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  1. Post on Weird Problem in Technical Issues

    By Lau Lau, posted
    Hello, this keeps happening to me after being online for a while (about 1h). Why? And how do I fix this? Do I have to re-install the game?

  2. Post on Stop the griefers! in General

    By Nastiel, posted
    Hello, I'm really dissapointed of how grinding in this game looks like. Griefers are like plague but maybe lets start from beggining.
    At first I would like to present two different situations:
    Situation A:
    Nastiel: Hello, this spot is taken.
    Player: Okey I'm going to find different spot. If i won't find any free spot i will simply change the channel.
    Situation presented above is a sign of culture and respect for both players. It is not that hard to find other spot or free spot in other channel. This is what i usually do whether I am "Nastiel" or "Player" in this situation. Sadly this kind of players are rare and situation presented above can be treated as SCI-FI in this game.
    Situation B:
    Nastiel: Hello, this spot is taken.
    Player: I don't care idiot.
    Nastiel: Can You go somewhere else or change channel?
    Player: No.
    *Nastiel has killed Player*
    What happens next?
    Player simply comes back, keep killing Your mobs and breaking Your rotation, trying to take over Your spot. You kill him again and again, but he keeps coming back (karmabombing). After You lose Your whole karma YOU CAN'T DO NOTHING ABOUT IT - YOU LOST. Only solution for this situation is to change the spot / channel or share Your spot with griefer but it is not efficiency.
    Situation B happens to me few times per day. It is a serious problem.
    Currently there is no anti-griefing system in game - griefers just respawn and they are coming back until You lose whole karma.
    Can we fix it please? Below You may find some ideas:
    - Bring back EXP losing in PVP death
    - Add respawn time penalty when a player is dying in PVP many times in a short period
    - Add some enchanting / crystal / cash penalties when dying in PVP many times in a short period.
    - When You kill a player many times in a short period of time You don't lose karma anymore.
    - Respawn in Town after X deaths.
    What You think dear players?
    Have You ever dealt with griefers in this game?
    I'm looking forward to hear from You!
  3. Post on Game won't start in Off-Topic

    By JDdawide, posted
    So after the last patch on 5 april my game doesn't want to start anymore, it loads up to the point where I see 3 options, to start the game so I can go to the channel selection second to quit and the last one for settings, but everytime I want to start the game it shuts down, no crash report no nothing. I tried repairing the game, didn't work, deleting Usercache too so I googled about it how to repair it but didn't find any proper question so I reinstalled the game aaaand it's still isn't working I rebooted my pc, reinstalled gpu drivers and it does not work   I really don't know what I should do I wrote a ticket to the support team yesterday and didn't get any answer yet. Any solutions for this strange question?
  4. Greetings.
    For a certain time now, daily attndance rewards are automatically accepted at daily reset (1:00 am CEST for me), or at login. This is very useful, as less people will miss the rewards due to forgetting to take it out, however, because of an other game mechanic, it also causes problems. My computer is running non-stop, and I am logged in to BDO doing afk stuff a lot, even during the night. Usually I go to sleep at 11-12 pm due to work the next day. Before I go to sleep, I set up my character to sleep (recover energy) or process, or cook. At 1:00 am, I automatically get the reward. However, at certain rewards (hard/sharp shards), the character play the cheering animation (usually played when obtaining rare loot), and this disrupts the activity my character is set to do. It gets up from bed, ot stops processing/cooking. This is really annoying because if this happens, my character wastes most of the night time standing and doing nothing. This is also annoying when you are fighting monsters, and you are stopped/your atacks are interrupted because pets loot something, and the cheering animation happens.
    I think it would be good to remove the cheering animation from the game entirely, and just keep the sound effect to alert the player to the rare item. Another solution would be to somehow block/remove the animation when you get the attendance reward.
  5. The game won't work
    I've spent hours of my life on this from 9 pm to 3 am. First time I started the game, it seemed fine ( some FPS problems, but that was probably just my computer ) then I created my character, again everything seemed fine. Once I finished creating my character I was excited to get in the game, I clicked on a server and entered. It brought me to a loading screen of a map, I assumed the game was just loading, but the loading took about 15 minutes I said to myself "okay, its an open world game must take a while to load". Nothing happened. The game couldn't connect to the server I clicked okay and I passed it off as a bad connection. This cycle has been going on for hours, each time with a different server and every time with a failed connection. I tested my connection, turned off my other wifi using devices, shut down VPN's and other programs, and nothing. Nothing at all worked, I tried to look up guides on how to fix it, but all I found was no solution only people with the same problem. Now I am begging, all I want to do is enjoy and play the game even for a moment, I am very tired and frustrated. I am using the trial, I was really going to pay for the game once I got a taste, but I guess I won't get anything, for now I'm going to play some World of Warcraft, you know, TO PLAY SOMETHING THAT WORKS! Please help, I really would like to give this game a try.
    Honestly all you have to do is make LAN servers an option and the issue is solved. I heard this problem has been going on for about a year now, seriously! All you have to do is make LAN servers an option! If you do this single player is sort of an option, you can play with only your friends, and it will ultimately reduce lag and disconnection.I just might be an idiot and this is already an option, if it is, please notify my ignorant face.If its not TELL THE DEVS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN! IT CANT BE THAT HARD TO IMPORT LAN!
  6. Hello,

    I installed the game on my computer, and when i launch, i can't see anything except a black screen in character creation / in game.
    All my drivers are up-to-date.
    Can you help me please ?
    (Game worked perfectly before)
    (Tried repair, reinstalled my AMD drivers)

  7. I received a T5 horse, one week ago, but once I log in today, he isn't anywhere to be found, he don't even appear in the stable as injured, what should I do to recover him?
  8. Hello. Help brothers and sisters. Hacked account a month ago. Removed the characters. Turned to technical support, as a result, while waiting for 4 days to restore the account, I was stole an ogre necklace and a basilisk belt. In the end, I write a month in those support, and I'm told that the objects will not be restored, because they do not want the players to easily be enriched, although what enrichment there is. Today have already stated that they can not restore the character, since such a nickname is already in use. Complete collapse. What should the people do? Tell me, where can I write more? Who plays the game, I think he understands how difficult it is to make a basilisk +3 and ogres +2. The character was not restored, said such a nickname is busy !!! BUSINESS !!! You understand how ridiculous it is to hear such things. Help! Advise! Where to write except technical support, which does nothing.
  9. So after a long time coming back to meh boi black desert and receiving an issue about not being able to connect when clicking start as the launcher ask's. I gave black desert a little while to patch and chill and sort what I would have hoped its shit out annndd sadly for me even after a year (about) I've come back to it and well here is the image of the day kids I've opened my ports up to 8888 - 8889 done that sneaky version.dat fix and basically killed and upper cuted  my firewall soo .I would like to have help its not even funny now considering I've also paid for the game way back as well

  10. Man verlangt von den Mitarbeitern von Daum/Kakao  nur eine simplen Job. Das ändern seiner Email-Adresse im Account, da man den Provider wechseln musste und der alte Email-Account vom ehemaligen Provider stillgelegt wurde.
    Erste Mail, ob das auch ohne seinen Perso zu fotografieren geht scheitert. Die Antwort des Bearbeiters war "...man bräuchte diese Art der Verifizierung, damit Verwechslungen ausgeschlossen sind..."
    Ok gesagt getan, habe deren Wünschen genüge getan. 5 Tage später die Antwort seitens GM MWallace, dass dem Wunsch genüge getan ist und die Email korrekt geändert wurde.
    Ich logge mich also auf dem Account ein und was sehe ich? Auf einmal fehlen sämtliche Einträge in der Couponliste,  angeblich habe ich mehr als hunderte Dollar im Cashshop gelassen....
    Ok vielleicht ein Anzeigefehler oder ka...
    Und als ich mich im Spiel einloggen wollte, was denkt ihr passiert da? Auf EU einloggen, wo meine Chars sind.....nix!
    Da dort keine Chars sind sollte ich eine neue Familie dort anlegen...ok nun war ich geschockt.
    Testhalber auf NA eingeloggt......jo da waren 4  statt 7 Chars..... nen 60iger   und nen paar kleine Minitwinks. NICHT MEIN ACCOUNT, NICHT MEINE CHARS.
    Daum/Kakao , läuft bei Euch derzeit wirklich alles richtig? Das ihr Patches nicht richtig testet vor dem Upload auf dem Server...ok nehm ich hin, aber meine Email- mit nem komplett fremden Account zu verlinken?????
    Und der  andere Spieler wuselt jetzt auf meinem rum....da ihr den Tickets derzeit keine Beachtung schenkt vor allem bei so einem dringlichen Problem empfinde ich als eine sehr bodenlose Frechheit. Ich habe Euch sogar im Forum Privatnachrichten gestern und heute geschickt. Scheinbar macht ihr nen Betriebsausflug....
    Und mir heute noch ne Mail zu schicken, indem ich dieses Fiasko bewerten soll?
    GM MWallace.....Deine Arbeit war fahrlässig, copy paste mit Email-Adressen und dann noch den falschen Account zu erwischen....grob fahrlässig und  ungenügend.
    Nochmal mein Wunsch an Euch und ich hoffe ihr lest das hier langsam zügig.....
    Ich will MEINE Emailadresse mit MEINEM korrekten EU Account verbunden haben und NICHT mit dem eines NA Spielers, der wahrscheinlich seinen als gehackt gemeldet hat!!
    Bearbeitet das zügig, sonst werd ich andere Wege einschlagen
  11. Post on issues in General

    By Nezrox, posted
    Is it just me or is the NA servers taking a shit, random loading screen up the butt, dc's, delay/lag, fps drop, i know they just patched this yesterday but i wanted to know if its just me or not. what problems have you guys been getting since yesterday?
  12. I have gotten a guest pass from my friend, so I can try out the game. I played the game for two days and then on the third it said I don't have access to the game. I will post a picture.

  13. Hi,
    Since I wasn't able to find an answer how to download BDO with a proper download speed, I'm here to share my solution. I was getting around 15 - 30kb / sec with my 100mb connection while the maximum should be somewhere above 10mb / sec. I also tried the alternate download link for BDO, but nothing changed.
    Then I noticed that if I was running the BDO Launcher while downloading from the alternate link, the DL speeds became normal. Then the only problem was 2 simultaneous downloads, so naturally the download speed was split in half. After limiting the alternate download, I was able to download at full speed from the original BDO Loader.
    If you have already tried everything else to fix download speed issues, here are the steps:
    Make sure you are able to limit download speeds. (Built-in feature or Netlimiter: Link)Start BDO Launcher the normal way and begin the downloadOpen the alternate download link for BDO in another program. (I used Jdownloader: Link)Limit the speed of the alternate download, so the BDO Loader can have full rate. (Or the other way around)This is a painful workaround, but it's better than downloading the game for a week. In the attached picture you'll see an overview what's actually going on on the screen.
    My specs: Win7 - 64bit, 100/2 cable connection with Cisco EPC 3010 router.
    Maybe with these details someone is able to come up with a better solution for this specific issue.
    See ya!

    EDIT: Apparently its enough to start the download twice from the alternate link, then you can limit the secondary download. You can use a program with a speed limit feature to avoid the hazzle with Netlimiter.
    EDIT 2: This issue has been fixed on the server.
  14. Hi, I just reached lvl 56 and started doing the awakening chain quest, but suddenly I couldn't continue the chain because i din't got another quest a part of the first one, is there any black spirit mission required to complete before starting the cahin of quests? (sorry for the english, is not my main language and i don't hold a good command of it)
  15. Yea so my Black Desert started stuttering like 1-2 Weeks ago and its getting to the point where i dont even wanna play this game anymore not because i dont like the game, but just because of the stuttering its getting unplayable.
    Im having good framerates from 70-90 on High, thats not the issue.
    The Stuttering can be fixed by restarting the Game, but like i said this is unplayable, restarting the game every few minutes is a big no no.
    I google'd and it seemed like a few more people have this problem but no one really had a fix that worked for me (i literally tried everything)

    What i tried so far:
    Reinstalling Black Desert
    Reinstalling Black Desert on HDD and SSD
    Reinstalling Windows 10
    Reinstalling my Nvidia Drivers with DDU
    Using an older Nvidia Driver.
    Running the game on compatibility windows xp service pack 2-3
    I tried more but most of the stuff is not even worth mentioning.
    I really hope someone can help me out, i dont wanna quit this game.
    i7 4770k
    Nvidia GTX 1080 Gaming X
    16gb ram
    windows 10 64bit
  16. Dear users!
    Can you help to me?
    Why my launcher still not working for me?
    I want to update it because I downloaded it with €4.99 starter pack and It just start and after that crash.
    And If I want to run it again it won't appear and it will do nothing.
    So It is still doing nothing right now. I can't see the window of the game or something else.
    Please help me what is it and how to fix it.

    PC Setup: (deskopt)
    - Intel i3-6100 
    - AMD FX480 8 GB DDR5
    - Kingston HyperX 8 GB DDR3 RAM
    Server: Europe
    Net-speed: EU: 17 ms , NA: 114 ms , In my country: 3 ms
  17. Hi all, I have bought a hawk becouse I like the animation when it lands on the shoulder.
    But what was my surprise when he doesnt land anytime!!
    I only have 3 pets: penguin, desert fox and this hawk, I acquired them in this sequence.
    When I get out only the hawk he lands on shoulder but when I get out the other pets it never lands.
    I have try to get out the hawk 1st and then the others but only work for a few moments, when I move my character or something it never land again.
    Can someone help me with this problem?
    Btw thank you very much for expend your time reading me.
  18. Hello everyone
    At some point today all the screenshots I have been taking have stopped being saved. All my previous ones from before that point are still there. I have taken many screenshots now and they are not saving. I have tried re-logging and checking the settings. I couldn't find any settings for this. What could be causing this? Does the game have a limit to how many screenshots are allowed?
    Edit: the screenshots were saving as if taken on a different day, so they were much higher up among the old screenshots. Don't know the reason for the date change.
  19. So iam trying to complete this quest called "My First Little Pony". In this quest you need to make Lump of sugar and buy some rope to capture your first horse.. I have everything doen exept when i try to use rope it says "The condition for using this item has not been met".. I have level 2 beginner Training level, and this capturing rope requires to be lvl 5 beginner.. So how can i increase my training skill without a mount? Is there anyway to increase this Training level?
  20. Sehr geehrtes Black Desert Online Team und Forum,
    ich habe ein Problem beim starten des Spiels. Ich starte das Spiel wie gewohnt über den Launcher und lande dann im Hauptmenü. Dort klicke ich auf starten, jedoch wird mir statt des üblichen Servermenüs ein Fenster gezeigt, in dem steht: ,,Verbindung fehlgeschlagen". Versuche ich es ein zweites Mal, so komme ich zwar in das Servermenü, kann aber nicht auf einen Server/eine Instanz verbinden, da wieder das ,,Verbindung fehlgeschlagen" - Fenster erscheint. Das is sehr merkwürdig, da ich gestern das Spiel noch normal spielen konnte.
    Ich hoffe Ihr könnt mir helfen
    Ich bedanke mich bereits im Vorraus für jede Hilfe.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  21. Well, I bleached all parts of this grunil armor, you can see on the screenshot the color info are with the "?", and I can't bleach again.. But I try to use the Merv's Palette and it's says I need to bleach again because something is dyed... I'm lost. '-' is it a bug?

    Help pls. '-'



    I dyed the armor on the Witch for the first time and bleached the armor with the valkyrie. 

    The problem is: The Grunil Armor on the Witch has 6 "Dye slots" and on the Valkyrie, only 5. This 6º dyed slot was hidden, only accessible on the witch, so, i logged the Witch, put the grunil armor on her and bleached the left dye slot, done. Merv's palette working. 

  22. Herbal juice should be buyable from the General Good vendor like HP/Mana potions. The x amount of time it takes to gather weeds and herbs + the y amount of time to process all of it into Herbal Juice + the z amount of time to process the herbal juice into better herbal juice could be spent actually grinding silver and exp.
  23. Well, when I try to connect bdo with my internet, the launcher sent me a window that say "Your country is restricted from accesing our service".
    I live in Spain... With my other internet i could play... Help me please

  24. Post on Fix the servers! in General

    By Lanfei, posted
    For the last month or so, every single time I log onto my BDO account, regardless of which server or character, I always, always get a disconnection error within a minute or two... PLEASE FIX THIS!
  25. Huhu ihr lieben,
    Also, ich arbeite momentan an einem kleinen Black Desert Musik Video das auch eine Story bieten soll. 
    Für meine Planung brauche ich aber einen Zweitaccount der auf einen zweiten PC läuft.
    Nun habe ich die Foren alle schon durchgestöbert und komme immer wieder auf die Aussage, das "Ein Account pro PC erlaubt ist, und ein zweiter auf einen anderen laufen muss, dann wäre es von Daum/Kakaogames her in Ordnung zwei Accounts zu betrieben.
    Nun, mein Problem ist folgendes... Ich brauche für verschiedene Scenen, zugriff von meinem HighEnd PC auf beide Accounts, aber nicht gleichzeitig sondern wechselt. Da ich von ihm aus aufnehme.
    Erklärung...-> Charakter X auf Computer 1 geht in die" Ich" persektive um Charakter Y von Computer 2 per "Kamerafahrt" in Scene zu setzen. Wenn ich nun Kamerafahrten auf Charakter X haben will, muss ich das selbe quasie mit Charakter Y machen, nur ebend wieder auf Computer 1 da ich mit ihm aufnehme.
    So^^ Nun meine Frage, ist es erlaubt sich mit zwei unterschiedlichen Accounts auf dem selben Computer einzuloggen?  Den ich möchte nicht Gefahr laufen irgendwie gebannt zu werden, fals dies nicht erlaubt ist.
    Ich weiss ist etwas kompliziert^^ aber ich hoffe ich habt mich versanden