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  1. Hi!
    Like the title says I would love an option that lets you specify how many players should be visible/rendered at any one time in safe zones, like towns etc. If I'm not mistaken Tera has an option like this which helps greatly for FPS in overcrowded villages and towns. For me personally my framerate drops from 50+ outside of towns where there are few people to 15-30 in Velia.
    This option should of course prioritize showing friends and guild members. With the option of showing a certain number of players like: 10-20-40-Unlimited 
  2. How about making towns horse free zones? The amount of horses littering the street is outrageous! Like stray cats at the docks! 
    Gotta be a performance drain for folks or servers im sure? Not to mention I can't even find my horse in the sea of horses.
    The other problem is that key NPCs are buried behind wagons, horses, and players.
    Is there a way to make them more visible and clickable? What about making everyone's horse and wagon invisible to all but the owner? Or a setting to tune it down?
    How about when entering a town, the horse goes into the local stable right away? Wagons get parked outside at a warehouse? 
    Or a proximity setting that allows you to talk to nearby NPC's by selecting a name from a list of nearby NPC's (a setting that would be tweaked to maintain a semblance of realism), and that takes you into the dialogue vs. the current way of walking right up to them?
    Thanks for the fun game! Please keep at it. 
  3. So a friend was getting single digit FPS and horrible stuttering despite the system being above the recommended requirements. All the settings were at the lowest too. We used Latency Mon ( http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon ) to analyze the system and found several execution times over half a second. ataport.sys, wdf010000.sys, dxgkrnl.sys and the highest being HDAudBus.sys. He had the default HD Audio drivers installed by Windows (using Windows 10). So we had him install the latest HD Audio Codec Drivers from Realtek ( http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/ ). This is assuming on-board Realtek audio. Once those drivers were installed, performance was MUCH better. He was then able to run at medium settings just fine.
    I know a bunch of people complain about having good systems but are getting terrible framerates. If so, give this a try. I'm curious if it helps others too. Please respond here if it works for you too. There may be issues with the default Microsoft driver and this game
  4. Post on Performance question in General

    By DIREWIND, posted
    Here is my system spec,
    X99 5930k 4.6ghz ~ 3000mhz ddr4 ~ SSD samsung 850 Pro 1tb ~ Windows 10 on M.2 Pcie 256gb Plextor ~ 2 xGtx980 Ti overclocked 200/500mhz SLI~ Samsung S32E590C 32" Ultrawide screen(3440 1440)
    Those are my specs, what i would like to know is- im going to run the game with ultrasettings, but what i would like to know is will the game support my resolution, and will it work in SLI and if so anyone able to estimate the FPS i should be able to maintain.
  5. I am running an Intel i5 OC'd to 4.0 GHz, STRIX GTX 970 4Gb also OC'd, data drive is a fast SSD, 16 Gb of RAM, water cooled everything. Playing on a 3440x1440 monitor.
    With the high end graphics checked on I get between 14 and 22 frames per second?????????? Say what?????????????
    With it checked off I get around 26-33 FPS.   Still horrible.
    I have reinstalled my OS, no good. Benchmarked my system? All very high. So why is this happening?
    I have not played any game where my performance was not AT LEAST double the FPS of this game on max settings. That includes The Witcher 3, even on 3440x1440.
  6. Post on 144hz in Suggestions

    By ProEra47, posted
    My suggestion is simple, add 120hz/144hz/240hz refresh rates  so that those who have high end monitors can have an even greater experience.
    or if it's limited for a reason please explain why so we know.
  7. This software has been around for a while and I believe it will aid the community in seeking FPS gains and performance boosts where perhaps their machine isn't quite enough for the game.

    Soure: http://www.radeonpro.info/
    Thank you! I hope we may be able to utilize this software simultaneously with the game. 
    Feel free to post a comment.