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  1. Post on Need Performance in General

    By Anti FlashZ, posted
    Dear Black Desert Community,
    First of all i want to show my respect for the developer’s for the shitstorm they earn these days! I would beg you not to delete commentaries for this post except insults, harassment and so on. I just want to clarify that BDO needs more performance optimizations.
    I want to know why there is no optimization for the EU servers and the growing community here in BDO. I would enjoy it so much to do my PVP stuff without laggs and dsync’s.
    These issues are definitely not on my side of the chain between your servers and my PC.
    I’m using a GTX 1080 and  a  I7 4790k processor furthermore i have a 50k internet connection.
    I ask myself why korea has the new engine or maybe just a better one than EU has. They can do all the worldbosses easily with like 60 FPS, here in EU we struggle to have around 15 FPS. Within the last patches the performes of BDO dramatically decreased for almost every player!
    I would be very happy if we could play  BDO on a stable performance and this should be in your favor aswell!
    Thank you very much for your time and attention.
    Share this post with the community by using  #NEEDPERFORMANCEBDO so Kakao/Pearl Abyss mentions our desires!
  2. Hallo ihr Black Desert Zocker,
    Vor ab ich Hab Respekt an den Support die den ganzen Shitstorm abbekommen von den Leuten und bitte daher nichts zu löschen (außer beleidigungen, rechtsextremes ect. blabla natürlich) oder irgendwie mein Account anzufassen ich will hier nur Klarstellung und Optimierungen von Entwicklers Seite aus da ja der Support dafür nichts kann er versucht ja nur zu Helfen. Und ich bitte darum nicht auf meine Rechtschreibung zu achten Danke
    So da das geklärt ist würde ich gerne wissen warum es keine neue Engine gibt bzw. die EU Server Optimiert werden so das der neue Spieler Wachstum ohne Dsync oder ähnliches ordentliches PVP machen kann. Es kann nicht an mein Internet, PC oder Equipment liegen das ich öfters was schreibe im Chatt im Game das und muss 10 sec. warten bis das der andere erst lesen kann und ja ich hab einstellungen nachgeschaut und nein es liegt nicht an der SSD an der GTX 1080 an meinen I7 4790k (auf 4,6 ght getaktet) und an mein ddr3 Ram 1600 MHz oder an meiner 50k leitung Internet der nur neustartet wenn es 4 uhr morgens und es läuft einwandfrei seit 2016.
    Zur Klarstellung es liegt an der Programmierung an der Engine (Korrea hat die neue bereits oder hat von sich aus eine bessere Engine jetzt schon) in Korrea wo alles gut Programmiert wurde/ist gibt es 60 fps bei Worldbossen bei uns gehe ich bei Worldbossen teilweise mit 15 fps rein und normalerweise habe ich bei keine Spieler 100 fps. Seit den letzten Patches bricht das spiel von Leistungen her sogar total ein was vor den Patch vom Mittwoch nicht der Fall war. Es hat viele gründe die dringend notwendig sind endlich die neue Engine einzuspielen und hat viele vorteile Spieler werden sich weniger Beschweren man kann endlich sein Kostüm in voller Schönheit und Pracht im Fight bestaunen(will auch endlich neue Kostüme aus Korrea haben und PVP event Waffen ) und Leute bezahlen für funktionierende spiele viel viel mehr so nach dem Motto das spiel macht Spaß dafür lasse ich mein Geld da(und ja das denken wirklich viele) also wäre das beide seiten ein vorteil.
    Es wäre besser wenn alle die das auch so Sehen(außer das Geschwärme von den Kostümen von mir :D) das sie erstmal Performance Updates und die neue Engine Patchen sollen hier reinschreiben mit den Motto #NEEDPERFORMANCEBDO .
    Vielen Dank für die Aufmerksamkeit
  3. My first month on the Olvia servers things were great. I never had server lag. When I heard people complain about it I wondered if it was just their internet/computer. 
    Since losing Olvia access, it is torturous. Frequently throughout the day, night, weekend, whatever, the server is so lagged that you can't even talk to NPCs. You rubberband around - sometimes back to positions you were in 2-5 minutes previous. I've even died as a result of it and lost crystals and XP. 
    Is there even a solution in sight? This is an absolute bare bones requirement for running an MMO that your servers need to at least be able to handle the load and process commands.
    Even just lifeskilling is brutal because you press "R" and nothing happens for 60-120 seconds. BRUTAL.
  4. A lot of games have been doing this for a while, my first experience was of course Half-Life 2's Source Engine benchmark. Many games have been packaging in a Benchmark engine to push the limits and showcase what the game engine can really do. I think this would be fantastic for BDO!! This has a number of benefits to the game and the users. The engine behind this game is absolutely killer! and the graphics or an orgy of the eyes. I think the game would get TONS of extra exposure by techtubers and system builders who use gaming benchmarks to proof there build. Tubers like BitWit and Jayz2cents would show this game off with every build/upgrade. Thats just two channels with woah too many subscribers. The other benefit would be to players. It would be nice if we could benchmark a new part or new build and get some customized results on how better to optimize our systems for buttery gameplay. It would also be nice to compare and get some charts that would help make the upgrade decisions easier. I am on a Radeon HD7870 with near max settings running a solid 30-36 fps. I would love to know, at a glance, how high I need to upgrade to hit that magical 60fps. I don't care about above that, my screen only hits 67hz so it would be useless to go beyond. My point is made however.
    Sum it up:
    Huge Gaming and performance exposure to help sell this amazing gameShowcase the engine and what limits this game can really pushCustomized optimizations and recommendations to get more people playing AND with better experienceCharts, graphs and stats OH MY! Helps with purchase decisions and industry growthPure bragging rights for the ridiculous rigs at the top of the list ;pI would love to see it packaged, but that I don't mind because I of coarse own the game. A stand alone download would make more sense as far as getting into as many hands as possible. A 40+ GB download is hard to justify for a benchmark. 
    I would really love to see this happen, plox!!
  5. ** UPDATED: Found way to boost performance and unlock FPS by a shocking amount in FULLSCREEN mode. Credit goes to Jackal Hawk on youtube ** Scroll to the bottom. 
    I have seen a few posts about this from back in January - we asked for reponses and haven't heard anything back. My guildies are talking about it, my friends are talking about it, it's affecting a large amount of the player base if not all (knowingly or not).
    ** if you're going to get stuck argueing about what the eye can see and not see, please feel free to not **
    My specs:
    i5-6600k @ 4.5 ghz, unparked (yes you can still do it, let's just move on from this)
    GTX 970 Strix @ 1400 mhz
    16 gb ram / game installed on SSD 
    Nvidia control panel - BDO V-Sync forced off
    I'm currently running game on Medium, Nvidia control panel V-Sync forced off. 
    I came back to BDO a few weeks ago after a long hiatus and since as far as I can remember, my FPS has been locked to 64. Today I went to an open field to get some screen shots, cranked my settings to high end mode on high, FPS dropped as expected. After taking the screenshots, I went back to Medium settings - for some reason... my fps was uncapped, @70~90 This was the FIRST time I've ever seen my Nvidia forced V-Sync off work. I have no idea why switching it to high end on high and then back to medium unlocked my FPS. So I went back to town, FPS still unlocked, was also getting higher than my usual numbers. Then I hit Tarif, FPS still high as hell, no lock - until I talked to the skill instructor. After going through his dialogue and exiting the quest interface, my FPS was locked again. Instantly it sat at 45 in the town, and when I left town I was back to 64. In the exact same area, before I talked to the quest vendor, I was at 90. I tried to duplicate the effect, couldn't do it no matter what. 
    And what does all that mean?
    Well you already knew the game was optimized like a potato, but why hasn't it been dealt with? Having consistent performance on BDO directly relates to your enjoyment of the game - if you've paid money, shouldn't you get the best the product can be? We need a response if this is in the works. 
    So why should you care?
    Well if you have a good PC, and a good GPU, you should be enjoying the game at a consistently high performance level - hell you paid a crap ton of money for that build didn't you?
    If you have a low end PC, you're getting screwed because the game is extremely poorly optimized, and you're probably looking at what looks like Lineage II when you could be running it at a higher setting with the same FPS.
    This game could play so much better if the performance was consistent. This is just one example of all the crazy inconsistencies I've seen in the last few weeks. GM_Huego, give us something!
    TL:DR - FPS lock went away after cranking settings and turning them back down. FPS lock came back when I spoke with a quest giver. Inconsistent performance across the line - optimization of a potato. Lots of posts about this from other players - no formal response from Kakao. This affects our enjoyment of the game, please answer us.
    FPS magically went to 79 after switching to high / high-end and back to medium.

    *** Temporary Fix until Kakao does something ***
    Things you need to do to gain the most performance:
    1) Override game graphics settings by going into Nvidia Control Panel, create a profile for BDO, force off V-sync / Tinker with Anti-Aliasing, Max Pre-Rendered Frames. You can find endless guides on this, I won't go into it.
    2) CPU Unpark - Google it, download it, run it, unpark CPU. 
    3) Whenever you run BDO (the game, not the launcher), go into your Task Manager, find BDO, right click and hit show details, right click the .exe, set priority to High. You need to do this everytime, there's no way to set a launch option for it unfortunately. This has boosted my CPU usage quite a bit (good for performance).
    4) READ THIS IF YOU'VE DONE 1, 2 and 3.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLwBOCsobWo - Jackal Hawk on youtube, watch his video if you don't want to read.
    Go to the youtube link either way, go into his description, download the Gaming Performance Booster. Do not try to google it and download it because you might end up downloading something that's not meant for this purpose - there's lots of timing tools out there. As always, when tinkering with CPU stuff, do it at your own risk - this is by no means a dangerous method of obtaining performance, and will work for every game, not just BDO. 
    After you download the gaming booster (timing tool), open it up, set timing to 0.5ms, and you're good to go.
    If you've done the above, you should be getting quite a bit of boost in performance. On top of that, you will have broken through the FPS cap.
    My frames went from a locked 64 max, to 100~150 depending on the area. My city performance went from 30~37 to 37~45. I now run the game on slightly high, with high textures - where as before I ran it on medium settings and medium textures. I went up in quality and in performance with this solution.
    Edit: added screenshot of new performance

  6. Like most people, my performance drops horrendously when in Heidel or any other populate area. However when out in the world farming mobs or exploring i get around 40 - 60 frames. I run my res @ 1920 x 1080 with texture and graphic quality both on high and i have everything else turned on besides Anti-Aliasing, SSAO, Improved distance and High-End mode, of course.
    I would like some honest advice on what i should try and upgrade as to be able to run this game comfortably on high with everything turned on ( besides High-End mode ).

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz
    Memory: 16 GB RAM
    Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit
    Video Card: GTX 670 SLI

    Now i realize that the GTX 670 is outdated but i am running SLI and i do just fine on most other games on high or almost maxed settings. I'm just looking for some advice or hopefully to get pointed in the right direction, thank you.
  7. Post on FPS Drops/Problems in Off-Topic

    By Pucval, posted
    Greetings to Black Desert Players
    I am facing quite a problems with my new bought laptop, in general with performance issues. My laptop shipped with:
    Intel Core i7 6600U (2.5 to 3.1 GHZ)Nvidia Geforce GTX 920MX 2GB DDR36GB RAM DDR4I configured NVidia graphic in NVidia control panel and even configured my paging files for higher ram performance. I set up my laptop for Higher Performance.
    Next thing I configured black desert a hundred ways and back, just to stuck around 10-30 FPS (I mean whaat ?).
    When I set Texture quality on Higher and Graphic quality on Medium I get 14 FPS in forest.
    Disabling all advanced graphic settings in-game and setting fullscreen mode, 1920x1080 I maxed out only to 31 FPS outside town.
    My question is, can I play this game on notebook above 35 FPS with decent graphical quality or ill be stuck at 30 FPS at low quality with all unchecked graphical advances?
  8. Since Boxing Day deals are on, I am planning on putting together a new desktop computer and passing my current one to my partner. I have roughly put aside 800 USD (including monitor) but if it will make a big difference for performance/buck I can go a bit higher. 
    I am trying to get best performance per buck, would someone who has good understanding of computer parts and prices be kind enough to give me some advice please?
    Thanks and happy new year!
  9. Yea so my Black Desert started stuttering like 1-2 Weeks ago and its getting to the point where i dont even wanna play this game anymore not because i dont like the game, but just because of the stuttering its getting unplayable.
    Im having good framerates from 70-90 on High, thats not the issue.
    The Stuttering can be fixed by restarting the Game, but like i said this is unplayable, restarting the game every few minutes is a big no no.
    I google'd and it seemed like a few more people have this problem but no one really had a fix that worked for me (i literally tried everything)

    What i tried so far:
    Reinstalling Black Desert
    Reinstalling Black Desert on HDD and SSD
    Reinstalling Windows 10
    Reinstalling my Nvidia Drivers with DDU
    Using an older Nvidia Driver.
    Running the game on compatibility windows xp service pack 2-3
    I tried more but most of the stuff is not even worth mentioning.
    I really hope someone can help me out, i dont wanna quit this game.
    i7 4770k
    Nvidia GTX 1080 Gaming X
    16gb ram
    windows 10 64bit
  10. Is it possible to run the game with directx9 only libraries?
    If so how do you do it?

  11. Is there an option to deactivate that "feature"?
    its extremely annoying, since my mouse dissappears everytime i do this; means i have to get back into the game, and press somewhere to get it back visible, just so i have to press alt+tab again to finally have the possibility to see my desktop... ugh
    on top of that, there is no real quick way to get back into fullscreen other than that inconvenient textbox since alt+enter isnt available if you'd accidently clicked it away.
    and no i dont want to play on borderless ... i drop from a stable 45 fps to a shaky ~29 by doing so
  12. Post on PC Upgrade in General

    By Oricy, posted
    Hey guys i was just looking for some suggestions as to how I could upgrade my pc to better suite black desert. I run 45-55 fps on medium settings and am looking to get that to a solid 60 or above.  Right now im running a Intel I5-3450 @ 3.10 GHZ, 8 GB of ram, and a GTX 950. I'm thinking the CPU will need it so let me know what you think, any suggestions are appreciated! 
  13. Post on Game Issue in General

    By AncientKunoichi, posted
    I have a question about the game performance/server performance if there will be someone to answer me. I'm the only one who got FPS problems today? I got around 17-37 FPS when usually i have around 70-75. 
  14. Bonjour,
    Je vous contacte suite a un problème qui persiste. Je vais tout expliquer en détaille, juste avant la config:
    PROC: i5 3570k a 3.4ghz - Intel
    RAMS: 2x4gb en 1.866 et CAS 6 - Corsair Dominator Platinum
    CG: SLI Gtx 770 Ti OC - ROG
    Alim: 750W 80PLUS Gold - Corsair
    DD: 128gb SSD + 1To HDD
    Alors pour commencer, il y a de cela quelques mois je me suis acheté une clé 7 jours pour tester le jeu a ce moment la aucun problème 60fps hors ville et dans les villes en ultra.
    Environ 2 mois après quand je décide d'acheter le jeu, j'ai remarqué des baisses de performances, et petit a petit le jeu devenant de plus en plus gourmand, maintenant a l'heure d'aujourd'hui c'est devenu un monstre niveau ressources ^^. Entre temps ( quand je les acheté a aujourd'hui ) j'ai réinstallé W 2 fois, mes pilotes sont a jours, mon W aussi, aucun message d'erreur, SLI bien activé, mon SSD avec des tests réguliers marche très bien.
    Bien sur ce problème de performances ne me le fais que sur BDO, je suis quand même toujours attentif a mes performances dans d'autres jeux pour voir si cela pourrais venir d'une pièce. Par exemple jouant en ESL a CSGO je suis toujours entre 250 et 300fps, wolfenstein 60fps ultra ( Vsync ), Crysis 4 80fps ultra et pour finir j'ai lancé un petit test comme au début de la mise a en route de mon PC sur 3D Mark avec exactement les mêmes résultats ( voir screen ci-joint ).
    Donc je ne sais pas trop quoi faire ^^ les seuls choses que je peux vous dire: le jeu tournant quelques heures, prend de plus en plus de ressources puis peux crasher avec un message: mémoires insuffisantes, et les screens de mes paroles.
    Merci d'avance pour vos réponses =)

  15. Recently a friend of mine was kind enough to gift me this game because he saw i was interested in it, on day one i already saw that the launcher had problems, forcing me to keep closing and opening it to maintain high download speeds, i saw right through it because of my excitment to play the game, i finally manage to get the game downloaded and instantly see that the game has performance issues, i decide to just shrug it off and lower my settings, the game becomes playable, but since the download took around 3 to 4 hours because of the launcher issue it was already midnight when i started playing, so i ended up only playing for about 2 hours reaching my character to lv 18 because of the weekend exp boost, i go to sleep and wake up the next day excited to play the game and to my suprise the game doesn't work, it took about 6 tries to just get in game because i was unable to get past the loading screen and when i did manage to get in game NPCs weren't loading, neither was quest objectives and wild monsters even if i were to be ok with it and talk to invisible NPCs and kill invisible monsters everytime i were to use a attack my game would just freeze for 2 seconds and take me out of full screen mode, making the game extremely un fun and just simply unplayable, i decide to drop off the game for the day and go do something else, on the next day i don't even attempt to load the game and go play some Overwatch with my friends, after they decide to go to bed i decide to try and get the game working, and to my suprise it did work, flawlessly even, i went on for 10 hours and got my new character to lv 27, after i was done i thought i had finally found a fix to it and was excited to play on the next day, but once again the same issues as day two appeared, no matter how low the graphics are or the settings are set so that even a computer from 2008 can run it, it just doesn't work, NPCs won't load, neither do monsters or horses and everytime i use an ability it lags my game, this is without any doubt not my computer's fault, i am able to run Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain at max graphics without any issues, crashes or lag spikes, i've tried messing with all the settings and even mess with my computer settings to try to make it run faster to try and run the game but nothing fixes it, in the time that i was able to play the game i trully enjoyed it, cutting down groups of monsters with the Samurai class (i forgot the class's name but it's obviously inspired by a Samurai) was very  exciting and just simply an amazing experience, but it's such a shame that the game just doesn't work, i've looked for fixes everywhere and just can't find anything.
  16. Anyone else notice FPS Stutter and the game just generally feels weird and not as smooth as before the patch? 
  17. Here's my setup:
    i5 4670k clocked at 4Ghz
    GTX 970
    27 inch 144Hz IPS with G-sync monitor
    I want to be able to play at 2k resolution but get good framerates.  I'm in the woods alone and I'm maxing at like 80 fps on some medium settings.  I want to break 100 fps if possible and crank up the settings.  Will a GTX 1070 accomplish this?  Does this game even support SLI if I have to go that route?
    What kind of performance are you guys getting with your rigs?
  18. Post on Performance Patch in Vorschläge

    By FroF, posted

    Meiner Meinung nach sollte es mal endlich ein gescheites Performance Upgrade geben. Ich habe mich hier mal im Forum ein wenig umgeschaut es gibt manche Leute die ca. einen Mittel Gaming PC haben und die kommen in Black Desert Online nur bis auf 20-25 FPS. 
    Jetzt mal ehrlich man kauft sich das Spiel aber mit so wenig FPS macht es einfach kein Spaß. Andere Spiele schaffen es ja auch 60+ FPS zu bieten und es sind auch Spiele mit großen Servern wo viele Menschen drauf spielen und manchmal ist sogar die Grafik/Engine besser, also ist es möglich.         
    Mit diesem Vorschlag möchte ich Black Desert Online auf keinen Fall schlecht es ist einfach nur meine Ehrliche Meinung, es Zählt nebenbei auch zu meinen Lieblings spielen. 
    Hoffentlich wird dieser Vorschlag umgesetzt würde viele Spieler freuen.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen, 
    Tim / FroF
    @PM_Jouska , @GM_Gemu , @GM_Rhotaaz
  19. after coming back to the game about a week ago now. it seems in certain area's now im getting horrendous performance now. compared to when i was previously playing which was just a couple weeks before valencia hit.
    for example. trying to do certain world bosses now its just a pure nightmare. the FPS drops is insane, and for the likes of karanda which its really important to see where her AOE is going to be shown. its a right pain trying to do certain world bosses now.
    has anyone noticed a impact on performance or is it just me ?
    it seems im not the only one thats seen a noticeable inpact on performance. maybe this thread could be used as some awareness for kakao to start re-optimizing the game
    PSA: For Discord Users

  20. Karanda Spot frei: Grafikkarte 61% Auslastung

    Karanda mit Spieler: Grafikkarte 23% Auslastung

    BitFenix Shinobi XLENERMAX MODU87+ 700WIntel i7 3770kScythe Mugen 2 with NoctumASUS P8Z77-V PROASUS STRIX GTX970 DC2OCCORSAIR 16 GB CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9Samsung SSD 840 Pro 250GBCreative X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion SeriesSamsung Syncmaster 2233rz 120HzZOWIE FK2LOGITECH G510RAZER Razer Tiamat 7.1
  21. Post on Performance Patch in General

    By Dan Hot, posted
    When comes the performence patches:
    Here http://playwares.com/gamereview/44403718 u can see that BDO is not optimized for multicore!!!

    Or is an secret launch option that BDO use alle cores?
  22. Post on PC configuration in General

    By PanpanTheGreat, posted
    Anyone who can play perfectly without lag in big castle and node wars, when there is a lot of people and constant descending current, please send me your PC specifications.
    Than you,
  23. Hi Everyone ! 
    I wanna start off with that i am in love with this game and i've been playing it for about 4 months, it's perfect in so many ways.
    However one thing is bothering me, it's not game breaking or anything but still.
    I'm experienceing heavy fps drops during combat, and only when in combat.
    Pc specs:
    OS: Windows 10 pro
    Cpu: Intel i7 6700k Skylake
    Ram: 16Gb @2400MHz
    Gpu: GTX 980TI
    Ssd: Samsung 850 EVO 250Gb
    Mobo: MSI Z170A Gaming M7
    Yes granted, i'm playing the game maxed out with only Anti-Aliasing, Ability particles & high end mode off.
    Normally my fps is around 90-100, even in towns it's around 55-60.
    The problem starts when i enter combat, at ancients for example, or a single boss scroll, the fps drops to 40 at at worse to 25-30!
    I've tried lowering the settings to the lowest, played with resolution settings but the problem only shows when fighting enemies.
    Other things i've tried:
    In Nvidia control panel i  set pre rendered frames to max 1.
    Turn V-sync off
    Fullscreen & Fullscreen windowed.
    So is this perfectly normal? Or is there a messed up setting somewhere?
    I'd love to know what other people think of this.
  24. Is it possible? Did someone do it already? How does performance look? Thx. <3
  25. Is anyone else experiencing a significant fps drop after patch? I now have 10-20 less fps than before patch.
    Am I the only one experiencing this? I am trying to determine if it's the patch or if something is wrong with my pc. I didn't notice any fprs drop before the patch though. Did the game become more CPU intensive somehow perhaps?