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  1. I already opened a ticket, but wanted to see if more people have experienced this issue.  Keep in mind 2 things, 1: pets are well fed 2. I have enough inventory space available.

    Problem is that at 2 groups of pirates, not always but often enough, my pets will pick up silver from the dead pirates but not the bandanas or coins or any other loot that may lay in their bodies.  This only happens in the very first group you encounter, next to the safe zone, to the right. And the one on the very top of the safe zone.  They will begin looting and then give the error message for when there is no loot on the body.  This happens often enough, and usually returning pets and resummoning them may fix the issue, also restarting the game or the channel change option.  It doesn't happen always, and for that reason its one of this bugs that is really hard to know what the problem is.

    Please if you have encountered this bug post below and if you have specific data or a different group of mobs this happens let us know.
  2. Nothing can stop them from cuddling  *face palm* 

  3. Is there a node that i can send works to to get? (plz send pics) #not ----- pics;)

  4. I am trying to find the most current information concerning pet tiers. North America channels.

    1. Do higher tier pets acquire additional buffs? For example, Tier 1 (1 buff), Tier 2 (2 buffs), Tier 3 (3 buffs), etc.
    2. Tier 1 level 10 pets appear to have a 4.0s pickup speed. Is it possible to increase this speed with higher tier pets.

  5. Okay lets get straight to it, since it is an old topic.
    Remove RNG of the following:
    Dyes: Already a horrible system, a promise of a change (still not holding my breath here), why will you bother your players with this random nonesense??
    I understand if you had a system like GuildWars2 (go try it out and see for yourself), but you have a far inferious system.
    Pet tier 2/3 -> 4: For god sake make this a sure thing. Do not screw the players up by throwing their money away, talking about two tier 3 becoming one tier 3.
    This is in my opinion bad practice.. It is frustrating and do not belong in a system where you already paid so much.
    I am fine with RNG, it is a part in the game (though it could be improved), but when we paid for it, we should be able to avoid this.. Hell why not let us buy pets at tier 4 and let us chose skills, make a pearl item to chhange these if we regret.
    And a cupoon to change it appereance. Still ræeqrning pearls, more player freedom.. Then free pets could be this random bullshit stuff we got now.
    I now this might not be change, due to PA /care,  but still think we should voice these opinions often.
  6. I don't mind the normal system that you've gotta put just a tiny bit of money into the game to get pets that loots for you, it's convenient. But @#&*! are T4s pet impossible to get, they're a huge money sink. Not only are they REAL useful, they are REALLY expensive. 
    I've fused 2x T3s together and have gotten 1x T3 every single time. That is 25$ each try that goes directly to the trash.  I've done it 3 times and still didn't get a single T4. I've had my dose, this is retarded. I don't mind putting a couple dollar in the game, hell, I wouldn't mind putting 40-80$ a month if that's the only thing I play, but this right here is ridiculous. This is not Black Gamble Online, it's an MMORPG.
  7. The pet system is lacking a function to choose which pet a player wants to interact with.
    When a character stops moving and becomes idle, the first pet on the list will perform an interaction. Hawks will land on the player's shoulder. Cats can do the same by climbing on the player's shoulder and will also sit in front of the player when on a mount.
    This is an important function for players who enjoy watching their pearl shop pets. It encourages us to buy pets from the pearl shop. The issue now is the character will always only interact with the first pet on the list (aka the oldest pet - nothing to do with level). Personally, I have a T1 hawk and am planning to buy more hawk to increase the tier. However, by exchanging the hawk it will now be a 'new' pet and will stop interacting with my character (stop landing on my shoulder). Unfortunately my second pet is the snowkid pet which LACKS any interaction.
    Please consider allowing us to choose which pet is put on the 'top of the list' OR to choose which pet to interact with.
    Thank you.
  8. Huhu,
    ich war eben in heidel in einer Bude... über 30.000 Punkte für Einrichtung und WAHNSINNIG viele pets viele noch nie gesehen... z.B. eine Katze mit nem messer:


    Oder dieses Plastik vieh:

    (JA das ist ein Haustier!).
    Alle Bilder:
    Ihr könnt ja mal versuchen zu zählen, auf der oberen Etage liefen noch 3-4 Pets rum, also gefühlt 20+ Haustiere... warum auch immer....

    Es war übrigens eine miese Wohnung, viel zu voll und unangenehm, da meint wohl jemand um jeden Preis den 1. Platz halten zu wollen... egal wie voll es wird.
  9. Hey there.
    I'm currently looking if anyone is going to be interested in buying two pets for me and I'll buy it from them with silver.
    The pets are :
    Desert Fox
    Red Panda
  10. So I bought 4 of the winter rosefinch birds this holiday and thanks to the wonderful thing that is RNG when I combined them at L10 I received a pair of (useless) T2 rosefinches.

    Not learning my lesson I then combined that pair of T2 L10 rosefinches into another wonderful (useless) singular T2 rosefinch.
    As this species type doesn't exist in any other pet offered on the pearl shop I'm now stuck with a $35 T2 pet (useless).
    Can we add this feature so that I may once again roll the dice with this crappy bird because I hate myself irl.
    Thanks in advance.
  11. I wanted to buy a pet and the Winter Rosefinch pets was my favorite on the market but it said Only available until March 1, so i'm just wondering if thats just when they get removed from the market but you can still use them or do they get removed from the game?
  12. Because Boston Terriers are adorable. They might be more of a novelty in KR, but honestly, they're so much cuter than pugs. 

    I want this to be me w/ my new pets: 

  13. It's an extension of our character, would add further to class appeal, and honestly, would be freakin cool!

    Ghor and Zett for witch/wiz too!
  14. The title says it all, really. Please let me toggle pet sounds so I can make use of the penguin daily reward I got while ALSO enjoying Black Desert's sound
  15. I noticed every pet in the pearl market says it can pick up items but the Winter Rosefinch Set does not say anything about it. So Im just trying to verify if these pets can pick up items or not.
  16. Post on PANDA PETS! in Suggestions

    By Dividesbyzer0, posted


    We needs this...
  17. Post on Cash Shop Sales in Suggestions

    By MIGhunter, posted
    The cash shop sales need changed.  Instead of selling a max of 5 items, since the Marketplace is pretty much fixed, it needs to be a monetary cap.
    Costume x5 = ~25m x 5 = 125m
    Pets x5 = ~5m x5 
    Value Pack x5 = ~10m = 50m
    Way it should be
    Costume x5 = ~25m x5 = 125m
    Pets x25 = ~5m x25 = 125m
    Value Pack x12 = ~10m x12 = 120m (leaving room for 1 pet).
    By setting a monetary cap instead of limiting it to 5, people will more likely sell pets, Value packs, etc.
  18. Long time reader, First time poster

    So I'm going to get two pets (i have a dog from preorder) and I'm confused and what is different between the Macaw and the Hawk for bird pet and whats different Between the Fox and Panda.. 

    I may pick up a Cat later on too 

    Thanks for the help
  19. No idea if this is possible, but I've tried endlessly to get rid of my pets. I only desire to have one, and it is a pet I currently do not own. I want to get rid of the three that I have. Is there any way to do this? (Please skip the "why would u want to get rid of a pet lol waste of money lol" discussion)
  20. The Topic name says it all - We will get faster looting, Kakao more $$$, what is there to lose? All the other markets already are able to pull 5 pets out.
  21. I kinda get a bit mad with the skill (key F) to call my Pets or even switch between the Pets. i also get the same problem if i put the pet calls directly on my quickbar.
    If i try to summon my Pet it just wont let me, the animation starts for a millisecond and aborts again like the game wants to tell me that there is not enough room to summon the pet. i have to run around till i find a place where the pet summon works and thats pretty annoying during nodewars or while grinding mobs cause the pet disappears after i died or the 30 minute timer runs off.
    anyone else notices it? a guildie tried with his Wizard and he can use the skill just everywhere and it works just fine but for me it takes sometimes 5-10 minutes till i get my pet to spawn esp if there is alot of stuff around like mobs, trees, rocks and what not. =(
  22. Post on Pet Exchange in Suggestions

    By Astoundra, posted
    T2 lvl 10 + T1 lvl 10 should not = T2 lvl 1 WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rather have just kept the lvl 10 thank you. This is bull shit and it should not take more then 4 pets to get a T4 thats 44 bucks US and I am not US so its more
  23. Hallo Dev's,
    wenn man bei den Pets die Gruppenleiste anmacht und erst 1 Pet draußen hat:

    Und dann die anderen beiden pets mit dem Button "Rufen" gleichzeitig dazu holt, dann überlappt das letzte Pet den Button für "Abstellen".

    Dies geschieht nur wenn man 1 bereits draußen hat und dann 2 auf einmal dazu ruft, da ich nur 3 Pets habe kann ich das mit 4 nicht testen, bitte da um Feedback durch die User.
  24. I jsut want to ask if anyone who has a polar bear can tell me what the passive of a polar bear is please? By passive, I mean the skill that is listed to the left of your other pet skills that you get from exchanging. Also I have some free guest passes if any one wants to try out the game. Thanks! and happy holidays!
  25. I noticed that one of the reasons given for letting you sell pearl items in-game is that Pearl Abyss wanted more people to enjoy pearl items, rather than having it cut off from most players, who don't want to use the cash shop.
    Pretty much no one has pets, because it's just not viable. Like, am I going to buy a Noel outfit set for $22 to sell for 20 million silver? Or am I going to buy a fox for $11 to sell for 5.5 million silver? Obviously the $ to silver ratio is much better for the outfit sets like Noel, and also since you can only sell 5 pearl items a week (is that still true?), you're kind of hurting yourself by selling lower value items, since they're obviously doing it to make as much silver a week as possible. Point in case, pets are never on the marketplace, and when they are by some miracle, they are snatched instantly, no matter what they are.
    So, in order to 1) increase pearl shop sales and/or 2) let more people enjoy pets, I would propose that something changes:
    Option A: Make pets double their current marketplace valueOption B: Let players sell a total of pearl value rather than straight items (i.e., let players sell 16000 pearls worth of items on the marketplace each week instead of 5 pearl shop items each week).Option C: Let players sell 5 pearl shop items a week, and also, beyond that limit, 5 pet items from the pearl shop.Option D: Add pearl shop items that are like 4 packs of pets, with the same $ to pearl value of outfit sets. I mean, we need a ton of pets to loot/breed anyway, right?Option E: Any combination of the above.Seriously, people want pets, you want money. Let's make a deal.