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  1. So, how's the performance and pop-in after the patch? Any improvements?
  2. Dx9 is way to old and only causes problems in newer graphics Driver Settings (Performance, flickering textures, wrong loaded textures...).
    Even Elderscrolls Online has dropped DX9.
    there is no increase in Minimum System requirements if you own a gtx 460 or amd 6850 for dx11
    dx11 Support starts with GTX460, AMD 6850
  3. So here are my PC specs:  AMD Athlon II X4 631 Quad Core (2.60), 6GB RAM, w7 x64, nvidia GTX 750 ti.
    How much will the game FPS be improved if I upgrade my processor to an intel  Core i5 4690K? Some friend told me I could get up to 10 more FPS, is it true?
  4. I have a computer that exceeds the recommended specs slightly, but I cannot get the game to run at a solid 60 fps with ANY settings (even with the cell shaded appearance). 
    My older computer with weaker hardware seems to do better, so I am guessing there could be some sort of tweaking that could be done to get better performance through INI or something else I am missing.
    Video card is: GeForce 960M with latest drivers (profile taken from NVIDIA)
    Processor is: i7 6700 HQ
    The processor is a direct step up from from recommended, while the card is better on most benchmarks, but not on all.
    It seems like my card is being utilized 100% load, but my processor and the maximum number of threads isn't (50% load).
    It also isn't a question of temperature since other games can hit much, much higher loads and temperatures without having to throttle.
    Thank you very much in advance.
  5. Recorded screen on my phone because ain't no way I can record this game 
    Wondering if any of the other people having fps issues are having this same issue and if anyone can diagnose it
    This didn't happen pre-musa/maehwa update
  6. System Specs: 
    Laptop, Intel i5-4200M 2.50 GHz, 8.00gb memory, WIn10 64 bit, Intel HD4600 driver ver.,
    30-40 fps in Optimization mode, fullscreen crop 1980X1080 external monitor
    About 2 weeks ago when occasional large fps spikes started occurring, similar to fps spikes caused by recoiling into a wall (visible stuttering and frames dropped for a brief moment until regular graphics quality returns)
    Unable to reliably replicate/induce fps drop
    fps drop often occurs when opening world map, after Evasive Explosion Arrow->LMB umbrella into Q or F cancel shotgun
    No update for graphics driver seems available (Lenovo builtin update utilities are terrible yet still uses a custom driver, so a driver from Microsoft update does not work)
    At least 1.5 weeks ago I was able to maintain steady fps at the same settings. Uninstalled, deleted cache, ran CCleaner and will restart and reinstall now.
    EDIT: According to http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/graphics-drivers/000005654.html my driver is a win 8.1 version with DX 11.1. I have tried for months to find a more up to date version for Lenovo Thinkpad Edge and have not been successful so if someone can help me out here that'd be great
  7. I'm uncertain if you're aware of this issue but it's quite embarrassing. Trina fort has some severe optimization issues regarding the GPU. WHether I'm using my r9 270x or my GTX 980 the gpu utilization tanks completely when I'm in Trina Fort. I'll go from stable 60 fps to 10-15 fps and the GPU utilization goes from 60-85% to just 5-10%. Gpu clocks are not being underclocked when this happens and the issue is caused only by the GPU not being utilized properly. My CPU is usually the culprit when I get lag/stutter in largely populated areas but it doensn't even hit 70% utilization in Trina Fort.
    It's a pretty bad flaw which makes you look incompetent and I would advice that you do something to fix it.
    All in all I enjoy the game but this kind of stuff just doesn't make it or you, the developers look good.
    I randomly stumbled upon a spot in Trina Fort which fixes the issue (if you stay at this spot). Right next to a ballista as shown in the screenshots I provided below. If you however move just a couple meters away from that spot the GPU utilization tanks again. I'm 100% certain you can reproduce the issue yourselves as I know other people experience this as well.
    Edit 2:

    You can actually move away from this spot without the GPU tanking again but only the area below this spot (the first image). There are possibly other spots introducing this behaviour but I'm getting bored with this now. Fix fix

  8. Post on Check your frames in Technical Issues

    By favi, posted
    I figured I'd post this in the support forums as well:

  9. Post on Check your frames in General

    By favi, posted
    I found out that my hard-drive was maxed out when it shouldn't be.  This is a Windows 8.1/10 glitch.  If you are experiencing lag or performance issues when  you shouldn't then check out this guide.
    Put your Hard-drive bandwidth where it should be: Black Desert!
  10. Post on Low FPS in Technical Issues

    By christianfus, posted
    Hi guys, I'm playing BDO with:
    -GPU: GTX 950M (2GB GDDR5)
    -CPU: i7-5700HQ (2.7 GHz)
    -RAM: 8GB DDR3L
    without ssd.
    And I have to play with optimization mode because is the only way to reach 30-40 fps...
    I've seen a video on yt where a guy playing BDO with almost the same specs as my laptop gets 50 fps in high settings. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV4TWRJQtis)
    Any idea why is this happening??
    I have tried almost everything I could google (vsync off, changing setting from NVIDIA inspector, playing full screen...) But nothing changes.
    And isnt an issue from my GPU because i run games like GTA V on high setting with 50-60 fps.
    EDIT: Is it normal that i cant get more than 60 fps in the log screen even with Vsync off??
  11. Hat noch jemand bemerkt bzw. das Gefühl das die Performance des Spiels seit dem Patch nachgelassen hat? Die Kämpfe sind so mega langsam geworden... allgemein irgendwie alles... Also mein PC lief bisher immer auf maximalen Einstellungen, hab die auch mal runter geschraubt... nix hat sich getan... beim Kumpel das Gleiche meint er... die Nacht vor dem Patch alls super, seitdem irgendwie gammlig...
  12. I just noticed that there is an issue with the "High end mode" and "Improve Distance" checkboxes in the graphics settings that can lead to performance issues when displaying the map as well as crashes ("The graphics driver has stopped responding"). I'm aware that these settings should not be used on weaker hardware, so of course most people will not enable it if they experience issues with these settings, but there is a little inconsistency in the GUI that can lead to "Improve Distance" being enabled although you have disabled "High end mode". Let me explain...
    Here is how the two checkboxes look when they are not checked:

    In this state, you can't activate "Improve Distance" since it requires "High-End Mode" to be checked before. Here is how it looks when you activate "High-End Mode" & "Improve Distance". 

    So far so good. Now let's disable "High-End Mode" again since we've decided our computer is too weak for this setting:

    Huh? "Improve Distance" is still checked, but the "check" mark is grayed out...now does that mean "Improve Distance" is on or off? Long story short, it appears to me that "Improve Distance" is still activated in this state even though "High-End Mode" is switched off. On my computer this state of settings leads to heavy performance issues on the map (estimated 10 fps vs. 50+ fps), as well as the game crashing with an graphics driver issue occasionally in full screen mode and reproducable in windowed mode. As soon as I remove the gray checkbox on "Improve Distance" by switching on "High-End Mode" again, these issues are gone.
    So, not a huge deal since you can switch it off in the options but the issue is that it took me multiple days to discover this as the source of the crashes and the map performance issues I was having. Until then I assumed the gray checkbox would mean the setting is turned off & I thought the issues would most likely stem from my potato hardware.
    I wanted to post this since I can imagine that others overlook that grey checkbox as well. If you were affected by this please post here, if there are more people like me I will file an official bug report so hopefully this will be fixed in a future patch.
  13. I've spent the last couple of hours strugling with framerate issues. I have a i7 4790K at 4,5 GHz and a Nvidia 970. I just couldn't get over 23 FPS no matter what settings I used. Then when I exited the game, I had low "laggy" performance just being on the desktop. 
    The solution/culprit is your monitors refresh rate. There is something weird going on with Black Desert changing your monitors refresh rate to the lowest setting for some people. If your framerate is locked, try and go into your monitor settings (advanced) and see if your refresh rate is lower than you would like). 
    From what I've I found out so far, there is a disagreement if performance is best in BDO by either running Full screen or borderless Fullscreen. Borderless Fullscreen works well in other games by using your monitor settings, resolution and refresh rate as default, but there are some people (on reddit at least) who say that this is not the case. I hope this helps anyone who is running into FPS issues. 
  14. So, just as the title says - I've got perfomance issues on low settings which actually vanish when going to medium (though other appear).
    Low: I approach a large, populated area - I get 6 fps
    Medium: I approach a large, populated area - I get 45 fps
    Medium gives less fps overall and has some features I don't need (no point in trading enhanced shadows or heavy effects for so much fps)
    Sadly, there is no way to be more selective in options as we can only select PRESETS
    Problem itself looks like a loading/unloading issue - on medium the area seems to get loaded after about 5 seconds and I get ~45 fps, whereas on low it just keeps ~6 fps.
    Lenovo y50-70 (4k): Geforce GTX 960M (4 GB GDDR5) - Intel Core i7 4720HQ - 16 gb ram
    Game is running on SSD
    Win10 x64
    Screenshot description:
    1st screenshot - LOW - 6 fps (looking at the city)
    2nd screenshot - LOW - 32 fps (looking away)
    3rd screenshot - MEDIUM - 44 fps (looking at the city)
    4th screenshot - MEDIUM - 40 fps (looking away)

  15. Hello,
    I got myself a pretty decent computer configuration, I have :
    - i7 3770k
    -GeForce GTX970 from MSI,
    -8 Go RAM.
    Sufficient alimentation etc, it works really fine with plenty of new games. I can play almost every game with ultra setting in 1080p with 50-60 fps.
    So why do I have huge performance issues when I play BDO? I'm playing with low textures and poor graphics configuration and I still have to play with around 30FPS and many drops. Impossible to PvP as I get many mini-freezes during combat. Is there a way to diagnosis this? Or do you already know a way to improve this? I'd rather say my computer isn't the problem here, at least I hope so.
    Sometimes when I get to Calpheon City I have some trouble too to load the map, sometimes the game would just freeze there and I have to restart the game.
    Is there a way to diagnosis this problem? Do you already have ideas about how to fix this? I'd really appreciate some answers and some help, I really like this game and I'm ready to spent a huge amount of time on it, and I  invested a lot in my computer, I think I should get the profits of the graphical work of developpers!
    Thank you for taking your time answering me!
  16. Bonjour, j'en ai déjà parlé dans divers topics dans le forum de support international, mais je voulais savoir si d'autres francophones avaient le même problème que moi.
    Ma Config: Intel i7-6700k, GTX 980 Ti, 16Gb Ram, Windows 10 64 bits. 
    Depuis le lancement du jeu, je me retrouve avec des FPS qui varient, où que je sois dans le jeu, entre 10 et 20/25fps. J'ai vraiment tout tenté au niveau des paramètres graphiques, que ce soit au niveau du plein écran (ou pas) ou du reste. Jamais un gain ou une perte de performance que ce soit avec des paramètres High ou Low. J'ai également tenté en désactivant la Vsync dans le panneau de configuration Nvidia mais rien n'y fait.
    Des gens avec une config moins "bonne" que la mienne font tourner le jeu en full sans soucis, mais suis-je le seul dans ce cas? il y aurait un modo pour m'aiguiller ?
    Sur le graph' on peut voir que mon GPU en jeu ne dépasse jamais les 30-35% d'utilisation. Pareil pour mon CPU qui lui tourne aux alentours de 15% d'utilisation en jeu

  17. Folgendes Problem:
    Mein System sieht wie folgt aus:
    . Win 10 64 bit
    . i7 6700HQ 4x 2,60 GHz, Turbo bis 3,50 GHz
    .8 GB Ram DDR4
    . Nvidia Geforce GTX960M, 2GB GDDR5 (vergleichbar mit GTX 750 Ti)
    . 256 GB SSD on board
    Erreiche auf den Settings Hoch 1 (Launcher) bzw. Hoch iG in Städten lediglich ca 24FPS.
    Schaue ich nun in den Launcher, steht dort unter Grafikkarte: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530.
    Liegt die mäßige Performance tatsächlich daran, dass BDO auf die Onboard Intel zugreift und wie kann ich das ändern? Das Dropdown-Menü des Launcher listet die Geforce Graka nicht einmal.
    Jmd ne Idee?

  18. I just downloaded Black Desert Online yesterday, and my PC seemed to immediately be reduced in performance. The mouse cursor reaction slowed, my FPS slowed, and I could only get 24 FPS in game without change. I've seen similar issues with slowed Internet, but not the PC performance. I use a GTX 980 with an i5 processor on Windows 10 with 8GB of RAM and a TB hard drive). The next day, I thought to check my hard drive fragmentation, and it was at 14%. So I think, "there's my problem!". I defragged my PC, and it seemed a bit faster, and I was up to 45 FPS in game. Then when I log back on an hour later, I'm back to 24 FPS, and my hard drive is still defragmented and fine overall. I wouldn't care so much about this if the rest of my computer didn't suffer from the drop in performance. I've already tried uninstalling the game and the Nvidia graphics drivers I installed that same night, and the problem lingers. I'm completely lost as to what I can do besides reinstalling my OS completely. (Which isn't TOO much of a hassle, it's just a gaming PC, but id like any suggestions please)
  19. Hey, I've been playing Black Desert for a few days now and the games framerate seems inconsistent and especially choppy in cities (like, no higher than 25 FPS) no matter what resolution or graphical setting I attempt to run the game at. Even optimization mode gives me no frame boost. This is on a i7 4790k, GTX 970 and 8gb Ram system. I've gone though all the fixes people have mentioned around the internet to no avail (Fullscreen windowed, V-Sync, Refresh rate, turning off high end mode ect). I didn't expect to be able to run the game perfectly on ultra ultra settings obviously, but not even the lowest early 2000 era setting won't improve the FPS.
    Now this is where the weird part comes in. I get bored and think to myself, why don't I test out the game on my much much weaker LAPTOP. This laptop is about a year or two old now running with an i7 4700mq, GT 755m SLI and 12GB of ram (so by all means nothing special and meant for light gaming) I install the game on the laptop and run BDO. Log into my character (I'm at the packed fishing area in Velia) and the game is running at medium settings 30+ fps. I lower the settings right down to optimization and boom 60+ fps wherever I take my character in game. Obviously when I further attempted to run the game at high settings the laptop crumbled, but somehow it was able to run the lower settings much much better than I was able to on my computer. Everything below slightly high just felt so much smoother than anything on the computer.
    So yeah, I am confused. My PC is in good health with any other game but something doesn't quite add up. If anyone could offer me any help it would be appreciated, this is just driving me crazy inside.
  20. Heyho lieber BDO Community^^
    Ich wollte mal fragen ob unter euch ein paar AMDler sind und ob ihr auch solche Performance Probleme habt wie ich? Ich spiele teilweise mit 30 fps und in Dörfern oder Städte nur noch mit 15-20:/
    Und wenns möglich wäre bitte noch paar Tipps wie ich der Performance verbessern könnte:D
    Danke schonmal:D
    Mein System:
    AMD FX 4350 4x4.20
    Radeon R9 270x
    8GB RAM
    Win 10 64-Bit
  21. So I've been playing pretty much all day, and I'm having a blast, but my fps has been bugging me all day. I can't get past 30 fps no matter what I do with my graphic settings. I need help if anyone knows of a way to increase the fps.
  22. If your fps drops in-game and you think your system should run the game better, force vsync off in your graphics card's control panel for BDO.
  23. I regret buying it already, it's 20 fps everywhere, city, forrest on LOW graphics with 980gtx and I7-3660k OC 4.2GHz. Cpu shows 20% of usage.

    I see it as a serious problem.
  24. Hey,
    I've been playing Black Desert for a few days now, and I think I'm getting lower fps that I should be?
    My system specs are:
    AMD FX-8370 (8-core at 4.3 ghz)
    8gb of RAM
    1080p (1680x1080 at 60hz)
    600W PSU (enough for my PC under load, apparently)
    Win 10
    I've tried lots of settings, from medium to the very highest, and the variation is only about 10fps. I spend a lot of time in Heidel, and my fps is about 30 with all maxed, and about 35-40 with all medium and disabled. Why? I don't think my specs are that bad at all, and frankly I think I should be pushing 60 all the time, even totally maxed (excluding high-end mode). My NVIDIA control panel is set up reasonably, with no weird stuff, and I've disabled v-sych. But I still only get around 30 fps in town. When I move out it goes to about 50, but it's by no means stable, and drops to 30 in spikes when people go by or something happens. Apparently this game is fairly well optimized, so I'm not sure what my issue is. Also, apparently I should be getting about 45fps in cities with this setup, but I'm not.

  25. Hey,
    I've been playing Black Desert for a few days now, and I think I'm getting lower fps that I should be?
    My system specs are:
    AMD FX-8370 (8-core at 4.3 ghz)
    8gb of RAM
    1080p (1680x1080 at 60hz)
    Win 10
    I've tried lots of settings, from medium to the very highest, and the variation is only about 10fps. I spend a lot of time in Heidel, and my fps is about 30 with all maxed, and about 35-40 with all medium and disabled. Why? I don't think my specs are that bad at all, and frankly I think I should be pushing 60 all the time, even totally maxed (excluding high-end mode). My NVIDIA control panel is set up reasonably, with no weird stuff, and I've disabled v-sych. But I still only get around 30 fps in town. When I move out it goes to about 50, but it's by no means stable, and drops to 30 in spikes when people go by or something happens. Apparently this game is fairly well optimized, so I'm not sure what my issue is.
    Thank you.
    EDIT: My PSU power is 600W, which is enough to run under load.