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  1. Post on Buff to anvils in Suggestions

    By kwonitis, posted
    I have notice there is an item sold by blacksmiths called the anvil. It is a really cool concept you save money for repairs by pounding away, except its really bad. it take 30 minutes for 1 durability (not max durability). This makes anvils useless and a waste of time(no offense). What I suggest doing is instead have anvils recover MAX durability 1 per period of time the anvil itself could have lower durability or make the time of use increased to 45 min, but I would like to see an under powered item that i find to have an intriguing game mechanic get a nice buff. (P.S this will allow people with less time to play an easier way to get max durability leading to an easier memory frag grind. This will lead to more players staying with black desert because memory frag grind is god awfully boring)
  2. I take a look at my selection for outfits in this game... And it seems very limited if I'm wanting to -not- look like I'm just walking out from my night working at a strip club. 
    Can we get some outfits that actually look like I'm ready to fight? I'm slightly annoyed by the fact almost every outfit had these six inch heels... Idk if the Devs have ever
    tried wearing heels before, or running in them, let alone fighting in them, but it's not really all that possible! It's a little odd when your lineup of players consist of a bunch
    of hardly dressed females in heels fighting a bunch of heavily armored men.
  3. Post on Oceanic servers pls in Off-Topic

    By Bushman, posted
    Please almighty kakao games pls let us have oceanic servers
  4. With the recent changes in alchemy, processing blue elixirs cost an eye.
    Right I have more green pots to use whenever i don't really need them and overall I find some sort of balance with the elixir I craft for my personal use, but when I craft for Alchemy Imperial Trader, I have a leftover of unsellable blue pots that I can NPC for barely 1k ... and it make me sick to think that there is somehow a blue reagent diluted in there...
    So pretty please, would it be possible to scavenge the blue reagent from these? maybe by processing 2 blue pots again through simple alchemy  or thining or heating? or  well... you get the idea.
    that also would make their price raise a bit on the market to a point where they wouldn't be a total waste.

    Thanks for considering
  5. Hi, I just recently came back to playing and all has been going fine until now, I log in and hit play and the game begins to load, however once it officially launches into the application it immediately closes itself. Not sure what to do here as I have tried googling around for a solution but not finding a clear answer, or ones from 2 years ago and up. I am running the repair tool now but if anyone has any idea what to do incase this doesn't work I'd appreciate it. Thanks! I get absolutely no message or anything--it just ceases everything and closes up.
    Suggestion: Create a separate inventory space for furniture, unlimited slots and no weight limit.
    I have 3 large houses that are only being used as ''storage'' for my furniture (i have a ridiculous amount of both cash shop and in game decor pieces) 
    You can probably imagine how difficult it is to move houses when there's a limited inventory space, a weight system that slows you down, and a rule that says you can only send 100 articles in the mail.
    I'm so tired of spending a full day on just moving furniture to another house or to a different city. I've gotten so annoyed with it that I ragequit everytime I enter my house.
    Most of you are probably thinking ''sell the furniture then'' but you know, the cash shop furniture are bound to my account. As for the in game furniture, they're not easy to come across. Selling them just isn't worth it.
    I get anxious just by looking at this picture.
    I'm not the only one struggling. I have come across several houses just PACKED with furniture like my own. It's not fair that these are the houses that make it to the ranked list. Because this is not a cheap way to get rank 1, this is literally just a solution for a dumb problem.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this into consideration. It would really make the game experience more managable and fun!

  7. This is AWFUL! Correct this ASAP please! A freaking sand texture in a near vertical rock! My eyes are BLEEDING!

    And this strange algae WHY?
  8. Help Slackshot find his way into a guild in the Black Desert community. All help is appreciated!!

  9. Post on Otterotica in Off-Topic

    By ChanningTatertot, posted
    Where the hell is all my erotica in RP chat?
    Message me for a hot, sweaty good time: Jun_Snow
  10. As someone who loathes obtrusive user interfaces, this game is especially egregious in regard to the UI.  I beseech Kakao Games to request of Pearl Abyss that players be given more complete control of the user interface.  Most notably, the cooldown ui, the buff/debuff ui, and the 'got high rank item' ui.  Those bother me the most.  Here are some screenshots showing just how annoying the cooldown ui is (it literally blocks my view)  I also don't care to see monster health bars honestly.  I would love to have the option to turn them off.. as well as literally ALL messages that pop up in white text in the middle of my screen as seen here....... aaannnnnd I don't really want to see the names of my pets constantly either.

    Additionally, there are several UI elements that I would love to be able to have hidden until I move the mouse cursor over them.  To have them constantly visible is just an eyesore... and I can't disable them at all right now, which is pretty annoying (except the stuff on the left which is inexplicably linked to my level/energy/contribution points ui)

    And of course, this ui, which I mentioned briefly, which I never want to see, ever, and it can't be disabled.

    Please help those of us who like a clean screen :3
  11. Hi could someone please pm me a guest key. I would love to try the game but I have no idea if It will work on my computer.
    Heaps of love to anyone that could help me!!
  12. I would really want a GM response to this issue that many of us have been facing across all servers. @CM_Aethon
    There has been heavily noticeable FPS drops and insane desync in BDO recently and the game has been feeling very sluggish. This has only occured after the recent patch and I feel that this MUST be addressed right now. This problem has been known to be happening all throughout the world, from EU, to Australia, to Canada, and to the US.  I have yet to see an official response or confirmation that a fix is on it's way. I have not been able to pvp or pve efficiently since this problem has risen and would like the community to raise awareness about this problem. 
    Please post the following on this post:
    Your server and channelApproximate date/time you are experiencing a lot of desyncYour countryYour ISPEdit: GM_Dew response on page 2: https://gyazo.com/73238f62d2c3b97e83900f10bb6b110e
    Reddit Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/57kekl/please_bring_awareness_to_lagdesync/
    Screenshot of players discussing problem: https://gyazo.com/49619729cc8821b9544fa2e8b93fe0fc
    Examples of this problem:

    **As we can see through multiple sources of evidence, desync is occurring throughout all servers, not limited by ISP, region, nor computer specs. Post will be updated with videos/evidence as I receive more.**
  13. Ich würde wirklich wollen, dass eine GM-Antwort auf dieses Problem, dass viele von uns wurden über alle Server. @CM_Aethon
    Es gab stark spürbare FPS-Tropfen und verrückte Desync in BDO vor kurzem und das Spiel hat sich sehr träge gefühlt. Dies hat nur nach dem letzten Patch aufgetreten und ich denke, dass dies muss jetzt behandelt werden. Dieses Problem ist auf der ganzen Welt bekannt, von EU, Australien, Kanada und den USA. Ich habe noch eine offizielle Antwort oder Bestätigung, dass ein Fix auf seine Weise ist zu sehen. Ich habe nicht in der Lage, pvp oder pve effizient, da dieses Problem gestiegen ist und möchte, dass die Gemeinschaft das Bewusstsein für dieses Problem zu erhöhen.
    Beitrag Verfasst am:
    Ihr Server und Kanal
    Ungefähre Datum / Uhrzeit, die Sie eine Menge desync erleben
    Dein Land
    Ihr ISP
    Edit: GM_Dew Antwort auf Seite 2: https://gyazo.com/73238f62d2c3b97e83900f10bb6b110e
    Reddit Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/57kekl/please_bring_awareness_to_lagdesync/
    Screenshot der Spieler diskutieren Problem: https://gyazo.com/49619729cc8821b9544fa2e8b93fe0fc
    Beispiele für dieses Problem:
  14. Post on Forums Help Me in General

    By Obscured, posted
    Hello look I have a problem and I'm writing this in hopes a GM might see it I was supposed to be refunded pearls a while back. Finally coming back to the game I checked my mail and nothing was there and i still had the items i asked to be refunded the reason I'm posting this is so there is a slight chance that maybe a GM will see this.https://gyazo.com/b3c0fb1e3b8fcb4d42769a86e6bdf15c Here is the link proving my claim this is a screenshot of the response i got and I can also provide the Request number please help reddit.
    TLDR: Help me get my pearls
  15. I don't understand, please please please please please please please


    Please no new water graphics bullshit, optimisation comes first please please please please please Q.Q
    Part of my rig:
    AMD FX 8370 4.2Ghz
    GTX 970 4GB
    16GB DDR3 Ram

    No more than 32FPS in city/combat 2people+ at sausan(litte shitty particles comes off mobs that I can't disable might be the main cost??) with:
    Texture Qualiy:High
    Graphic Quality:Slightly High
    Anti-Aliasing, SSAO, Screen Filter are ON
    And yes I have removed all effects/particles and whatever else.
    Not a troll post.

    EDIT: I don't care however long it has been out in Korean or whatever other region, why not make the difference here?

    I don't know how hard or difficult it is to optimise a game but if you want a legit suggestion this is probably the realest one you'll ever get.
  16. Ultimately would like to have tiers of donkeys and have them able to breed. (i know thats unlikely) But Please allow them to Learn horse skills as well as EQ items/costumes please!!! My dream is to pass people as a Big Green Giant riding a little gray donkey screaming Donkey!
    People this issue needs to be Addressed!? LET ME PAY MONEY TO MAKE MY DONKEY OP!
  17. Post on NEED MORE COSTUMES! in Ninja

    By Jonathan, posted
    Looking through all the costumes Korea currently available, the ninja has the least as far as I know. Most of the costumes look more for Musa than Ninja. I feel like, with ninja, they are missing a lot of good opportunities for something cool. I wouldn't mind one like Ryu Hayabusa..
  18. Currently Reported Kunoichi Bugs 
    Status Effects:
    DP/AP appear to be bugged in a similar manner to Blader/Plum in PvP. ***** By far most important
     DP/AP may similarly, though less noticibly, also be lacking in PvE 
    "Floor Sweeping" does not appear to activate the knockdown status effect.
     "Heart Aiming" is reportedly doing less damage than its counterpart Fatal Blow
     "Tendor Cutter" is failing to activate though the skill will activate its cooldown under random instances.Updates:
    "Shuriken Block" does not auto activate block while back stepping as it states it should. *Note: Shurikens are supposed to mean Kunai as it is impossible to block with a shuriken
     Accuracy appears to be bugged. The extent of this issue needs to be investigated by the dev team. The basis for this deduction is a comparative drawn between old numerous people mentioning their previous main class had no issues while the Kuno seems to be missing a large majority of hits.  
    It's great the ninja jump has been addressed but this issues are much more pressing. If anyone knows of any other bugs and are a high level player please feel free to leave them below (or correct any information posted).

    Please respond : @CM_Aethon @PM_Jouska   @CM_Tytyes @GM_Dew
  19. Dungeons!
         I believe this game has an impeccable combat system, and it would be great for players to show off how hard they worked with a fair challenge.
    Dungeons are a great way of  doing just that, it really evaluates a player's ability and skill. multiple players working together to reach a similar with a well deserved prize at the end. Each character has so many skills to rank up, hunting mobs is always fun but, the reward isn't always guaranteed.
    That's why I believe dungeons would really improve this game tremendously. 
  20. I'm just going to say this now, an alliance built during the middle of combat is one thing 
    But stuff like Brotherhood On Na Uno server are something else.
    For those of you that are unaware - on Na Uno server press escape and go to guild rankings - There are a slew of guilds with a B on their guild emblem - these guilds are part of the brotherhood alliance. 
    Whats wrong about alliances? When done correctly, nothing at all. But heres where these alliances are going wrong. 
    Imagine you, a guild with 30 members - This other brotherhood guild has 30 members as well. 
    You both want the same node, in the field you'd be even. Two forts placed - one guild wins. 
    But what the brotherhood does is they have 3 of their guilds, So that guild that wanted the node , + two other guilds place forts. The two guilds team up with the third and kill that one little 30 member force as a flat say 90? Then they let their alliance friend kill their forts and have the zone with no stress or struggle. For free. 
    @ Cm_Jouska 
    It's unfair, it's not supported by the game itself and there should really be a way to counter it or condemn these actions. Or a supporting system that allows alliances to fight for lv.3 or above only Idk, what you could do - but its unfair for the enemies who want to earn their own. 
  21. Post on FEARFUL TREMBLING in In-Game Bugs

    By Uji, posted
    The skill Fearful Trembling V and VI does not hold when you press on Shift + A ( or Shift + Q for qwerty ) . Furthermore the damage not seem to be changing when taking level V and VI. This problem has long existed but nobody talks about it . Please fix this bug or noted that there . A CM that could escalate the issue please .
    Sincerely Uji.
  22.  Thank you for this, but what about the Valkyrie's Special Attack from Judgment of Light skill? It has been bugged since launch and we have never be able to use it in pvp, I've been waiting for some fix on this every patch, the special attack does do damage against players. Works fine in pve.
    Can we have a review on this, you can run some tests and check yourself that Valkyrie's Special Attack damage is greatly reduced(some how) against players in open world and red battlefield
    Please have some love for the Valk's  
  23. Post on P2W Help needed in General

    By Featherine, posted
    I've heard from these forums that this game is very P2W. Through largely AFK activities and being good at maths I've amassed a few hundred million silver. I own a costume set, have 3 pets (one of which was free) and bought the cheapest $30 game pack. Despite always being ranked near the top on wealth, I've been having a lot of trouble winning. I still don't have my Ogre ring or a full set of boss armor, even though I have enough silver to buy and enchant the ring to DUO maybe TRI if lucky and full +15 the boss set. Currently I'm at 140AP/160DP.
    How would I progress further? Which items do I need to buy from the cash shop or spend my silver on? I'm happy to throw money at the game if your advice makes logical sense, so forums please help me, how do I win?
  24. I have too much loot.  Cant sell it because there is a 30 item register limit at the marketplace guy.  How can I sell more than that?
  25. So remember the Beauty and the Beast event? Top prize was a black spirit figure. Will Daum ever have a merchandise store? I like that statue a lot and wish there was some way I can get my hands on one.