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  1. Are named workers better then normal Artisan workers?  (EXPLAIN WHY THEY ARE OR WHY THEY  ARE NOT) 

  2. Is there a node that i can send works to to get? (plz send pics) #not ----- pics;)

  3. Im a beginner lvl at Alchemy and i want to be master as fast as possibel idc about money how would i go about power lvling to master (Dont be vague)

  4. It also seems to be the most popular class.
  5. Hello Bdo Community
    I developed this gear Calculating Tool over several months and it has come to be of integral use in our guilds PvP tournaments and "Assessing" a players gear score. 
    The link to the Spread sheet is below but before you jump into it i STRONGLY suggest you read the section "How to use this Tool" which goes about explaining how to get your values and what each column does. For best results only include your permanent gear contributions, i recommend not including food/alchemy buffs, class specific passives etc.
    Once you've opened the link, Goto File --> "Download as" then select the format you want and you should be able to edit your downloaded file with ease.
    Section: How to use this Tool
    - Name: Text Field, Enter your characters name
    - Level: Numeric Field, Your character's Level
    - Mainhand AP (inv): Numeric Field, The AP number read directly off your characters inventory screen for your mainhand weapon.
    - DP (inv): Numeric Field, The DP Number read directly off your characters inventory screen.
    - HP: Numeric Field, The Hp of your character, Can be found is multiple places such as profile or on the health bar.
    - Primary Weapon AP (AVG): Numeric Field, This is the Average dmg of your mainhand weapon, for example Tri Liverto is 108.
    - Awakened Weapon AP (AVG): Numeric Field, This is the Average dmg of your Awakened weapon, for example the Green Mercenary Great sword at +15 is 66
    - Accuracy: Numeric Field,  Accuracy is a Hidden stat on weapons and Armors via enhancement but is Advertised on Accessories, set bonuses and as Item effects. 
             - examples. Liverto is +10, Kzarka is +20, accuracy offhand is +20, Kutum is +5, Bhegs is +10
    - Extra AP: Numeric Field, These are bonuses directly to your AP obtained from Gear sets, Alchemy stone, guild or Crystal bonuses. Also include any extra damage to Humans in here. AP, All Attack, Attack are all the same thing. Translation issues.
             - examples. Grunil head & Gloves: + 5, Full Grunil: + 7, Various Crystals can give: +1,+2, +5 or +7, Guild buff can be: +1-5
    - Penetration: This is resistance penetration. Divide individual resistance penetrations by four.
             - Examples. +10 for kutum, +10 for mainhand weapon precision gems, +X/4 for individual resistance penetration.
    - Evasion: Numeric Field, Evasion on Armor is NOT hidden, it appears in the DP of the item. For example do not add evasion here from Muskan boots it's already in the DP score. Do add evasion from Alchemy stone, Crystals or Set bonuses here.
    - Damage Reduction: Numeric Field, Damage Reduction like evasion is NOT hidden. It shows up in the DP of the item. Do not add values here for items like ultimate Armor's it's already in the DP, likewise same with certain offhands like shields. Do add bonuses here from Set bonuses, Alchemy stone, guild buff or Crystals.
    - Resist: Any additional resistances you are stacking. It's X/4 for individual type resistances.
               - examples: +10 for nouver, +25/4 for Adamantine shoe gems.
    - Mainhand Damage: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. Literally the Sum of your inventory AP and Extra AP. A MUCH more real representation of how much Damage you have.
    - Awakened Damage Version1: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. The Calculation of your awakened state weapon damage. From the perspective of 1 universal AP = 1 AP
    - Awakened Damage Version2: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. The Calculation of your awakened state weapon damage. From the perspective of 1 Awakened weapon AP = 1 AP
    - Real DP: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. Literally the Sum of your inventory DP, Evasion and Damage Reduction. The real representation of how much DP you have.
    - Mainhand Gearscore: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. A Algorithm i created to quickly determine gear score differences between players during PvP tournaments.
    - Awakened Gearscore: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. Same as the previous formula but for your awakened state.
    Thank you for your time.
    Signing Out..
    Xerise from Vault111
  6. BlackestLotus is recruiting new members, we are only 3 players so far but we are looking for more to eventually compete with our guilds in node wars etc. Its a work in progress but for anyone who has time it can be alot of fun. No special requirements atleast not yet. Message SanguineX ingame for invite. or type here name and ill contact you.

    Since its now gone some time we are 5 players total and are awaiting guild quests, then we will rise pretty quick we are still adding new members rather new players since we cannot support any high levels yet, so all in all its a leveling guild for now, if you enjoy leveling then do it with us and it will be 10x more fun , all of the players we have now are really cool, anyone is invited to join for now, special requirements will come later.
  7. Why don't you just insta-disconnect anyone who uses key phrases before the post hits the server? Make it so giving the URL to their website address obscures it so much that no one can figure it out. When someone reports a gold bot, add the way they spell their website to your list of ban-phrases. Only the whole phrase though, you don't want to DC people having casual conversation.

    Example: bikinipanda.com = ban
    biki nipanda.com = ban
    b i k inipanda.com = ban
    b | K | /\/ | PA /\/ D A (dot) ( 0 M = ban
  8. Post on 3 Bug what i have in In-Game Bugs

    By Komamura, posted
    1- I have the 20 seals of promise, my necklace of concentrated magical power in my inventory and the npc on Calpheon don't give me the quest to upgrade it to "Necklace of sealed magical power".
    2- When i ride my heilang beast as tamer, i can't use the autopath, if i press it i just look on the direction what i want to go and stay like this
    3- Game say the Black Spirit have a request for me, but when i push , to see if he have a quest, he have nothing to me and continue blinking in my screen
  9. Hello I have been playing the game and just now i realize that my character might be slightly weaker than the others, so i wonder why, is it true, should it be so weak? probably no.
    I am playing witch, lvl 28, agerian set x3 and 2 random items, steel dagger, azwell staff, hesus belt, random trinkets, I have total 22 ap, 20 dp. 545 hp, 606 mp. I have no problem with red monsters but violet ones needs to be hit a couple of times before they die. I think my ap and dp is rather low, is it? should i enhance my equipment? or maybe not? is there even a point in bothering about it on such lvl? should i just keep on lvling until i hit lvl 50 and then care for my gear? or should i enhance it now?  i've heard of folks with 30-40+ ap/dp on similar lvl~
    please tell me what should i do to enhance my character?

  10. Hello guys.
    I'm not the kind of person to support. So I was looking for some updated skill builds or guides that I could use? 
    What skills for witch are like totally worth it? Like skills that I NEED because they are so good (Ex: the skill that makes ur spells faster)
    Show me your skill build
     Pictures would be nice  
  11. Hello im Omni.
    i've recently found out that i need a girlfriend and that my life is extremely sad.
    While experiencing Rachel's stupid beard, I have had an epiphany and am now dreaming of becoming a pokemon master xoxo (will you be my Pikachu)!
    After going through many trials and tribulations and having my tail getting cut off when i was a little kid, I lost most of my powers and couldnt transform into my hairy form.
    I've requested the help of the odd jobs crew to help me get a girlfriend, but they ended failing, now i owe them a huge sum of money. Unable to pay them i had to become an escort, My first customer being Johnny Bravo. After that it all went down hill... On my way to my second customer,Tweety I was sold into slavery...
    To be Continued....
    all jokes aside im looking for an active,fun,mature guild who uses voice chat like mumble,teamspeak,ventrillo,cursed voice or raidcall.
    Age: 26 i think..
    Gaming Experience: moderate
    Country: The Netherlands
    Friends: None, just kidding I have lots of friends because I'm very likeable.
    Girlfriend: Yet to be found
    Curse voice ID: ScrubLife4Life
    Feel free to contact me if you're intrested in a fun, active, dedicated guild member.