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  1. So i've been struggling to stick with one class (playing since November 2016). i leveled up the following classes to 56 or 57:
    NinjaKunoichiTamerValkyrieRangerWitchThe classes are always fun in the beginning and especially the awakening. Some classes i find more effective than others in terms of grinding/pvp. But i feel like there is always something missing and i don't know what. Currently my most played class is the witch. And she also has the best gear out of them all (she's at 186/173/225 right now). I find her very convenient to grind, very simple minded. I really like pvp in all kinds of games and BDO is no exception.
    Now i don't want to go into all the details in this first post cause otherwise this would be a wall of text. but i just can't stick to one class, i don't what it is. 
    I'd honestly stick to witch but my problem with her is that (in my opinion) her outplay potential isn't as high as other classes. Her mobility is pretty much garbo, making her survivalability pityful unless you CC early or get a good frontal guard off (from what i've experienced in small scale pvp). I love her clear speed in PVE though (jesus, i'm having the most kreygasm grind sessions as witch)
    To clarify why i dropped some of the classes i'll list tl;dr versions below:
    Ranger: Awful resource management, durability issues (weapons break insanely fast)Valkyrie: Way too slow for me. I feel like a sitting duckNinja: Really loved ninja pvp, but my gear was lacking. PVE clear speed was kinda meh but ok, i love the moblity and to have a blockKunoichi: Nice sustain and moblity, alot of aggressive-defensive moves which i liked(alot of frontal guard+fast block), actually no complains, i just got somehow bored all of a suddenTamer: Didn't really like the awakening, i liked her mobility and the ability to pull more mobs thoughMaybe i'm just looking for the perfect class, i don't even know. But i just find it hard to stick to one character. But idealy i want good mobility, damage and outplay potential (would be great if the PVE clear speed wouldn't be a pain in the bun) 
    Sorry for the wall of text, maybe there are people who have similiar experiences or the same problem.
  2. Hello
    I just noticed that the Energy requirements for pick pocketing NPC has been risen from 3 to 12.
    I was wondering that why is that? Since very few players are actually doing pick pocketing in game and there are pretty heavy punishments on it too.
    12 energy per pick pocket and there is about 40% chance that you get caught, punishments of that:
    -1 000 Karma, -100 Amity on that NPC and nearby guards will attack on you.
    I would like to have cheaper pick pocketing in Black Desert.
    Even that there are about 10-20% chance to get a random low grade item, I still would like to do it. Well actually i would like to know more about the Treasure Maps that can only be obtained from pick pocketing. But that map pieces has 0.2% to get, which means 500 pick pockets (6 000 energy)
  3. Hello
    I noticed that for pick pocketing is now requiring even more energy than before.
    Last time i pick pocketed / stole items from NPC was in Mediah, and it required 3 energy per try
    Now in Valencia it will take 12 energy per try
    I am wondering that why would they rise the requirements of stealing even that almost no one is actually using it in game? And when pick pocketed items has like 0.1% chance to be stolen.
    This means 1000 tries, which is 12 000 Energy needed. That takes like 36 000 minutes of regenerate. 25 days of waiting? Why...why rise the energy requirements from 3 to 12?
  4. Hello, I recently leveled ranger to level 50+ and the MP potion spam is REAL.... I'm wondering is there any class similar to ranger (mobility=survivality + damage) that have so good damage to mobs like ranger or at least close one without Potion SPAM ? I'm guessing that Kunoichi/ninja will be similar, but for now is there something good as ranger for grinding PvE without potion spam ?