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  1. Post on LF Mat Calculator in General

    By Krystal Moon, posted
    I was wondering if anyone knew of any mat calculators out there, I've seen some for individual things, like cooking, but haven't found one that does all of them, or the part I'm looking for. I'm looking for, one that calculates how much ore etc you'll need to make various ingots. So if you have any suggestions, please post them, thanks.
  2. Post on New to processing in General

    By Et3rnus, posted
    So I am just about starting processing and I saw a lot of Iron nodes near Velia, my main hub. Is processing iron ore into iron Ingots a good way to make silver?
  3. http://bddatabase.net/us/item/6406/
    It's says its used in processing but it doesn't light up for any of the processing (L) tabs.
    Is this just another description that's not explaining the item properly? 
  4. Hey Leute,
    da die ersten Leute ihr "Epheria-Segelboot" fertig haben, hätte ich den Vorschlag, dass man in der Kostümschneiderei auch eine Navigationskleidung herstellen kann.
    Werte, die ich mir vorstellen kann:
    +0: Bewegungstempo +1; Segeln-Xp +5%
    +1: Bewegungstempo +1; Segeln-Xp +10%
    +2: Bewegungstempo +2; Segeln-Xp +15%
    +3: Bewegungstempo +2; Segeln-Xp +20%
    +4: Bewegungstempo +3; Segeln-Xp +25%
    +5: Bewegungstempo +3; Segeln-Xp +30%
    Hoffe, dass man das umsetzen könnte. (:
    Liebe Grüße
  5. Howdy,

    So, don't think I've really posted to the forums much before; been playing BDO for perhaps a month or two, and noticed something today that's a bit of an immersion-breaker (of sorts), and also seems like it could be improved upon.

    Anywho, been trying to level my fishing, and figured I'd nail two birds with one stone, and dry all the fish (and have lot now) for pet food... then I noticed an issue just earlier.  As stated in the "processing", can only dry fish on a clear day... well, right after my first batch it had started raining.  So I went into a building in Epheria Port that had a roof over it, thinking the game would be smart enough to see that I'm out of the rain, still unable to dry fish.  So I then went and visited somebody's player-house, again, still unable to dry fish, because it was raining outside.

    Would it be possible to script in some sort of area/locale detection to see whether or not a player/character is out in the elements and/or inside?  Seems a bit silly that I can't dry fish in a dry sizable area with a roof over it, or even inside of a house.

    I imagine this might have usage with other processing/professions as well that may be weather/area/locale dependent.  Anywho, just thought I'd toss the suggestion out there, cheers! 

    PS - Thankfully it finally stopped raining in the game... have a big batch of fish ready to expire that I need to get dried ASAP... but could definitely see it being an artificial blockade when people have stuff on the brink of expiration and can't process it due to a lack of location-detection to see that they're not out in the rain. 
  6. The Venecil Costume gives you the Ability to process items from the storage. The processed item lands in your Inventory. 
    It only works through the Storage npc`s.
    Your crafting time is limited through weight.
    Enable crafting through container/boats/horses/wagons.
    Give the Option to store the processed items in the original locaiton of the materials.
    Would appreciate that change!
    When are we getting the Alchemy Costume?
  7. Looks like there isn't any extra bonus in processing when you hit guru.  Haven't tried making higher end things like pure crystals yet though.  Give bonus pls, kakao?
  8. Hello everyone ! 

    I recently started to build a worker empire because i learned that you can make load of silver that way. Everything went smoothly until i noticed that i could make a lot more if i process/make those materials into secondary items. I've made a list of the things i gather from workers and was hoping you guys could lend me some knowledge. 

    What should i do with this items ? (What is the most profitable thing i can make):
    -Silk honey grass
    -Zinc ore
    -Iron ore
    -tiger mushroom
    -copper ore
    -sweet potato
    -white cedar timer 
    -sky mushroom
    -acacia timber
    -maple timber

    As some of you might notice, those are all the materials gathered from nodes in Mediah. 
    Hopefully you guys can help (and i know you can) and i also hope other people wondering the same thing will see this and find it helpful !

    Thank you all in advance !
  9. Hi guys
    I'm an oldskool mmorpg player and I really enjoy BDO. I spend a lot of my time on it, so lately I was thinking maybe I could do some guides and how to's and stuff. So I made a video guide on how to craft grunil gear for people that may find it somewhat confusing. Even my video may be confusing cause I choke up a lot like I'm in a rap battle or something. This is like my third commentary video ever so I get really nervous when i start speaking, go easy on me T_T. I'm trying hard to improve my speech.

    I'd like for you guys to at least watch my video partially, so you can give me some hints and critique so I can work on making my videos better.
    Thanks for taking your time to watch. 
  10. Hello
    Just wanted to know, since the recent ban of members due to the exploit of these shovels, I wanted to make sure i'm not doing anything wrong here.
    For a while I have noticed processing and fishing doesn't use energy anymore. I originally thought this was intended due to some update and didnt think much of it but because of this latest upset it is getting me worried. Is this intended or is it a bug? if it is indeed a bug then I wanted to put in a ticket to rectify it so they don't think I'm exploiting anything I shouldn't be.
    I want to do the honourable thing.....and of course not get banned!
    Many thanks 
  11. Herbal juice should be buyable from the General Good vendor like HP/Mana potions. The x amount of time it takes to gather weeds and herbs + the y amount of time to process all of it into Herbal Juice + the z amount of time to process the herbal juice into better herbal juice could be spent actually grinding silver and exp.
  12. Can we please link the Profession skills across all characters.  Right not we are penalized if we want to switch to any of the new classes you have given us (ie: Ninja, Kunochi, Musa, etc) as our main.  Because all the hours and hours of progress we have created in alchemy, fishing, training, cooking, etc are all left on the other character.  Instead we either must start completely over or constantly switch between the two just to gain the benefits of that Artisan or Professional level craft.  
    As a company you have allowed us to share CP across all characters and to have Energy amounts shared but regen separately.  Can we please have all of the professions shared across all characters.  This way I can cook those 200 beers on an alt rather than switching to my old main, I could train horses on a witch rather than the valkyrie that was my very first character, or fish on my new main without having to bring an alt across the map for one quest.
    Each player has put hundreds of hours into each profession why not reward us by allowing us the benefits of that hard work across all characters.
    Thank you
  13. When doing processing, alchemy, drying, shaking, thinning, heating, or grinding.
    Please remove the "failed to process" feature in the game.
    It is a waste of my life when it fails.
    Especially when it can fail 8 in a row and my skill is in professional grade.
    There is "no value" in having this feature.
    Please remove.
    If Pearl Abyss wants to keep this feature for the Koreans 'cause they might have a deal with time share at internet cafe, that's great.
    Here in EU and NA where most play at home, it is a waste of our life.
    Please pass this to Pearl Abyss.
  14. Hi,
    I'm currently #1 in wealth in EU-Jordine, and created a guide that can be used even as a completely new player, but can be picked up by anyone who wants more silver. This one needs some item shop investment at the start, but then it prints money while AFK
    Here it is!
  15. Edit, fixed by reloging
  16. Hey!

    So yeah I haven't played the game in a couple of months and I've come back to do some processing on one of my alts and noticed it hasn't took any energy, was wondering if they removed the energy cost for processing? (remember seeing some suggestions about this a while ago)

  17. Heidel City at night, during a rainstorm, processing party fun times

  18. Suggestion:
    Give us the possibility to transfer our tradeskills from one character to another on same account.
    1. There will be a significant part of the playerbase that will be switching mains when the Ninja/Kuno classes are introduced, myself included.
    2. Alot of us will change mains during the time we invest in this game and this will make us more fleksible and give us the option to continue working on those tradeskills.
         - Why not just keep the old character and log in when i need those tradeskills?
    A. Maybe im apprentice in cooking on my old character and i wanna make something that takes proff so this means i gotta log my old character online and grind him up to proff and now i finally got my new cool armour on my main that is a part of my identity in the game so i dont really wanna log in my old character.
    B. A big part of MMOs is about making an online identity that we showcase ingame and therefor i think alot of us prefer beeing logged in on our main.
    C. I dont have to transfer tradeskill matts from one character to another.
    3. I dont know if the tradesymbols above the players heads are character or accountbound so i could be mistaking. But if its characterbound then i think alot would be interested in transfering tradeskills because theres alot of status conected to these ranks/tradesymbols.
    4. If were allowed to transfer tradeskills i also feel that having to start over on my stamina/weight/health skill on a new character is less stressing cause i will be able to focus on those skills alot more in my afkgame cause i dont have to grind them along with the tradeskills.
    5. This game is very grindy, which in my experience and from talking to people ingame is one of the reassons the playerbase is shrinking atm. So giving the players this option would not only benefit the Ninja/Kuno but everybody whos thinking about changing classes now and in the future with a mindset thats similar in some degree to what i have described.
    And having this option would somewhat ease up on the grinding thats linked to making a new main so we/they can get into the content of the game faster. I think this will keep people ingame instead of moving along to some of the new and very interesting upcoming MMOs where theres lots of content and less grinding. Revelation Online is a good example.
    Closing remark.
    I know alot of the hardcore people want this game to be very grindy cause thats what they think makes it hardcore but this is 2016 and theres a ton of other MMOs out there, its not the "good old days" where there were few MMOs and today people play multiple online games at the same time , so time can be limited for semihardcore or hardcore gamers aswell.
    Atm im very content with a mix of BDO and Overwatch for example.
    And theres lots of ways to make this game apeal to both cassual and hardcore gamers in terms of content.
    My idea is to make a battleground that apeals to the hardcore players in terms of exp or itemlossses and with rewards thats slightly better than what cassual players can get.
    High risk and high reward and then take some of the grinding out of the game.
    Like it or not but its probably the cassual gamers that put a great, if not the biggest, bag of RL money in this game so i think we have to figure out a way to make this game appealing to both hardcore and cassual gamers in order to keep the playerbase healthy and even growing.
    P.S Get the dam Ninja ingame
  19. Post on Life skills quest lines in General

    By avnos, posted
    Currently Artisan 3 gathering and Artisan 6 processing. My black spirirt won't point me to the next questlines They shuold be the following : http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/4520/80/, and 
    Neither are showing up and when I run to the appropriate NPc's they won't start the quest. Any suggestions? Ty in advance.
  20. Weren't we susposed to get the ability to generate our own cooking and Alchemy crates this patch?
    Does anyone know?
    If it is in the game, how do you do it?
  21. This is How I Leveled My Processing To Artisan.
  22. My honest feedback on this patch (17.06.2016)
    While I think the idea behind the update is great (rewarding active fishing more than AFK fishing), the way it was implemented is rewarding none of the two. The world is fairly vast so this means the time you spend finding hotspot is way too long in while the hotspot time frame is way too short (30min). If you want to buff active fishing you have to increase this time frame. I would say a good buff would be 2 hours, this will be enough to spend time roaming around with your boat and actually have time to start fishing. Most of the time you just spend ages to find a spot, start fishing and boom, it's gone. If you do not want to make it last that long, then I suggest increasing the price of the fishes while having an hotspot to last at least 1 hour.

    Processing update
    I do not think this part of the patch has been thoroughly thought. I would like to split this part in three :
    - 1st the reason it has been changed, why you thought it would be good for everyone.
    - 2nd the actual situation in game after 3 days of patch
    - 3rd the good side of that feature (before it was removed)

    1. I do not understand why it was changed, you just said with all the upcoming materials it would allow everyone to access more life contents but that's pretty much all you said. This is really strange because when I actually think about it, it is even worse. I would really like more depths to your reasoning/explanation @CM_Jouska

    2. I have two examples that, to me, reflects the bad side of this change. Black Stone Powder and primary potions (HP/MP...). For example HP pots were an easy way to make some fast money from processing. You get some daily quests that give you pots, then you process it into superior ones and sell it. Boom it's instantly gone (yeah, instantly). This goes the all the basic pots that can be easily upgraded through procesing. Now it barely sells because anyone can process it since it does not require any energy points. Same goes for the Black Stone Powders, you could spend some time sniping the market and process the items to get a good profit from the Black Stones. Keep in my these are only a few examples of what I have experienced but it would apply to a lot more items you can get through processing. Basicly you just made it easier for anyone but the ones that invested massively into processing to get money from it. Is it bad ? Yes of course, but I will explain it in details in my 3rd point.
    Now I have a question, what is the point of having a processing lifeskill ? If you did not want it, nor want it to cost energy, just remove it ?
    3. In fact you made this update, as you said "to feel free to explore further and enjoy much more of our well-made in game content". So what is stopping a guy to process his 5k iron ore, 4k copper ore, zinc, gold...etc ? How will it enable users to explore further while now that they have no limitation to processing and can be doing that all day ? This does not make sense, in fact it's the opposite. Indeed, before this patch, it forced the hand of the processors, to do something else and add more variety to their playstyle. More than this, processing was more rewarding, in terms of silvers, because you had to spend time processing and gathering/optimising your energy points. Materials were rarer in that sense. People specialized to become pro/artisan at processing because it could be valuable.
    Why do I think it was good before ? Because it added more depth to the game :
    - Processing actually needed people to specialized or just invest into it from time to time if they wanted to get materials
    - Processing needed people to explore and get more knowledge (= more energy point)
    - Processing needed people to think and optimise their energy point (once they're done they could do something else)
    - Processing made items more valuable and was a big part in the BDO economy
    - People who had other goals would buy processed items for silvers (investing their time & energy points into other aspects).
    Just a quick note on the special forges, I think the change is too drastic, I agree that it was a big hassle before but I think the change now is too big. Maybe it would have been good to rethink it while not removing the fact that it was hard/rare to get ?

    Clearly the strength of this game is its difficulty and the fact that it is challenging on every aspect. I am a bit worried that with time you will completely alter its essence.

    I still love the game and I still think most of the features coming from this patch are great, I just think some aspect are randomly changed without really putting some thoughts into it.
  23. Hi everyone, 
    At the moment im gathering fir sap and sheep hides and turning them into light hides for leveling up processing and gathering. For the gathering im getting about 1 or 2 each time i skin them at skilled 2. processing the hides give me about 2 each time.
    I am wondering if there is any information i can find on how much you get from skinning or gathering at higher level? Any one know if there is a list somewhere where you can check this?
  24. The level 30+ Life/Profession advancement quests are currently unobtainable, the black spirit will direct you to where to pick them up but the NPCs will give no quests. I suspect these quests were disabled due to the fact they award sharp/hard black crystal shards, These items are now implemented so these quests can now be enabled.
  25. Hi,

    After hearing that the KR version of this game doesn't use energy for processing, I got to thinking about how leveling processing works.

    As you level processing, you create more materials per attempt at it. Meaning you use 1 energy to make more of a processed item. 

    That is a design that seems built on the idea of "processing doesn't use energy" which is a bad thing imo. 

    My suggestion is simple: Have leveling processing allow you to use the same energy to process more material at once. 
    It's a similar concept to what higher level or other workshop things let you do. A worker can either craft 1 iron ingot with 10 metal iron shards or he can craft 3 iron ingot with 30 or 5 with 50. But if he does 5 with 50, he uses 1 stamina, which is more efficient ultimately. 

    As workers level, they gather notably more materials to process. Eventually, if you have any amount of workers constantly gathering resources, it's easy to get overwhelmed and constantly spending energy and time on processing if you, say, wanted to build a trading empire in BDO (as I do).

    So here's a comparison: Start with 5 iron ore and you use 1 energy to get 1-2 metal shards at level beginner1.
    Current System: You might use 5 iron ore and 1 energy to get 2-4 metal shards.
    New System: You would use 10 iron ore and 1 energy to get 2-4 metal shards.

    This makes energy usage more efficient which ties better in with the NA/EU versions requiring energy usage for processing. Workers will retrieve more materials naturally as they level and get promoted, so doubling up on that with processing leveling increasing resultant items from processing seems redundant and unnecessary. It might be fine in the KR version where energy isn't used while processing, but I wouldn't say it's fine in the NA/EU versions.

    Any comments, questions, concerns?