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  1. Sorry for poor and rusty english in advance.
    As suggested by the helpdesk I’m here writing my suggestion (and my first forum post) for a problem that (IMHO) is growing too much.
    My characters don't have a good gear and level and I find every day more difficult getting better gear and level up them.
    One of the problem is that the grinding field wich can give me a sufficient increase EXP to level UP before the next century is full of high-level players with powerful gear that grind me so easy like I grind weasel, so no EXP no level up... and I can't even do the related quest in these areas.
    But this is a minor trouble, the question I've sent to the helpdesk was relative at PvP without control that can damage the game experience (and also waste money and time) of other players.
    Few days ago, fighting field boss Red Nose (that I just barely fought without dying every hit) a player, maybe bored or just simply psychopathic, start killing me (around 10 times + 2 or 3 red nose after the player hits) and some other players without a reason just because he could.
    Dying when you have invested time to fight a boss for the related hoped and needed drops, leave you only one choice, revive with elion's tears, to me, are not enough loyalty if I die so much, so I had to use pearls for not waste all the fight with Red Nose.
    How is it possible that the choice of another player can cost to me money and time?
    The answer "is part of the game... find in game solution" doesn't apply: everyone who bought the game like me and monthly invest money trusting the cover of the game and advertisement (the site and the game description) can't find a single advice about it on the official documentation, so this can't be part of the game.
    I love this game and I like very much every single aspect, but this only problem is ruining all the rest, wich is very good.
    IMHO the solution is very simple, like every online application or service involving a massive number of people, the users should be able to choose with who interact and who not, so (except the parts wich naturally are PvP like wars and battlefields) if everyone could have a blacklist for not interacting with specific people, could avoid losing time and money because some socio/psycopathic choose to pass his time creating trouble to you.
    In other hand who make trouble against too much people will be left alone just like he deserves and he looked for. 
    Can this solution improve the game experience?
  2. Post on Ninja or Kuno ? in General

    By Maxi_Moot, posted
    So ... A few times ago , i do a post to know betwen Musa and Maehwa wich one who's the best for me,
    But Musa is boring af...
    I dont try Maehwa, but i'm gonna creat one,
    But now, i would like to know betwen ninja and kuno,
    I want a good PvPvE, ( i have a gear 165/165/220 for Kuno or Ninja) so ... I dont know if i can defend my spot with that, at 56,
    PK some people, defend my spot,
    Grind solo and duo ... and ... That's All ^^
    Ty so much guys for advise and all, have a good game and sorry for my english, i do my best !
  3. Post on PVP Server in Suggestions

    By Lollypop, posted
    I'd like one server where PK was always allowed, everywhere. Just so there's more PVP in the game instead of just Nodewars/random PK deaths which result in people spamming and crying in server/channel chat.
  4. So i get hit while gathering and attack the guy, almost killing his horse. The guy runs away so i call him a -----. How does this warrants ME getting banned while he goes free messing with more gatherers? cmon gms do your job... I agree that saying i want to slice your horse isnt that cool but have you read ERP? This is unwarranted. maybe fix the boat issue idk instead of banning un-needingly. 

  5. We are a small and Very active Guild.
    Our mission as a meeseek is to help as many people as possible
    The life of a meeseek is not easy ( Turn away u cant deal with it )
    But if you think you can be a Successful Meeseek, here is some info about our Guild.

    1. Mr_Meeseek is a small ( But GROWING ) Guild.
    we have a community of 3,500+ members backing us.
    2. We have a teamspeak server with 100+ people on all times,
    Also have a Discord for BDO itself.
    3. We have a few Requirements to join.
    Must be 18+
    Have a mic
    Be Active on the website [ Mr_Meeseeks ] 
    4. The most important one of them all
    HAVE FUN, ITS A GAME . Not a JOB !
    If you think about dropping bye ask for Weeder_76 [ aka Denz ]
    here is our TS address --->
    Here is our Discord ---> https://discord.gg/MNBYnCE

    The following is what we do on a day to day basis for you wanting to know
    Grinding [ Power lvl toons ]
    Boss Scroll's
    Guild Missions
    [ Soon ] Node Wars
    Life Skill
    Scream LOOK AT ME !
    Make jokes about Meeseeks
    Just hangout and have fun
    All i gotta say is were a relaxed group of Men and Women
    have no hardcore requirements other than 1,000 Activity weekly [ Not hard ]
    Just be active on the Team-speak and Forums.
    Hope to see you all in the TS

  6. I have decided to come back to BDO under the requirement that I can actually PK and play as negative karma. I realize that the game becomes more inconvenient, but if someone could help me with a few inquiries, I would appreciate it.
    1. What consequences are there for being -1mill Karma?
    - What solutions are there for these consequences? (ie. If I am not allowed in major cities, are there places I am allowed to go in order to bank, sell, etc.)
    - What consequences are unresolvable?
    2. What tips do fellow PK/World PvP enthusiasts have for me before I embark on this endeavor? Are there things I should do before going negative? (ie. complete quests for contribution before going negative, etc.)
    3. Are there any recent or upcoming changes to the system to aid in this playstyle?
    4. Anything else you would like to add?
    Thanks again for any help or suggestions!
  7. Bonjour à tous,
    Alors j'ai commencer le jeu il y a peu mais j'ai déjà pu croiser un certain nombre de pk ce qui en soit ne me dérange pas. Le seul truc c'est que les pk que j'ai croisé était tooujours lié au fait qu'il voulaient juste récupérer le spot que j'occupais.
    Mais je ne suis pas venu me plaindre de cela (même si ca m'agace de temps en temps) bien au contraire.
    Après avoir été tuer par ces joueurs j'ai remarqué que je ne perdais que quelques secondes de farm (comme je farmais au elric le respawn et très proche), je pouvais donc continuer à farmer tranquillement car si il continuait à me pk il était beaucoup plus embêter que moi. Donc généralement les pk pour un spot viennent te tuer une ou deux fois pour te faire comprendre qu'ils veulent le spot mais si tu continues à farmer en les ignorant ils n’insistent pas trop.
    N'était pas un grand fan du pk j'étais content de cette "surprotection" du jeu dont je bénéficais contre les pk.
    Mais le problème viens des abus de cette "surprotection". J'ai pu lire une discution entre deux joueur dans laquelle ils disaient qu'ils allaient sur des spot pris, farmais un peu, le joueur qui occupais le spot avais alors 2 choix pour continuer à farmer tranquilement, le prendre dans son groupe ou le pk. Mais comme vu précédemment le joueur s'êtant fait pk avait juste à revenir sur le spot et il n'avait aucun malus. Les joueurs qui discutaient on donc préciser qu'ils se faisaient ainsi pratiquement toujours grouper après s'être incrusté sur le spot de quelqu'un et qu'après cela il en faisait le moins possible en laissant les autres farmer pour eux.
    Bien que j'estime que la loi du "c'est le plus fort qui prend le spot" n'est pas très bien, je pense que ce genre de dérive est encore plus négative. Je préfère encore avoir un malus en me faisant pk que de voir des joueurs agir ainsi.
    L'idéal serait de trouvé un compromis mais personnellement je n'en vois pas.
    Cynical is an active PK and Node War clan, seeking active PvPers and PKers to enlist our ranks.
    Contact in game Garken/Eravin/GhostXR/Tiny_Bees or message on forums for voice interview options.

  9. Post on Looting trade items in General

    By Kerry(Ayra), posted
    @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon
    Hello, I was wondering if the trade Items are destroyed in the new Margoria Zone or with the new Items comes dropping the trade Items? Do we actually get a reason to go outlaw. Is trading worth enough money that people will do it and will bring PvP/PK and have strategy and fun outlaw content? If not will there be some kind of way to loot trade packs or content valuable enough to have a dense population out there, because the way the Desert was set up, not being as valuable monetary wise as the other places, it is usually empty. Why make content that does not necessarily entice people to explore and thrive in?
    P.S. please buff the money in Valencia or nerf media/pirates to make all zones viable. 
  10. Post on Allow combat underwater in General

    By Ama, posted
    Too many people farming oysters
  11. Post on Node Toll in Suggestions

    By Prochilles, posted
    Main: Pay an optional Node toll to the guild that currently holds the territory at an amount set by Black Desert. Paying the toll removes the option of being pk'd by members of the guild who owns the node, those who pay the node toll cannot pk any player within the territory (although can defend themselves), and applies a bounty to members of different guilds who pk those who pay the toll within the territory of the node. (The bounty only being able to be collected by individual members of the guild who owns the node.)
    Increase the participation and competition in node wars by giving a greater reason to obtain areas that are highly contested for grinding, as well as, grant the node's guild some governing power over the territory, while partially granting protection for those grinding. 
    Paying the toll will grant a 'Combat XP' buff for the length of time paid to be in territory. Also, perhaps an increase in drop rate of items.
    Effects/Other: Pro&Con TBD
    Grinding in certain node territories (e.g. Sausans) without paying toll will increase likelihood of being pk'd by the nodes guild. While paying will decrease the pk from both the nodes guild and other guilds.
    At what distance from node and how long will an active bounty be able to be collected. Where does the silver for bounty come from? What happens if player with active bounty disconnects or channel hops.
    What happens to highly contested grinds in the event that multiple parties both protected by toll (neither able to pk) desire an area? (Frequent)
  12. Post on Fix desert pvp in PVP

    By Przemoboski, posted
    In the current state of the game, killing an another player in the desert is more punishing than being killed (respawning at the closest node), in my opinion this is a flawed mechanic because the desert area was supposed to be an area that encourages pvp between players, which it clearly does not as dying in the desert with an outlaw debuff is worse than dying in mainland with a lvl 60 character who's at 0.00 xp.
    There have to be consequences for pking in the desert so that it doesn't turn into a killing fest, however pvp should be encouraged. This is why I believe that the desert pvp mechanics should be changed, first of all you have to take into consideration that the outlaw buff lasts for 30 minutes meaning that if you manage to kill someone (even on positive karma) you cannot defend yourself for the next 30 minutes until you're going to contribute to losing more karma. This pushes a player who kills a single person in the desert to further negative karma which does not encourage pvping at all, this is because going negative karma has alot more consequences than staying at postive karma and is hard to grind back, especially in the desert.
    Negative karma causes you to become freely attackable by anyone and causes you to be isolated in the desert unless you're going to risk losing gems,xp and possible enchantment levels in the mainland. This means that the game also excludes you from majority of game content such as bosses as even in the desert doing nouver will be pretty much impossible, this is because you're permanently flagged for pvp.
    Combating this in my opinion is really easy, firstly remove karma loss in the desert, this would allow players who pvp in the desert to still attend bosses and normal grinding spots as long as they do not kill anyone on mainland, in short I believe that karma should be only applied to non desert areas and should have no effect on the desert area, the desert is well, deserted so there are not enough witnesses to make you 'hated' in mainland (as a role playing excuse if anyone needs it)
    secondly make the outlaw buff appear instantly after you attack someone (this is so that you do not have to die on purpose to send someone to jail) but if the attacker does not manage to kill the target make the duration of it shorter e.g 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes for a normal kill. 
    Furthermore being flagged permanently for negative karma in the desert has to be removed, the only time where a person should be flagged for pvp is when he has killed/attacked someone in the past 30/15 minutes. This would create an equal ground for people in the desert showing that theres no negative karma/positive karma players in the desert. Also this allows frequent player killers to attempt nouver as long as they've not attacked/killed anyone in the past 15/30 minutes
    Lastly in my opinion respawning at the closest node should be removed from the desert, this would also equal out the rules between positive/negative karma players for example a player with an outlaw debuff goes to jail if killed whilst a victim of an outlaw can respawn at the nearest town if killed, this means that death in the desert has small consequences for both people because they waste a little bit of time although nothing extreme like exp loss. This also removes the "kill someone come back 1 minute later and send the dude to jail" situation that can be exploited currently, by respawning in the closest town it is still possible to take revenge on an outlaw player but it will take around 5-10 minutes before you can get back to the place/find where he is. 
    One more thing, if you get attacked in the desert whilst having an outlaw debuff your duration should be reset up to 3 minutes even if blocking. This is to combat ppl who wait out combat by continuously blocking and making themselves lose the debuff, you should not be able to lose the outlaw status whilst under attack or else it just does not make sense, if your timer is above 3 minutes no penalty is applied.
    probably an unpopular opinion but thanks.
  13. Today I see one crying player after another complaining about the carma bomber.
    If you are an adult or a big boy who kills player .....
    then pleas behave like one and stop crying over carma loss!
    Accept the game mechanic as it is implemented and please stop dreaming of a new BDO where all PKer can freely kill everyone and will get benefits and the killed player will be punished double.
    Stop dreaming of a PKer paradise in BDO! Accept the reality and deal with it!
    My suggestion: All player who actively PKing other player and crying over negative carma should go back to KINDERGARTEN.

  14. I'd like to point something out to people who say things like "only consensual pvp is good" and things of that nature

    The moment you finish the quest that allows your to level above 49.999 you are consenting to pvp.
    The quest states very clearly that is the purpose.  
    All pvp done after that quest is finished is consensual PVP. 
    I repeat: All pvp done after that quest is finished is consensual PVP.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
    If you do that quest, you have no room to complain about pvp. 
    "but i can't do XYZ if i'm below level 50!" 
    Cool story bro, you still did the quest. you made the decision to level above 50 because you thought that it was worth the risk of pvp to do XYZ. 
    No one to blame but yourself. If you do the quest, no matter what your reason is, you are consenting to pvp for as long as you play that character

    P.S. some people might point out that you can die to pvp before level 50 if you are out of safe zone during a node war, but they warn you very well ahead of time  to switch channels for node wars. By staying on a NAME1 channel during node wars, you are consenting to pvp. This further shows that there is no such thing as "non-consensual pvp" in BDO. 

  15. Here's a Suggestion for a way to deal with the Karmabombing Issue, without punishing the weaker players with XP and Crystal loss.
    Basis: No XP Loss, no broken Crystals if PK'd. (so, basically, we start out from what we already have now.)
    After 1 Death: Get a "Weakened" debuff. This debuff will do nothing actively, its timer would be 10min.
    After 2 Death: IF the "Weakened" debuff is still applied, you receive a "Fatal Wound". You can then either:
    A)Get revived by a Medical Kit or a Witch/Wizard.
    B)Use Elion's Tears*
    C)Recover in a Major City (Heidel,Calpheon,Olvia,Velia etc.)
    The "Fatal Wound" Debuff works the same as the "Weakened" one, just that its timer is 15min instead of 10.
    PvE-Death would not be affected by those rules and will be treated as usual, since it could be abused as "cheap teleport".
    *Basically, it would cost pearls or a pretty well organised party (reviving) to karmabomb someone. Which,in case of the Elion's Tears, could be pretty amusing for the guy getting bombed...
    Kakaogames, please think a moment about this, you could get 1.20 EUR per Karmabomb... that could amount to a huge fortune :-) Or people would just stop Karmabombing at all and make the OPvP Scenario more enjoyable.
    I would really appreciate counter-arguments or other suggestions on this topic, feel free to discuss this!
    Theres a Flowchart attached for easier understanding:

    What do you guys think?
    EDIT: Added Idea
    Check out this thread. Joungf made a nice Suggestion on the "Spot Taken" mentality and got a nice solution to it which could work: 
    That post sparked my interest and I made a Table to represent it, read on how it is supposed to work on his thread:

    Basically this creates a System which makes Mob Difficulty, Spawn Rate, Drop Rate and XP Rate dynamically change based on the count of players and the time they are there, while adding an "mini-event" if player amount is excessive and then resetting the value back again.
    The Idea is to make grinding a spot for an extended period very hard, further increasing the success of cooperation between players. It also adds an interesting event that could occur maximally all 3hours, making the grinding gameplay much more interesting and group oriented.
    Feel free to criticize or comment on it  
  16. Post on Question for DEVS in General

    By Dreed, posted
    After some time - moths - of changed PK system for no loosing EXP after being killed now for few days try to answer to myself for one question:
    "How in current state of PK system player (I) can defend my own spot when someone try to take it from me"
    Many players with lower lvl or even on 60 don't have a guild, so when they came on your spot you can't declare a war.
    Many new guilds are "not ready for war" and still you can do nothing.
    In all you can do is try to KS as long as players who came on spot will be bored... or make a PK.. but what PK change.. nothing. Killed player just respown and back and try piss you off :D. You kill him some times but to prevent negative karma you stoped. On desert when You kill someone You get Outlaw status in this state you dont even need to turn on PK system, player can back and start attack you without using his own karma but when you on defend will still lose karma... when they call friends they kill you and put you in jail.
    In current system only one option works... KSing its realy irritating when you can't defend your own place to grind, when in any ways You are only one person who loosing something.
    In this state please DEVS answer me and i think many others players how we can defend spots in this OPEN PVP GAME !!!!
  17. Post on Musa or Sorc ? in General

    By Maxi_Moot, posted
    Hi everyone,
    First : Happy new year !
    Soooo... yeah .. like sooo many post on this forum,
    I have a doubt about That => Musa Or Sorc ?
    Hmmm... i know, the choise is really hard  !
    If some of you have a exeprience with Musa or Sorc and can tell me something like ... This is better about that or that ... 
    I dont need the GOD classe or something like that ... just ... a class who's not rolling on by anyone ( PvE like PvP ).
    So that's my question , i know the game is ONLY grinding and work and using time,
    Musa get a self heal ?
    Cause the Sorc yes and that's really good for farming ( no potion in bag so i havn't to buy some of them, more place for stuff ... )
    Musa is a paper or not ?
    Have CC ?
    Good damage ?
    Sorc have CC and Heal and good damage sooo ...
    I like both of them, just need a return of experience =)
    I prefer Musa style, Speed, Fire  and ... Samourail style x)
    But if he havn't any heal for survive ...
    Thanks a lot and see you again !
  18. Hi everyone, 
    First , thanks to help me and take the time to read me,
    Seconde, sorry for my perfect english !
    Soooo, i played Musa 47, Ninja 43, Sorc 21, 
    War 20 but it's not for me ( awakening dont interest me ).
    I'd play for almost 1,5 - 2month but i take my time and do so many work in the game, 20 worker, and 200.000.000 in bank.
    So i can stuff ( a little ) a new character
    If some awakening players can do a return of expérience in PvE / PvP ?
    VS what class you have difficult to fight ?
    Grinding is easy for you ?
    What class your playing and times your playing it ?
    Awekening of your class is good ?
    GvG / Node War utility ?
    1v1 surviability ?
    Thanks a lot !
    Have a Nice day !
  19. We are looking for PvPers who will not shy away from a fight. Node wars GvG Open world PvP and the obligatory PKing. 55+ and 400gs (negotiable) 
    Now accepting merges into us!!!!
    We do node wars twice a week.
    Discord is a must even if you do not talk. We post our info there.
    We are a tight community and some of us have played games together for years. 
    Please comment or shout out in server chat and one of my officers will get back to you.
    The candy is free but the ride is not.
  20. So my apologies if this already exists, as I did a search but could not find a post on this.
    Please make a couple (or even 1 to start with) of the channels PVE-only, or at least add a requirement on one that all players must be flagged in order to engage in PVP (so that one person can't flag and attack someone else that's not flagged).
    There is a large subset of players that simply enjoy all the different PVE aspects that BDO offers, such as fishing / AFK fishing, or training their horses, or farming, or completing guild/story quests, or gathering ore/timber, etc...  But it is very frustrating when someone comes over and starts griefing you for no reason or kills you while you're AFK - that's not even PVP it's just harassment.  If I wanted to PVP, I would be flagged, but odds are I have on training clothes or gathering clothes and am just trying to do my own thing then here comes someone for no reason and just attacks me.  Or better yet someone gets angry because I killed the ogre that spawned 2 feet away from the area I've been farming by myself for the last hour, because they were channel hopping and felt all ogres belonged to them, or were just being jerks...and they wait until I'm near the end of the fight to determine how geared I am so they can see if they can easily kill me while I'm distracted.
    My point in all this is to say that not everyone bought this game because they wanted to PVP (especially in this manner), but many purchased it because they enjoyed all the various activities and life skills that BDO offers, but due to how the PVP is set up in this game, a lot of those individuals can't even enjoy the game and play it how they want to play it, despite having paid the same amount of money for this game as the PK'er.
    By providing a PVE only channel(s) you can see how many players are interested in just the PVE aspects of the game, while still providing numerous channels for PVP just as it is today.  If no one uses the channel, you could easily change it back to a regular channel (just like today you have Olvia set up as a returning player XP bonus area for example, you could have a few that are PVE only or where all players must be flagged to PVP).  Tons of MMO's offer dedicated PVP servers, or role play servers, etc... so you can play the way you want to play.  You do not have to force those that are only here for the PVE to play alongside those that love to PVP in all aspects, you can actually provide the best of both worlds, keeping all your players happy and providing options for each to play how they want to play.
    If a player does not like the inability to attack someone that is not flagged, then they don't have to play on the PVE channel.  But the PVE'ers don't have to PVP constantly just to complete their dailies or farm some wood either.  You are losing good players who really enjoy this game because of the forced PVP, so please consider my suggestion and provide both sides with options that fit their playstyle.
    Please and thank you.
  21. Post on Need PVE server in General

    By ngariv, posted
    First of all, I love this game. I've been playing it for one month, and i have found here the things i was looking for in a MMORPG since always; something more than killing monsters or farming instances again and again.
    I am happy with my fishing, my trading and my farming, but there is something that breaks the atmosphere, and it is the open PvP. It's terrible to be mining stone, cuting trees or fishing in the shores of a river and find a player that comes toward you just to kill you with no reason.
    I am not asking you to remove PvP servers. I understand that many people like this, but as much people doesn't like pvp. You only have to see the channels when the Node War begin. The most crowded channels are the ones without node war.
    Today i am sad. I thought i had found the place to play for years, and after i have been killed 3 consecutive times, i find myself thinking that this is not my place either.
    I have readed that Koreans have PvE-only servers. Why don't we have one as well? You would realize how many people would go there, just to live a quiet live enjoying all the diferent things you can do in the game without killing other players.
    If this is not possible, please, why don't you add some kind of "switch" (even a permanent switch, so people can't take advantage of switching it on and off), for the people that don't want to participate in PvP activities at all?
    Thanks for reading me, and i truly hope you can do something to make this game even greater.
  22. I'm NOT Talking about PVP, Battlefeild  or Guild wars, only PK's
    Currently the karma system appears broken. After discussion with several PK'r they experience no negative effects even with Karma at -750,000.
    IMHO, Some things should be done.
    1) Karma < 0 : De-buff enhancements and permit  drop of players gear that initiated the PK
    2) Make Karma extremely hard to recover, eg leveling skills > 50
    3) Create a new guild type-Agents of Karma/Assassins.
    A victim of PK (as determined by game) may register a hit on the PK'r for some amount, say 1-5Mil silverThen non PK'rs can assassinate them without negative karma consequences and a reward for doing so. A successful assassination reduces the PK'rs gear durability by half each time. 
    Very annoying to have those folks trolling around in grinding areas waiting for lower level folks to exhaust themselves then attacking.
  23. Herbal juice should be buyable from the General Good vendor like HP/Mana potions. The x amount of time it takes to gather weeds and herbs + the y amount of time to process all of it into Herbal Juice + the z amount of time to process the herbal juice into better herbal juice could be spent actually grinding silver and exp.
  24. Post on PVP is bad in PVP

    By Paga, posted
    As the title states PVP IS BAD ,  the developers made a good decision by introducing the new punishments ,is not enough tho that when you are flagged the whole server can attack youand when you die you go to jail and get a debuff even if you have positive  Karma and that when you are flagged even if you deffend yourself your karma gets lowered, 
    in my opinion they should be more severe like players who go negative karma should drop their gear of when the have maximum karma like in Lineage 2, 
    Also why whould you engage in any PVP activity against me with out my permission, NO means NO , this type of cyber bullying must be STOPPED!! 
    This game is all about completing quests, crafting, doing alchemy, training horses and doing all that wonderful stuff that this world has to offer including it's scenery,
    PVP should only be used to defend yourself not to traumatize and bully other players, they are real people too with feelings, imagine how they feel when they see their character 
    bully-ed by some antisocial character. Why don't i have the right to go into a grinding spot and finish my quests and eradicate the forces of evil, we can do it together , WHY !!!!
    have you ever hear of sharing, BDO is a big world there is enough for everyone to enjoy, why would you resort to violence, you have node wars , you have RBF, isn't that enough for you people . I wrote this post in the hope that the violence against us, so called "carebears, casual scrubs..." (and all other names we've been called), MUST BE STOPPED!!!!