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  1. Post on Environment Photos! in Art & Media

    By Alichan, posted
    So, since the Calendar Event is going on, I thought I would put all of my pictures, that wouldn't qualify, on a thread for everyone to see and share their own!
    Feel free to post your own!

  2. Hi BDO community....
    Im a selftaught glass engraving artist from Slovenia, with a passion for gaming, good movies and loud music.Years ago i used to draw alot but then after few years of break i discovered glass art. I was fascinated about it, and it was, if i may to say love at first sight. All my engravings are made by hand, i mostly enjoy engraving glass portraits, characters from games or celebrities. An engraving takes me 20 to 60 hours to be made and i still need time to work, family and friends.
    What do i do?
    Im making unique glass engraved pictures of people, cars, items, celebrities, game or comic characters, practicly anything you can imagine. Every of my glass pictures is unique as i deceided to make only one of the same projects.
    I would like to show you some of my projects, hope you like them. Theres more on my facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/MorbisArt/
    Greetings Morbis / Alustin server  
    1)Maehwa - Inspired by BDO theme,    2)League of Legend: Project Fiora,     3)King Leonidas,     4)Bob Marley,      5)Kurt Cobain


  3. Post on Some of my alts in Art & Media

    By p_x, posted
    My tamer's selife "ahhhhhhhhh" and my wizard's "I can see you looking at me...why you looking at me?"

  4. Post a picture of your character!
    I need inspiration for my alts! And I'm sure there are others who want inspo for their character creations!
     Heres my main character, Erione:

  5. Meet shadow.  He is 2 days old and already on the way to becoming my best horse.  He has a twin brother Cerberus which I have not bothered to level as leveling tier 7s take a while

    I really like this picture because it displays how horses DO fly for a certain duration (0.200 seconds)

    Shadow and Cerberus come from a pure lineage.  It started with a T4 black horse which kept breeding beautiful purebreds and I ended up with the nice tier 6 purebred which gave me Shadow and Cerberus.  Like father like sons

  6. Post on Memories in Art & Media

    By SneakySHad, posted
    Just wanted to post some of my screenshots I've taken with a good friend of mine!
    Share your memories!

  7. Hullo, i moved to EU not so long ago
    Yea i'm just a girl who likes comfy houses, cute faces and nice landscapes of BD.
    I wanna share my houses here, and evolution as i moved thru game, started crafting etc. :3

    If anyone wants to visit: Croxus server, family name Izh

  8. As the title depicts, I wanna see everyone's main Character, Lets see how creative you guys got with the editor

  9. Post on What a Beautiful Game <3 in General

    By Vey, posted
    I can't get over how enchantingly beautiful this game is.  Sometimes I just want to jump through my screen! 
                       If you have a beautiful screenshot you'd like to share, please do, I'd love to see it!! 

  10. Post on Your Fishing Pics! in Art & Media

    By Natah, posted
    Do you know this feeling? You decide to manually fish for a while, but due to the exhaustion of your fishing spot it takes ages for something to bite? At least for me that usually leads to boredom and boredom leads me to enter screenshot mode and take random screenshots of my characters while fishing! This is a place for you to post all your random fishing pics!

  11. Post on ✔ Wizard and Witch! in General

    By Heian, posted
    ✔Post pictures of your Wizards/Witches!
  12. Figured I'd get a system build thread going since i cant find one.
    Mine is a I7-4790k @4.8Ghz and 1.27v with a corsair AIO 280mm rad
    A MSI GTX 970 @ +100 on the clock and +350 on the memory @ stock voltage
    16GB of G.Skill Ripjaws X ram @ 1866Mhz
    An EVGA supernova G2 1000w power supply
    etc etc
    Cpu temps don't really go over 50c and the gpu around 70 with a heavy load.

  13. They don't have to be yours, but give credit where you can.
    I'll start:
    Gandalf/Ian Mckellen - youtube.com/rendermax

  14. Okay so in Archeage they had a system where you could import pictures from the hard drive into the game for others to see. You could put these pictures onto houses, sails, capes, mask for character etc. Is this possible in black desert?
  15. Hey there! first of all i want to say that i really like the forum and website so far ^^
    But there is just one little thing missing for me, which could keep the forum a lot cleaner in the future.
    I'm sure that there are a lot of people that like the game art and stuff and would love to share some of their captured moments with screenshots or maybe youtube video's.
    So as there is no section for this yet, why not make one before people would spam their stuff in all the different sub-forums. 

    make one section dedicated to these type of topics. pvp video's or whatever people make.

    just an idea though ^^

    Peace out!