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  1. Hello guys,
    i just installed the game, successfully and the moment i press Play, nothing happens. i tried both Na and Eu servers still i cant play the game. help please

  2. I feel this game needs some major problems fixed. Yeah so, I'm trying to be as mellow as possible here. I've been wanting to play this game for a while, even more now that dark knight is released. Then signed up for the 7 day free trial, after waiting for half a day for the downloader to quit having errors and forcing me to restart the download. Finally, downloaded at started to try and play, defaulted rez to lower than my monitor right from the get go. So I bumped it up to 1920 x 1080. Loads at 33 fps, wtf? Then after setting at the load screen for about 10 minutes and noting it was still black I could hear the sfx of the cursor moving over buttons, but clicking them did nothing. Now i know it's not my PC, I built my PC and it has no problem running any other games, even newer games run at 60+fps. Probably due to the fact that I built this computer with a NVIDIA GTX 900 series (970 to be exact) GPU. Then figure" Ok well I've been wanting to play this for a while and the base edition is only $9.99, I'll pick up a copy." NOPE! Whatever company you have contracted to accept the currencies from your international customers is horrible at their job. They decline people cards without a reason, require identification (which smart people don't give out to random strangers all willie-nillie), and accuse customers of fraud. In my area, the only to payment options are to use PayPal or a debit/credit, and only one of those might work. This is ridiculous, this game has been hyped internationally and I'm sure it works fine in the UK and other parts of EU. But if you are going to release a game to be played internationally, then it should be playable internationally. If you are going to charge for a game, then make sure that all your major problems are fixed before requiring people to play. I may feel inclined to pay for this game as soon as I figure out a way to get it to work right if I can do so before the trial runs out, and maybe not even then if it has this many problems in-game. I like to help people develop games before they release them, if I didn't I would be an experienced game tester. Sorry for the rant and if it seemed like I was harsh, but I'm severely disappointed. This game looked like it could and probably would be alot of fun. I'm going to try and continue messing around with the graphical settings to try and get the game to work.
  3. In this video I take a look at the new class in Black Desert called the Dark Knight, check it out here.
  4. To prevent potential problems in running Black Desert Online and not only, here are a few tips to enjoy a smooth gameplay. Games use different kind of softwares, installments and frameworks connected to your hardware and operating system. Your video card is important, but also your processor or your RAM(memory). Select your apropiate operating system and have theese checked:
     Keep video card updated to the latest drivers(mostly thru updates a lot of fixes can be done): NVIDIA page : http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us, AMD  page: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download ;Direct x end user runtime installer,  most games use specific files from other Direct X builds, so is good to have them: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 ;Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 ;Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 :  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=21 ; Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653 ;NVIDIA PhysX System Software: even you  think you don’t need this because you don’t use nvidia hardware, is good to have this also checked: http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx-9.16.0318-driver.html. Have fun, enjoy your playtime.
    P.S. : Sorry if double post or inappropriate section, a moderator can have a look.
    Yeah, I had the unfortunate experience of playing that terrible game, I would not recommend it to anybody.
    tl;dr for the video. 
    -blatant p2w
    -uglier graphics
    -worthless endgame
    -pointless pvp/gvg system with literally NO rewards for winners
    -made by chinese developers

    The community over there is also pretty upset that I made this video, oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. OK so i logged in and after i pressed play the first screen where you press start looks OK but after that I get a multi colored mess that smudges all over the screen i have recorded it so you can see what i mean. This happened after the update around 01/02/2017. It may have something to do with the fact that i changed my characters name which was supposed to take affect after the update. As far as I can see the name change was successful,if there is any information you need or preferably you can help me it would be much appreciated.
    I'll upload it to you-tube then -
  7. Hello Gamers world wide, I have a member of my group who recently suffered a stroke, he is trying to play mouse and keyboard 1 handed and still is a gamer
    I have seen these but is it mouse and keyboard? and would it work

    I have also seen this sadly not out yet

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    looking for mouse and keyboard combined solutions left handed
    I reached out to these guys and i hope to have a decent answer 
  8. Post on Play your Way event in General

    By B.D.O, posted
    I am wondering how the event is going for everybody.  Here's my results so far.
    35 minutes of grinding without kama buff  (22 blackstones)
    270 energy (no sharp or hard crystals)
    AFK fishing in "abundant resources area" with fishing 5.  (0 ancient relics) 70 durability rod
    Well those are my results guys, how's yours!?
  9. Post on New to Berserker in Berserker

    By Wartunk, posted
    Just got into playing BDO and I was wondering if you guys could help me. I have no idea what to skill on my Berserker. I am looking for a front line tank who can sit there and do damage while protecting his team! Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated, Sorry if this has been asked before
  10. In Velia, there is a group of street performers who are very enjoyable to listen to! Although players right now can play instruments, I imagine a more genuine feel in cities, villages, and even on roads.
    Traveling performers, bards, street performers and the like can perform for tips (either by other players or through a silver tick). In order to stop exploits, the performance would be done manually rather than an automatic performance. Tips could be given to the player by other players between a certain threshold to ensure that this would not become an exploit for silver selling. Or, the performer would receive a silver tick/second.
    I would also like to be able to synchronize with my party. having a group of traveling musicians would be a blast!
  11. Is there any way/ bug/ trick, to use the group special deals as a solo player? A friend told me that it's possible, dont know how^^
    Would be very usefull while farming at spots like Rhutum. The yuria drop will be very heavy after time ( I know I can use things like a wagon to increase my LT)
    If you heard about a possibility, please let me know.
  12. I really thought BDO would be the one asian grind game that didnt turn pay to win. Even with how borderline it was i believed they wouldnt make the same mistakes that others have made. But i also understand that companys have to make money to pay for development and servers. So Instead of this Shitty pay to win model just make the game pay to play. add a required subscription to play like wows. not a vip subscription because those are almost always pay to win. Just take the bullshit of the cash shop and remove it and make us pay $15 a month to play the game. I would rather that model then this current shitty model. Also to those who argue that a subscription has no place in a buy to play game you are both right and wrong. A vip subscription has no place in a buy to play game but a required subscription does. Look at wow it is a buy to play game and there is also a subscription. and that game still does great so what does that tell you? It says that model is great for gaming. At this point this game is destined to die like all the rest if they dont do something about it and quick. I trully believe this could be the solution. What are your guys thoughts? do you think they are at the point of no return or do you think they can still come back from the darkside?
  13. Hello I come to you asking for help as my younger brother went out and bought the game, he owns a mac. 
    Now I know the game is not made for MAC however I have heard there are mac users out there,
    Would someone with this knowledge share it?
  14. When I started I read up on game and seen both KR and JP had no buy in and had cash shop items avail for marketplace
    Now when a game wants to step up shop here in North America, what they do not tell you is this, international tax and fees. 
    In a sort they are setting up shop to take virtual jobs, and are charged through the nose.
    Servers are not cheap for this type of usage 100.000 + users using data to run this game lol
    Also Currency from Yen to USD is a joke see image
    Edited to show both in case of either
    Now keep in mind I am going by my opinion of starting in March.
    At that time they said Not at launch, so I knew it was coming, and seeing the fact as kr gets updates we do later on so you have to be a fool not to think oh they get mediah we get mediah they have valencia we get valencia ..... Oh wait they have cash shop items in market........ 
    anyhow it takes alot to do this and well I respect it. 
    Please remain calm and stop acting like no one knew this....
    and in a couple days we shall see what happens,  

    I think the items in cash shop will be limited, like to have 25% avail to resell only to encourage more to spend, Like at costco where they offer a sample of tasty crack to get you in the door 

    IN online gaming you see cash shops. they help with paying the staff, now if you are unemployed or living at home think of this, "whoever" feeds you be it Mom, Dad, Gramma, Grampa, the state or lotto. if they had been told today that they were no longer going to be paid that they were hoping to work for free. 
    you would not have anymore internet, food, or cheetos

    For me the Pearl shop is a form of tipping the server waitress etc "Jouska" 

    but if we paid to get in, and that income is going down, the fate of the server could close.
    if the game did go free to play you think it is bad now?
    we pay to get in and could pay, think of the leechers 

    Yes Black Friday, game goes free to play hordes of people rush in, card warriors and bots and rotten people
    You think it is bad, lol I played Lineage 2 when it started 20$ a month, it had bots and gold sellers but when it went free to play servers we're packed
    I think we all need to see how this plays out, and see if it can be made to work for us, as well we all love the game or you would not be here trolling 

    In life you will learn you can chose the devil you know vers the devil you don't

    IN any case this has been my time and thoughts.
    If you need an 

    Just leave, save some dignity and move on. 
    Stress will kill you
    Have a great day, if you agree may the RNG be with you so you find the booty

    and if you are that troll, may you find all the Bares crap and empty chests
  15. Hi, I logged in this morning everything was fine ive been questing again everthing fine then all of a sudden the game quits for no reason and when i click the launcher again it comes up with
    Like what the hell is that it wont load properly.
    I restarted my pc incase it had a spaz attack but nope its the launcher that had one instead, does anyone know why its went like that and how to fix it?
  16. This just started today but when i open the launcher is creates a notepad document on my desktop called "Launcher_Debug" is anyone else getting this? the game seems to start and run fine.
  17. Hey.. Because I understand nothing, could someone please tell me if my old computer can run the game on the LOWEST possible settings? Thanks in advice!
    ProcessorIntel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2220 @ 2.40GHz Video CardNVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT RAM3.0 GB Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10, 32-bit
    Hello everyone. I have a problem starting the game because after giving the launcher play the game is stopped and not just started .
    It stays in " unresponsive " and never starts.

  19. Hey I am having a major issue I bought the game yesterday and started to play but like an hour ago it kicks me out of the server and won't let me enter again
  20. 1. World boss, you have to deal with HUGE lag and 5234523462346 bodies to get through, if you aren't in the front you probably can't even reach him with your attacks, while you wait there till the front row dies, so it'll be your turn.
    2. Oh speaking of world boss. MELEE HAVE THE LOWEST AP. Due to vangertz shield, unless you got axion, but even then, you won't out DPS a wizard/witch, ranger, sorc.
    3. Oh, is sorc considered a melee? Sure, she can be a hybrid of both melee and range, but guess what, she gets an AP Boost + 3463346546 iframes.
    4. Oh, you want to grab someone without them rubber banding? And a sorc able to teleport your grab/knockdown? Have fun
    5.  1vs1, sure, you'll do ok, but compare to ranger/sorc/witch/wizard, 1vs10. Those 3 class have a fighting chance, but a melee doesn't even stand a chance with all the CC, while the other classes have a small or great chance of at least killing MORE than a melee.
    6. DP Scales?! Sike ~ Some forums in korea suggest that the ratio of AP and DP is 1AP to 2.4 DP. This is not including accuracy and crit. But the thing is, good luck killing anyone as a full DP melee, because SOME REASON, archer/wiz/witch/sorc will have the same DP as you, awesome!
    There is a lot more, if you guys want to add, melee doesn't even have iframes, other than sorc,
    OH VALK AND WARRIOR HAS A SHIELD, well so do wiz/witch and sorc, 
    Guess what archer scales up in damage by? HP!
    WHICH SHOULD BE MELEE scale, yet the archer gets a HP Scaling skills, Awesome!
    So, if you are a tamer,warrior, or valk, have fun regretting it ~
    (Oh how about beserker, they can go range on awakening so lucky them)
    Please don't put your opinions of ANY class unless you have played them up to AT LEAST level 50+ and have been in red battle field or in a GVG.
  21. How to activate Guest pass ?  
  22. Post on Pass Please in Off-Topic

    By Knighted Everhart, posted
    Really want to play BDO but would love to try it before I invest in the game. If anyone has a spare pass I would really appreciate it. 
  23. Once i start the game and optimize whatever settings i might wanna change for the better... then when switching into Full screen it forces me into 24hz... i've tried every possible solution... turning off V-sync in Nvidia settings etc...
    Playing on an Asus 780 Direct CU-II.... if i lower the resolution it's 60hz, but as soon as i go 1920x1080P - BOOM... 24hz.. my fps is 75-85, but on a 24hz rendering.. it's as choppy as 24hz obviously.
    I could use some assistance... i'm not gonna play the game the way it is... i did try full screen windowed, but it forces the fps to lock at 60 and occationally decrease to 30-40-50 fps... which is annoying.. I wanna play full screen for max performance on the highest possible settings i can pull with my setup at a steady 60 fps.
    Could use some help!
  24. Hi guys i have been able to make my character i just keep getting connection lost with the server after i click connect on my character screen. it loads and then stops and takes me back to the start screen with connection lost with the server. any tips or info on how to fix
  25. Bonjour,
    J'ai télécharger Black Desert - Character Creator sur le site officiel.
    Le téléchargement et l'installation ont bien fonctionné ainsi que la màj dans le launcher.
    Une fois la màj à atteint les 100%, on m'indique << Click "PLAY" button to launch the game. >>, mais rien ne se passe en je ne peux pas appuyer sur PLAY( ce bouton reste gris).
    J'ai déjà réinstallé ceci 1 fois de plus avec toujours le même problème.
    Merci pour votre aide.