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  1. Post on GoldFish Pet in Suggestions

    By Sinisterhope, posted
    It would be cool to see a Goldfish pet. 
    Put it in a bowl on a stand and have it give a buff to rarity or cast speed.
    Just imagine a dock full of fishermen, with a goldfish on a stand right beside them..
  2. Post on Pet exchange in Suggestions

    By Alucardo, posted
    It would be nice if exchanging "old" pets is possible between players.
    I mean if i have many pets that i dont use (i dont like them anymore/bad bonuses/...) but some players may like it, they may have pet that they dont like, so:
    there should be something like marketplace for pet exchanges between players where you can set your demands.
    For example, I have "dog" and want "cat":
    1. I put dog on "pet exchange market" and wait for offers
    2. then i can choose from offers and accept if i want...
    3. pet will be exchanged (now i own the cat and playerB dog)

    With something like this will old pets get second chance and will not end in endless wandering around your house.
    And it should have some kind of limitation like:
    1. pet must have same level/tier
    2. "fee" (maybe X-silvers as moneysink)
  3. I am trying to find the most current information concerning pet tiers. North America channels.

    1. Do higher tier pets acquire additional buffs? For example, Tier 1 (1 buff), Tier 2 (2 buffs), Tier 3 (3 buffs), etc.
    2. Tier 1 level 10 pets appear to have a 4.0s pickup speed. Is it possible to increase this speed with higher tier pets.

  4. I don't mind the normal system that you've gotta put just a tiny bit of money into the game to get pets that loots for you, it's convenient. But @#&*! are T4s pet impossible to get, they're a huge money sink. Not only are they REAL useful, they are REALLY expensive. 
    I've fused 2x T3s together and have gotten 1x T3 every single time. That is 25$ each try that goes directly to the trash.  I've done it 3 times and still didn't get a single T4. I've had my dose, this is retarded. I don't mind putting a couple dollar in the game, hell, I wouldn't mind putting 40-80$ a month if that's the only thing I play, but this right here is ridiculous. This is not Black Gamble Online, it's an MMORPG.
  5. Post on Rework Fluffy Puppy in General

    By SrHype, posted
    This pet needs an important rework. (Graphics)
  6. Post on No More Soloing in General

    By RNightShadowZ, posted
    Hello Hello my fellows friends... I´m kinda new here but I got bored of all mmo rpg around there like Blade and Souls, WoW, Runescape etc etc and i miss some one who has something diferent.... So I find BDO and I did the trial 7 days and 1 friend of mine had one last key and offer me to get more days but the problem is that I rly like the game and how he his... So I saw a lot of guys giving the game for a free pet and creating other acc to optain him and im kinda €€ broke right now I wonder if someone gift the game for the pet.... So if is someone interested write it down...
    Note: Sry for bad english, kinda hard to talk non fluent language
    Ps: I´m from Eu
  7. ... but they beat me to it

  8. Due to the severe demand for these items I would like to start a petition to increase the silver prices for these items. Value Packs-> 18,000,000 silver and Pets to 12,000,000 silver.
    We need more incentive for cash players to choose to sell these items. The demand is never ending. Thank you!
  9. Post on Heilang useless? in Classes

    By MilanaMill, posted
    So I've always loved tamers over any other classes, little girls running around in little dresses being badass, I mean what else could you really ask for? The problem I have that it kinda feels like my furry friend is totally useless. Tamers overall seem to have pretty weak base stats compared to other classes that are similar to tamer. Now I don't know much about the numbers to be fair but when ever I summon heilang he seems totally useless. The damage he does is so pathetic that I feel like it really doesn't matter whatever he's there or not, the only thing that furball is good off is as bait for mobs while I collect the look on the ground before gathering new bunch and killing them with single Q. I have yet to try pvp in black desert but I can imagine he's even less useful againts actual players since he doesn't seem to bring any extra offence to the battle field. Correct me if I'm deadly wrong but this is just what I noticed while playing with Heilang. 

    Also just for the sake of discussion if there's anyone else who thinks like I do and finds heilang or tamer overall to be rather weak (?), what do you think would be good way to balance tamer as a class? 

    (ps. Sry if there's already tons of these, I tried to look up few pages but I didn't really find a topic, specifically about heilang)
  10. My pet striped cat does not show on my horse if either my pet brown guide hawk or desert fox are out, they must be put away first before mounting. I can see the cat jump on the horse when mounted, but it disappears. I can get the cat to show if only my shepherd is out or no other pets are out, no other combination seems to allow it to show. 
    Would like to see a fix to this as I purchased the cat due to it being able to ride on the horse. 
    Thank you for your time!
  11. Hello,
    I've recently bought two flying pets: a macaw and a hawk.
    I've bought more expensive ones, because I wanted them not only be an "automatic loot" option, but also a decoration.
    Unfortunately right after I bought them I had to switch them off.
    It's because they're constantly flying between the camera and my character. I play with a most distant camera, and when I'm moving they're flying just right in front of it, so that I cannot see my character and the battlefield constantly. 
    I know, that there is an option to switch off the pets in options, but I didn't buy them, just to switch them off right away. If I wanted to do that, I would have bought the cheapest ones, and for the rest of the money I could by myself something else.
    I suggest to improve the flying algorithm of the pets, so that they don't fly in front of the camera. I wouldn't mind if they flew on the side or behind it.
    Pets are a "convenience" and "decorative" option in the game - they shouldn't cause "inconvenience" feeling.
    Thank You.

  12. So I was checking out some houses, and found this.
    I looks like the Shaggy Dog, but I couldn't find any photos showing this. It's so fffffff adorable!! Looks like a fox I'm screaming.
    Can anyone tell me what pet it is? How to get it? 
    Ps don't mind my penquin having a party

  13. Hi, I have noticed pearl items don't follow the 10-15 minutes registration time normal items do. I have like 1 minute to bid for costumes or value packs, but I have noticed I never have the chance to even see pets on the market, how's that even possible? Do they dissapear in less than 1 minute?
  14. The problem:
    I got a penguin as a daily reward today, and it slides around every 10 seconds, each time making a very jarring scraping noise. It's repetitive and annoying, and I keep thinking I'm being attacked by a mob. There's no way to get rid of this without muting the game, and I actually like being able to hear various ingame sounds. I've done some searching and it seems like a lot of people have this problem, it just ruins an aspect of the game for us.
    The suggestion:
    Add a tickbox in the audio settings for "pet sounds", or add a little mute tickbox next to each pet in the pet list
    I would very much appreciate it if this got resolved
  15. I recently was happy to get the Polar Bear pet and took it out fishing me with right away. Just like the Penguin it has a Special skill that includes "Auto-Fishing Reduce". However, unlike penguin you have to turn the command skill on. That is not the problem though.
    When you turn on Polar Bear's special auto-fishing reduce skill. It constantly disables itself with any action taken in game. If you feed it... it turns off. If you gain 1 energy point... it turns off. When you do nothing at all it intermittently turns itself off on regular intervals. 
    The Penguins Auto-Fishing reduce skill seems auto locked on forever (it can't be turned off via the yellow command button). I think the Polar Bear pet needs to get the same treatment in order to correct this bug. 
    One small update I found another bug related to polar bears. If you switch them to "stay" and then feed them it puts them back on follow.. if you gain and energy it also turns it back to follow. 
    It appears whatever the bug is with these pets small updates defaults them back to normal settings (with follow on, special off)
  16. If you are a Witch/Wizzard and want to level while doing Stuff in reallife, or watching videos. you can level AFK with your Pet.
    What you need?:
    -An awakened Witch/Wizzard,
    -optional: rednose armor for increase Lifereg
    -Pets to get Loot.
    -Check your computer every 30 minutes
    What you get?:
    - You get loot
    - scrolls
    - a few Experience points
    Why that work?:
    cause if u don't attack, your Pet holding the aggro, and since the pet cant get killed. It kills the monsters for you.
    If u are a Witch take the Lightning pet, If u are a wizard take the water pet, cause of range attacks.

  17. My girlfriend just recently got her witch's awakening. She is able to use all of her skills except for summoning her pet. After pressing F, or clicking on the icon on her bars, her character kinda spazzes out/turns around with no result. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue? Here's a GIF to perhaps better explain what her character ends up doing.

  18. Hey guys. I loved the game, but I had to stop playing about a month after launch because there was no way to mute pet sounds and it was extremely gratingly annoying. I found the options of 'mute the entire game' or 'put my pets away' unacceptable. I was interested in coming back; is there a workaround yet?
  19. Hey BDO-Community,
    at the recent Halloween Event I bought a couple of the Halloween-Pets. 
    The Results:
    T4 with 3% Combat Exp, 3% Gathering Exp & Luck +1
    T4 with 3% Gathering Exp, 3% Training Exp & Gathering +1
    T3 with 3% Combat Exp & 3% Gathering Exp
    I dont need T3's anymore but as you can see the T3 has Combat Exp and the T4 has Trash Skills.
    And since Halloween Pets can only be bred with eachother and no other Pets I was thinking of breeding the T4 with Trash Skills & the T3 with the option to keep the Combat Exp.
    So I'd like to know if the outcome is 100% T4 or can the offspring be T3?
  20. I would love to see a new pet added to the pearl shop whose Talent would be to add a minor (small) positive adjustment (hidden) when enhancing gear. Make this a non stackable enhancement. There are many possible iconic choices such as: Owl (wisdom), Rabbit(luck), Clockwork pet(computational), etc. I think they would be very popular.d
  21. Post on Pet manage option in Suggestions

    By Kintsu, posted
    Hi all, I have been looking my pets management and I have seen that we don't have any option to change the pet list.
    For example: I have three or four pets and I want my hawk to have the first animation preference to land on my shoulder and change it for the cat.
    I suggest add a new button to the pet list window to switch between the diferent pets, thanks to this button we will be able to select what pet we want to have as main animation.
    I ask for this option becouse I bought a hawk and I can't change my pet preferences to see this gorgeous pet animation.
    There is my link to the thread if u want see what I mean:

    Sorry for my poor english.
    I hope you like this idea.....
  22. Hi all, I have bought a hawk becouse I like the animation when it lands on the shoulder.
    But what was my surprise when he doesnt land anytime!!
    I only have 3 pets: penguin, desert fox and this hawk, I acquired them in this sequence.
    When I get out only the hawk he lands on shoulder but when I get out the other pets it never lands.
    I have try to get out the hawk 1st and then the others but only work for a few moments, when I move my character or something it never land again.
    Can someone help me with this problem?
    Btw thank you very much for expend your time reading me.
  23. pretty straight forward, title says it all
    would be nice to remove your own pets names to make the game look more cinematic
    and also remove their sound, a penguin is all nice n shit but the sliding sound gets anoying after a while, maybe have a seperate volume slider for it
  24. Post on Pet recovery in Suggestions

    By Darkon, posted
    How about a recovery option like workers to feed pets, eh?
  25. Got the penguin and the dog so far.  Need a third pet.
    I'm thinking of the red panda as I hear it helps you clear areas faster.  Also considering the fox for when I make it to the desert.  I'm open to other ideas though, so please let me know your thoughts.