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  1. Post on Marketplace spam in General

    By $lick_$loth, posted
    I keep getting "[item] has been listen on matketplace registration" and "[item] has been purchased by pre order" on my ui, every 5 seconds.
    I am a new player and I have no idea how to turn this off, I have gone into settings and turned off Marketplace notifications but still my ui just gets flooded with messages.
  2. Hey Everyone,
    So I come here today with the hopes of getting a borderline understanding about what to expect when trying to actually acquire a high value item via the pre-order system, with special regards to bheg's gloves.
    Now here's my plight; as a ninja, my class is pretty close to un-competitive without an artificial enhancer of accuracy, be it offhand, or bhegs, it does not matter. Because of this (perceived) fact, I have -for the most part- stopped progressing my character untill I have successfully obtained these gloves off the market.
    I'm at 180/230 AP/DP right now with my ninja, as far as im concerned, the biggest bang for my buck, and the biggest over-all upgrade would infact be these gloves, not to mention its a very safe upgrade as opposed to throwing money at the jewelry abyss.
    Now maybe I'm doing this wrong, or maybe I pist off the RNGesus I don't believe in. But for the past Month + I have been keeping a 190m Pre-order on bhegs gloves in the UNO server on NA with no luck of obtaining these gloves yet.
    In addition to this, I've been cycling night vendor and doing every bheg daily available. Occasionally I'll try to snipe the gloves off the marketplace but we all know how that goes..
    Is anyone else experiencing a similar situation? Has anyone overcome this situation with a repeatable method? is my pre-order amount too low? How much is your pre-order? Do you also feel like bheg's gloves will make or break your gaming experience in BDO?
    If you have an answer to any of these questions, Please respond.
  3. So I've been curious what the chances we might actually get a possible pre-order skin for the Musa/Maewa or even possibly Ninja/Kunoichi In the future. The idea doesn't seem to out there, seeing as originally Tamer and Valkyrie managed to get them and up until release we were told they would not even be there. So maybe a chance for those who did not spend the outfit instantly on release and saved it could be rewarded for patiently waiting for the class of their choice.

    Any thoughts on this? I'd be interested to hear other feedback on the thought.

  4. Hello, I'm a newer player but I have played in the Beta, earlier this year, with the purchase of the Conqueror's Package. I know that the Package included a bunch of useful items and bonuses but my question regarding these items is this: Once I use them, are they account-bound, server-bound, or are they able to be used on any character? I know that some items might be account-bound, like pets and the Horse that you get with the package, but I'm not sure. And since I'm not sure, I haven't used any of the pre-ordered items, at all. Can anyone help me out?
  5. Alright so i am going to ask everyone on both camps to calm down. To those of us who have purchased the game in the time span between the pre order and the launch - I my self am sitting in the same boat, but please stop crying for refunds and calm down please =). Our message has been heard loud and clearly by both Community managers and Gamemasters, i am betting on the fact that proper action is being taken.  So let it go, if we have to wait till the third then so be it, it's not the games fault and it's not the other players fault, everyone can phrase someone badly as i am sure we can all agree. They've taken steps to remedy the situation. Hopefully they'll give us access early.

    To those on the other side, please try and have a bit of understanding with us, we feel like we've been cheated and mistreated, empathy here is key, we are not shit talking the game and everyone wants the same thing  - to play.  Instead of showing negativity and toxicity from your end, please try and help your fellow players achieve the same ends, i am sure you have friends who wants to come and join you aswell, do it for them if nothing else. 
    It has been a rough day for all of us so far, let us give each other a little breathing room before this goes completely out of hand, people are starting to become so very toxic on both sides of the camp, and there's no need for that. 

    Everyone should ask themselves, do you want a good solid player community that helps each other out, or do you want a community where toxicity,spite and hubris becomes the center religion?

    I say enough is enough let's try and get along =)
  6. The pre order weapon skin for valkyrie stays out when in non combat stance. Nothing major just kind of annoying.
  7. My pre order items are on a different server than I wanted. the character was moved by the game. I want the pre order items on a different server.
  8. Post on Guest Pass 7 day in General

    By YellowFak, posted
    I bought the Explorer's Package and I was wondering if the Guest Passes you get can expire... ?
    Hopefully not.
  9. The FAQ was saying pre orders were open until the release http://imgur.com/a/dyXwi . The website was -----ed up on the last day of preorders. Many people including myself weren't able to pre order the game and missed on all the bonus.
  10. Post on Pre Order Download in Suggestions

    By Apolo, posted
    So I looked at the latest news on how to get the pre order game and where and when. I found out that you can claim your pre order on 28th of February so does that include the actual download for the game so I'm ready for the head start with pre order?
  11. Anyone else get this error? Interesting.

  12. Ive been try to upgrade my preorder package to conquerors for about 3 days now and its still giving me the error, Down below 
    We cannot complete your payment at this time.
    Billing System Error
    Please go back to the Pre-Order shop and retry.
    I would really like to upgrade my package, Is there really nothing been done? Its been a problem for a long time. And yes i've sent a support ticket in but they do nothing about but say we'll look into it, No solutions at all.
  13. For those of us that have the Conqueror's pre order package, could we please get a link back into our account page so that we can download the client before the head start begins please? Doesn't seem very fair to have to wait for launch to download a game we already paid for.
    Thank you.
  14. I purchased 3 preorder packages for myself, my wife, and a friend to play this game. (Explorer's packages.) I am 99% sure that I'm about to cancel all of those purchases. I purchased them before CBT2 and I have been busy with work so I haven't had the time to play in CBT2 but I'm glad now that I didn't. I play a LOT of F2P games, and I'm used to having a cash shop with P2W items and $25 Costumes to look pretty in. I have never played a B2P MMO. I have a lot of friends that do, and I know a fair amount about B2P MMOs. I loved the Idea of this game so much that I broke that trend and was not only willing to pay for the game, but I even decided not to buy the cheapest package so that I could support the Dev Team. 
    I missed the Beta so I figured that I'd just look up how it went and what people thought. OMG Those Cash Shop Prices.... $32!!! Are you kidding! I just spent $150 Dollars to get 2 more people to play this game. $32 is more than the game costs! I come from F2P Games. There is little to no reason that I should be spending 1.5x the cost of vanity items on F2P Games when I payed $50 Dollars for this game. I'm not saying that the items should be dirt cheap but 32 dollars is too much. I would be fine with 20-22 Dollars. I understand that the game needs funds to stabilize after initial purchases so that content can be continually added. 
    I feel like I'm being ripped off. Mostly because the prices were hidden until after you void your 14 day return period. That's kind of.....scummy... Like something a loan shark or illegal retailer would do....It is really ruining the purity of being a part of this world for the first time, for me. If it means not ruining that...I will return my purchases and not play until I don't think it is a problem any longer. And if that never changes, I'm not sure what I'll do...They implied that the pricing for the cash shop would be different. While it is true that the items themselves are less expensive than they are on the KR servers. You can't adjust a price in comparison to the price in another currency and economy. Economics do not work that way. You are not selling this product in KR...You are selling it in NA/EU, and your top competitors in this market are what you should be adjusting to. 60 USD on KR to 32 USD on NA is not a price drop. I've never been a part of the KR Market. I don't live in KR. I don't make money in KR. I'm not involved with KR at all. These are some of the Highest prices I have seen in an MMO. And what's worse, is that some items have perks that will give a player benefits over others. It's not quite P2W but it certainly isn't fair to your audience that doesn't have 96 USD to shell out on top of the 30-100 USD that they already paid you. Everyone should have access to these items if you're going to give them perks. Vanity Items are one thing, but now you're making it so that the 14 year old who loves this game and fought to convince his mom to give him 30-100 Dollars for a game that she doesn't approve of him playing, can't play on equal grounds. 
    TL;DR: Is anyone else feeling swindled? Like this is just a money grab disguised as a heartfelt project? Like you're being forced to pay more money than you should if you want to enjoy the game to its fullest? I just can't justify or even imagine spending 150+ USD on a video game(when I have kids and bills to take care of.), JUST to be on equal footing as anyone else. By then, I won't want the unnecessary items that make the game more enjoyable.
    I am not trashing the Dev Team, I am not saying that they are crooks. The way they are making me or others feel may have truly been unintentional. After all, they have children and bills to take care of as well. The point is that we need to find a balance where we can both do that and enjoy this beautiful game as a collective.
    No children or animals were harmed in the filming of this topic. 
    EDIT: After Consulting the community I have decided to keep my purchases and see what the game becomes. I will cut my losses and enjoy the game as much as possible if the cash shop is not adjusted and only buy what I think is necessary. If that means I only enjoy it for 3-6 months so be it. I may end up not even being bothered by it.  Thanks for all the feedback guys and gals. You all (Most of you) have been very helpful and I appreciate your responses. I Look forward to playing with you.
  15. Hey guys,
    I just wanted to quickly ask if there is a way to see the pre-order bonus outfit ingame or at least in 3D-HQ pictures? Maybe update the character creator?
    We all have paid a lot of money to get these outfits but I honestly cannot tell which outfit looks the best due to the lack of quality. The Wizards outfit looks pretty good but who knows how it'd look in 3D / ingame.... :I
    EDIT: Well, we're able to see the WARRIOR pre order outfit in the character creator but I've noticed that his helmet closes completely if he's infight which I really like. Will there be the option to always close the helmet? I hope so... D:
    Edit2: Here you can see some of the character outfits from the front, the back and in 3D / better quality!
  16. So, I've been hearing rumours that this game is set to launch is March. Which is all fine and dandy. But it just so happens that I am travelling from late February until mid-ish June to a country where this game is locked and I've pre-ordered the Conqueror pack. Now, I didn't buy the pack for the early start nor closed beta access, so missing out on those really doesn't matter too much to me. What does matter is the other stuff (the dyes, the weapon/armour skins, the house decorations, etc.) and I'm wondering if I these items will expire if not picked up within a certain amount of time. 
    ie: if they are sent via in-game mail that expires after 30 days, like some games do.
    I don't want to refund this, because the pre-order pack does hold my interest and I have been waiting for quite a while for this game and believe in supporting it as much as I can. But, if my pre-oder bonus items go to waste than I might as well refund the game and save my money for when I will be able to play this game. 
  17. Considering this is a frequently asked question, I decided to make a post about it to (hopefully) lower the amount of frequently asked questions and new topics.
    I originally posted this as a reply to one of those topics, but decided to post it as a separate topic so it can be found much easier.
    Please note that those prices are not official and may not even be near to the actual prices. The prices are entirely made up based on what I think the item is/should be worth, based on what a (similar) item is worth in other games I played and in general what an item is worth to me.
    All prices are in EUR ( € ).
    Here goes:
    3x 7 day guest passes
    Not sure how I should value them. They are probably priceless. If I have to give them a value, I would price it 3 EUR each, so 9 EUR.
    10x Free Housing Items
    Also not quite sure how to price it, since I have never bought decorations in games before. 1 EUR each is a safe bet, so 10 EUR
    10x Unknown Dyes
    Never bought those. So same as Housing Items, 1 EUR each. 10 EUR.
    1x Appearance Change
    Those are usually a bit costly in MMOs. At least 5 EUR, could be close to 10. 5 EUR.
    10x Partial Skill Resets
    While complete skill resets are very costly in games, the partial ones are probably 1 EUR each. Very cheap. 10 EUR.
    1x Steel Toolset Box
    Other than that is it very very useful to have at the beginning, it could also have a decent value. About 2 to 4 EUR should be a safe bet. 3 EUR.
    1x Tier 5 Horse
    The best horse that can be tamed (for higher tier horses you must breed and RNG). This is 20 EUR easy.
    1x permanent Horse Whistle
    Permanent stuff is always nice. The horse whistle lets you call your horse from a much higher distance. 10 EUR.
    1x Pet of your choice
    Not much to say about this. 5 EUR seems like a fair price.
    2500x Pearl
    We already know the value, so 25 EUR.
    1x In-game title
    I consider this as a free gift for pre-ordering, so priceless.
    1x Family Name Reservation and Character Name Reservation
    Grouping them both together since it is basically the same and could be priced the same. 10 EUR each seems ok. 20 EUR
    4 day headstart
    It is actually just a 3 day headstart because the basic pack is also getting a 24 hour headstart and there currently is no way to purchase any cheaper pack. Because of this, I am only pricing 3 days. 3 EUR per day, because a day of headstart is something big. 9 EUR
    3x additional character slots
    Even though most people do not consider this as something valuable, it is huge! Another 3 characters for additional energy to spend, or in general 3 more characters to have. This is easily 5 EUR per character. 15 EUR
    1x Exclusive Weapon Skin and Costume
    Also grouping them together since it is the same. They are exclusive, only people that bought this pack will have this costume. It will not be sold in the cash shop. At least 10 EUR each, so 20 EUR.
    Total: 171 EUR value for a 99 EUR purchase (even though it is slightly more than 99 EUR)
    I did not include CBT1 and CBT2 access, because I consider them as free additions/bonuses to pre-orders.
    Feel free to comment which item(s) you believe I overpriced or underpriced, and how you would price them and why.
  18. So I wanted to pre order the game but I am blocked in my country. I live in the area of japan but am In the armed forces pacific adress so technically I still live in the U.S.. How do I get the game pre ordered or am I forever screwed?
  19. Hi everyone, feel free to rage or chop my head off as this is my first post. I am really excited for BDO! But like most people who like to know what they're getting into I try to see what there is to know about the game before I buy. It's time to start asking questions. First, I would like to start out by saying imo that the game looks like a real triumph, a true experience envisioned and designed by some of the best out there, and I don't think there's anything about the game that would make me regret anything about it's playable content, but something concerns me about the lack of official/stable info about the game for it's release and the restrictions that there might be.
    My concerns, on the announcements page there are very few posts made to officially state info about anything, the only thing that is really mentioned is something vague about ip blocks and territory restrictions for Europe and North America, my problem with that is it makes it sound like I won't be able to play with my best friend who lives in Japan simply because of his nation IP jurisdiction, I'm hoping that's not the case. Another important concern is dropping 99$ on a Conquerors package when the bulk of the package beyond the Explorer's package is 2,500 pearls for in game currency cosmetics, an additional day of CBT and the rest of the incentive is simply for an increased amount of items also received under the Explorer's package and a higher Tier horse mount for an additional 50$ price increase. To me that's fine so far as the "In Game Title" reflects my dedication as a supporter, but this is not clear to me if it is or not. With out a official release date I feel like it's dangerous to consider purchase at this time simply because of the lack of info there seems to be for the release of this game. A lot of what is generally known also just seems to be hearsay so I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger on this one, I'm not that lucky when it comes to gambling, lol.
    Are my concerns valid or am I just being a worry wart? Anybody else feel the same? 
  20. Post on The Truth Hurts in General

    By ItzDestinyX, posted
    So i guess a little background ive been following this game since Korean alphas have been in love with it ever since. Recently i went and played the JP version with a couple friends and we had alot of fun playing together. But ever since then ive been on the reddit and the fourms and ive seen alot of the worries and problems with the KR,JP, and RU versions of the game ( p2w,potions in PVP, etc) and im honestly scared about the NA/EU versions of the game. ive been hyping this game really hard and ive seen alot of the patterens with the previous MMOs and how they all fall to horrible business practices and bad publishers. i just dont want BDO to fall to the same thing because i really do want to play this game for a very long time and keep playing it years after release. But the way things are going i guess im not to sure that the game we all want is the game were going to get i saw a reddit post that im going to quote and it kinda expains what i mean.
    " Another problem I see is that while KR and JP has a lot of different alternatives for MMOs, US is seen as a place that has little mmo and a LOT of impatient gamers (meaning, less competition for customers)
    Right now, I suspect DAUM to be trying to make NA into a cashcow and let the game slowly die out, like RaiderZ or Dragons Prophet and of course, Trion's Archeage.
    For a sandbox game, playerbase is EVERYTHING. What DAUM should be doing is promoting more players to come in early and building up that crucial playerbase for the community to sustain themselves later in the years.
    The fact DAUM is NOT doing that, tells me that they are just trying to milk this game for fast cash and then either going to slowly make it more cash based (like maplestory slowly transitioning from a large free playerbase to a small dedicated whale playerbase). So instead of a large amount of people spending 20 or 50, you have people spending 500-1000$ to gear themselves and be competitive. "
    - Seishikin on reddit 
    it just scares me because honestly this looks like exactly whats going on and honestly if this is the truth then the truth hurts. 
    hopefully DAUM and Pearl Abyss do the right thing and make a game for the player and not one that milks the player dry
  21. Original Thread
    I'm getting some serious dejavu from Overwatch 2 weeks ago.
    Daum's pre-order announcement today has caused some controversy as to whether the game will be P2W or not and so we should be getting to the bottom of this since despite the box price on the base game, there seem to still be F2P cash shop items like skill resets and stat-bonused costumes that have rolled over from Korea.
    Some members of the community seem to have the mentality that "we don't know for sure what Daum is planning so how can we assume they are implementing their Korean cash shop". That may be true but the implementation of a P2W cash shop is also a very real possibility.
    We should not be content to wait for the actual release to find out what Daum has planned. If the Cash Shop has not been changed, how are we supposed to know if any of the P2W aspects of the Korean original were changed.
    It is UP TO US to be on top of Daum to make it clear that veering towards P2W with a box price is unacceptable both now and in the future. Transparency by the publisher and objective feedback from the community is the key to ensuring the success of this game. Make your voice heard.
    Most importantly, BE CIVIL. We're asking for transparency, not a revolution. Daum has created a beautiful game and while the community should hold Daum to the B2P philosophy firmly, they should do it respectfully.