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  1. WIth all those topics about dc, lags, tamer/warrior,valc bugs there is no answer. Its like we fighting against the wall. Lets make a petition and send it to kr publisher/devs. Lets make them clear this shithole. We can also threaten to sue them, so that they react faster. I would love to create petition myself, but im bad at english is not my native language. Come on let's give it a try,
  2. Due to the severe demand for these items I would like to start a petition to increase the silver prices for these items. Value Packs-> 18,000,000 silver and Pets to 12,000,000 silver.
    We need more incentive for cash players to choose to sell these items. The demand is never ending. Thank you!
  3. Post on No P2W - Petition in General

    By Veil Khaos, posted
  4. Im internationalen Forum wurde eine Petition gestartet. Schließt euch dem an und eventuell bringt es sogar was... ^.^
  5. Wait wait hear me out.
    Other versions of the game are free to play, so costumes were used to "make up" for the lack of initial cost to play charged. Hence why costumes in other reasons are ~$30 USD, because that is how much would have been paid for the game.
    As everyone knows, the base price of the NA/EU version of BDO is $30 USD.
    Personally, I know many who hold off on getting more than one costume because they feel, for lack of a better term, "gypped".
    And, personally, I feel that making costumes account-wide instead of character bound would encourage more to put forth money they otherwise wouldn't spend.
    Take, for example, Guild Wars 2. Yes, those costumes are ~$10 USD, but people buy so many "extras" that it's accurate to call GW2 "Fashion Wars 2".
    So. Let's make Black Desert Online, which has actual guild wars, into "Fashion Wars 3".
    As for those who bought duplicates on separate characters, I propose that those Pearls be "refunded" but not refunded. So DAUM EU / Pearl Abyss would still keep the profit, and people would suddenly have oodles of extra Pearls to spend on dyes or, maybe, another costume.
    This is another option Thank you AlnilamE for the schweet idea
  6.  So I've been really wanting to do a lot for my characters and it involves spending a load of cash, I've probably spent over $80.00 and never gotten any black dyes. I've had to use other dyes as close substitutes for it. But certain things like the Keplanian Glossy Leather black dyes, or otherwise... Why don't we have these boxes already? It doesn't seem very enjoyable for the fact that one of the best colors for accenting primaries with and such has to be so rare. We can't even sell these things either, which I hear you do on the other servers. (Korean?) While it's not normally an issue to me in this game, I really think it's petty not to even have White/Black dyes even though YOU KNOW for a fact that it's the most sought after.
    Another thing that could be implemented is having every dye worth aproximately 20-30 Pearls a piece, for each specific one on the palette, it'd definitely be something that would help with people finding what they want.
     Now some might criticize me and say "Git gud" or that "You whine too much, tough shit." Honestly, it's just dyes that provide no benefit in the game. They could make so much more money if such dyes became available to us, let us spend our money how we wish. Don't restrict us to a crappy RNG system when it comes to paying for items such as that. Please make sure to bump and support this if you can, I'd like for this to become something for all. Limitations on aesthetic imagery should never be put on.
  7. So as I started to get more into the game, I've realized how curious I get when it comes to how much damage I am dealing while fighting monsters.  It would be really nice to have an option to toggle damage numbers on and off so that players can see the damage they are doing instead of having to estimate the damage they do with specific gears and skills.  Especially with the hidden stats, players have to guess a lot of things about their damage and it would be very nice to have damage numbers to get more accurate readings on how effective certain gear are to others along with certain stats.  
  8. As some of us have experience: we choosen a character name change that we later regret. There exist a Family Name Change coupon.
    In my opinion I would be happy if Daum let us have the freedom to change our character name too!
    I invite you all to vote!
  9. Just starting a petiton to get chase reverted back to its pre nerf status until awakenings are release. Having an assassin style classs with no defence built in is detrimental to the playstyle of the class. Adding in awakening nerfs without awakened weapons to compensate is just bad development.
    Please vote so that we can be heard.
  10. Post on Blader/Plum Petition in Classes

    By Smift, posted
    Whilst talking on the new update coming soon, some people seemed interested in this. I'm sure if we show the demand for it they'll have to listen.
    My main reason for all this is simply so many people, myself included have been waiting for the class since release and haven't even really played due to none of the classes interesting them. I myself even bought the Conquerors edition and got to 50 on my wizard but I don't feel much care for him at all.
    Together perhaps we can all how that we want and deserve this/these classes. Lets do it guys, c'mon.
  11. okay so many people think summoner/pet classes are horrible that's because most of them are horrible they are hardly useable at all in most MMOs and I know people will say this game already has a pet class tamer but the thing is the tamer class is kinda crap in regards of how you work with the summoned pet the Korean version confirmed that the tamer will far surpass in terms of power to the summoned wolf after awakening which makes you think why even have a wolf why not just call it what it looks like a monk class so here are a few ideas I have
    1. Necromancer
    everyone whos ever played a fantasy game knows about these guys they tend to summon things that are dead to go off and fight for them but the thing is the player shouldn't let their skeles or zombies run off and die in front of them they should actually participate in the battle and help by doing attacks that could buff your summoned pets temporarily to make them no die off immediately necromancer should have ranged attacks that support their summoned pets
    2. Captain
    an old guard captain from some village town or city somewhere in the world now these guys should be melee and on the front lines to support the troops by buffing them with inspiration no one wants to follow a coward into battle their main weapon could be a halberd since you see almost every guard in every town have one they could have basic infantry as summons like swordsmen and others with halberds or maybe archers
    i know some MMOs had something like this only one that comes to mind in Age of Conans necromancer where he could summon zombies  but never really interacted with their summons summoner classes should be interactive the summoner and summoned pets should depended on each other this would bring a lot more variety that most MMOs have and i think BDO would be a good start for it
  12. So i decided to build my "Empire" in Epheria Port and focus on crafting ships and selling them, which has worked out great so far. BUT im so annoyed by one fact : Epheria has no Marketplace. Having to travel to Calpheon everytime i need sth from it or want to sell / register something. Its unnecessary, no fun and maybe a mistake or maybe a way ment to stretch play time. 
    Anyway hope you agree with me on this  Please vote in the Poll
  13. This is mostly an issue for the EU side of the game where a wider variety of languages are spoken. I know there are also French-Canadians and others on the NA side too though, so perhaps this would benefit NA as well.
    In short: this is a petition to pretty please give us the option to use the language filter in chats other than the Channel-Chat it's currently limited to.

    I would like to request this be made available to the General-Chat. Roleplayers would also greatly appreciate it being made available in the Roleplay-Chat as well. We've had a lot of language clutter and it'd be really helpful to have this option clearing things up for those who want it.
  14. Hello,
    I'm fully aware that character rename tickets coupons or methods are fully able to be incorporated into the game, done by ticket submissions, or purchased through the website on the account level.  Yet none of these services are currently offered except for a select group of people.
    For the rest of the people they are Basicly sol. At the moment people during head start before the pearl shop was even up that started a character,  and realized quickly that the didn't want to main in that character started another one but wanted to keep their name couldn't do so with out forfeiting ALL acess to head start due to the character deletion cool down. 
    Me being one of those people said "well I'm sure when cash shop opens there will be a character name chang ticket.  I'll just fix it later." And went on to making my character level 50, with full intentions that there would be a name  fix available soon.
    Boy was I wrong.  To further this issue the character I liked better, after reroll in being 50 in the 15 hrs has bound pre ordered items. At that point the game launched the cash shop was opened and no way to solve the name issue existed.
    At that point in time I then made a ticket.  I did get replies and felt the issue was going to be resolved shortly from the things that was said.  I purchased pearls and got ready for the solution to come in a couple of days.  Maintenance hit, there where name swaps added to the game BUT I didn't quality for them.  They mentioned it is a free compensation package for the groups that qualified in my ticket.... okay so if I don't qualify please allow me to now partake in a paid for coupon to rectify this situation.  I was lead to feel the next maintain would have a solution to the problem, so I waited patiently the next maintenance came out and only a family name change ticket was put in place. 
    I once again reposed in the on going ticket at this time to get repose that at this time the company has chosen to not change characters names for convience. I messaged a few more times got no repose from the rep I've been working with for a few weeks now to actually solve this issue as well as no solution as well as more cash shop bound items to a character that is now near lvl 51 that would be extremely hard to reroll at this time to correct my issue on my own.
    Please add character re naming that is available to everyone  to this game!!!!!! You have already demonstrated that it is possible with the compensation package.
    Please share your story/reason this should added to the game.
  15. Change Server Down Time to 0400 to 0800.
    Consideration to late night play with 0400.No day player needs be on before 0800.Those that work can set up at 0800.Please post with " /sign ", The more people state it the more likely something will be done.
    /sign 001

  16. It's a huge part of the armor, and the static yellow color is an eye-sore
  17. This is a link to a new petition on change.org that hopes to get p2p trading added into Black Desert Online. I'd appreciate it if you would check it out > https://www.change.org/p/daum-games-europe-b-v-player-to-player-trading-in-black-desert-online?recruiter=502778843&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
    EDIT: Alright so I've decided that petitioning to add completely free player to player trading into BDO isn't the best idea.
    Thank you to all of you who have been polite and reasonable throughout this even if you had disagreed.
    F*ck you to all those close-minded assholes who jumped on me the second I tried to say anything and instead of coming up with a reasonable argument just assumed that I was the worst person in the world and didn't know shit about anything.
  18. I bought the game a day before it's realise as I was in love with the customisation in it and how you could go to great lengths to make the character your own although I feel the customisation currently appeals more to the female crowd than it does the male one. A lot of fans have been crying out, myself included to make male Wizard's younger as it's my fantasy to play a young wizard rising up in the world learning to harness and control his abilities rather than an old man.

    After a little chat with the Black Desert Community Manager I figured I would take the Forums and Anyone else had to say. The way that the game is currently set is rather unique from the general format most Massive Multiplayer Online Role-play games follow, allowing the players to choose a class and race with minimum customisation and I feel as if I wouldn't wish for the game to stray from that philosophy as it was rather bold in doing so although I do feel some minor changes could be made to accommodate and appeal to more players such as myself who for example would still wish to make say, a Elven Wizard that appears to be relatively useful rather than the age locked default model we have today. I suggested allowing to load customisation files for other classes to be loaded up so one could play a weathered swordsmen which has seen his fair share of battles in the past, relatively fit albeit more scrawny than he was back in his youth based of the Default model for the Wizard Class or to have a relatively youthful looking Wizard who has just only descovered his power over magic and is proceeding to learn to control, harness, refine and master his skill on his journey to attain mastery rather than an old Wizard who has already attained a moderator amount of knowledge going into his grand adventure.
    Feel free to submit your vote here in the poll above to make our voice heard to the Game Developers and hopefully get our wish implemented. The results of the poll can be seen here.
  19. Well, I'm going to hopefully get the ball rolling with this. I would like to delve into the big question a handful of us have had about the CC(Character Creator)
    And hopefully get some feedback from the community, and perhaps CM_Jouska, Or someone who can offer us some reasoning.
    I would like to setup a petition to get the character creator back online until either, the 28TH of February, or until the official release. (March 3rd)
    I don't possess any real information as to why it's offline, but I feel like there's been a (Mild) outcry for people who would like to see it come back.

    I speak personally when I say that I had only used it for a short period of time before it's removal. And I also Un-installed it accidentally while Un-installing the CBT2, causing me to lose the bit of work I did do, seeing it return would be absolutely splendid, Or at least seeing a reason posted up as to why it cannot be.
    Post here if you'd like to see the CC brought back online, and feel free to explain why.
    P.s. Grammar was never my strong suit.
  20. PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS THREAD IF YOU AGREE SO IT CAN BE BUMPED BACK UP AND NOTICED BY OTHER SANDBOX/PVX PLAYERS -- THANK YOU (Even some PvE players agree and support this initiative, so don't count it out early!)  Like's are good too, but they don't bump
    This is obviously a hot topic with strong feelings either side and I really hope the devs will step-up and address this one.  It's a really important aspect of any MMO and always the most controversial because of the extremes of opinion.  I've made some enquiries and people seem generally sensible and engaging, so I've made a topic here for the attention of the dev's and hope that maybe some of these could be implemented - or at least considered when implementing a system.  At the very least, they may provoke a train of thought and lead to something that hasn't been considered at all as yet which, eventually, will make a more rewarding game for everyone.
    I really like the idea of OwPvP and I'd rather play an outlaw than "organised" PvP.  It just makes it more exciting; will you win, lose, get counter ganked, is it a trap, etc.  I also like that I can be attacked anywhere at any time being an outlaw - and having my own city/island to go to and hang out with other outlaws.  Some of the most fun experiences have been in encounters where I wasn't expecting them, so I think this adds a lot to the game.
    Other people do not have that style of play - I know this, I have and do play both so I believe that both sides must be heard and views balanced.  No one wants to be needlessly killed over and over, no one wants to put a lot of effort in for no reward, no one wants to fight for fightings sake and this is a big, open world with many different types of people in it.
    However, aside from random ganking and PK'ing is there any benefit to PK and go outlaw?  I mean in AA we could steal trade packs from people and if you killed, murdered and stole enough then you'd become an outlaw.  The benefit was taking peoples stuff and using it for your own gain - not just mindless killing for no benefit whatsoever.  
    At present, there really seems to be no real reason to open world PvP and the penalties are very high for little/no reward.  Aside low karma, being perma flagged and KoS in many places to everyone.  I understand these are side effects and I accept them but I think there needs to be a reason and a trade-off.  What's the point in being an outlaw if there is nothing to gain and only a lot to lose.  As I say, I'm happy to pay that price, if there's at least something to be obtained from it.
    Here are some suggestions which encompass the possible 3 states a player may be in.  Either not wanting to consent PvP, wanting to consent PvP, engaging in PvP regardless of consent and I think that they offer a fair solution to everyone, whilst providing protection, whilst also not making PvP or PvE utterly untenable;
    1. If not flagged for PvP (and have good karma). AKA Non-consent victim.
    You do not lose experience, gear, enchants or gems.You do lose any trade-packs/trade-goods you're carryingYou do lose some consumable items in your inventory (random drop)You are safe in a safe zone and cannot be attackedYou can defend yourself freely with no karma lossYou can kill a flagged player or outlaw for their loot drop, a bounty reward AND x% of their money they're carryingYou are rewarded for defending yourself, but not overly punished if you don't succeed 
    2. If you are flagged for PvP (but in good karma). AKA You consent to PvP.
    You do not lose experience, gear, enchants or gems.You do lose any trade-packs/trade-goods you're carryingYou do lose some consumable items in your inventory (random drop)You are safe in a safe zone and cannot be attackedYou can defend yourself freely with no karma lossYou can kill a flagged player or outlaw for their loot drop, a bounty reward AND x% of their money they're carryingYou are rewarded for PvP'ing (it's clear you wish to), but not overly punished if you don't succeed 
    3. If you're an outlaw (ie, bad karma). AKA You killed a lot of people who did not consent.
    You do not lose experience, gear, enchants or gems.You do lose any trade-packs you're carrying (if they exist)You do lose some consumable items in your inventory (random drop)You do lose x% of the money you're carryingYou can be attacked anywhere, anytime, by anyone without penalty.You cannot go into safe zones (except the outlaw city)Upon death your gear is rendered useless until repaired You are not rewarded for PvP'ing, except for a trade drop and inventory drop. You earn no money, you earn no bounty regardless 
    It offers sufficient protection against griefing.  Low levels are safe, players can return to safe zones.It allows a PvP environment without overly harsh consequences and promotes the sandbox.  If there's no reason, there's no point.  If it's overly punishing people on either side will shy away.It allows a risk vs reward systemIt encourages solutions - such as hiring guards, setting trapsYou can freely PvP if you wish or you can be an outlaw, but with more harsh consequencesYou can avoid PvP in safe areas (which should extend around cities/towns a bit)If you do not consent to PvP then you don't lose too much, just some sort of trade pack and items you're carrying (there needs to be a reason for you to be attacked).  If you do consent then you're free to go up against other people that consent with the possibility of a small loss, but nothing too bad and no more risk.  If you're an outlaw and you've killed a lot of people that did not consent then your punishment is that you're open season, cannot go to safe zones (except the outlaw city), you have a long walk and repair time until you can get back in the fight - during which time you're very very vulnerable as your gear is shot.If you want to PvP you can with no more loss than someone who doesn't.  If you PK for peoples drops and you lose, you suffer the same fate but also drop money and time whilst you limp back somewhere to repair, whilst being potentially ganked and unable to defend yourself.
     I think this implements a system where players could be attacked and either fight or flee.  It also gives the option for PvP consent without karma loss and harsh death penalties.  Outlaws suffer the worst with the inability to go to safe areas, loss of money on death, attacked anytime, gear repair/debuff and a hefty time sink getting back to somewhere to repair.  Which seems a fair trade-off since they're engaging people non-consenting people.
    What we don't want is a system where one side are overly punished into the ground so it becomes infeasible to PvP or there to be no reason.  However, it must also offer solutions so that people can achieve their goals and find ways around problems - ie, the sandbox.  What don't want is one extreme or the other, but a balanced system that allows player interaction and consequences.
    I think that if it's too focused in either direction then the risk is a WoW type clone, reliant on content and the devs constantly putting out patches, until people get bored.  If it goes too far the other way, it becomes just a bunch of people killing each other over and over until they get bored.  The point is, in either extreme people get bored and leave because there are no reasons, no variation, nothing new happens and it's all scripted and people feel restricted.  If we consider and allow this to be a true sandbox, then, hold onto your hats because people will always come up with new, inventive, crazy, random, insane or unexpected developments - we create the vast majority of the content with the tools around us, with a little help from the devs of course .  The point is it doesn't become yet another follow the map game and it doesn't become a mindless kill/shoot clone - we already have games for those.  With balance, a sandbox can work and requires less input from the devs as people will find new and exciting ways to entertain themselves.
    I would welcome further ideas, comments and suggestions as these are all "food for thought" for the devs.  However, please can we remain on topic, keep it civil and constructive and remember that we're trying to suggest things that provide a balanced world for *everyone* involved.
    Thank you.
    Edit: I should say this is in consideration of the currently proposed bounty system idea and flagging but hope it gives it some more "meaning".

    *** UPDATED *** Some important quotes (from within the thread)
  21. I would love to see the ability to put regular armor in the costume slots. As it is right now, I can "cover" my armor, but only with stuff that is a costume. Being able to use, say, an old weapon skin in the costume slot would add a lot more flexibility in creating different looks for your character.
  22. By putting the ghillie suit in the milliage shop, people cant complain about costumes being p2w anymore because anyone will have access to costume stats if they have a high enough milliage to purchase it. But do this ONLY FOR the ghillie suit, which can arguably be seen as very helpful for pvpers and easy to exploit. That way if someone actually wants to look good, they still have to buy the character costumes in the cash shop. But everyone has access to the basic benefit of stats that a cash shop outfit set can provide if they have the high amount of milliege for it. It will solve a lot of problems, and people wouldnt be able to complain about the small amount of stats being p2w anymore on the costumes, itll be more pay for looks.
    (And it shouldnt matter if its a mid-high amount of loyalty points for it, people wont need most of those stats, especially the exp one, until after 50 anyway)
  23. So, the choice for our server is here! what server is gonna be the RP server for EU?
    Take your pick!
    Remember It's but a game, so the largest vote is props where you are gonna find the most RP on the EU Servers.
  24. What is RNG?
    It means "Random Number Generator" and in the development of computer games it is simply used to randomize something.  It is a simple tool. This thread has been designed to highlight the correct usage of RNG as a tool and to highlight how companies are abusing this tool
    I have decided that should this game include RNG items of any kind into the online cash shop I will never spend another dime on the game. It is how I chose to make my statement:
    I will not support this practice
    I'm interested to see how many people think like me. If there are many people then it's a very clear message that the development team should consider.
    Why the controversy?
    To answer this question we must first ask a couple of other questions which are
    How is this tool being used When is using it acceptable? 
    Now let's consider these questions in an understandable context by creating some examples:
    Let us imagine that I am learning to be a blacksmith in real life and I wished to forge a horse shoe. The chance of me successfully producing a usable item without flaws is quite unlikely because I'm learning. The important thing to note however is that creating a usable item with flaws is just so high it may as well be 100%
    Now let us imagine that I'm 10 years older and am now a master blacksmith. In reality I would be able to forge anything, (obviously as long as it's realistic ie. swords, horse shoes, tools for crafting etc) without ruining the materials. It just would not happen. I know the processes, I know what not to do and how to overcome obstacles. The thing that varies is the quality of the crafted item not chance of success.
    In computer games things have to be simplified. Obviously. However, it's important to understand how RNG is being used to emulate this situation for realism.
    Example: Crafting
    We apply a gradient that emulates skill level from Novice to Master => Level 1 to 10
    We apply a gradient that emulates the complexity of an item, (how difficult is it to craft), from Easy to Hard => Level 1 to 10
    We create an equation so that the combination of the two is always a number between 0 and 100

    And we now use this as a way to grade the QUALITY through percentage
    At level 1 attempting to craft an item of complexity 1 will have a 15.6% chance to be of Masterwork quality
    At level 1 attempting to craft an item of complexity 10 will have an 11.1% chance to be of Masterwork quality
    At level 10 attempting to craft an item of complexity 1 will have a 99.7% chance to be of Masterwork quality
    At level 10 attempting to craft an item of complexity 10 will have a 70.1% chance to be of Masterwork quality
    Anything that gives a chance of failing to create items, causing materials to be consumed
    Why? Aside from not emulating reality as efficiently as the correct example, it's just ANTIFUN in that you create negative experiences instead of positive ones.
    The logic should be: If you want something of high quality - keep trying until you're happy not keep failing until you're spent.
    Example: Loot drops
    An acceptable use of RNG in loot drops:
    Boss has stolen santa's goodie bag which you intend to steal from him after spilling his insides all over the dungeon floor. In order to emulate the "randomness" of loot games can use RNG to generate a random number. Magic stuff happens in the code and it decides which items you get.
    Unfortunately RNG is being abused by Lazy and Greedy companies to make an easy profit.
    Unacceptable practice Example one:
    Creating a loot box (that uses RNG, who's very purpose is to add a sense of realism to the game) and make it an exclusive online store item for a quick buck. They will then tempt people into that gamble by including a powerful item with a rediculously low drop chance. If you're going to add RNG that involves real money how about raising the ESRB rating of the game to 18+ because this comes under the Gambling category. 
    Unacceptable practice Example two:
    Crafting success items purchasable within stores. (Aside from being indirectly P2W). Again another indirect abuse of RNG. RNG is supposed to be a mathematical tool to emulate chance based upon real world expectations.
    Allowing players to bypass this chance with P2W items that feed your pockets is just dirty and scummy.
  25. "It will be available for all characters at launch."
    ".... ALL..."
    I am British. There's no other way to read this but how it's written. So why am I hearing this crap about only having ONE. Sorry but last I checked ONE does not equal ALL. ONE means ONE.
    So. To the point:
    I expect each character I create to be eligible for these as this is how you have sold the product.
    Now my warning:
    Misrepresentation of digital goods or not delivering on expectations to the western market WILL NOT WORK OUT WELL for you.
    Why this has instantly made me wary of ALL Future purchases:
    “We are putting a lot of effort in the game’s Western localization,” said Daum Games’s Daniel “Belsazar” Loehr.
    “We are localizing approximately 2.5 million words into English, German and French. Black Desert Online’s content and gameplay systems will be adjusted to accommodate Western players and our differentiating business model.”
    That's your excuse for not making the western release f2p.
    Now. Dev team. Having paid such an exlcusive price for a development team that has promised, not only to deliver a game to western standards, ethos and markets, but to localize the game correctly. IF it so happens that you have misrepresented your sale, you should work to offer what was promised or compensate for it.
    Aside from being written into your sale, many other western MMO's have account wide costumes that can be redeemed and this is far more in line with what is expected.
    I strongly suggest that you offer costumes to all characters as written by you in the package details