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  1. Dear Players,
    It’s about time for us to make another PM Diary, don’t you think?
    First of all, I would like to thank everyone so much for their support and their trust in our service, despite the little bumps in the road here and there. However, we here at Daum Europe strongly believe, that we will make our version of Black Desert Online the best it can be.
    There aren’t that many different topics this time (ok maybe there is), but I’ll do my best to cover the ones that are worthy to be mentioned shortly before launch.
    Package Holders and their benefits
    • You can download the game launcher under your ACCOUNT (requires game purchase)
    • You can update also your CBT2 client, as it is the same.
    Updating will be enabled few hours before opening servers. Patch size is currently not exceeding 1gig. (~700MB)
    • You can claim your items under your ACCOUNT once you have accessed the game and created a character
    • Items will then be sent to your Family on the Region chosen
    Event Rewards from CBT1,2 and Beauty&Beast Event
    • You can claim your event rewards after starting 3rd of March under your ACCOUNT once you have accessed the game and created a character
    • Items will then be sent to your Family on the Region chosen
    CBT2 – Imp Rush
    In CBTs we had some issues with the quest at the early stage where you have to kill different kind of Imps. Once the beginning area is cleared, the world opens up and users will have plenty of monsters to hunt.
    Anyhow, our team is prepared for the Imp Rush!
    And someone told me I couldn’t do multitasking…. Pffff.
    Challenge Accepted!

    Server Setup
    Due to the incredible growth of our player base and to secure a stable service especially during Siege War with the new Season 4 features in the near future, we had to make some amendments in our settings that could not be avoided, so please be gentle with us. J
    Server Setup for Launch will be as follows

    Server Names
    EU: Croxus, Jordine, Alustine
    NA: Uno, Orwen, Edan
    • Same setup above will be used at head start and additional channels will open up if server load demands it.
    • Siege war will commence at a later stage when updated in the respective 1st Channel of that region
    E.g. Siege War for Balenos region will be held in Balenos 1 etc.
    • Depending on server load, we will add either 2 more channels for Valencia when updated or respectively reduce channel of each cluster
    Speaking of clusters…
    Chat Filter System & Channel Clusters
    In the server setup picture above, you can see the yellow marked clusters. Channel chat will only be possible across those clusters. A cluster consists of channels with the same naming.
    E.g. Balenos 1 and Balenos 2.

    In case you didn’t notice in CBT-2, you can chose a language channel of your liking. By default it will be now set to the choice of language of your client.
    E.g. if you set the client to French, the respective language for Channel Chat will be set to French as well. You can however change the channel independently.Once you chose a chat channel language, you will only send & receive messages broadcasted to/from users with the same setting.
    E.g. if I have set German as chat channel, I will only communicate with everyone who has the same setting and not read any messages from users with English or French set as channel chat language.
    Cash Shop
    Notice ahead: To improve the arrangement of items displayed in the cash shop, we have split up the “costumes” into 2 batches.
    “Functional” Costumes, such as the ‘Ent Camouflage Set’ (aka Ghilli Set) and later the Fish costume etc. will remain in the category COSTUME.

    “Vanity” Costumes, such as the one from Pre-Order Package (Shudad) and other “Armor Like” costumes will be moved to the new category OUTFIT.

    Also we would like to announce that one of the prices from the previous CBT2 Patch Notes will be changed as follows:

    Price Change: Outfit Set Package (inlc. Weapon Skin) 3,200 Pearls à 2,900 Pearls

    On top, due to the reactions to our cash shop, we would like to pre-announce our planned promotion as follows:
    Opening Sales
    Period: 3rd March – 14th March 08:00 UTC
    Sale 1: 20% Discount on all Pets
    Sale 2: Outfit Set Package (incl. Weapon Skin) 2,900 Pearls à 2,500 Pearls*
    *Note: Conqueror Package holders will be able to utilize their package benefit of 2.500 pearls to purchase a set of their choice during that period.
    PvP Settings
    There haven’t been any additional changes to what we announced for CBT2 (see link).
    However, we will keep monitoring the effect of CBT2 settings during our launch phase and keep balancing and adjusting our systems on the run if deemed necessary. Aside from that, devs are currently proceeding in adding more PvP related content and changes to the Siege System. In Korea there have been so far 3 different seasons of Castle Siege modes. Each season renewed the system and inherited some adjustments.
    However Season 4 will bring a very new and unique experience to the table that will improve the siege feature which we will adapt to our service directly once we get to the related content update.
    Additionally Devs just confirmed that they are doing their best to also deploy the highly demanded new Duel Feature along the Season 4 Update. If everything works according to plan, we will get both features at once.

    Some of you have asked us about CC (crowd control) changes. There will be no changes applied to our launch version due to some system immanent changes that went along the Awakening updates in the Korean service. That being said, we will monitor the situation and forward any balance issue along the run to developers. Adapting the old CC at this stage is technically not feasible. We will keep working on it.
    There are no changes compared to CBT2 settings. Same list of low-tier items remain tradeable. However, we will closely the service to see how this develops over time and adjusted to any means deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of the service.
    Thunderstorm & Lanterns
    The thunderstorm feature that we tested during CBT1 has now been permanently added. It will occur up to 3 times per day on a regional scale. As the night will turn almost pitch black (see below), you should lookout for NPCs that offer you a lantern. The lantern effect has also been fixed and allows now to see further than before.
    Additionally, as requested, we have disabled other player’s lantern effect by default. You can find it under the Screen settings to turn it back on, along with many other features.

    Comparison of view field in a thunderstorm without (upper) and with (lower) a lantern equipped.
    Party loot
    Hmm… where to start, because this a great new feature we got for our service!

    Example Scenario:
    • Player A, B and C are in a party
    • Player A and B and in range (indicated by the WIFI symbol)
    • Player A picks up the item
    • Player C is out of range to Player A
    • Player D is a regular player outside of this party
    • The party finds a Green Staff with MIN: 9,000 and MAX: 10,000 Silver price

    The party sets their Grade preference to Green as shown above and checks the mark.

    What does it do?
    Setting a color/price will make all items found of that category go directly to the “Special Deals Market Queue”*
    *(only available for items obtained via party play of minimum of 2 players in range to each other while the item is being picked up)

    Special Deals Market Queue
    You will find 3 options there:
    • Buy Out à Player A and B can purchase the Green Staff from the party for 9,000 silver; 4,500 will be sent to both,
    Player A and B
    • Gamble à Player A and B can roll a dice; highest number instantly receives the item via in-game mail
    • Decline à Player A and/or B can decline the item; Item is then available via options above to other Player; if nobody takes the item, it will be automatically registered after a few minutes at the “Special Deal Market”
    Special Deals Market
    Once an item is registered here, it will be Free For All (FFA).
    The new feature of this market:
    • Every item listed at the Special Deals Market will be listed at it’s MIN price.
    • Items not being sold, will then continuously drop in price below the actual MIN price until someone purchases it.
    • The silver from that purchase will then be sold equally via all members (in our case Player A and B)
    *Player C wasn’t part of the above process, because he wasn’t in range of the player (A) who picked up the item.
    This feature was just recently released on the KR service, so we might have to tweak some minor settings in some point if deemed necessary.
    Best regards
    PM Belsazar  
    Stop reading the TL;DR you lazy bum
  2. Just out of curiosity since I know many people were waiting for the cash shop information to drop. But we still didn't get prices and some other key information / PvP system fighting still.
    Personally I pre-orded already, I feel like I'll get enough enjoyment from the game to justify the price. Been begging it to come to the west for a long time! Though I hope it goes in the right direction after launch to keep me/a good player base for years to come. So there's a few things I'm concerned about still. 
  3. Dear Players,
    Thank you everyone for your patience. Time is rushing fast and the whole team is working at full throttle to deliver news hot off the press.
    We feel the bond with our community is growing stronger and stronger every day and we appreciate the massive feedback we’re receiving on so many platforms. In my past diary entry, I was only able to cover as much as the Party Play Revamp and the Energy System changes. This time however, I will be able to cover almost everything that we discussed with the developers in Korea.

    But before I get to the first topic, I would like to point out a general rule that can be applied to Black Desert Online’s development (or almost any other MMO). BDO is like a living organism, which will keep growing and evolving. This is a rather natural process for online games and you’ve been able to experience that in the past months. That being said, if there is a decision, development, change or adjustment that the majority might despise, then we will address it one way or the other. So please give us time to adjust and respond to your needs.   
    Family and Character Name reservations for those that have pre-ordered the game will be available from early February. We are targeting first week  +/-  a few days.
    CBT2 date will be announced next week!
    Cash Shop
    We know many of you have waited for this moment. It took us quite some time to find the right way and we hope that you will like the selection of items to be offered in our Cash Shop.
    You will be able to reserve 1 Family name for a region of your choice.You will be able to reserve 1 Character name for the same region as the Family name.Family and Character names will be unique in each region.There will be two regions. North America and Europe. We will have two different shops (see below). The Cash Shop and the Mileage Shop.
    Cash Shop offers items that are all purchasable with Pearls.Mileage Shop items can be purchased with miles.You will receive 100 miles per day for logging onto any of your characters.You will not earn mileage by purchasing pearls. 
    Cash Shop
    Item Function
    Inventories 1/4/8
    Increases inventory space by 1/4/8 slots
    Weight 50/100/150
    Increases player carry weight by 50/100/150 LT
    Region Storage 1/4/8
    Increase warehouse space in a specific region by 1/4/8 slots
    Support / Boost
    Horse EXP booster
    Increases Horse EXP by +20% for 1 hour.
    Partial Skill Reset
    Resets the selected combat skill and retrieves its skill point.
    Family Name Change Ticket
    Allows you to change your family name.
    Horse name change ticket
    Allows you to change your horse’s name.
    Character Slot
    Expand the character creation slots by 1 slot.
    Revive Potion
    Allows you to resurrect immediately.
    Life Skill stats transfer ticket
    Allows you to transfer specific life skill EXP to another character.
    Stable expansion ticket
    Increase stable space in a specific city by 1
    Worker's lodging expansion
    Increase worker space in a specific city by 1
    Costume + Weapon Skin Package
    Full set of armor skills with weapon and off-hand skin
    Weapon Skin
    Cosmetic Skin for main-hand weapon.
    Costume Set
    Cosmetic Skin for armor slots.
    Costume Single Pieces
    Individual cosmetic item.
    Glasses and facial jewelry.
    Cosmetic underwear with luck bonus.
    Dye box sets (1/3/10) / Bleach
    Contains random dye from specific color range.
    Appearance change scroll
    Allows you to change the appearance of one character one time.
    Floor & Wall, Chandelier, Furniture set, Bedside Table, Dresser, Closet, Dining Table, Table, Chair, Sofa, Bookshelf, Bed
    Adds aesthetic value to a home, as well as beds restore energy when used.
    Horse set
    Box containing full set of costume armor for a horse.
    Horse Face Mask, Horse Bard, Horse Saddle, Horse Stirrup
    Individual cosmetic items for horses.
    Horse skill initialization ticket
    Change the skill of a horse.
    Horse Breeding  Reset
    Resets the number of times a horse has been breed to allow more breeding.,
    Horse Whistle (1/7/30 days/permanent)
    Allows user to call horse from further away for 1/7/30 days.
    Horse appearance change scroll
    Allows the user to change the appearance of their horse one time.
    Pets (cats/dogs/birds/special)
    Gathers monster loot items for the player.
    Item Function
    Offered via
    Cash & Miles
    Partial Skill Reset
    Resets the selected combat skill and retrieves its skill point.
    All Mileage Items:
    - Character Bound
    - No trade
    - No sell on MP
    - repetitively purchasable
    - except weight +50, which will only be possible to be re-purchased 4 times
    Storage +1
    Increase warehouse space in a specific region by 1/4/8 slots
    Inventory +1
    Increases inventory space by 1 slot
    Weight +50
    Increases player carry weight by 50 LT
    Horse EXP Booster
    Increases Horse EXP by +20% for 1 hour.
    Revive Potion
    Allows you to resurrect immediately.
    Character Slot
    Expand the character creation slots by 1 slot.
    Only via Miles Shop
    Blessing of Kamasylvia 1 day
    Increase Energy Regen +2 & Increase item drop by 20%
    Energy Potion (S)
    Restores 10 energy.
    Tech EXP Booster
    Increases Skill EXP by +10% for 1 hour.
    Life Skill EXP Booster
    Increases Life Skill EXP +10% for 1 hour.
    Combat EXP Booster
    Combat EXP +50% for 1 hour.
    Mana Scroll
    Increases Max MP by +100 for 1 hour.
    Health Scroll
    Increases Max HP by +100 for 1 hour.
    Game Items
    Boss Scrolls (Witch/Tree/Bheg)
    Summons a greater boss.
    Boss Scrolls (Imp/Goblin/RedNose)
    Summons a lesser boss.
    Cash Shop items will not be possible to sell on the marketplace at launch phaseIf we decide to enable selling Cash Shop Items at a later stage, there will be control mechanisms that will prevent players from heavily profiting and gaining an advantage by repetitively selling Cash Items on the marketplace100 Mileage will be distributed via daily loginMiles are family bound; items are character bound 
    CBT Feedback
    Leveling Curve
    The experience from monsters will be adjusted compared to CBT to lower the risk of running into this scenario too frequently. Developers are aware of the situation and they will keep adjusting the progression flow in the process. Additionally, we are looking into the possibility of adding additional quests to fill the gaps in-between.
    Group Play
    The party experience and field boss drops have been addressed already in the previous PM Diary. Many of you have asked for the so-called “Party Loot Bag”, which allows players to conveniently split the loot based on categories during faster leveling. We discussed the matter with the developers and they have raised their concerns as it has been removed from the Korean version for a reason. They have experienced issues that affected the efficiency of their service operation and providing a proper support of issues around the “PLB”.
    However, the developers are currently looking into different solutions that will offer similar or even improved version for players. One possible direction is to give users the option to ‘claim’ an item before it will be sold on the marketplace. This is merely a concept for now, but we will keep you updated about the progress.
    Energy System
    We introduced the new energy system already last time. However, some players raised concerns about the exchange rates of ‘unused energy’ into ‘energy potion’ on the Korean service. We will see how the system develops over time and adjust the rates if required.
    Karma and PK
    Currently small-scale PvP is heavily punished through Karma loss. Lowering the Karma penalty will result in more PK, which may work for PvP focused players but not for PvE players. Increasing Karma penalty doesn’t do the trick either obviously vice versa.
    Actually this was the most important and also most difficult part to discuss with developers. We discussed several ideas and went back and forth on them.
    For example we came up with a Vendetta System, which would in short, allow a player to call a Vendetta on max 5 players, based on the GvG system. So in short, you have to pay silver to keep up the Vendetta, but in return you can do unharmed PK. Repetitively calling Vendetta wouldn’t be possible as it would be tied to a cooldown. At some point we came to a dead-end on this matter, as it wouldn’t necessarily solve the issue. You could still do random ‘ganking’ of innocent players.
    So we kept going…
    Our main purpose was to come up with “a reason to kill”. My main point was and still is, that PK is a great feature, as long as you have a reason to kill or can see a reason why you get killed. Most games offer different factions, so if you get killed by the opposite faction, you obviously ran into a sworn enemy, so it was basically their duty to kill you. Some other games offer different PK maps with additional boosts such as increased EXP from monsters and better drops to give incentive to actually go there. If you get killed there, you will also understand why it happened, because you know what you’re getting yourself into, right?
    So you can see our dilemma. Valencia Part II update, which has been recently released in Korea offers some additional PK/PvP features and offers some freedom to a certain extent. However, many players do not want to wait until Valencia.
    So we kept going…
    We brought up the old flagging system that many PKers requested. But it doesn’t really solve the issue as it brings up new issues. Such as the possibility to avoid the Karma penalty by attacking a player while he is engaged with monsters until he ultimately gets killed by the monsters (last hit). This way you could simply avoid getting the penalty for the kill, as the final strike would have been executed by the monster, not the player.
    So we kept going…
    We brainstormed a lot, also about some ‘rubbish’ ideas that didn’t lead anywhere, but that is the beauty of brainstorming, isn’t it? J
    So we kept going…
    Towards the end we brought up a ‘Bounty Hunter’ system, but developers were concerned about offering silver as a reward and being transferred in the process from one player to another, as it is not part of the game’s design.

    Us: “Why don’t we simply use Karma as a reward?”
    Devs: “Hmmm…. Interesting….”
    An idea was born and we will be following up with this. So far we only have an early concept on paper that we are trying to refine. The direction is simple. Offer a bounty system where any player can set a bounty on another player. The reward for the ‘assassin’ would be karma.

    The idea behind it in short, is displayed in the following scenario:
    PK1 kills PvE1PvE1 is pissed and sets bounty on PK1PK2 kills PvE2PK2 needs to refill his KarmaPK2 kills PK1 to get Karma back...Hunting season is opened!... 
    I know this is a very rough concept, but as explained, it only exists on paper for now and we are proceeding to refine it. We are not sure if this concept will be feasible, but we would like to get the first feedback on this topic. We have to keep in mind that we need to consider exceptional cases that would allow any sort of abuse, such as setting bounty on yourself, abusing the system to refill your karma more easily etc. Also it might be considered to increase karma penalty in general to create a paradigm shift away from ‘ganking’ (random killing without particular reason) towards bounty hunting (killing for a reason).
    Aside from Karma other options are being considered as reward such as titles, achievements or a ranking system.
    Join the ‘Bounty Hunter’ discussion >>here<<
    Player to Player Trade
    In CBT1 we had several items available for player-to-player trading. Yes, it was the same list that the Russian server used. However, we are still considering to have the player-to-player trading completely removed, as it doesn’t offer any reasonable benefit with the current setting and offering more items for open trading is not an option either. The game’s design is laid out to function without player-to-player trade.
    Nonetheless we want to stress that we do understand the perception of Western players and their demand for such features. We will closely monitor the development on our service and respond accordingly to improve the situation if deemed necessary.
    This is not final, but you will see the changes latest within the patch notes for CBT2. Again, BDO will evolve over time, so please give us time to determine the needs for our service after launch and do not base all your assumptions and perception on your experience with other games or the Korean service. Give us the chance to be our own version of Black Desert Online.
    Server Setup
    Still in discussion. No update yet. Sorry folks.
    Once we found a final decision, we will let you know and explain the reasoning behind it. Whatever setup it will be, it will be in your interest.
    Learning Curve
    Black Desert Online is a game of incredible depth and there is just so much to find out and to get lost in. We do understand that especially casual players might feel intimidated by all the different features that are deeply interconnected, so my personal recommendation is, take your time!  
    Jokes aside, we will look into the possibility to add a quest to the in-game wiki page which is monitored by fans. That way, additional content can be added anytime addressing the most urgent needs for information. On top of that, we will re-arrange some of the tutorial quests to offer knowledge about certain features at an earlier stage.
    Around launch, we also plan on improving our website content, so adding additional guides will most likely be part of this process.
    Hmmm… that’s it about the CBT1-Feedback-Feedback
    New Stuff!?
    As mentioned in my ‘Paris Games Week’ video, I pointed towards some special surprise in regards of localization.
    For those that are not familiar with the game, here is the idea:
    Black Desert has (currently) 5 revealed regions and 2 more to follow at some point.
    You will begin your journey in Balenos, wander through Serendia, explore Calpheon, travel to Mediah and get lost in Valencia (literally, I actually died after getting lost in the desert -_-). In the history of Black Desert there are also two more, inaccessible areas such as Kamasylvia and Dragan.
    Balenos lies close to the sea.Serendia is a rural area in the center.Calpheon holds the capital city of Calpheon.Mediah is a rough area with many rocky areas, with partial access to the sea in the north.Valencia is sand, lots of sand, and more sand. Did I mention sand?Kamasylvia is the area of elves.Dragan the habitat of the dwarves. 
    Black Desert has more than 1.000 characters that will be voiced. Many of them solely mumbling in the background mostly contributing the overall atmosphere. To emphasize the beautiful lore and world of Black Desert, we have decided to allocate certain English accents to each region, as the game will only be featuring the English voice over with English, German and French subtitles.
    Balenos and Serendia will both have NPCs speaking  U.S. American EnglishCalpheon will have British EnglishMediah has Australian EnglishValencia will receive an Arabian AcccentElves in Kamasylvia will speak IrishDragan, well obviously … Scottish  
    To give you a small preview of how it will sound like, here is an example of Alustin’s voice:
    We believe that this will massively contribute to the environment’s atmosphere and we hope you will like it.
    Cinematic Intro
    The current cinematic intro video that we have is different from what the Korean service had at the beginning. Unfortunately, the old one became obsolete because it didn’t match the storyline and lore anymore after certain parts had been rewritten. However, developers are working hard on offering a different, re-worked Cinematic Intro for the NA/EU service, which might, with a bit of luck, be ready for launch! So stay tuned…
    Castle Siege and Node Wars
    They will not be part of the launch, but released with the earliest update, roughly ~4 weeks after launch. The main reason behind this is to give everyone a chance to get accustomed to the game, find a guild and educate themselves about the features before it gets ugly. J
    Also before the features get fully activated, we will do some test runs at the beginning once implemented, so we can fine-tune the settings at our end to provide the best stability possible.
    The future…
    We discussed many more things than mentioned above, but those are to be mentioned another day. However, to give you a small peek into the future, a very exclusive peek actually, we would like to share some pictures taken on our tour throughout the office.
    Those pictures show content that has not yet been released on any service! We will receive this sometime in the future, so please be patient
    Valkyrie Awakening

    Kamasylvia Monster Design

    New Wizard/Witch Costume Drafts

    New Pet

    New Weapon Design

    New Town

    New Monster

    New Areas

    New Environment

    We will give everyone some time to digest this heavy load of information before we get to the next interview where you can shoot questions that remain open. So please give it a few weeks from now. J My fingers need to recover from all the typing.
    Thank you everyone for being such an awesome community so far, yes, yes, we also love the forum trolls… haters gonna hate *eyeroll*
    Pearl Abyss and Daum Games Europe hope you’ve enjoyed all the news!
    Best regards,
    Your PM Belsazar and his amazing team!
    Below you will find a short summary for the lazy readers.
    Family and Character Name reservations early FebruaryCash Shop
    Cash Shop details announced. See post for details.Possible pay2win items moved to mileage shopMileage system will be improvedCBT Feedback
    Leveling CurveExperience from monsters will be adjustedGroup PlayParty Loot Bag will be re-implementedEnergy SystemEnergy exchange rate into potion might be adjusted for CBT2Karma and PKPossibly looking into ‘bounty hunter’ features (see details in post)Join the PK discussion >>here<<Player to Player TradeTrading might be disabled for CBT2; discussion ongoingServer SetupNo updateLearning CurveMissing profession quest bug in CBT1 will be fixed for CBT2Guides or channels towards guides will be offered 
    New Stuff!?
    LocalizationAll regions will receive their English accentuation to emphasize their role and contribute to the environment and atmosphere of the gameCinematic IntroNew cinematic intro in development; maybe available at launch!?Castle Siege and Node WarsWill be updated after ~4 weeks after launchFirst test runs will be done on live service to fine-tune server settings 
    The future…
    Look for yourself Stop reading the summary you lazy bum!  
    You will not receive Mileage with pearl purchases, the only way to get mileage is as a daily login reward.Cash Shop & Mileage items cannot be traded or put on the Auction House
  4. Dear Players,
    First and foremost, I’d like to personally thank everyone again for participating in our CBT1 and supporting us so far. We are grateful that you enjoy Black Desert Online and share your love across all platforms on the web.
    We have received plenty of feedback:
    Well, what can I say:
    As you may have read here, myself and a part of our team is currently in Seoul, South-Korea, to meet the developers (Pearl Abyss) in person to discuss your feedback and the next steps towards CBT2 and Launch, both to happen in Q1 2016.
    So far the meetings have been very promising and it has been a pleasure to meet the guys from Pearl Abyss. As a little intermezzo until the next ‘event’ starts in January (not the CBT2 *tease*), we would like to present the updates that we can confirm so far for CBT2 and/or launch or the features that have been initiated to be deployed at some point in the future.

    Let’s start with the most recent feature to be implemented.
    Party Play Revamp
    On the 8th January, the KR the Korean version will receive the revamped Party Play setting which is based on our feedback from CBT1. So far players had the feeling that they were penalized for playing together with friends, as the experience benefit was rather turning into a malus. As we are still preparing launch, the running services will be able to enjoy the new benefits sooner of course. We will see this in our CBT2.
    The change as of today will be as follows:
    Players in Party
    Old EXP
    New EXP
    *Example: A scenario where every player in the party kills a monster for 100EXP and considering all party members are in perfect range. If you move out of range EXP won’t be shared.
    The benefit increases if you consider that you can work together to kill larger mobs of stronger monster types. But be careful, the more you move away from each other and the killed monster, the higher the chances to lose the bonus. But fear not, developers doubled the share-range for the party bonus and additionally the developers reacted very positively towards our suggestion to add an indicator that will allow you to monitor whether you are in range or not. The indicator will be probably implemented latest by launch and it will look similar to the Wifi Symbol (on your cell-phone) that will gradually indicate whether or not your party members are in range.
    Experience gain will be determined based on the lowest party member’s level and the monster level.
    Happy hunting!
    Field Boss Drops
    Those of you that were able to participate in our CBT1 event Shadows Looming might have come across our field bosses Red Nose, Hebetate Tree Spirit or Bheg at Serendia Temple or at the Altar of Agris. Those bosses seemed to be quite strong and required more than 40 people to kill. However, once your characters are fully developed, it will take between 10~30 people to kill them, depending on your equipment and level. That being said, as before only a handful of players acquired a guaranteed drop, this has been significantly increased to reward those contributing to kill the monster.
    Energy System
    Unlike the KR version, processing requires energy. Especially at a lower level this may slow you down more than you might enjoy. However, this feature is part of a controlling mechanism to prevent the marketplace to be overflowed with certain items, hence destroying the actual benefit from using that feature in the first place and to partially slow down the progress in benefit of the game’s longevity.

    However, we have taken your feedback into consideration and the result should be in everyone’s interest. Energy Potions will not be sold in the Cash Shop. In addition, it is currently being discussed to add a system that allows players to consult an NPC that will magically transfer your unused energy into an Energy Potion which can be sold on the marketplace. Ultimately this will lead to a shift of energy and allow people to collect energy over time to utilize it when needed.
    Additionally, processing at a higher profession level will receive a chance of not consuming any energy at random.
    Please note, this is merely the first part of the PM Diary. The heavier topics such as PvP and Cash Shop will be dealt with in the next part, which we will share around mid/end next week.
    Best regards
    PM Belsazar & the BDO Team
    We have confirmed with the developers that depending on the level difference of the player and monster the percentage exp from the monster killed fluctuates.
     The level that pvp unlocks will be increased for CBT-2
  5. Liebe Spieler,
    Wir freuen uns euch unser erstes PM (Projektmanager) Tagebuch vorstellen zu können. Wie ich bereits in meinem Interview letzte Woche erwähnte, planen wir mehr Details über Änderungen zu verraten, welche bereits implementiert wurden, oder für die CBT 1 im Dezember geplant sind.
    Wir möchten das erste PM Tagebuch mit einem Knall eröffnen. Wir haben auf eure Rückmeldungen gehört und sehr froh darüber ankündigen zu können dass die Bändigerin nicht erst zur Veröffentlichung, sondern schon zur CBT 1 spielbar ist!
    Seht euch ihr video >>hier<< an.
    Das einzigartige Kostüm und der Waffenskin der Vorbestellerpakete werden auch für diese Klasse zum Start verfügbar sein!
    CBT 1 Programm
    Ich hatte angekündigt, dass die CBT 1 über vier Tage laufen wird, beginnend an einem Dienstag um 7 Uhr morgens UTC. Allerdings haben wir uns entschlossen die Beta Phase um zwei Tage zu verlängern, basierend auf euren Rückmeldungen in den Foren, und da wir die finale Version der englischen Übersetzung (nur Text, Sprachausgabe ist für CBT 2 geplant) bereits implementieren konnten. Anders gesagt, es ist geplant das die CBT 1 ununterbrochen an den folgenden Tagen stattfindet:
     Start:     Mittwoch der 16. Dezember – 07:00 UTC
    Ende:    Dienstag der 22. Dezember – 07:00 UTC
    Bisherige Änderungen in CBT 1 basierend auf euren Rückmeldungen
    Viele Änderungen wurden gewünscht und aufgezeigt in euren Rückmeldungen zur Alpha.
    Eine große Anzahl von Rollenspielern wiesen uns darauf hin, dass sie gerne Dinge wie “gehen” und “dunklere Nächte” sehen würden, und all diese Dinge wird es in CBT 1 geben. Wenn es Nacht wird und sich Wolken vor den Mond schieben wird es so dunkel sein, dass Laternen benötigt werden, welche ihr von NPC’s erwerben könnt. Die Entwickler arbeiten auch an einer Laternenversion die man selber herstellen kann, mitsamt Öl um die Lebensdauer dieser Laternen zu verlängern.  Wie ihr sicher bereits bemerkt habt kann man in der koreanischen Version neuerdings „gehen“. Derzeit muss man dazu noch die Feststelltaste gedrückt halten, aber die Entwickler überlegen ob die Taste nicht lieber zum Umschalten in den Gehmodus benutzt werden sollte.
    Bild: Vergleich zwischen Alpha und Beta Nachteinstellungen (Wildniss)

    Bild: Vergleich zwischen Alpha und Beta Nachteinstellungen (Ort)

    Video: Stürmische Nacht

    Video: Gehen
    Das Maximallevel für CBT beträgt 50.99% und die Levelvoraussetzung für PvP wurde von Level 20 auf Level 30 erhöht. Der Grund dafür ist, dass wir jedem die Gelegenheit geben möchten seinen Charakter zu entwickeln bevor der PvP Inhalt freigeschaltet wird. Wo wir gerade von PvP sprechen, viele Rückmeldungen aus der Alpha sprachen vom Spammen von Heiltränken. Daher haben wir den Cooldown von Heiltränken von drei auf fünf Sekunden erhöht. Zusätzlich haben wir die höchste Stufe der Tränke (extra groß) entfernt. Wir haben noch keine Veränderungen am Karma-System vorgenommen, da wir während der CBT 1 noch mehr Rückmeldungen von PvE und PvP Spielern sammeln möchten. Auch arbeitet der Entwickler Pearl Abyss am Balancing der Krieger, Berskerker, Walfläuferin und der Schwarzmagieren damit sie es mit Klassen wie dem Magier, Beschwörer und allen anderen aufnehmen können, die später folgen.
    Zusätzliche Grafikoptionen wurden hinzugefügt, wie die NPC-Ring UI [Standard: An] Wegweiser [Standard: Aus] und Blinkeffekte für Monster, GVG-Ziele, etc. können auch umgeschaltet werden [Standard: Aus]. Die Benutzeroberfläche der Weltkarte wurde stark überarbeitet, um sie leichter bedienbar zu machen. Und sehr gute Nachrichten für mich und alle anderen Glatzköpfe da draußen! Wir haben endlich eine große Auswahl an neuen Skins und Haarfarben, Glatzen und neuen Bartstilen für die männlichen Charaktere erhalten.
    Bild: Die neue Welkartenbenutzeroberfläche - der unübersetzte Text ist noch in Arbeit

    Bild: Neue Hautfarben

    Bild: Neue Haarfarben

    Picture: Neue Glatzen"frisuren"

    Bild: Neue Bartstile (Männliche Charaktere)

    Unfertige Arbeit/Diskussion
    Das hochleveln in der koreanischen Version geschieht ziemlich schnell. Wir arbeiten mit jeder Phase an dem Levelfortschritt, um ihn etwas zu verlangsamen und die Levelkurve zu glätten. Dieser Prozess ist noch in Arbeit, wir benötigen eure Rückmeldung während der CBT 1, daher die verlängerte CBT Phase.
    In meinem Interview habe ich erwähnt, dass wir keinen Mega Server haben werden, aber wir ziehen ihn immer noch in Betracht, wegen der Vorteile die er bietet. Bevor ihr euch Sorgen macht möchte ich euch mehr Informationen darüber geben was diese Vorteile sind. Seid euch auch bewusst, dass Pearl Abyss und Daum Games entschlossen sind das bestmöglich Spielerlebniss zu bieten. Unser Ziel ist es ein stabiles Spielgeschehen zu gewährleisten.
    Ein Mega Server würde bedeuten, dass wir eigentlich zwei Server haben. Einen für NA und einen für EU. Jeder Server würde mehrere Kanäle anbieten aus denen ihr auswählen könnt. Ihr könnt die Kanäle mitsamt euren Charakteren wechseln, so dass ihr mit Freunden auf demselben Mega Server spielen könnt (EU oder NA).
    Ein “normales Setup“ hingegen bestünde aus zwei “Weltservern” (EU und NA). Statt einer Auswahl an Kanälen hättet ihr eine Auswahl an verschiedenen Servern mit den Namen Calpheon, Balenos, Serendina, etc. Der Nachteil davon ist, dass ihr die Server mit euren Charakteren nicht einfach wechseln könnt (z.B. von Calpheon nach Balenos), ohne dass zum Beispiel eine Zusammenlegung wegen schwindender Spielerzahlen erfolgt.
    Nochmals, die endgültige Entscheidung wird diejenige sein von der wir glauben, dass sie das beste Erlebnis für Spieler bietet, sowohl technisch als auch spielerisch.
    Im Moment hat sich das Vigorsystem noch nicht sehr geändert für CBT1. Wir wissen, dass Spieler sehr vorsichtig geworden sind, weil andere Spiele in letzter Zeit ähnliche Systeme angewandt haben. Wir planen eine detaillierte Beschreibung des Vigorsystems von Pearl Abyss zu veröffentlichen, welche die Intention dahinter erklären soll, damit jeder die Gründe dafür verstehen kann. Nichtsdestotrotz möchten wir euch darum bitten uns eure Gefühle und Meinungen zu dem System jederzeit mitzuteilen.
    Für CBT 1 machen wir eine Auswahl an Gegenständen handelbar. Wir werden versuchen die genaue Liste vor CBT 1 zu teilen. Das Handelssystem ist eine sehr sensible Angelegenheit, wir brauchen mehr Daten und Rückmeldung während der CBT 1 um eine zufriedenstellende Lösung für beide Seiten zu finden. Bitte beachtet, dass das Handelssystem trotz seiner Restriktionen tief mit dem Spieldesign und seinen Zielen verwurzelt ist. Also bitten wir jeden sich Zeit mit der Auswertung dieses neuen Features zu nehmen.
    Ein anderes Thema welches viele von euch beschäftig ist der Cash Shop. Dieser kann noch geändert werden, da wir immer noch daran arbeiten. Sobald wir echte Informationen haben werden wir diese natürlich teilen.
    Zu guter Letzt haben uns die Entwickler mitgeteilt, dass sie die derzeitigen “Schriftrollenbosse” (Bossmonster die ihr mit Schriftrollen beschwören könnt) Schritt für Schritt der offenen Spielwelt hinzufügen. Dieser Vorgang natürlich dauert eine Weile, daher können wir derzeit keine Angaben dazu machen zu welcher Phase die Bossmonster hinzugefügt werden. Zusätzlich würden wir gerne die ersten Screenshots des neuen Haustiers teilen welches für uns geschaffen wurde, und die ersten Entwürfe einiger Gesichtsvoreinstellungen für manche unserer Klassen. Viel Spaß!

    Bild: Neues Haustier - Schäferhund

    Bild: Neue Gesichtsvoreinstellung - Krieger

    Bild: Neue Gesichtsvoreinstellung - Schwarzmagierin

    Bild: Neue Gesichtsvoreinstellung - Berserker

    Bild: Neue Gesichtsvoreinstellung - Waldläuferin

    Bild: Neue Gesichtsvoreinstellung - Magierin

    Vielen Dank an alle dass ihr euch die Zeit fürs Lesen genommen habt. Wir hoffen ihr mögt den Einblick in unseren derzeitigen Fortschritt. Wir arbeiten noch an so vielen Dingen und bitten euch daher um Geduld. Wir werden bald mehr Informationen über den Cash Shop, PvP und andere Features auf die ihr gespannt seid teilen.
    Viele Grüße
    Belsazar und das BDO-Team
  6. Dear Players,
    We are delighted to introduce our first PM (Project Manager) diary. As mentioned in my interview last week, we plan on sharing details that are either already set as-is or are currently planned for the CBT 1 in December.
    We would like to open the first PM Diary with a big bang. We have listened to your feedback and we are happy to announce that we will offer you the Tamer class not only at launch, but even as playable character in our CBT 1!
    Check out her introduction video >>here<<.
    The unique costume and weapon skin from the Pre-Order Package will also be available for this class at launch!
    CBT 1 Schedule

    I previously announced that we would run the CBT 1 for 4 days, starting on a Thursday at 7 a.m. UTC and ending on the following Monday at 7 a.m. UTC. However, since we’ll have the first version of our final localized English client ready (text only, Voice Overs will come at the subsequent stage) and also based on some of the feedback received in the forum, we have decided to extend our CBT 1 stage by 2 more days. The CBT 1 is planned to take place as follows below:
    Start:     Wednesday 16th December – 07:00 a.m. UTCEnd:       Tuesday 22nd December – 07:00 a.m. UTC 
    CBT 1 Feedback Changes Adapted So Far
    There were plenty of changes that were requested and pointed out in your Alpha feedback reports.
    As many role-players hinted that they would like to see features such as ‘walking’ and ‘darker nights’, we can now say that this will be all available at CBT 1. When the night cycle kicks in with clouds moving in front of the moon, you will require the use of lanterns, which you can purchase from NPCs. The developers are also working on a ‘craft-able’ version of the lanterns, including oil that will allow you to extend their use. As you might have noticed, the ‘walking’ feature has now been added to the Korean version.  You do have to keep the CAPS LOCK button pressed, but developers are looking into the possibility of this feature being switched ON/OFF with the CAPS LOCK button.

    Picture: Comparison of Alpha vs. Beta Night Setting (wilderness)

    Picture: Comparison of Alpha vs. Beta Night Setting (town)

    Video: Stormy Night

    Video: Walking
    The max level for CBT will be 50.99% and the PvP level requirement has been increased from level 20 to level 30. The reason for this is to give everyone a chance to actually develop their characters first, before enabling PvP. Speaking of PvP, a lot of the Alpha feedback received was pointing at the potion spamming in early PvP. Therefore, we have decided to increase the cooldown time for Red Potions (Health Point Recovery) from 3 to 5 seconds. Additionally, the highest tier potion (Extra Large) has been removed. We haven’t touched the Karma system yet, as we would like to gather more feedback from both parties, PvE and PvP players alike after CBT 1. Additionally, Pearl Abyss is working on rebalancing the Warrior, Berserker, Ranger and Sorceress classes, to make them able to go head-to-head with new classes such as the Wizard, Tamer and all other upcoming classes.
    Additional graphic options have been added such as a switch for the NPC hoop UI [default: ON], Guiding Arrows [default: OFF] and the blinking effect for monsters, GVG targets and so forth, can also be switched [default: OFF]. The world map UI has been heavily revamped to make its navigating more convenient. And very good news for myself and all the ‘baldheads’ out there! Finally, we will receive a massive amount of new skins and hair colors, bald haircut and new beard styles for male characters.
    Picture: The new World Map UI - the untranslated text is still in progress

    Picture: New Skin Colors

    Picture: New Hair Colors

    Picture: New Bald Haircut

    Picture: New Beard Styles (Male Characters)

    Work In Progress/Discussion
    The level progression in the original Korean version was rather fast-paced. Currently we are tweaking the level progression, in order to turn down the pace a notch or two and smooth out the leveling curve. This is a process in progress, so it will require more feedback, which we are intending to gather during CBT 1, hence the extended CBT phase.

    I did mention in my interview before that we are not going with a Mega Server, but it is still something that we might consider, due to the benefits that would come with it. Before you start worrying, I’d like to provide some more details about what those benefits are. Also please be aware that Pearl Abyss and Daum Games are both very determined to offer the best gaming experience. So our ultimate goal is to secure a stable gameplay.
    A Mega Server would mean that we would have 2 Mega Servers. One in NA and one in the EU. Each offering multiple channels, from which you can choose. You would be able to switch with your character between each channel, thus allowing you to play with your friends that are on the same Mega Server (EU or NA).
    The ‘regular setup’ would be if there were 2 “World Servers” (EU and NA). Although instead of multiple channels, you would find multiple servers named Calpheon, Balenos, Serendia and so forth, from which, you would have to choose your starting point. The downside is, you won’t be able to switch servers (e.g. Calpehon to Balenos) at any time; unless a merge happens due to a deserting server. 
    Again, our final decision will be based on what we believe will be the best experience for players, both on technical terms and for pure enjoyment.
    As of now, the vigor system has not changed much for CBT 1. We know that due to recent games utilizing a similar system, players are very cautious about such features, so we are planning to share a more detailed description, provided by Pearl Abyss, about the intention behind the vigor system, so that everyone may understand. Nonetheless, please don’t hesitate to share your feelings and opinions about the features available in Black Desert Online at any time.
    For CBT 1, we will test a set of items to be tradeable. We will try to share the exact list before CBT 1.
    However, the trading system is a very sensitive matter, so we will gather as much feedback as possible during CBT 1 and do our best to find a solution. Please bear in mind that despite the seemingly restrictive trading system, it is deeply interconnected with the game’s design and intentions. Therefore, we would like to ask everyone to take their time whilst evaluating this feature.
    Another topic that many of you keep inquiring about, is the cash shop. However, this is still subject to change. Once we have proper information to share, we will do so.
    Lastly, the developers have shared that they are and will keep working on adding the current “Scroll Bosses” (Boss monsters who you can summon with scrolls) step by step into open world bosses. This is a process that requires time, so we can’t specify which bosses will be added and during which phase. Additionally we would like to share the first screenshots of the new pet being created for our service and the first drafts of new face presets for some of our classes at launch. Enjoy!

    Picture: New Pet First Look - German Shepherd

    Picture: New Face Preset - Warrior

    Picture: New Face Preset - Sorceress

    Picture: New Face Preset - Berserker

    Picture: New Face Preset - Ranger

    Picture: New Face Preset - Witch

    Thank you for taking the time to read through this. We hope you liked the insight provided about our current progress. We are still working on many things, so please bear with us. We will share more details about ongoing adjustments regarding the cash shop, pvp and other features, that you are eager to learn about.
    Kindest Regards
    Belsazar and the BDO-Team
    Overview in short: