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  1.  So here is another video about the controversies.
  2.                   I don't mind that the ability to power level people was removed from the Korean version, but if this is a permanent change, I would ask that you please implement some sort of system that allows players of different levels to play together. I appreciate the fact that this game goes back to the roots of MMOs in a lot of ways by not babying players, but the 6 level gap isn't enough in my opinion. The implementation of the sidekick system in City of Heroes and the Mentoring system in Everquest 2 was a very welcome change in the MMO world, where in contrast, being able to fast travel all the time, even to places you haven't been, ruined many old games by removing the sense of wonder that comes from exploring the world (which is a big reason I'm so in love with Black Desert). Thanks for reading.
  3. Post on The Cash Shop in Suggestions

    By lewis1190, posted
    Right, I'm sure there are thousands of other complaints about the cash shop, but I'm trying to make sense, so hear me out guys.
    Originally, I intended to purchase Black Desert under the assumption that it was FULLY buy-to-play; one payment gives me everything there.
    However, I found out just last week that this game already had a cash shop, and personally, I feel that this is an insult to the consumer base who has been eagerly waiting for this game. But just saying that is never enough. We all know that Daum WILL NOT remove the cash shop, as it's likely they want a steady stream of revenue and income. (Remember in ye olden times when this used to be done with expansions?)
    However, what bothers me more is that there is currently no way for people who are nearly-considered "free-to-play" players (despite buying the game) to get certain items on the cash shop, primarily cosmetic items. HOWEVER, Daum Games has said that this will be changed after launch phase, although this just concerns me into thinking that they're planning how to maximize profits more than making it easier on people who have paid for the base game. AND BEFORE YOU SAY "But it's just cosmetic, you don't need them!", cosmetics and making your character look unique is nothing less than an aspect which constructs THE FOUNDATION of an MMORPG. Looking badass and unique encourages you to be different, change your appearance and spend more time playing the game. (Don't get me started on appearance change tokens)
    As said before, it's highly unlikely that the developers will completely remove the cash shop, because I'm 2 hours into the beta and I'm already surrounded by swimsuits from people who have paid for them.
    Instead, I'd like to dedicate this thread to us as a community to suggest ways in which the "one payment" playerbase can obtain items from the cash shop.
    I personally feel that if the developers don't want to remove the cash shop, then they could at least add a means of "cash shop item" obtaining via the Loyalty Shop. For example, with your loyalty points, you could purchase a chest which would give you a random item from a certain "genre" of the cash shop (such as cosmetics, consumables, house items, etc.) The genres of items will be divided between different chests. Obviously, they'll need to cost a lot (BUT NOT TOO MUCH) loyalty points, to make pearl purchases appear to be a worthy convenience. 
    But hey, that's just my suggestion, I'd love to see what you guys come up with!
    FINAL NOTES (personal vent)
    Personally, it saddens me that Black Desert has taken such a sour turn already, by appearing to use a free-to-play business model in a buy-to-play game. I was originally under the impression that this MMO was the next "big" thing, which was supposed to destroy the free-to-play business market and set the standard for a new wave of buy-to-play MMOs. I still think this is a very good game at heart, but when you peel back the stunning visuals, it just feels like another MMO that's well on it's way to tear and divide it's loving community.
    Hopefully with the amount of content I've had to say on this matter, I'd like you, as a community, to take me seriously; I've had enough "stop cryin lol" and "just spend more money" said to me on this matter through sites like Reddit, and even in-game. But hey, this thread might just get buried and forgotten like the other ones.
    I'd like to personally thank you all for taking your time to read this, and hopefully we can all work together to make the game that the MMO community has dreamed of! 
  4. With over 60 years of cumulative experience, and countless short stories, the Carrendar Dynasty RP group provides a clean website, roleplay archiving, tutoring, and events for Black Desert Online. We support all levels of roleplay, from light to Novella. The Carrendar Dynasty will be supporting an out-of-client chat program (TBD) for our members to use, free of charge.
    About Us:
    The Carrendar Dynasty for Black Desert Online is an extension of a larger group that originally started in a 3D chat program. This group was founded by CharlotteCarrendar, Darksied, and Captain. (Their screen names) The group consisted of a lot of great minds in roleplay and writing, and used the T-1 style of RP. Seeing as the group was all based on text roleplay with visual aids, the Carrendar Dynasty became very popular, and reached out to people new to text based roleplay. Many wonderful "novella" style writers were born from this group, and exist as a part of the Carrendar Chronicles today.
    Server Information: The Carrendar Dynasty is currently operating in the Orwen Server, in the Balenos #1 channel. This position is finalized, and will be our main base of operations.
    What is our mission?
    CD is going to be a normal guild, with a GuildMaster, GuildMemebers, and a Job board. Our specialty will be treasure hunting for rare objects, and trade. However, since this will be a guild operating on a lot of smaller areas, all are welcome. You can find jobs for Mercenaries, Escorts, Healers, Wizards, Diplomats, etc. Apply to be a member today!
    What we are bringing to the table:
    We understand that BDO is going to give us a lot of "toys" to use such as furniture, housing, costumes, etc. As the Carrendar Dynasty grows, we hope to give our best effort in providing a comfortable atmosphere for roleplay with superb and appropriate visual aids.
    We will be hosting events throughout the BDO Beta test, and Launch. This will consist of Meet & Greets, and Rush Recruitment. After the Launch, we will be hosting LIVE scheduled RP sessions in-game, and enjoying PvE/PvP gameplay together in balance.
    Does your Guild have a Designer?
    YES! We have a Designer like most streamlined Guilds have. Our Designer is Gorya Designs. They create assets and IP for our group that we license and purchase. When 3D content created by players is supported, WE WILL BE READY!
    I am only interested in light RP, do you support that?
    Yes we do! We do not force heavy RP on gamers who wish to keep things simple and light. We will be supporting a segment for light RPers. The Carrendar Dynasty ALSO provides tutoring in text roleplay techniques, rules, regulations, and styles at no charge.
    I am a heavy/Novella Roleplayer, can you keep up with me?
    Challenge Accepted! The Carrendar Dynasty is founded by numerous Novella writers, and true-to-life authors. If a detailed and lengthy roleplay is what you desire, you have come to the right place.
    What about these "Rules and Regulations?"
    As always, a streamlined and successful RP is supported with a very solid foundation of Rules and Regulations. Our R&R are not demanding, or restrictive. Most all styles and RP types are supported. As an example, our most basic rules are: No metagaming (Using OOC knowledge about a situation in your IC roleplay, when your character would otherwise have no knowledge), Keeping OOC and IC separate, Absolutely ZERO Tolerance for OOC drama, no auto-handling other player's characters without permission, and absolutely NO god-moding (we keep things fair for everyone!)
    Do you keep track of Roleplay?
    Most certainly we do! We have an archive vault called the "Carrendar Chronicles" on wordpress. If an officiated moderator is present during the RP, he/she will take the text, clean it up for grammar, spelling, and clarity, and submit it to a special page in our vault that is dedicated to the Black Desert Online RP. If you do an RP session with some friends without a moderator, you can copy your RP, submit it to the group, and after review, we will add it to the vault.
    What if I want to do a side RP separate from the group?
    Feel free to do a side RP with other members, or even others outside the group. You can even do a solo RP [monologue, soliloquy, etc.]. If you so desire, we will create a separate page in our "Carrendar Chronilces" vault for your side RP.
    Character Bio page and IC presentation of this group is COMING SOON
    We are now recruiting for our Black Desert Online branch of the Carrendar Dynasty. Joining is easy! Click this link, and check out our website (Under Construction). The Carrendar Dynasty RP Group
    Please contact me via email if you have any questions or comments: carrendar.dynasty@gmail.com
    You can also send me a Friend Request in-game and meet up with me anytime I am online!
    Name: Razuken
    Family Name: Carrendar
    Group: <Carrendar Dynasty>

  5. Hey enyone want to play cbt2 with me i did not play in cbt1 so ill be a noob .
  6. Hello everyone!
    I am not sure if a thread like this exists, but if one does exist, then feel free to delete this one. I saw a few that were merely about the visuals (showing pictures or videos of your characters you have created on the CBT1 or possibly Korean/Russian servers). This is however a different type of thread. This is directed at the role-players of Black Desert Online (even if you have yet to play the game).
    This is the place to share your character's backstory, their goal in the world, their personalities, and so forth. Now, some of you might not have thought about this or don't feel like sharing this information, which is fine, if that is you, then I respect that. But if you do want to share then this would be the place to do it in. I have not fully fleshed out my story, but I can give you a brief example of what I have come up with thus far.
    Character creation:
    Picture of character: N/A (I haven't started playing yet, so I don't have a picture yet).
    Hair colour: Black hair.
    Eye colour: N/A (not sure as of yet).
    Height: N/A
    Weight: N/A
    Theme song/music: N/A
    Weapon(s): Battle Axes.
    Race: Giant.
    Gender: Male.
    Sexual orientation: Straight.
    Profession: Mercenary.
    Name: N/A
    Family name: N/A
    Nickname(s): N/A
    Title: N/A
    Age: 26 years old (but he looks to be slightly over 30).
    Zodiac: N/A
    Place of birth: N/A (I don't yet know the names of the areas in Black Desert).
    Family: His family (mother, father and a little sister) was murdered by an unknown (to him) clan of bandits when he was 7 years old.
    Pet(s): A hawk.
    Personality/character: A very kind heart. Not the smartest crayon in the box, but he has street smarts. A brave person that believes in justice.
    But he is a little too caught up in revenge around his mid 20s. Someone that loves animals and nature. A very determined and strong willed person.
    Likes: Animals and brave people.
    Dislikes: Injustice.
    Lover(s)/love interest(s): N/A
    Quote: "The strong should protect the weak."
    Background story: He managed to survive the massacre by hiding down a well in his village. After a couple of days a wizard found him passed out near a village he was visiting to buy goods and potions. The wizard initially planned to bring him to an orphanage, but the child seemed to be on the verge of going insane, and the wizard noticed that. He thought that he must've had gone through something horrifying. So he decided to take him in for a while, to learn about his past. The wizard was a good old heart.
    The wizard was not a great magician by any stretch of the imagination, but he could perform magic nonetheless, and was willing to teach what little he knew to the "little" boy. The boy did try to learn, but it didn't seem like Giants were very skilled with magic, or at least not this boy.
    Now, since I recently made this story, it has a lot of gaps, and I haven't gone too much into detail, but the boy would remain with the wizard for his entire childhood, and way up into his teenage years. The boy learned a lot from the wizard, and came to see him as an uncle. Later on though, he met up with a master of arms, and got fascinated by melee weapons. He ultimately chose battle axes as his favourite type of weapon.
    After the death of the wizard, he thought to himself that the only way for him to get silver would be through either robbing people, or through some kind of profession. He decided that the only thing he was good at was fighting. So he worked as a body guard for a time, but he quickly learned that being a mercenary is the way to go.
    He had to learn to become stronger so to protect his only "family", the wizard, and himself from ever experiencing that kind of event as what occured in his past. Which is how he came to be so strong, and so skilled in combat, even though his skills were just low tier at the time.
    He had no real thought of revenge per se, it seemed far fetched as he had no leads to go on. Until the idea was planted in his mind when he saw a symbol, that he suddenly remembered that the bandits had on them. From there on, he had somewhere to start, so he pursued the path of vengeance alongside trying to just survive in the world.
    He will go out on epic advetures, to find a place for himself in this world, to grow mentally, physically, and even spiritually, to become stronger and wiser. To find the people responsible for killing off his family and clan.
    The start of Black Desert Online, will be the start of his adventures.
    You can also share your character (story, who they are, and so forth) to get ideas and help from others to improve your story, if that is your wish. I hope something becomes of this thread, as I'd love to know what sort of characters you guys and girls will cook up.
    Thank you in advance for reading my thread.

  7. Hi there, 
    I've been thoroughly enjoying CBT1 so far but I have one suggestion for a change that all of my friends agree would be a nice change.
    I've seen one other thread asking for a toggle-able player walk instead of holding down Caps.  This fix would be fantastic but the main change my friends and I would like to see personally would be a toggle-able or continuous mount walk function. Currently when on a mount if you hold down forward (W) you start walking but soon move into a trot, the only way you can keep a sustained walk is by pressing the key intermittently which is very annoying when you're trying to relax and take in the sights/sounds. 
    We would very much like if you could include this feature at some point,
    Thanks very much for all your hard work,
    Corm & The whole guild
  8. Hi everyone I was just wondering in what FPS can my laptop run this game? This is a question for those who've played BDO before in another region or in NA/EU alpha.
    What do you think I can run it on? Please tell me the estimated FPS for each setting (Low, Medium, and High).
    Laptop: Acer Aspire V5-561-6607
    Ram: 8 GB
    Graphics Card: Intel HD 4400
    Processor: i5-4200U, 1.6 GHZ with Turbo boost up to 2.6 GHZ
    On Tera I can run it at about 30 to 60 FPS on the lowest settings.
    Thank you :D!
  9. I don't care about PVE! I don't care about PEEVEEPEE! I just want to create new characters and climb buildings all day!!!!!!!
  10. Post on Linking System? in General

    By Univra, posted
    I was wondering if this system was still in the game? I haven't been able to play with a party to test it out but if anyone has: 
    1. How does it work?
    2. What are the benefits?
    If it is not in the game, would you like to see it return? 
  11. Post on Greetings in New Adventurers

    By Lalice, posted
    Hello everyone I'm Lalice. I played on the Alpha servers but I never played the KR or RU versions. I have been following BDO for a long time and am very happy to see it on it's way here. I'm looking forward to playing with many of you and making new friends along the way. I play all games with my sister and when BDO is released I'm sure we will be looking for a Guild to join so if anyone has any suggestions or anything like that I would love to hear it. Thanks for stopping in and hope to see some of you in game.