of 20+ games that started good and went p2w and died... 
    sorry for the rant... take a look at the video and sign petition please...    thanks guys, take care and add me in game if you want.. although im a noob haha, cheers.
    OK been playing a few more days now... game is fantastic.. all those people telling me quit are stupid just because something isn't perfect you don't leave it...   boyfriends or girlfriends for example...   love the horse and pet system determined get 4 tier 4 dogs haha eventually... also love fishing.. and combat is million times better than wow or other tab targeting games... game definitely has p2w elements and the more I play the more I keep saying.. if I bought that it would be good or if I buy this it would be faster so there's definitely pay to advanced faster but I'm in no rush hopefully it doesn't get more p2w and they keep an eye on it and the game should stay pretty good.. excited for what comes next thanks for all the comments guys appreciate the conversation and various points made by people. Take care and have fun in game... 
  23. Post on The Wall in Suggestions

    By Haku12, posted
    I really didn't wanted to write this post because this topic was mention ten thousand times in the past but this time I felt like I have to, I still think the cash shop prices specially the costumes prices are way to high, considering the average look of them on some classes in my view but its not my business on what people want to spend their money on, getting to the point. I'm one of the people that came back to the game after the whole VP thing, which I didn't actually knew at the time, I just wanted to see Valencia. I was pretty pleased to see that the game was not so dead as I would imagine and have to admit that "give me free stuff cause I'm back" worked on me and I gave the game second chance. 
    Its been like 2 weeks I guess since I've been playing the game now and I bumped into new craftable costumes, was so happy to see that, told my self that finally this game is pointing the right direction, my happiness didn't last for long before I hit the wall again in this game and was introduced to the tailoring coupon. After I realized I needed such a thing I new exactly where to look for it,I was hugely disappointed to see that.
    This would't be much of a problem if it was a F2p game, but it isn't, it is insulting to see because the only purpose of some of these new craftable costumes are only to make you reach for your wallet, without the cash shop these items would serve no purpose in game since they're completely useless outside of the city. I've spent gold and 3h of my time in game to make one of these only to be pointed to the cash shop, it feels like I'm playing a demo or a trial version of a game that I've paid for. This game have a huge potential and that's why it feels so bad to see such a thing, if the plan for this game is to have a growing community and to be played in the next 3-5 years, this needs to stop and it needs to stop immediately since from what I read this game is currently rising from its knees.
    Also the dye system is pointless as well which everyone is aware of so I don't need to spend much time on it, the unknown boxes give always the same thing(snowy this,snowy that), they need to be added to your palette permanently and on every character, be either dropped from mobs on a semi-low rate or be obtainable in game in other way. 
  24. Post on Daum Cash in Suggestions

    By Violentstorm, posted
    Why when I accept to be charged an even dollar amount like 10 or 20 but you also charge 8 cents per 10 dollars purchased that I did not authorize you to take so basically someone is stealing from me. that is illegal, taking without my approval. Either someone is embezzling money under your nose or your company is stealing from its customers.
  25. Hey
    I'd like to share my notice. I mean price of pearls and items from pearl shop. It's some kind of Joke I think...I do understand such thing in F2P games...but we all PAID for this game and not so cheap if I may add...So Can somebody tell me...why the hell 1 single costume costs 3000 pearls?! (2700 now with discount). It's 30 Euro. It means It's more expensive than entire full game!! WTF? Oo are you crazy?...