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  1. Post on Starters package gift in General

    By Lphie, posted
    Hi I was wondering if anyone would be willing to gift the starters package to me. I started playing recently and I've really enjoyed the free trial and I'd love to be able to continue playing. I've reached over level 30 so if you're a vet I think you'll be able to receive a polar bear pet for gifting. http://imgur.com/a/c6Tf
    I'd be very appreciative if anyone would be willing to help. Thank you.
  2. i gave my friend the  Gift Package he got to lvl 30 but i did not get any thing in my account page like it said i would get 
  3. Hi i am trying to get a hold of a copy of bdo for my cousin who just lost his job. I played the beta of this game but never had time to play it until this year so i finally bought it a couple of months back. For some crazy reason i cant select the gift package to be able to buy the game for my cousin without him knowing about it because i cant do it without asking for his login info. He created an account a few days ago and enjoys the game alot and he wont be able to buy it for a while but he really needs a release from his stress. Can one of the moderators help me out please. Thanks. 
  4. Hiya! If anyone would like to earn a polar bear by purchasing my boyfriend the full game, we'd be forever thankful. I can guarantee he'll quickly reach level 40 as he tried the trial and is now dying to actually PLAY the game. We're on NA servers!
  5. Looking for a game code on NA if anyone wants the polar bear or pearls.
    Nearing level 40 by now, but still have so much to explore on my map.
    edit: Many thanks to Burial.
  6. I recently was happy to get the Polar Bear pet and took it out fishing me with right away. Just like the Penguin it has a Special skill that includes "Auto-Fishing Reduce". However, unlike penguin you have to turn the command skill on. That is not the problem though.
    When you turn on Polar Bear's special auto-fishing reduce skill. It constantly disables itself with any action taken in game. If you feed it... it turns off. If you gain 1 energy point... it turns off. When you do nothing at all it intermittently turns itself off on regular intervals. 
    The Penguins Auto-Fishing reduce skill seems auto locked on forever (it can't be turned off via the yellow command button). I think the Polar Bear pet needs to get the same treatment in order to correct this bug. 
    One small update I found another bug related to polar bears. If you switch them to "stay" and then feed them it puts them back on follow.. if you gain and energy it also turns it back to follow. 
    It appears whatever the bug is with these pets small updates defaults them back to normal settings (with follow on, special off)
  7. I jsut want to ask if anyone who has a polar bear can tell me what the passive of a polar bear is please? By passive, I mean the skill that is listed to the left of your other pet skills that you get from exchanging. Also I have some free guest passes if any one wants to try out the game. Thanks! and happy holidays!
  8. Hey i have 10 guest pass codes (7days) so if i give my friend a code and he lvl to 30 og higher can i still get the polar bear from the gift package if i buy the game to him? i bought the game 12/28/15 
    the package say this so i was just wondering if it was possible to still get the polar bear if i give him a code first
    ''Please note that to be eligible for reward, your friend's character must reach Level 30.''

    ''The only restriction will be that you will need to own the game yourself and have purchased it before the 1st of October 2016.''
  9. Post on T4 Polar bear in General

    By XILEDWhiteMage, posted
  10. Hello Everyone.
    So today I buy this game got the money ready and the need is great!  So I was wondering if anyone wants to use me for that gift thing? You know the 1,000 pearls or the Polar Bear? If so please respond here or let me know how this works lol. New to the game but not new to the MMO type of game that it is even with its amazing battle style and gameplay! 
    OK I await a response 
  11. The polar bear pet is the cutest thing ever! I'm so happy because not only did I get this adorable guy but I finally got my friend to play with me