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  1. [NA] <Eviscerate> Now has open recruiting! We are a newer guild putting our efforts into helping our members become gods. We focus a lot on PvP but have many who excel at other aspects of the game. We believe that knowledge is power and support our community through the gathering of knowledge to improve your play. For those who wish to join us an aura of fun loving self improvement is required. We actively grind, duel, and occasionally life skill in the attempt to be the best non try hard guild BDO has to offer. All of that being said, there are no iLvl requirements for joining, there are no level requirements, and we will never force you to play the game in a way that isn't fun for you. We do however, require one thing, and that is that you put forth your best in an effort to become better as a player. We have weekly Node Wars that you aren't required to come to but it is encouraged, we are a newer guild currently at 40 members. We do daily guild missions and grind parties we have a lot of knowledge on the game but could use more so come and lets become better together.You wont regret it!
    Useful Information:
    We currently own 1 tier-1 node.
    Requirements: Aim to become better, the will to become more knowledgeable and progress yourself and have guild activity!
    Goal: We aim to better ourselves and hold 2 nodes a week, and compete in high-end PvP, we hope to help players grow and achieve good gear, a high level, and class knowledge.
    Most active time for players in the guild: 5pm-12am EST, we have normally always have people on but that is the most active time to find people.
    PvX: focus on PvP slightly more but we grind a lot and do life skilling.
    Communication: Discord is the main use of communication for the guild, a lot of information posted there and good laughs.
    Officers you can whisper: Kagemand, Jimmychoo, Ninja_Gyn - Add us in-game and send a whisper.
    Contact me in-game for information or the other officers.
  2. Post on Wrocław - anyone? in Roleplay

    By Nastiel, posted
    Hello, is there anyone from Wrocław or close to it?
    I'm looking for some friends to play together and drink a beer sometimes!
  3. Hello, Im trying to find the Portuguese community in this game... 
    Almost 2 years people left and comeback again but I only saw a few Portuguese players. Am I the last Portuguese player here?
  4. Post on MMO Gathering in Suggestions

    By Foghen, posted
    Hi there!
    So I have this idea where gathering becomes a multiplayer option, where you team up with your mates and go gather some wood, timber, logs og what ever name you want to call it.
    Starting with the concept: 2 player lumbering saw
    What this will do is party leader will be wearing the saw in lef tool slot and use it on a tree then 2nd player in party will interact with the saw and there will be lumbering.
    The saw will have a higher yield than axe and a faster gathering rate since 2 players work together
    The saw will come in low durability white up to high durability yellow
    The will be craftable:
    White Rarity 5 Ash Timber and 15 Copper Ingot,
    Green Rarity 10 Ash Timber, 15 Bronze Ingot and 10 Black Stone Powder,
    Blue Rarity 5 Maple Timber, 15 Steel and 20 Black Stone Powder,
    Yellow Rarity 10 Maple Logs, 20 steel, 5 Pure Iron Crystal and 40 Black Stone Powder
    Which will make it rather expensive and ofcourse you will need someone to work with
    It will have twice the durability of a lumbering axe of the same rarity so white = 60 durability, Green = 120 durability, Blue = 260 durability and Yellow = 500 durability
    I also see this possible with a fishing net but they would have combined effects of rods so there would be a net with combined effects of Balenos and Epheria rod so it had auto-fishing time and increased durability OR Mediah and Calpheon with higher chance of rare and big fish
  5. Hi,
     I am having an issue that I cannot see other players skill effects, even thought i have "Remove others' effects" and "Remove distant ones' effects" disabled.
     Deleting my game cache like the website suggested fixed it for a very short amount of time and then it just stopped displaying them again.
     Is there a fix to this known bug?
    Any more info you need, just ask
  6. OK, in the begining it was kinda "WOW such company like feature we are getting right lads?" ... but it has been over a year BDO has been in EU.
    Most of the time we are struggling with contract renewal system as it's basically how system works. You know, bully the players.
    How about we finally set them indefinite as they are in any other MMORPG?
    Also That 30k silver/day is kind of funny at this point.
    Same goes to 90k when you kick guild member who's contract is still in effect but he never goes online. C'mon with Node wars we make hundreds of millions for guild these days.
    Simply enough, give us unlimited contract durations and also please delete 24 hours cool-down when someone gets kicked, leaves a guild, etc. ... because we can't recruit ppl leaving their dead guild simply due to this mental solution.
    Thanks in advance!
    PS: To random fellas answering to this basic post, ... rest of information is down below. Read a TOPIC before you answer to it, at least that's what ppl should do
  7. Post on Just wanted to say... in General

    By Beeso, posted
    Happy anniversary folks, boy did that year go by fast!

  8. Hi im fairly new to bdo and im looking for people to play anyone would do 
  9. Accepting players who are new to BDO, don't know the ropes and need some advice. Would appreciate it if you decided to stay.
  10. I have played many upon many mmorpg's and 99% of them had some form of trading. I feel like the lack of trading in this game is a con that effects new players refusing to try it. I believe that if trading was added it would make this game feel more of a community driven game and improve the outlook of the game to new players and people considering getting it. I understand that trading would introduce gold sellers and people of that kind. But there are precautions that can be taken to provent gold sellers from invading.an example off the top of my head is
    Make it so you can only trade with people that have been on your friends list for 1 month (it may sound annoying but I think a lot of players would agree to this if it meant trading between friends was added) Level based limit with duo punishment, your level determines the limit of what you can trade and trades are logged so if someone is caught selling items or currency for real money, the items traded from this player to others are removed regardless of reason, meaning even if they were added to your friends list don't trade with them unless they are trustworthy it would be the players fault that they decided to trade with someone without knowing them. Players caught trading items for real items are banned with no chance to appeal it. This way you can ban all the gold sells you want and keep getting 10 dollars if they choose to repurchase the game, the promise of increased profits i think alone should be a reason to consider this.
    This is just my idea on what it could be but i really want some form of trading in this game, I feel like it would be so much better with it.
  11. In Velia, there is a group of street performers who are very enjoyable to listen to! Although players right now can play instruments, I imagine a more genuine feel in cities, villages, and even on roads.
    Traveling performers, bards, street performers and the like can perform for tips (either by other players or through a silver tick). In order to stop exploits, the performance would be done manually rather than an automatic performance. Tips could be given to the player by other players between a certain threshold to ensure that this would not become an exploit for silver selling. Or, the performer would receive a silver tick/second.
    I would also like to be able to synchronize with my party. having a group of traveling musicians would be a blast!
  12. Hey, not sure if I'll get in trouble for posting about this but I'm wanted to know if anyone plays Japanese version of Black Desert.  If so then i'd like to join your guild and if there I'd a small amount of players that actually come around to seeing the his that do play,  then I'd like to start a guild with some. I kinda like the Japanese servers - as I do play and enjoy NA - cheaper pearl shop, features not in our version yet... but yeah I don't really want to talk on the game cause I don't know if I will get reported and don't want to take the risk - lmao, but if I get people I can comunictae with in the server, it will be easier and safer to play.
  13. Hi!

    I'm having a slight problem trying to contact my guildies. My guild is going dark, players are either finding their interest in the game disappearing or busy with IRL duties. I'm however trying to reach them, but without Skype or any other means of getting in touch with them I'm just stuck trying to be online simultaneously as they are. It'd be so great if there were ways to "leave notes" for them which they'd get upon login into the game. 

    What it comes down to is that It'd be plainly said, awesome if there were any possibility that the friend-chat-system would also work when players are offline, hence they would receive the message upon going online, then we could have a limited, but at least some sort of contact without having to go outside the game. 

    Cheers! Licorice
  14. With all the character slots we can fill and change to, the one thing that frustrates me being a guild master is that there's no way for players to communicate with me due to knowing the family name for the guild.  When you look at rankings, you only see the family name and you can't /whisper or even use a mail.  My suggestion, I would like to have player to player mailing.  I know this probably isn't implemented due to gold sellers spamming a system of players, but this feature would make communication with other guilds, other players, especially ppl who don't read their chat windows.  I can send a message to a guild member who isn't responding to guild chat, or randomly come back from afk fishing and I want to help them renew contracts, I got to get lucky if they even show up in guild chat to ask a question.  This way, I can send them a notice by mail, they click "Hey your guild contract is blue, you must renew" and then I know they got the message and a week later I can kick them for being blue still. 
    Maybe make a separate system for GM's and Officers to send an alert to guild members to minimize gold spammers, but there needs to be communication via just family name so you know if that person might be on they will get the message. 
    Another example of use, You get declared on by a guild you're not familar with and you want to open up diplomacy to see what the situtation that brought this about.  Who do I talk to?  Channel chat?  Seriously? Half the guilds probably have that turned off unless they're bored.  IF I can see who is running the guild via the declaration, shouldn't I be able to send them a whisper asking hey what's up.  Or "where you want to meet so we can finish this, we don't got all day" that kind of stuff.  Otherwise we're all going to be shelled only able to talk to our guildies and not be able to open proper communication with declaring guilds or even notify afkers in your guild that you need them to fix something to stay in the guild.
    If BDO has features I'm just missing, then disregard this but as far as I'm aware, you can't whisper a family name, (though we all have unique family names)
    And final sugestion of communication: If your in a guild and your just on for afk training, fishing or what not, Options to set your character to inactive or active status (afk or online) So when a guild master looks who's online and is trying to decide the next guild mission, he can just say "Oh, everyone's afk fishing... again" and actually know that to be true due to everyone being in afk mode or what not.  It should show up in like guild members list.  At any rate, I thank you for your time and hope these suggestions weren't already mentioned and if so, add me to their list
  15. First the Story:
    So I am doing the 200 contribution quest at the Manshas, like kill 100 or whatever of them. Then a random sorc comes up to me close and i thought he wants to invite me to a group, so we can do this quest together and faster. All of the Sudden his Name turned red and he threw everything he got at me and i was dead. I just came into the forest and already pk.
    Next i went to the Abandoned monestary for the token quest. As i went down the ladder there was a wizard in a ghillie suit coming already towards me and shooting and telling me to leave because i cant be there. Boom
    The pvp in this game is so weird, sometimes people want to make a group and sometimes the name turnes red and nuke you. Often they just come from the back of my camera angle and throw their ultimate. It always says i got unfairly killed by....   Just wtf at this pvp concept and wtf at the MasterPvpElitist-Ghillie suit people
    Everyday all day i get in those situations while my guildmembers dont so much only when they are fishing maybe. Maybe my char looks weird
    But srsly i wanna enjoy the game and do my quests and also would like to play toegther with others in a group with people i find in the open world and make friends etc etc.
    This is a multiplayer game and people seem to forget that and want to play on their own and see it as an unconvinience that other people come by. Why is this game not offline then, so you can have all for your own.
    SInce its the forum i expect people to be toxic now so i say inb4 : Pvecarebare, cry, SJW, Veganism, Religion, Abra Kadabra, undergeared casual, leave BDO then, etc.
    But isnt there a concept to avoid such and just play together with people you meet in the open world and that the stronger ones are helping the weaker players insted of nuking them and calling them noob wich is really idiotic.
    And if a GM sees the post, why does this game focus so much on the MasterPvpElitist-Ghillie suit people while i am the one who has the potential money to spend because i work more then playing
  16. If you'd ask me, what a perfect game should look like, I would say almost exactly like BDO except a few things.
    I think BDO is very close to being perfect but what worries me the most is that you would only need to change a few numbers in the game code to make it 100% perfect.
    BDO is without doubt very good for people who can let their computers run 24 hours a day and play actively for 6 hours a day, but it is a complete nightmare for more casual players as they either don't have the time or they are not willing to spend so much time playing a single game.
    What I'd like to happen is to create a server for casual players where there would be a max lvl - about 50 - and on that lvl, you would have access to all your skills and everybody would have the same amount of skill points regardless on how they got the 50 lvl. The grind to get there couldn't change much, but I'd welcome it to be for example 2x or even 5x faster than the grind is now. Also, the grind to get a decent pvp gear on that lvl shouldn't last too long. If possible, I would completly cancel or limit in-game shop on this server and make certain items available in the game for silver - such as skills reset. Farming, gardening, auto fisihng and training horses should be possible to do even if you are offline and could progress a little faster.
    All those things could be changed, they don't change the game mechanics very much. The hardest thing to change would be the max lvl, but it could be done.
    I decided to quit the game because of the amount of time it needs, but I think it is such a good game and it is shame that players like me don't get the chance to enjoy it. I would definitely come back if such a server was created, but I don't think that game developpers will be willing to realize it. The game is clearly designed to hook you up during first hours of your gameplay and then to make you pay for ridiculous stuff in the shop as you endlessly continue to lvl up. Developpers will not sacrifice this income but I might be wrong. I hope I am.
  17. Post on Toggle Horses in Suggestions

    By The Artisan, posted
    Hey everyone,

    I'd like to suggest a toggle option much like there is for the pets in our graphic options. 
    Lately the servers are extremely crowded and I often have trouble talking to the NPC's due to the many horses left behind on top of them.
    As such I would like to suggest an option in the graphics options to toggle off other player's their horses when not occupied/mounted.
  18. Is it possible to get a "hide other players" option?
    Even the high end PC 
    Especially for word bosses 
  19. I do not have Black Desert the game. I noticed there was a character creator event. I have seen multiple videos raving about how amazing the character creator system is. I wanted to test it out, however, I can not. The event is over. This puzzled me as a gamer looking to try Black Desert. Why is there no way to test anything about the game? There should be a demo for gamers who are looking to play Black Desert. There is no way to test this game! Only from the word of mouth. Like myself and many other gamers, we want to test the game first, since as of recently there have been so many gaming companies bombarding gamers to "PRE-ORDER" and FIRST DAY DLC, which turns us off (and that is an understatement). Now gamers are looking to try the game first. Like a free sample if you will. I am willing to shell out $30 something dollars, however I NEED to see if this game is what it raves to be. Please let us have an open discussion about this topic. Do you agree or disagree. Lets hear it!
  20.   WELCOME                                                                              
    We are an International Guild in the EU: Alustin Server - Black Desert Online,and we are named <Leaders>.

    If you're up for an  across the seas and fight for gold,fame and power then we invite you to sail to with us.   

    Our purpose is to lead all across the server and help our guild mates become stronger! 
      What to expect from The Leaders An active community,that is highly sociable,friendly and willing to help everyoneA dedicated-professional leadership that provides the (guild members) opportunities for advancement and improvement!Active forums A strong PvP-PvE focus with a community building attitude towards others in game. Guild Activities

    Every day is a different day for us in the guild,we try all sorts of things.For instance,most of the times we organize Trade Runs so that we can expand the guild's funds,its the most entertaining activity by virtue of the fact that we communicate with TeamSpeak 3,and most importantly have fun!
    Guild vs Guild Wars (GvG) is one of our top priorities.Helping our guild members to become expirienced with the PvP system combat is truly important for us.
    Most of the times we help each other out by grinding. Lvling up is our top priority.we want them as fast as possible so that they can participate in the rest of the guild activities.
    Other activities include:Fishing,Taming horses, 
    Server: Alustin  
    Chanel:  Serendia A2If you want to join our guild you can contact in-game with:
    Guild Leader: Sindi
    Second in Command: Zuta
    Officers: DragonSoul, Zophyrine

    For more information about our guild,check out our website: Black Desert Online: <Leaders> Guild, Alustin Server
  21. Hi guys, I'm a new players just have been playing for a couple of days and i would like to meet some players who can help me understand 100% the game.
  22. I got super curious, and ended up wondering how many players have played or given up Mabi for this? I personally played mabi since G4, and have spent about 2.5k in that 7 year span. Oh also. I have about 60-70% of the Idol Plaid Outfits (F) on the Mari server =p. Mission accomplished, cause everyone wont sell me theirs, even guildmates.
  23.                                                                                  THE LIST TO FIX/SMOOTH/ADD  -NOTE: Animations can vary from class to class
    *Give walking a more natural feel, including in the wrist and hands. (notes: hands and wrist seemed curled a bit when walking playing as a warrior
    *Give crawling on the ground more natural movement, the animation doesn't follow the same speed as crawling (which looks like you are kinda sliding on your belly)
    *ADD a Sit on the ground animation
    *ADD a face track option Off and On in settings,
    *ADD CAMERA LOOK DIRECTION, this will keep characters from looking at the camera depending on angle of the camera by degrees.
    *ADD jogging animations
    *BLEND walking/jogging/running/sprinting together for a natural feel
    *Give walking options a toggle on/off - holding the walk button. it seems to cripple access to other keys/buttons for the player.
    *ADD animations that blend in with the environment. (I.E: footing  does not adjust to angles of the hill you are running up.) its a big immersion breaker
    *ADJUST movement speeds to match new animations in the future.
    *ADD animated consumables (potions,drinks,food,etc.)
    *ADD animations to putting on and off a Lantern, ((and have the lantern display on your belt.))
    *UNSURE PLEASE POST ABOUT THIS IF IT'S IN THE GAME~~~~~: ADD to the crouching motions> /sneaking/sheathing and unsheathe weapons/ and a critical blow to sneaked targets.
    ++LIST ENDED++
    NOTE: IF you have suggestions, and ones that are good or reasonable please post it, ill check to update it and possibly add them to the list.
    **ALSO please players do put your thoughts down below so it can be a thing to work on for them in the future.
    *******WILL UPDATE OCCASIONALLY HERE******************
                                                                                                                                THE REVIEW ON ANIMATIONS
    I enjoy the quality and effort put into Black Desert Online, I honestly could feel immersed in the world and enjoy it more in depth with some future animations to smooth It out.The game hands down Is absolutely gorgeous, and nice to the eyes compered to any MMORPG I seen to date! It will capture you in the feeling of Fantasy Art and Architecture while having you wonder aimlessly for hours and days and be stunned at the detail of the games design.
    Character creation animations are superb, and feel so life like, what's more to say? 10/10
    However along with the beauty comes with a small downfall, and I know nothing Is perfect, but for the sake of beautiful fidelity and scenery and vibrant colors, there Is a minor problem with immersion, which tends to be player animations and player movement. You can become so immersed in the world of the game with slight movements being done , you can gaze around and be occupied, and not break the Uncanny Valley that's including with combat which is fantastic at it's feeling.
    Back on subject though, the slightest movement of players breaks immersion quickly and life like with character's.
    I suppose which is why one part of the requests from players, was walking animations, They want the immersion to feel nice.
    Some examples of movement
    Feeling of janky movements (To) full speed out bursts with a simple button press (To) no starting momentum (To) no footing adjusting to environments
    (To) movement not being equal to crawling speed (slight sliding effect)....Well you get the idea In any case a list will be given at the bottom.
    Concurring to that of the introduction to the Game where the player staggers around and holding the RUN key to builds up speed and Momentum, was indeed a fantastic start to player animations, blending in walking,jogging and picking up speed to sprinting. It feels natural, It feels right, It's not perfect but. It almost feels life like, and a lot better than the base game movement!
    "Who ever did that part of the game, props to you and your thoughts on movement! Good for you!  Two thumbs up and a Gold star! That was nicely done"
    This should have been the idea to players basic movement from the beginning of Black Desert.
    However when the introduction to player movement tutorial ends, you get a character who defies human movement into full speed running with in the cost of nothing, not even a second or a fraction of the time to go full throttle!
    Environments: 8/10
    NPC's: 8/10
    Player Movement: 6/10
    footing environments
    no momentum
    Face tracking to strong
    5----- FIVE POINTS of negative impact
  24. hello community. we're 3 irl friends starting this game today. from streams we've already heard that some servers are filled though i dont know which. so BIG question..
     - which server should we choose?
    bonus info: we're danes 
  25. Hi!
    Like the title says I would love an option that lets you specify how many players should be visible/rendered at any one time in safe zones, like towns etc. If I'm not mistaken Tera has an option like this which helps greatly for FPS in overcrowded villages and towns. For me personally my framerate drops from 50+ outside of towns where there are few people to 15-30 in Velia.
    This option should of course prioritize showing friends and guild members. With the option of showing a certain number of players like: 10-20-40-Unlimited