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  1. Valencia Part 2 will introduce four new dungeons, two of them having a regular spot in the map (like Hasrah) whereas the other two are inside the desert and can only be entered by searching for randomly spawning portals that also have no indicator in which dungeon you get.
    My suggestion is that those portals are to be removed and their physical entrances opened instead.
    This is how the portals look like this:

    They can spawn anywhere in the desert. They also won't despawn directly. The portal closer to me in the screenshot already "despawned", even if you stand in it, it won't teleport you anywhere.
    In terms of dungeon locations:

    1. Aakman Temple entrance, a small entrance with a sealed door. Would end up at the top of the Aakman Temple instead, unlike the portal that let you spawn closer to the bottom.

    2. Hystria Ruins, the entrance is the door to the left

    There is another entrance/exit further north (to the right of that screenshot) in the canyon. The desert portal also leads you directly past the door, only a few meters away. From the inside it looks like this:
    http://i.imgur.com/BTCwZZ7.jpg The location where you spawn. You can talk with that doorway to get out of the dungeon, or when you get past the rubble you'll find yourself:
    http://i.imgur.com/zzwy88n.jpg Right next to the door. On the minimap you can also see one of the NPCs that is next to the tent outside.
    The game has enough RNG aspects already, it shouldn't be necessary to search for an randomly spawning portal, with "random" result, when you want to grind/farm in a new location. Especially not when there are entrances already that would work perfectly fine.
  2. Post on Guild Portal in Suggestions

    By Grusha, posted
    I believe there should be a function added for like a guild portal that can be summoned to get around more easy, so lets say a wizard is over at one part of the map and another wizard is over at another these 2 should be able to summon and link the portals together that will allow people to go through it for a short amount of time
  3. Post on Dungeon Portals in PVE

    By Miffi, posted
    So I;m not sure if I've read it somewhere that this is actually happening or it was an idea someone had but wanted to post as a topic to see what people thought of it. I'm both a PvE and PvPer. Enjoy both for their aspects and find both, if done well, can actually improve on each. I know that's not the opinion of some which is fair enough! But I think its safe to say both areas should not suffer and be developed as much as possible with obvious realism and budget in mind. 
    What if dungeons were portal based. Or at least some? What I mean by this is as you travel the world, certain areas will have portals come up which will have a set dungeon inside. Once a party goes through, it can either be closed until the dungeon is finished, or remain open to have another group fight and PvP each other for the rewards. This removes a lot of the problems involved in dungeons such as instancing which feel like a removal of the immersion. As long as the portals are well explained and lore friendly, I don't see why this would hurt. Even if it is instanced, it givers the illusion of an open world without breaking it. What are you thoughts and opinions of this idea?
    Again, if this idea has already been written on a thread or has been discussed, let me know and ill delete this one ^^ Would still like to see what people had to say though!